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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! using FM18v3 I defined an import, update using key with option :add remaining. Odd enough, when running the import for the first time, the key field remains empty. (Unexpected) As a result the second time I run the script I get new records, but now the keyfieldfield is filled. (Expected) The third time the import also runs as expected ( no new records ). I fixed this by defining this script in FM18 using an if. Eventually, I launched FM17 and re-did the script. Now it works like it should. Anyone else can replicate this? Kind regards,
  2. Hello everyone, I have found a stange behaviour with filemaker. I have two tables linked by a third one. I want to navigate using the portal. But if I use a script on layout exit, then the behaviour is abnormal. Please have a look at the enclosed database and try normal, then abnormal layout. Please tell me if you consider that it is a bug or not. If it is a bug, should I report it to Filemaker Inc. and how? Thanks for your help, Regards Possible bug.fmp12
  3. I have stumbled upon a strange bug in one of my Databases concerning a value list. We have a table containing part numbers, which is related to a table containing "revisions" for the part numbers, which is related to a table of inspections for the "revisions". On a layout of the Inspections table, I have a value list. This value list selects the UUID of the revision, but displays the Part Number for the user. This has worked perfectly for several months. However, this morning one of my users discovered that he was unable to located "0000194" from this list. At first I thought maybe the UUID's somewhere along the line had become disconnected from their respective foreign keys on related tables. This was not the case. I then tried deleting and remaking the value list. This did not solve my problem. Then I figured if I deleted and rebuilt everything related to 0000194 that would fix it. This was not the case either. As a last ditch effort I restarted our FileMaker server, to no such luck. So then I began playing around with various aspects of 0000194. First I changed the company name, but it still didn't show up on the value list. Then I changed the part number to "TESTPART", and it showed up perfectly. So I tried "0194" and that showed up. Same for "00194" and "000194", but as soon as I add a fourth zero making it 0000194, it disappears from my value list. I'm 95% sure that this part number used to show up on the value list just fine, as we've already done inspections using this part number. So I'm thinking this bug has something to do with the leading zeros. I'm unsure of how to debug this or if there's any workarounds for this issue. Let me know if I need to supply any more information. Thank you in advance for any help you all can offer! [SOLUTION] At some point one of our scripts was run by a user without full permissions. The script added part number "0000194" to another customer, which I never noticed. Since Value Lists are indexed, it was not showing "0000194" because it was not a unique value. Deleting the second occurrence of "0000194" cleared my problem up.
  4. I excitedly saw that 13.0v5 was just released, and it said that they were fixing the annoying "allow/deny incoming network connections" bug. I dutifully upgraded. Not only did the bug persist (!), but it introduced a new one -- for the database I access, I have the password saved to keychain, but it started asking me all the time to enter the password, and whether I wanted to save it to keychain. Great. But, I was able to fix both issues (yay!). For the incoming network connections issue. First, quit FM. Second, go to the Firewall settings on your Mac, and edit the options. Remove FM's entry. Third, go to Terminal, and enter this command: sudo codesign --force --sign - /Applications/FileMaker Pro 13/FileMaker Pro.app/ It will ask for your password. Enter it. It'll resign the app (which couldn't be done with the prior version). The next time you start up FM should be the *last* time that you have to allow incoming network connections. As to the other issue if you now have to enter your password every time to access your database, even though you specified for it to be saved in Keychain, this is what you need to do. Again, quit FM, go to Keychain. Search for "Filemaker". Delete the password for your database in the list. Start FM, enter your password, and say save it to Keychain. Quit FM. Go back to Keychain, search for "Filemaker" and click the info icon at the bottom. Under "Access Control" it says "confirm before allowing access" -- but you'll notice that "always allow access by these applications" doesn't list FM. Click the plus button. Find the FM app, and select it. Save changes. Start up FM, you should be fine!
  5. The video shows the issue best, but to summarize: I am using a portal to create related records, the relationship utilizes a global field. Somehow, the portal showed data from a related record that doesn't seem to exist. If I go to the related table and show all records, there are no records. If I perform a find, a record is found, at which point the toolbar shows a 1/0 Found records. I've seen this twice now; once in a FileMaker 11 solution, this one in FileMaker 12. Has anyone else seen this before?
  6. Dear all,  I'm having a problem in my Filemaker solution when insertion files in a container via script and also drag and drop. It worked fine fore more than 5 years and now i'm getting this strange massage (attached). The problem is not stable, because sometimes we don't see it. Also in some Macs it doesn't work at all.  I've tried to find a solution in the web, but i didn't found any solution. Is this a filemaker bug?  I really need an urgent helpÂ
  7. My client is experiencing empty dialog windows-- starting with the Launcher. She is running FileMaker Pro 15 - 32bit on windows. She reinstalled several times with same result. any ideas? thanks!
  8. Hello, This is my first time using this forum so please excuse any mistakes.. I have setup a standard pos system with DB for invoicing a customer, inventory and purchasing inventory from Maker. The DB is setup in such was so that I have a layout for Invoicing the customer and within the invoice are the line items for each product that I carry in the inventory. The Inventory is defined with barcode, description, prices and most importantly stock. The purchase order is setup the same way as such so the i have layout with purchase order sheet, then within are the line item with barcodes, description etc... Now, the problem that I am facing is that i am using calculations to keep track of the stock where as if i order 1 item then 1 item gets added and if I see that item 1 gets deducted etc.. now the problem is that after certain length of time... I see stock for items that I didn't order. It will just appear out of the blue as stock.... I am totally stumped and urgently need of help. A POS system with wrong information on stock on hand is useless... Looking for any suggestions or comments. Regards, Young
  9. Hello, I am developing an app where users may login with Android or IOS via Webdirect. On IOS (safari) via Webdirect-- everything is fine. With Android(chrome)-- anytime the script refreshes the screen or switches panels-- all uncommitted data is lost. any ideas or workarounds?-- my script checks validation and i really need to refresh to trigger conditional formatting also hoping to have a multi-panel entry so the user does not have to scroll to the bottom (layout has about 100 fields) thanks!
  10. I would like to see if anyone could help me to verify if the problem I am having is a bug in Filemaker. I have recently upgraded my network from Filemaker 13 to 14. In 13 I did not experience this issue. It seems that in Filemaker 14, when a particular Hindi character is pasted into a Filemaker field it crashes the database. I have tested this on numerous machines within my network with the same result. I am hoping that someone will run this simple test for me and report back if it happened to them as well. I just need someone to create a database, create one text field. Create a new record and paste this Hindi character in that field. Then do a find and place your cursor in that field. At this point the database should crash. If anyone can confirm this I would love to know, thanks! Hindi character: क्स्ड (I will also attach a text file with the Hindi character in case something messes up when I post this...) hinid_error.txt
  11. I came across a bug today when using Set Field [] where you sum up the first rep of a repeating field without explicitly stating it is the first rep and the target being another repeating field regardless of if it is in the same field or not. In other words, if you do not explicitly state the field with rep 1 such as MyField[1] or GetRepetition (MyField; 1) but rather just refer to it as MyField it will ignore the value. However if you use it in a calculation field or the target field is non repeating field it works as I would expect. I made a test file and I tested it both with FM11 and 12. Whether you use the + sign or the Sum function the results are the same: 1. If you do not explicitly set the repetition for rep 1 then A. It will ignore the value in rep 1 B. Set the target rep with evaluation of the rest of the calculation without the rep 1 value C. If you hit the button subsequent times the value will keep adding the same amount without overriding the existing value 2. Everything works fine when using a calculation or another field as the target repeating_field_sum_bug.zip
  12. Mac OSX 10.8.4 2 accounts on computer, both admin (keeping a consulting gig separate from my main account) FileMaker Adv 12.4 Issue: In one of my accounts, FM12Adv will not open. I've repaired my permissions on this volume. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but I still get no love from FileMaker in this one account. I've attached the crash log. If anyone can advise, that'd be great.crash.zip
  13. Hi There, On windows 7 x64 with FIlemaker 12 advanced V4 when using the "export field content" script function the content of the field is written in mac (roman) format and not ansi (utf8 would be better btw). This is a serious issue because some chars (carriage for example) are not read correctly under the platform (windows). Has anyone notice this behavior? It's a know bug/issue? Thanks a Lot, Rob
  14. Hi all, Â Any FM12 file I open up (tried 2 so far) in FM13 results in Pop-up menus only showing the ID, and not the second field. See attached screen grabs. Â I've checked all the settings... "show values only from second field" is definitely checked. Â Anyone else noticed this?
  15. Hi guys, I have a strange problem with a value list in one of my databases. I added a value list and set it to display a list from a field of employees. It worked for a while but after closing the database and re-opening it, the drop-down value list no longer works. I then checked in File>Manage>Value Lists and my new value list has no name anymore and I cannot delete it or edit it, it is just completely bugged out! I thought I would try again and re-create the value list and set it as the drop-down, but exactly the same thing happened, it has no name and is undeletable/uneditable! Now I have two bugged out value lists stuck in my database and I am unable to remove or edit them and I still haven't managed to create this value list without this problem happening. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this issue? The database in question has a lot of records (1.5 million) so I am worried it is a major problem. Regards Rikki
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