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Found 593 results

  1. In this Coaches' Corner tip, Richard Carlton challenges you to go learn how to use RESTful services! Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 16 Video Training Course! Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton. http://learningfilemaker.com/fmpro16.php Experience Richard's dynamic and exciting teaching format, while learning both basic, intermediate, and advanced FileMaker development skills. With 27 years of FileMaker experience and a long time speaker at FileMaker's Developer Conference, Richard will teach you all the ins and outs of building FileMaker Solutions. The course is 50 hours of video content! Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and has grown RCC into one of the largest top tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. Richard works closely with RCC's staff: a team of 28 FileMaker developers and supporting web designers. He has offices in California, Nevada, and Texas. Richard has been a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference on a variety of topics involving FileMaker for Startups and Entrepreneurs, and client server integration. Richard is the Product Manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution. Richard won 2015 Excellence Award from FileMaker Inc (Apple Inc) for outstanding video and product creation, leading to business development. RCC and LearningFileMaker.com are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. http://www.rcconsulting.com/ Please feel free to contact us at support@rcconsulting.com If you want to explore building iOS apps for iPhone or iPad and deploying those out to the Apple App Store. Here is a video introduction to our iOS App Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVxQe_yAshw Looking for FM Starting Point free software download: http://www.fmstartingpoint.com For More Free FileMaker Videos Check out http://www.filemakerfree.com Visit http://www.learningfilemaker.com for all facets of FileMaker Award Winning Video Training. Please Visit Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FileMakerVideos Please Subscribe While There. Please Comment, Like & Share All of Our Videos. Feel Free to Embed any of Our Videos on Your Blog or Website. Follow Us on Your Favorite Social Media https://www.facebook.com/FileMakerVideos https://twitter.com/filemakervideos https://plus.google.com/+FileMakerVideos/videos Filemaker Pro 16 Training Videos FileMaker 16 Videos Filemaker Pro 16 Video Course #FileMakerVideos #FileMakerTrainingVideos #WhatisFilemaker16 #FilemakerPro16Training #Filemaker16VideoTutorial #FilemakerPro16Videos
  2. Hello, I am trying to connect to our current database with our shipping company so I can update the status of the delivered orders. To do that, I am currently using insert from URL and then parse the code to extract the info I need. However, I believe there should be a cleaner and safer way to do it using webservice. So I downloaded the documentation and looks very straightforward to set and I have been able to set up the POST and send it getting the data as XML using POSTMAN (as very well explained here: http://www.filemakerprogurus.com/filemaker-api-integration-salvatore-coleangelo/ ) and also in the great post by luminfire https://luminfire.com/2017/06/12/curling-filemaker-16/. However, when I try the same parameters on my script in filemaker, I get all the time an error saying that something like "Entry XML Schema/template it is not loaded correctly". Following the documentation of the API I see that on Postman I need to insert on the Body RAW some kind of code that looks like this: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <SeguimientoEnviosRequest xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation='SeguimientoEnviosRequest.xsd'> <Solicitante>x</Solicitante><Dato>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</Dato> </SeguimientoEnviosRequest> but I don't know which settings I have to do on my script to make the call work. Any suggestions as to where to put this info so the can be passed with the CURL? I am a bit desperate now because I see the amazing possibilities that the interaction with the web service may bring but I can find a way to make it work... Thanks a lot for your always invaluable support!!
  3. Hi, I want to enable the Cloud REST API, but I am afraid that I "dismissed" the notification message that allowed me to do so. How can I enable the RESP API on my cloud instance? Thanks, -J
  4. dbservices

    FileMaker Cloud Admin API

    With the release of FileMaker Cloud Admin API, you can now manage FileMaker Cloud servers and now have the ability to set up FileMaker Server-Side Schedules. Download our free FileMaker Cloud Schedule Manager to manage FileMaker Cloud files and create / edit server-side schedules. FileMaker Cloud Admin API David Happersberger dbservices.com
  5. dbservices

    FileMaker Twitter Integration

    Leveraging FileMaker technology, developers can build custom apps which interact directly with Twitter! Learn more from our article and download the free demo file! FileMaker Twitter Integration David Happersberger dbservices.com
  6. OK, I'm using FM16 and trying to figure out an API call. I'm not an expert when it comes to APIs. I have a shopify store, and I can use Insert from URL to get the JSON info on each order. I want to be able to "PUT" and upload parts of the order. Every order has a "Note" field that I can add notes. Per the shopify API documentation, to add an order note, you do the following: Add Note to order PUT /admin/orders/#{id}.json { "order": { "id": 450789469, "note": "Customer contacted us about a custom engraving on this iPod" } } Can someone help me with what I put in the cURL options area? Any help would be appreciated. I think I have the URL and Target figured out. Thank you!!
  7. Logout?

    Layout information?

    <?php // Include FileMaker API require_once ('FileMaker.php'); // Create a new connection to server without specifying hostspec. $fm = new FileMaker('FMPHP_Sample'); // Instantiate a layout object derived from Filemaker object. $lay = new FileMaker_Layout($fm); // If an error is found, return a message and exit. if (FileMaker::isError($lay)) { printf("Error %s: %sn", $lay->getCode()); " "; printf($lay->getMessage()); exit; } // Print out some info of current layout echo "The layout is ".$lay->getName()." ".$lay." "; ?>
  8. I'm working with an FMSA9 server located at my client's building. I've got a test server of my own here in my office that I've been using to develop and it's working great with their FMSA9 w/ the PHP API. We recently installed a new server for them to use as their production server and I cannot get the applications to work on this new server for some reason. FMSA is simply returning "unknown error" without any error code. When this first happened I realized I never did install the WPE onto the new web server so I went ahead and did that but it didn't fix the problem. Any information on what's going on here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. WingMaker

    Upload file

    How can I upload a file into the filemaker DB? I have this php code that give the user the option to choose the file, how can I get that file into a record in FM? thanks
  10. Claus Lavendt

    Dynamical write CompoundFind

    Hi I have an array ( $Seg6 ) which contains multiply values and could have as many as 60..... I need to use it in a compound find, where the number of values in $Seg6 decides how many find requests, that should be created in the compound find. However, I have tried with: // Create search request and criteria and add it to $compoundFind for each value in $seg6 for($x=1; $x <= count($seg6); $x++){ $findreq[$x] = $this->fmcon->newFindRequest('WEB-ART-Artikel'); $findreq[$x]->addFindCriterion('_seg_6','='. $seg6[$x]); $findreq[$x]->addFindCriterion('__kf_DEB','=='. $_SESSION['deb_id']); $findreq[$x]->addFindCriterion('_WebSubKat','='. $_GET['_WebSubKat']); $findreq[$x]->addFindCriterion('WEB','=='. 'Active'); $compoundFind->add([$x],$findreq[$x]); } But it seems that I can not use the $x as a part of a $variable name.... $seg6 = explode(chr(10), $_SESSION['Seg6']); // Create the Compound Find command object $compoundFind = $this->fmcon->newCompoundFindCommand('WEB-ART-Artikel'); if(count($seg6)>= 1){ $findreq1 = $this->fmcon->newFindRequest('WEB-ART-Artikel'); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_1','='. $_SESSION['Seg1']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_2','='. $_SESSION['Seg2']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_3','='. $_SESSION['Seg3']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_4','='. $_SESSION['Seg4']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_5','='. $_SESSION['Seg5']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_seg_6','='. $seg6[0]); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('__kf_DEB','=='. $_SESSION['deb_id']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('_WebSubKat','='. $_GET['_WebSubKat']); $findreq1->addFindCriterion('WEB','=='. 'Active'); $compoundFind->add(1,$findreq1); } if(count($seg6)>= 2){ $findreq2 = $this->fmcon->newFindRequest('WEB-ART-Artikel'); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_1','='. $_SESSION['Seg1']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_2','='. $_SESSION['Seg2']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_3','='. $_SESSION['Seg3']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_4','='. $_SESSION['Seg4']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_5','='. $_SESSION['Seg5']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_seg_6','='. $seg6[1]); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('__kf_DEB','=='. $_SESSION['deb_id']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('_WebSubKat','='. $_GET['_WebSubKat']); $findreq2->addFindCriterion('WEB','=='. 'Active'); $compoundFind->add(2,$findreq2); } if(count($seg6)>= 3){ $findreq3 = $this->fmcon->newFindRequest('WEB-ART-Artikel'); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_1','='. $_SESSION['Seg1']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_2','='. $_SESSION['Seg2']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_3','='. $_SESSION['Seg3']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_4','='. $_SESSION['Seg4']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_5','='. $_SESSION['Seg5']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_seg_6','='. $seg6[2]); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('__kf_DEB','=='. $_SESSION['deb_id']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('_WebSubKat','='. $_GET['_WebSubKat']); $findreq3->addFindCriterion('WEB','=='. 'Active'); $compoundFind->add(3,$findreq3); } //Set sort order $compoundFind->addSortRule('ArtikelnrSE', 1, FILEMAKER_SORT_ASCEND); //Execute compound find command $result = $compoundFind->execute(); The below code is hardcoded and very manual, however it works.... But, does anyone have a way of creating the above code dynamically ?
  11. randhir


    hi, I have taken a portal and date is coming from selecting the drop down ,i want to prohibit the duplicacy record.
  12. Hi there, we are currently developing a solution using the new FM PHP API. We have 2 FileMaker files that are entirely identical in their field and table definitions. They contain some auto enter fields in their main tables that retrieve values from a specific (helper) table (again the helper tables are identical in both files). The strange thing that happens is that in the main table in one file when inserting a new record via PHP the values get loaded in the auto enter fields while in the other file those auto enter fields in the main table remain empty when using exactly the same PHP procedure. Has anyone experienced this too? Are there any known limitations concerning WPE with this issue? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Thomas
  13. Hey all, I have been tasked with a little bit of a problem. PHP is not my primary language, so I'm getting up to speed, and I know little of FileMaker. I understand I need the FileMaker.php and related folder containing the API. I have verified the permissions on Filemaker. i.e. Extended privileges, FMPHP assigned, etc. I have db name, username, password, db server I wanted a simple script that tells me yes/no I am connected to a database. Something like: 1. setup connection (with FileMaker.php require once) 2. Echo yes/no, I am connected to the database, show error info if "no" I searched the forums, and google and have not found something that works in the context of one simple file. I think once I can confirm I can/cannot connect I can begin troubleshooting permissions, etc. Thanks so much in advance for your help! DM
  14. Hello Forum! I have this doubt, may I develop a whole solution using only PHP instead of Filemaker??? Don't get me wrong I been using filemaker the last 10 years and I feel very comfortable with the application but sometimes I think Filemaker needs to be more robust, for the other hand I am new to PHP, I've heard that is very solid and well used for web development, So this is my question why to use an intermediate application like filemaker and it's PHP API for web development if we could go directly with PHP only??? I ask this specific point here in the forum to get a better idea and to know which way to take. Sincerely BluiSh
  15. gregincolumbus

    Print 5160 Label PDFs via PHP

    Hello, I attended Lance Hallberg's session at Devcon this year and I know this is possible. He used FPDF. I want to allow web users to print mailing labels on demand. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Greg
  16. Aussie John

    Password access

    Hi my database is password restricted but when I create a php database (via the assistant) access is unrestricted. Do I need to edit the php home file somehow or is it a filemaker setting?
  17. Hi Guys, I've developed a solution in FileMaker which I am porting over to the web. Im interested to find out if anyone has managed to get data entry into portals similar to that of lets say IWP (with the master and related records all on one screen). Thanks
  18. I'm trying to get a site up using custom web publishing (cwp) and I need to add a supercontainer for user to upload images. I've found an example elsewhere on the web which says the it should be put in an as per below. [color:green] I've changed the URL path, plus the field and name to my relevant source, but I don't know what to do with the "$php echo" section of code. Can anyone give me any help with PHP code for showing a supercontainer? Thanks.
  19. Video Special available through September 13th! FMWebschool is proud to release a collection of over 80 web publishing videos. http://www.fmwebschool.com/filemaker_php_api_videos.php Download the videos and get started now! _________________________________________________________________________ The video collection includes the following: * HTML Primer (for individuals that have never worked with HTML or need a refresher) * Cascading Style Sheets Primer (Extremely beneficial for page layout and control) * Intro to PHP Primer (Necessary before beginning with FileMaker PHP section) * Connecting PHP with FileMaker (Covers Database set-up and web site creation using the new API for PHP) * A copy of our book "Custom Web Publishing With the FileMaker API for PHP" ___________________________________________________________________________ The videos are screen capture videos with audio and sample files. To see a complete list of the videos included http://www.fmwebschool.com/php_video_topics.pdf Not only do you receive the video series, but you also receive a copy of our book "Custom Web Publishing With the FileMaker API for PHP". The video series is part of our expanding book series. This means that over the next year, we will add new videos to the series every month. Individuals that purchase the video series receive free monthly updates. Our next update will be this week. ** The FileMaker API for PHP code is a public beta available for free download from the FileMaker website. The code has been through some pre-beta testing, but there is no support from FileMaker. ** In Kindness Stephen K Knight http://www.fmwebschool.com 800.353.7950 / 386.453.5843 FMWebschool, we bring the web to life FX.PHP PHP XML MySQL CDML ASP
  20. peterlacenne

    FM php

    Hi all, I've installed the last server 8.0v4 with fm php api to display data via web. Everything works fine except when no data is returned, we get the following error message: Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in c:InetpubwwwrootsymwebdisplayData.php on line 521 Does anyone have an idea on how to resolve the problem? Thanks!!
  21. Hi, Not sure if this is in the correct place but I am trying to get the foreignID for a mysql table that is used in Filemaker. We have a FM set up that uses mySQL as it data source. We have created a php page that searches the same database. I am trying to work out how I can have a link from the PHP to go to the correct record in FileMaker. The way i thought of doing it was using the snapshot link. If you open one up in a text editor it is simple xml. My idea was to get the php to generate a snapshot file .fpsl and open that file to take me to the correct record. What I am struggling with is setting the correct parameters in the file. The foreignID does not seem to relate to mySQL primary key and I can not seem to find a way to get that id via a calc in Filemaker. Can anyone help or suggest a better way
  22. hi, I am planning to make CWP Publishing with FileMaker. But I have some concerns, CWP is enough for a user friendly interface as FileMaker layouts or scripts. Most important issue is importing from an excel file. The user can import excels into FileMaker directly from web browser. But I dont know it is possible or not? Please illumine me about this. Thanks. Osman Cabi
  23. Hi im new to filemaker.PHP can somebody give me an idea on how to do page navigation, i want to display 1 item per page then if next is click it will display the next item. Hope somebody can give me an idea about this.... this is the function that i used but its not totally working but maybe this will help.... function getStatusLinks($ur, $rs, $skp, $max) { $links = array ( 'first' => 'First', 'prev' => 'Prev', 'records' => array ( 'rangestart' => 0, 'rangeend' => 0, 'foundcount' => 0 ), 'next' => 'Next', 'last' => 'Last' ); $fetchcount = $rs->getFetchCount(); $foundcount = $rs->getFoundSetCount(); $total = $rs->getTableRecordCount(); if ($total == 0 || $fetchcount == 0) { return $links; } else { if ($fetchcount > 0) { if ($skp > 0) { $links['first'] = 'First'; if ($skp > $max) { $prevskip = $skp - $max; $links['prev'] = 'Prev'; } } if ($foundcount - $skp > $max) { $nextskip = $skp + $max; $links['next'] = 'Next'; $lastskip = $foundcount - $max; $links['last'] = 'Last'; } $links['records']['rangestart'] = max($skp, 1); $links['records']['rangeend'] = min($foundcount + $skp, $fetchcount + $skp); $links['records']['foundcount'] = $foundcount; } } return $links; } Thanks in advance john
  24. I have been debugging an issue that i have with a PHP form connected to FileMaker and have narrowed the issue to my function. I am new to PHP forms, and I think this might be a relatively easy fix, but am not sure how to approach it. Here is the issue: When I have a field getting a value list from FMP, and the value list has a strings (with spaces) as one value, the values appear on the form, but if I check the box, save, and return to the form, the value with a space between words is unchecked. On exaiming the FMP field in the filemaker, the data is there. There seems to be an issue with the function getInputChoices echoing the string, although the value is checked in filemaker. Here is the function: function getInputChoices($type, $valuelist, $fieldvalue, $fieldName) { $selected = ""; $fieldValueArray = explode(" ", str_replace("n"," ", $fieldvalue)); foreach ($valuelist as $eachvalue) { if (in_array(trim($eachvalue), $fieldValueArray)){ $selected = " checked"; }else{ $selected = ""; } if ($type == "checkbox"){ echo "$eachvalue"; }else{ echo "$eachvalue"; } } } I am not sure if it has to do with the $eachvalue only referring to the first word of the value list line, or something else. Suggestions?
  25. I'm just getting my head into CWP with the Filemaker PHP API (should have done it ages ago!!), with the goal of being able to access our Contacts and Events data online, but I've hit a couple of problems. PHP is new to me, although I've learned a whole bunch by dissecting the Site Assistant generated code.... but I've hit a few issues which have me stuck! Problem 1: The first time I use the 'findrecords.php' page and enter my criteria, I move to the 'recordlist.php' page fine, but there's nothing in it.... refresh the page, and the data is there. Any thoughts? Problem 2: I duplicated the recordlist.php file (record_detail.php) so I can have both "lean" and "mean" versions of the same data. I want the user to be able to scroll through the lean list of company names, and when they click on one, are taken to the mean detailed version. I thought I had the eureka moment by parsing the recordID into the '-skip' element of the link string, but this only works for the first page of results (i.e. if I'm browsing records 26-50 and click the 4th in the list, I'm taken to the detail of record 4, not 30. Make sense??). Then I read some stuff, and tried generating a link for each of the records – ../recorddetail.php?recordID=30 – but this doesn't work either... I'm obviously missing something, and some help really would be appreciated. Once I get the contacts sorted, the events are very similar – I need to show data from a portal of forthcoming live events, and allow users to click the event in the list to view the detail.

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