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Found 598 results

  1. hi guys please help in this situation: Scenario: I want to retrieve the records of a database having 90,000 records via PHP, but unable to do it. How can i retrieve the complete records without any performance issue ? I am using the code: <?php $layout='web'; $fetchLayout=$fm->newFindAllCommand($layout); print_r($result=$fetchLayout->execute()); $values=$result->getRecords(); foreach($values as $recValues) { echo $test = $recValues->getField('make'); echo $instructorlist1=$recValues->getField('model'); echo $instructorlist2=$recValues->getField('year'); } ?>
  2. Dear All, I am working on a project, where I need to insert image in every records using PHP. I have tried in both the ways, by executing script and also by using simple code for php. Please help me. If possible, please tell me the code, which I should use. Thanks in advance...
  3. Hi all, Today I'm happy to announce the release of Elemental for FileMaker. This is a free fully unlocked solution containing some cool user interface and design stuff that I hope you find useful and can incorporate into your own solutions. You can grab a copy now at https://www.elemental-fm.com In Elementals first version you'll find the following: Avatars Over 20 API integrations with avatar generators. These are uniquely generated based on a name you provide so you are guaranteed almost a unique avatar in each instance. Great if you want to add a bit of imagery to your contact lists or any other lists of records. Heaps of customisation and options to choose from. Integration is simple, just copy and paste the relevant script into your own solution and hook it up to your own container field where you want the image to be stored. Placeholders Much like avatars, placeholders are dummy image services of various types where you can auto generate a placeholder image. This is great if you need some sample imagery for things like products or inventory, or to indicate the desired size of an image to be inserted. Icons Need an SVG icon for your button bar? We have over 7,000 icons to choose from, all have been modified and are FileMaker ready. Animations Animations add a bit of life to your FileMaker solution. We have both GIF and SVG animations (using SMIL). GIF is for all around compatibility, and SVG's are if your computer can handle it (most macs can, windows maybe!) Really cool if you want to show something while a script is running to keep the user entertained, sometimes it's the small things that make a difference to user experience. Gradients Browse over 300 different gradient swatches to get inspired and use the colors provided to build your own in FileMaker. Other cool stuff The solution is unlocked so you can explore the layouts and find out how it all works. You might also uncover some hidden gems in there such as html5 color pickers, double range sliders and SVG to PNG conversion all without plugins I really hope you enjoy elemental and find something useful in it which you can use in your own solutions you build. Elemental will always remain free but if you would like to say thank you with a donation then you can do so on the website. This helps to ensure continued development of elemental in future.
  4. I am working on a project that asks for a student to enter their ID before they can vote in the contest. They first thing that needs to be looked at is whether the ID exists as a record in the table. Then the user must have less than 11 total votes which is a field. I am trying to figure out where and how to put the logic to display a message if a. the student does not exist and b. if the student exists and has more than 10 entries already. I would like for the message to display on the original page that the submit button was pressed. If anyone has time or ideas on how I can complete this project, I would appreciate any help I can find. My structure is as follows: voting.php: This page has a form with a field for student ID and a button to go to verify_student.php. verify_student.php: This page has the code to do a find on the student table for the ID that was entered on the voting.php page. I am assuming this is the page that needs the If statement and then redirect back to voting.php with the error message. I am using FM API and trying to use FM Studio. Thanks gb
  5. Hi Guys, I've developed a solution in FileMaker which I am porting over to the web. Im interested to find out if anyone has managed to get data entry into portals similar to that of lets say IWP (with the master and related records all on one screen). Thanks
  6. Hello, I attended Lance Hallberg's session at Devcon this year and I know this is possible. He used FPDF. I want to allow web users to print mailing labels on demand. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Greg
  7. Greetings, I am trying to revise the generic Filemaker API generated site so that it will be limited to finding and editing one record after a user logs in. The record is found using the user’s login ID which is a field in the database. I have a successful API site build using the full site template. The workflow would be: User log in Clicks a link to display the Browserecord API page Clicks the edit button to edit using the API Edit page and can save Log out What are the steps to revise the API generated site to do this? I would like to create a link on the API Home page to look up the user record and display it on the Browserecord page. It seems th API creates a find request that is built conditionally and is among several pages. Help is appreciated.
  8. Video Special available through September 13th! FMWebschool is proud to release a collection of over 80 web publishing videos. http://www.fmwebschool.com/filemaker_php_api_videos.php Download the videos and get started now! _________________________________________________________________________ The video collection includes the following: * HTML Primer (for individuals that have never worked with HTML or need a refresher) * Cascading Style Sheets Primer (Extremely beneficial for page layout and control) * Intro to PHP Primer (Necessary before beginning with FileMaker PHP section) * Connecting PHP with FileMaker (Covers Database set-up and web site creation using the new API for PHP) * A copy of our book "Custom Web Publishing With the FileMaker API for PHP" ___________________________________________________________________________ The videos are screen capture videos with audio and sample files. To see a complete list of the videos included http://www.fmwebschool.com/php_video_topics.pdf Not only do you receive the video series, but you also receive a copy of our book "Custom Web Publishing With the FileMaker API for PHP". The video series is part of our expanding book series. This means that over the next year, we will add new videos to the series every month. Individuals that purchase the video series receive free monthly updates. Our next update will be this week. ** The FileMaker API for PHP code is a public beta available for free download from the FileMaker website. The code has been through some pre-beta testing, but there is no support from FileMaker. ** In Kindness Stephen K Knight http://www.fmwebschool.com 800.353.7950 / 386.453.5843 FMWebschool, we bring the web to life FX.PHP PHP XML MySQL CDML ASP
  9. Hi all, I'm working with php and FM database for a data entry form and here is the description of my problem: I have two combo boxes, the first one displays a project list and the second one a sub-project list, depending on the project selected. How can I get the value selected in the combo box and put it in a php variable, without submitting the form?? Thanks!
  10. Hello Guys, has anyone managed to get PHP working with IIS and SSL enabled on Windows 2003. Imm having trouble, and can't see how to do this. I know I have SSL enabled as my IWP pages are serving up pages with the "HTTPS:" fine. My php pages generated with FileMaker Site Assistant seem to be producing an error 22. Can somone post who has it running post a step by step guide of how I can get it running. P.S the SSL in FileMaker Server itself is turned off. Many Thanks to all.....really scratching my head with this one.
  11. Hello Forum! I have this doubt, may I develop a whole solution using only PHP instead of Filemaker??? Don't get me wrong I been using filemaker the last 10 years and I feel very comfortable with the application but sometimes I think Filemaker needs to be more robust, for the other hand I am new to PHP, I've heard that is very solid and well used for web development, So this is my question why to use an intermediate application like filemaker and it's PHP API for web development if we could go directly with PHP only??? I ask this specific point here in the forum to get a better idea and to know which way to take. Sincerely BluiSh
  12. I'm working with an FMSA9 server located at my client's building. I've got a test server of my own here in my office that I've been using to develop and it's working great with their FMSA9 w/ the PHP API. We recently installed a new server for them to use as their production server and I cannot get the applications to work on this new server for some reason. FMSA is simply returning "unknown error" without any error code. When this first happened I realized I never did install the WPE onto the new web server so I went ahead and did that but it didn't fix the problem. Any information on what's going on here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I'm implementing a FileMaker solution online that uses php and that will be accessed from an iPhone. I have FileMaker server 9 advanced hosting the file. Is there any creative way to create a pdf from a found set, and then email that pdf by using php? I'm pretty sure I'm just going to be out of luck here, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has done anything like this. Thanks, Joanna
  14. is it possible to set a field with a URL.. alternately, if i could call a script with a URL, that'd be fine too. i used to include "&-script=scriptName" when i was doing this in CDML.. thanks in advance! brian
  15. Here is another periodic error with screen shots of the searches and incorrect results they provide. I do a search for a price range and a city. The city is the issue. The name of the City is "IRA". If I search for "IRA" I get no matches. If I search for "IR" I receive 126 matches including [color:red]IRA and St. Cla[color:red]ire and B[color:red]irmingham Again this is Periodically, not all the time. This error was with Safari on a Mac. I immediately opened firefox and performed the same search and received the correct results with 14 matches. This is DB with 27,000 real estate listings. Created with Site assistant and modified a little. I have redeployed and started from scratch too many times to count. Link to Screen Shots of the incorrect results Thanks Site link: Link to the Site www.MLSMAX.com
  16. hello, I used this post: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/84194-change-password-for-filemaker-account-via-php-api/ and when you change a password with special characters like ñ, is successfully changed the FMP, but when logging API with PHP, I can not, apparently the password is incorrect, my scripts are in UTF-8, as q the FMSERVER. I need urgent help, thanks! PS: My English is bad.
  17. Trying out the new 9.0 web PHP. In 6.0, I used to put a "-script" tag and run the script after I create a new record. The script sets fields in the record after it is created. In PHP, I put this in the confirmation page: $recid = $record->getField('current_record_ID', 0); $findCommand =& $fm->newFindCommand('WebRegistration'); $findCommand->addFindCriterion('current_record_ID', $recid); $findCommand->setPreSortScript('TEST2','22'); $result = $findCommand->execute(); The script runs and changes the field in the database, but what is displayed on the confirmation page is the value before the script is run. Also, do I need to do the findcommand? -Thanks!
  18. CMU School of Music If you search back through this forum, I've had a number of posts related to a site I'm doing. Well, it's finally finished...er, up. Is it ever really finished? It's a mix of straight html/php and some filemaker stuff as well for event data and anything that has multiple records. Some of the coolest parts of the site are unfortunately only for students (authenticates across the schools Active Directory...), which include a locker check out with a GUI map of the lockers (attached image) showing which ones are available built from the Filemaker PHP API using some html table and css tricks. It also offloads a ton of work for my office so we don't have to manually sign out the lockers and give students their combination when they forget it. So check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.music.cmich.edu jon
  19. I am pretty blown away by how cool the PHP site assistant in Filemaker 9 seems to be. I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has about it.
  20. I've never worked with an SSL Web Server/site before. We've got the SSL setup with Apache on Mac OS X, now just trying to get the web site which uses the FM PHP API to work. Having never done this before can anyone who has fill me on what steps are necessary to get the web site communicating with the Web Publishing Engine? thanks, Steve
  21. I am having a strange problem accessing related unstored calcs. Here is a simplified version of code that I'm having the problem with. This is just a small chunck of code from a much larger page. $projects = $contract->getRelatedSet('Company to CustomerContract to Projects'); // an array of contact record objects if( !FileMaker::isError($projects) ) { $i = 0; foreach ($projects as $project) { $id = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::ProjectID'); $title = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::ProjectTitle'); $total = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::JobServicePriceTotal'); $total_tax = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::TaxTotal'); }//end foreach }//end if At this point in the code the total and tax fields are = to "0" for the first record and = "" for subsequent records. The stored values like Title work fine. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? I checked all the permission to the tables involved and they are all wide open. Is there a known bug with accessing unstored related data? Any help would be great.
  22. Hi, I'm building an application that receives user-submitted data from a php form, then emails a receipt to the user and a report to an address outside the organization. The emails get sent by a script called from php on the form's submit page. For one of the emails, some content and the recipient's address are stored in a related table in a separate file. Both the application doing the emailing and the separate file with the addresses are on Filemaker Server 11 and both are enabled for php via the guest account. The problem is that any data, including the recipient address, that lives in the related file does not seem to show up when the script is called via php. It works fine when I run the script from the client. As a result, these emails won't go out because they have no address to go to. It seems like maybe the relationship between the original file and the related file doesn't work in PHP. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or any ideas? Thanks! Kelly
  23. Hey all, I have been tasked with a little bit of a problem. PHP is not my primary language, so I'm getting up to speed, and I know little of FileMaker. I understand I need the FileMaker.php and related folder containing the API. I have verified the permissions on Filemaker. i.e. Extended privileges, FMPHP assigned, etc. I have db name, username, password, db server I wanted a simple script that tells me yes/no I am connected to a database. Something like: 1. setup connection (with FileMaker.php require once) 2. Echo yes/no, I am connected to the database, show error info if "no" I searched the forums, and google and have not found something that works in the context of one simple file. I think once I can confirm I can/cannot connect I can begin troubleshooting permissions, etc. Thanks so much in advance for your help! DM
  24. Hi im new to filemaker.PHP can somebody give me an idea on how to do page navigation, i want to display 1 item per page then if next is click it will display the next item. Hope somebody can give me an idea about this.... this is the function that i used but its not totally working but maybe this will help.... function getStatusLinks($ur, $rs, $skp, $max) { $links = array ( 'first' => 'First', 'prev' => 'Prev', 'records' => array ( 'rangestart' => 0, 'rangeend' => 0, 'foundcount' => 0 ), 'next' => 'Next', 'last' => 'Last' ); $fetchcount = $rs->getFetchCount(); $foundcount = $rs->getFoundSetCount(); $total = $rs->getTableRecordCount(); if ($total == 0 || $fetchcount == 0) { return $links; } else { if ($fetchcount > 0) { if ($skp > 0) { $links['first'] = 'First'; if ($skp > $max) { $prevskip = $skp - $max; $links['prev'] = 'Prev'; } } if ($foundcount - $skp > $max) { $nextskip = $skp + $max; $links['next'] = 'Next'; $lastskip = $foundcount - $max; $links['last'] = 'Last'; } $links['records']['rangestart'] = max($skp, 1); $links['records']['rangeend'] = min($foundcount + $skp, $fetchcount + $skp); $links['records']['foundcount'] = $foundcount; } } return $links; } Thanks in advance john
  25. I have been debugging an issue that i have with a PHP form connected to FileMaker and have narrowed the issue to my function. I am new to PHP forms, and I think this might be a relatively easy fix, but am not sure how to approach it. Here is the issue: When I have a field getting a value list from FMP, and the value list has a strings (with spaces) as one value, the values appear on the form, but if I check the box, save, and return to the form, the value with a space between words is unchecked. On exaiming the FMP field in the filemaker, the data is there. There seems to be an issue with the function getInputChoices echoing the string, although the value is checked in filemaker. Here is the function: function getInputChoices($type, $valuelist, $fieldvalue, $fieldName) { $selected = ""; $fieldValueArray = explode(" ", str_replace("n"," ", $fieldvalue)); foreach ($valuelist as $eachvalue) { if (in_array(trim($eachvalue), $fieldValueArray)){ $selected = " checked"; }else{ $selected = ""; } if ($type == "checkbox"){ echo "$eachvalue"; }else{ echo "$eachvalue"; } } } I am not sure if it has to do with the $eachvalue only referring to the first word of the value list line, or something else. Suggestions?
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