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Found 18 results

  1. I'm coming up with questions on an hourly basis it seems...I've done google searches and still can't seem to find answers, but sometimes asking the right question is the hardest chore. Â Ok, I want to have an concession stand customer ordering system and this made sense "to me" in my graphical way of thinking, HA!: Â I have layouts for each step, such as... Â [step 1] "Select order type..." (OrderTYPE is a field with Value List to choose from via radio buttons: Walk-Up, Delivery, Pick-Up). Â I then made a 'NEXT' button that I thought I'd send to the corresponding Layout calculated by the choice selected---let's say [step 2: Walk-Up], [step 2: Delivery], [step 2: Pick-Up] accordingly. How do I do this? Â Via 'Layout Name by Calculation'? If so, what would this calculation look like (I have a basic programming knowledge, artist by heart tho, of 'if/else' or 'case' arguments) in the correct syntax? Am I even on the right thinking path? Â Reason is some orders don't require needed info compared to others (ie: Delivery vs. Walk-Up) Â [step 2] [step 3] [step 4] etc... Â I'm attempting to make a touch screen UI for iPad that is pretty simple and intuitive for taking orders. Â If there's a better way of doing this, I'm all ears (eyes ). Â Thanks for taking the time! Â
  2. Hi guys, here's my situation: our company has been using the Task Management template for a couple of years, and it has been modified and added onto and some things are now broken. I'm tasked with fixing it, and I'm looking at the fresh starter solution as a basis (many of the problems can be fixed by cut/pasting the template scripts into the broken one). I have one hitch though.....in the layout "Project List View", there are column headers that are clickable and scripted to toggle sorting by ascending and descending order. I get the script part, but what I don't get is this: I go into edit layout mode, and right click on the header (which, again, functions as a button that triggers the sort script) and select "button setup", and it says clicking on it will do nothing! where's the button! when I exit editing back into user mode, it is clearly clickable. I can't find the trigger in edit mode!! also there is a small icon to the left of the header that displays a small bar graph image by default, and changes to an up or down arrow depending on the status of the sort. That is also clickable, performs the same script. but when I go into edit layout, it is simply a field called "hilitetype" or "hilitename", and again in "button setup" it says it isn't set to trigger anything! What am I missing hahahahah.....I'm used to seeing a button object that clearly states (in button setup menu) "perform script--->specify". I also have a completely unrelated question, and that is: what's the cleanest way to set up a record to force a user to enter fields in a specific order (not allow clicking out of sequence) and not allow the user to exit that record or view without filling out all fields. I'm guessing the latter would require scripting all the possible navigation buttons to check the field status and either allow or block exit with an if/or/then loop. don't have any idea how to force the order of field entry, though....
  3. Hi, I have some layouts presented in table view (only), and with a header that contains a series of buttons arrayed horizontally across the screen. This is to help colleagues that are more accustomed to Excel style data entry. However when a table contains many fields that go beyond the screen it becomes very inconvenient for the users to scroll back to the far left to use those buttons. Is there a way to make the header scroll sideways? Or more likely, an alternative that allows the user to see the button even if they are far far to the right side of the screen? Thanks for your help and advice! MacGuffin
  4. A little background I have a DB which keeps users logins/passwords for a business so they have all their login information for everything at work. My Issue I need the user to be able to click a button that creates a random password and places it into the password field when the button is clicked. I am making a button like this for each sections password field. I know I need to make a calculation, I have made these types of scripts before. However, how do I get to a calculation to perform this action with a button in filemaker? I am sure this is so obvious I will slap myself but right now I am at a loss. Maybe I have been working on these 5 solutions too long and need a break. LOL Any help, suggestions are very welcome...Thank you! =)
  5. I'm having an issue with a set of portals that I have created. We wanted a horizontal display of different related records, with tall vertical areas. We are showing up to 3 boxes of details across a single row, so to speak. The layout is based on "TableA". TableA is related to "TABLEA_portals", which is just a table-occurrence of TableA (it's a self join). The layout is based on TableA. The portals all use TABELA_portals relationship. These are scratch records, so we create and destroy them regularly. The one record created at the start of the process is used to tie other related records in the set together, via the relationship. The detail box, on the left, isn't a portal, but just fields from the local table/record the layout is based on. It is intended that this would be the first record of all the related records, the master-record so to speak. The next detail box is a portal to TABLEA_portals, starting at Row 2, showing only 1 row. (See attached image; only 2 out of a possible 3 'boxes' are shown. Each portal only shows 1 row, and each is individually defined to start at a different row.) Part of the purpose here was to make this modular, so that more/less detail-areas could be added at will, without having to edit a bunch of script parameters or some such. The portal row being shown would take care of all the context issues as to which record was being edited. My problem comes along when I click a button (text label w/ button action) in one of the portals: I want it to toggle the checkbox/field for that record in that portal row. The label is a text label that spans over the field itself - using the field label as the button hitzone makes it a better user experience. The button action is simply: "Set Field [ TABLEA_portals::FieldA ; 1 (or 0)]". The intent is to use the portal relationship to set a field for that displayed record, but the context isn't updating to reflect the portal-row that the actual button is in, like I thought it would. (And if you hit a button on the far left, looking through that relationship should be the first record, i.e. itself, so it should also update correctly - even though it isn't a portal.) For example, if the context is currently in box1 and I click the button in portal2, the field for portal1 gets updated, not the field in portal2. Now, if I happen to click into an actual FIELD that is in that row, the context updates to reflect that portal row, and the buttons work as expected. But then the buttons in the other areas only update this new context...until a field is clicked in the other detail-box...etc. And nearly everything in these detail-boxes is a button, not a field, so the user hardly ever is actually clicking into a field. (My screenshot shows a field that I copied to the side just so I could have one to click into.) Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks, Justin
  6. I am trying to create an option for dialogue to show up for users based on input they have provided. Rather than using up space for a merge paragraph on the page of the layout, it would be nice if they could click the help button and show the custom information related to each question based on their own input. When I try to set the button up to have merged fields in the dialogue, I do not see that option. I am using FM12 advanced. Thank you!
  7. I have a working database that uses a Double Booking system provided by the FMForums commenters (attached). My problem is that I need a way to quickly select multiple rooms and apply them to 1 conference. My goal is to use a one click method on either a button or field to add the room to the list. I also need a visual way to determine if a room is booked or not. I have already experimented with conditional formatting and buttons but this seems to not be the best way to make this work. It would also be nice if the item clicked to assign and the conditional formatting were one item. I already have the system functional using this example but I cannot seem to figure out a way to quickly and effectively add rooms. Some groups use up to 50 rooms at a time. If you have any ideas, please let me know. DoubleBooking.fmp12
  8. Hi, Got a real strange issue.... My button bars look fine, slightly offset, but fine on the desktop version... But as soon as I look on FM Go, one of the text boxes just floats away? - I have tried moving it around and changing the size and i just get the same issue but with different buttons? See images... Thanks
  9. Hi, I created a dashboard with a bunch of buttons, attached script to every button, which allows me navigating to specific record of the Products table. Basically, every script is the same, with minor changes (only record ID field changes). The process of creating a script to every button is a very time consuming as I need to write a script that a) goes to layout b)finds the certain record 1 "Step: Go to Layout Layout: Products  2 Step: Perform Find" Is there a way to simplify the task? Thanks!
  10. Note the following article on FileMaker's website: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/408/~/open-url-is-not-working-when-used-via-instant-web-publishing They seem to offer us only a single, rather silly, solution: tell your viewers to disable pop-up blockers. But this is 2015. Mobile devices dominate. Pop-up blockers sometimes CANNOT be disabled. And even if you can, you probably SHOULDN'T! As such, it is quite foolish in this day and age for FileMaker to not offer us a more seamless solution. Nevertheless, I am posted this problem here to see if any of you know a workaround. Some may be apt to flippantly say to me, "Just use a Web Viewer in your database." But as you know, there are times when you want the user to click a button in your database and then have the linked content only to display after they have logged in separately for that. I have that setup now, in fact. My FileMaker IWP database automatically logs everyone in because the basic content in the database is PUBLIC. But there are associated documents (PDFs mainly) that I need to make available to users of that database which need to be secured by at Password. I have that setup now, but the problem is that when the user clicks the button to access the Authentication Sheet for access to the PDFs, it is blocked on mobile devices. They won't display the content on iPhones or iPads due to pop-up blocking. And the only silly reason for this is because FileMaker is trying to open the content in a new Window/Tab rather than the EXISTING window. If it opened in the existing window, there would be no issues with pop-up blocking at all. So what is the solution for this? Thank you.
  11. I have a layout where it shows a Person's information (name address etc), and it includes a Tab Control that lists all the dogs that are related to (owned by ) that particular person. I want to be able to click on a button that allows the user to add a new dog that is connected to the person showing. I have a Dog Details layout, I just need to pass the person key/information to the Dog Details layout so the dog is automatically added to that person. I've attached a screenshot of the Person Details layout with the Tab Control, and the Dog Details layout, where I'd like to have the Owner field automatically filled in when added a new dog. In my button control, I've tried a Single Step and the Go To Layout, and adding the Optional Script Paramater, using the Primary Key from the People Table, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm very new at this and I'm sure there is an easy solution for those experienced users. Thanks! Cynthia
  12. Add New Record Button I have a portal on my Customer layout to display essential details of a customers Devices. Currently I can a new Device for a customer using the following method: Go to the last Portal Row Select a DevceType from a dropdown list (this creates a new record in the Devices table) I then click on a button (Edit) which takes me to the newly created record, now linked to the Customer table I then edit the Device record in full I would instead prefer to have a Add Device button: Click add device This creates a new record related to the customer from where I clicked the button Edit the Device record in full. In this manner I can then have the portal rows changed to summary fields and be no longer editable. I hope this all makes sense? When I create a Add Device button I set it to Perform a script as follows: Got to Portal Row [select; Last] Set Field [Device::__pkDeviceID] Go to Related Record [show only related records; From table "Device" using layout "Device" (Device)] The problem is that, although it all seems right in my head, it seems to do absolutely nothing whatsoever! Any ideas?
  13. I have a layout with two buttons on it. Button 1 simply sets the variable for the chosen Section [$id_section; Value:TO1a_sites_SECTIONS] Button 2 runs the "Resume Script" command I'm trying to define a calculation in the Inspector's "Hide Object When" calculation so that Button 2 only appears after the variable is set. So far no luck and any help would be appreciated.
  14. Is there a way to show the hand cursor for a popover button? I've a lot of buttons on a layout - one of them a popover button - and I want it to behave like the others. FM Advanced 14, FM Server 15, macOS High Sierra 10.13.1.
  15. Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to FM-Pro14. I have been knee-deep reading books and tutorial videos on it for 2-3 weeks so far. I am stuck on a problem and I can not find any documentation. I wonder if someone can help. I am guess this is an easily solution and my beginner status is the problem <; When I create a new button, or modify the existing button, it keeps reverting back to being part of a Group. I have 'Arrange-->Ungroup' many times without success. When I go back to Browse mode and click the button, all fields are selected. When I go to Layout mode and select the button alone, then select 'Arrange-->Ungroup' (it greys out-temporarily), the Right-Click and select 'Button Action'-'Single Step', I continually get a message saying the button is part of a group. When I select all fields while in Layout mode and then select 'Arrange-->Ungroup', it is greyed out which tells me they are not part of a group. But back in Browse mode selecting the button selects all fields. I've been doings circles with this without resolution. Whew!! Is it possible I did something incorrectly when I first started by dragging all the fields at once onto the Layout from the Field Picker? Thanks, Phil BTW, the problem is associated with this text: Attach a button definition to an existing object or objects, like text or a field Select the object(s) and choose Format menu > Button Setup. If you select multiple objects, select only objects that have no previous button definitions. FileMaker Pro groups the objects when you define them as a button. See Grouping and ungrouping objects. If you attached a button definition to an existing object, you can only use an action for the button, so skip to step 5. https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_layout.9.47.html https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/edit_layout2.11.16.html#1192005 I have read and re-read these pages without resolution. The message I get is the button can only be used for an action. But I have not 'attached a button defination to an existing object' Where can I see the status of this? Am I on the right track here? Thanks again, Phil
  16. Hi, I have searched around as I thought this would have been asked numerous times, but couldn't find what I was after. I have a field that stores a 0 or 1 depending on whether there is a related record elsewhere. The button take you to that related record and associated layout. I want to disble the button if the field contents is 0 (no related record). I thought I might be able to use conditional formatting, but there's no 'disable' option (which would be nice). How do I do this please? Thanks, Steve
  17. I have a db with two tables: 1) Company_info 2) Contact_info. I would like the ability to create new contacts while in the Company_info table. I set up a popover button in the Company_info table to do that, but it only creates a new record in the Contact_info table without any related data. When using it to create a new record in the Contact_info table I can't figure out how to make it copy over the "Company_name" field to the new record in the Contact_info table. The two tables were set up with a one to many relationship connecting the two IDs. (The first ID value is "Comp0001" for the Company table and "Con0001" for the Contacts table). All attempts to use "Insert Calculated Result" to move over the data in the "Company_name" have failed.
  18. Hello, In my table I have text fields "ABC", "DEF", "GHI". I have these fields on a layout and have set each field as a button that runs a script. The script needs to return the field name (GetFieldName?) and change the contents of the field based on the existing contents of the field when the button is clicked (Case function). How do I let my script know which button (field) has been pressed? Thanks in advance, Ben
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