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Found 1 result

  1. What I have: • A table of Animal. Four records in this example. Three fields: a primary ID (number), a Name (text), and Quantity (number). TheQuantity number field's contents gets changed by users at various, random intervals. • A table of Snapshots. Twenty records in this example. Four fields: a primary ID (number), a foreign key (for Animal), Date, and Quantity. • A script that runs once every 24 hours (perhaps from Server). The script simply looks at the current state of each record in the Animal table (Quantity), then goes to the Snapshots table, and creates one record for each Animal (foreign key), and its currently sampled Quantity. The result is a table which shows the state of the Animal table as it was when the script ran, once per day. What I want: • The goal is to chart this Snapshots data (Day-by-Day) using FileMaker's built-in native charts (no web viewer/javascript/etc), and also, to not use ExecuteSQL. • Bonus would be the ability to allow us to select which of the Animal we want to chart (we may not always want to chart all Animals) • Bonus #2 would be to allow us to select the date range of the snapshots (we may not always want to chart all snapshot days) Thanks!! Animals.fmp12

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