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Found 5 results

  1. Although I still consider myself a novice, one thing I've learned over the years of developing FM applications is the importance of frequent backups and testing. While developing a new program, I like to maintain a history so I can look back and see what I did in the past. I also like to test scripts that create delete or modify records without the fear of altering the original records in any way. I have written two scripts to do this. Backup script creates a copy of the current file and places it in a folder named Backup located in the parent folder (the folder that contains the development file). The scrip appends the word BACKUP, a backup number and a date to the original filename. After 25 backups, the backup numbers start over again at 1 (25 is arbitrary and can be easily changed). As the backups accumulate over time, I usually delete the oldest ones when I am sure I no longer need them. Test Copy script creates a copy of the current file and places it on the Desktop where it can be quickly found and used. The script appends the words TEST COPY and a copy number to the original file name. A date is not included in the file name because after using a test file once I usually delete it. Any changes I need to make to the script are made in the original file only. I then create another test copy and test again. I place links (or buttons) to run the scripts on a convenient layout where I can access them quickly and easily. After development is complete, I leave the Backup script and its link in the operational file. It's an easy way to back up so you're more apt to do it. You could of course use the Save As command to create backup and test copy files. But if you do this frequently you'll quickly find that it's very cumbersome. For those who are interested, the attached demo contains the two scripts that I use. It was made with FM 11 Adv. Try them out and see if they work for you. Download the demo, un-zip it, place it in a new folder and create a subfolder inside and name it Backup. The Demo is then ready to go.
  2. Mac OS X Server v10.6.8 FileMaker Server During a daily scheduled backup in which it's set to keep a maximum of 14 backups, once there are 14 folders as expected I am receiving error messages stating: FMServer Error 685 Error occurred while deleting backup folder... When I look at the folder(s) in question it has successfully deleted all the database copies, only leaving the externally stored container files. All of them. And their folders. I looked at the permissions for each folder and they were all identical; all having fmserver/fmsadmin with Read & Write priv's. Thoughts, suggestions ?!
  3. I keep a backup copy of my hosted solution (under OS X) in the default FMS Data/Backup folder. The backup is scheduled twice a day (noon and night) and I keep 5 versions of each copy. The solution includes nearly 100.000 pdf files in managed container fields (RC_Data_FMS folder), in total only these files take 10GB of disk space. I would like to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule so I should be storing 2 more copies of the solution, I would use a Synology NAS in the LAN, so my plan is: Keep the 2 daily copies stored in the Data/Backup folder, in the server disk (Done!) Have 2 more daily copies of the database stored in the NAS (pending) Have a progressive backup executed by night (when no users are connected), saved in a NAS folder and have that folder backed up in Dropbox or Amazon (pending) There are two issues to take in account: All the backups must run unattended, I mean without the need to log into the server. The server machine should be ready for backup just after start up. I have a limited knowledge of LAN administration and command line. So far I tried to: Sync the backup folder with the NAS using GoodSync: the software is not reliable, sometimes simply doesn't sync and their customer support is useless. I've heard of rsync a system utility that should be more reliable but I'm I don't know how to use it. Sync the NAS copy with Dropbox: Synology Cloud Sync utility is limited by the hardware, in my case 15.000 files is the maximum. To have 200.000 files syncing every day seems unrealistic Have a FMS progressive backup on a NAS shared folder: so far I haven't been able to give FMS access to the remote folder, I can't validate the filemac:/volume/folder/ path Following the steps in this article (http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2012/11/filemaker-backups-network-share), set up a shell script that sends a backup to the NAS. The script -based in FMS command line- is executed by the default user and goes simply: fmsadmin BACKUP -d filemac:/volume/folder/ It doesn't work, I get "Error 732 Invalid account name or password" and I am not sure if it's the script or simply the access to the remote folder (the path is invalid for progressive backup). My questions: How can I make fmserver own a remote folder in the Synology NAS? Do I need to create the users in the NAS? how can I create a fmserver user without knowing the user password? The shell script above, for backing up to the NAS is it correct? In addition to the local backup, do you think a progressive backup in two media (the NAS and the cloud) is safe enough in case of disaster? In sum, can you help me set up a rock solid backup system for my solution?
  4. Hi all I have three backup schedules: hourly, daily and weekly. To reduce any lag experienced by end users during the day I am wondering if I should do away with the verification step for the hourly one, which would speed up the backup. I would keep it on the other two and would be emailed by FMS if there were an issue. But if there were a crash and I wanted to restore from the hourly one, how do I know the data integrity is OK? Obviously if there were an issue I would use the older daily one, but that is a risk I'd be willing to take if it sped things up. Thanks
  5. From time to time, I'm asked to restore a backup of a single fmp12 file on my Filemaker Server 13 installation. Up until now, I've been going into FMS Web Control Panel, closing the file, downloading the current file, downloading the latest backup file (every two hours, a backup is done), deleting the current file, and reuploading the backed up file using the "Share" button in Filemaker Pro 13 on my Mac at the office. This procedure isn't very sophisticated, and is really just for occasional use. I've been thinking about how the same result can be achieved by logging onto the FMS Server's Mac command line via SSH, something I can already do from my iPad. This would be an improvement if possible, because I could do it anywhere, and it would be quick as it doesn't require any uploading or downloading. Suppose I did something like this: 1) SSH in as unpriv user. 2) cd /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/Daily_2014-11-11_2300/Databases/GroupName 3) Login to FMS web control panel 4) Close the fmp12 file I intend to replace with a recently backed up copy, say MyDatabase.fmp12 5) Back on SSH, cp /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/GroupName/MyDatabase.fmp12 ~/Desktop/MyDatabase-removed.fmp12 5a) Not sure if I need to delete MyDatabase.fmp12 in FMS web control panel also 6) sudo cp ./MyDatabase.fmp12 /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/GroupName/ 7) Re-open the fmp12 file in FMS web control panel done? By the way, I have considered having a copy of Filemaker Pro 13 on the server too, but I'd rather not use up a license just for this. (Although I imagine uploading from Pro13 to FMS on localhost would be super-fast)
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