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Found 8 results

  1. My users like using a FTP client as they can upload files "in the background" and keep working in FM. When I want them to upload the files straight through FM, I get compliance issues because of this (files could be 500Mb). If the file is already on the FMS I do PSoS, but when it's on the client desktop using FM will block them from working in FM during upload. Is there a good way to achieve uploading from the client in the background, without blocking FM?
  2. I don't even know where to begin.  I have a db...In every layout for every table—in spite of the fact that their parts all have a white fill—the background turns red in preview mode. I'm using 12, so if I change the theme, this doesn't happen, but if I change the theme back to classic, I get the red background again. I put white rectangles covering the layout parts and that helps; except at the part boundaries, you can still see red and there's nothing you can do about it.  Any ideas where to being troubleshooting? I found out that if I remove the white background fill, the default color is red...in classic...So what that seems to mean, then, is that in preview mode, my white background is being stripped away. The clumsy solution was to select a new theme, turn everything white, remove the alternating body fill, and copy the layout objects onto this new layout. But I want this red background thing to make sense to me!  So thanks for any ideas at all.
  3. Hi Is it possible to change a fields background colour depending on the data entered. I have a field that will display text which is 1 of 2 variables ether "Final" or "Concept" selected via a drop down value list, If "Final" is selected I would like the field background to be Green if Concept is selected i would it to be Red. Is this archivable at the moment in Filemaker? many thanks
  4. I have a layout for printing on a letterhead and have inserted an image file as the Background Image to serve as the letterhead. Printing and Save to PDF work as expected, but for the life of me I cannot get the background image to display correctly in Preview mode. Not displaying correctly in Preview mode is not terrible except, when the client does a print preview and it doesn't line up, there will be questions...even though it print correctly. Basically, it looks like the background image has a pre-determined padding applied to it at the top, but all parts and objects are set to padding 0. Has anyone else experienced this? Preview mode - letterhead has padding Printed PDF - the letterhead is up where it should be:
  5. Hello, could you help me? I wanted to undo something in layout mode using cmd+z, but i pushed something other key and i changed somehow the background to grey. In every other mode can i see the theme perfect with the background except in layout mode. do you have an idea, how can i change to the normal view? Thanks very much, Csaba
  6. Hi, This is a peculiar bug which seems to have appeared with a recent Chrome update. Create a Web Viewer control with the following content: "data:text/html,<html><body bgcolor=\"#EEEEEE\">HELLO</body></html>" Then view the layout in WebDirect in Chrome. You'll notice it doesn't display anything. Remove the bgcolor and it works as expected. It also works in FileMaker. There are numerous workarounds but I can't find out how to fix it. Anyone else experienced this?
  7. This seems like something that should be possible, but every time I try it, it does not work. I have a script that goes to each layout in my database. When doing so, it flashes and looks really ugly, so I want to 'hide' this window in the background while the script works on it, and create a new window with a "working" layout that remains in the foreground. Unfortunately, whenever I make a new worker window and "Select" it to bring it to the foreground, the script starts executing on the worker window. The script needs to only work on the original window, while the worker window is in the foreground. I have also tried using "Freeze Window" on my main script to get rid of the flashing, but the script has "find" steps that seem to refresh the window. Is there a way to hide or "background" the window on which the script is running?
  8. Hello all, Â This is my first time posting on this forum so go easy with me. I have started using Filemake Pro 13 on Windows 8.1 for almost two week. Â I have recently hit a snag in the form of my background resizing to the width of the windowborder. Â This probably is just a setting i missed but after some frustrated hours of trying to find a solution i have decided to ask teh people who will probably know. Â So in short this is my problem: Â Layout background with fixed width keeps resizing to the windowborder. Â Thanks in advance. Â Harm
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