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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys~ Might be a silly question but how can I define what a button does in the "Custom Dialog" script step? I've been able to make window pop up with a question. "Are you done with this record?" the buttons are then, "Yes or No." Ideally a yes answer would close the record, and likewise, a no answer would leave the record open. right now both buttons do the same thing, the next step in my script (which is close the window) Did I just miss a simple If/Then step? and boy it sure would be nice to be able to define that in the custom Dialog specifications box. Thanks again for everyone's patience and community knowledge. I believe I've taken my first steps into a larger world. :)
  2. Hi Haven't been on for a while. I have a question. Does anyone know how to create mutually exclusive buttons? I have 2 buttons/fields that have 2 different value list attached. I would like to be able to click on one of the buttons/field and to have the other buttons/field become inactive and visa versa and to then reset to both active in the next record so that I can then choose again. If I click buttons/field (1) I want buttons/field (2) to be inactive and if I click buttons/field (2) then buttons/field (1) to be inactive but when I create a new record then both are available to choose again. Please forgive me but I am still learning , I am sure a script would be required but I don't have that type of expertise and I have exhausted all the help files and can't find what I am after. Any help would be much appreciated. This is a personal project (actually for my wife). Cheers! pyorkie
  3. Hi All, I would like to create a button that copies data from specific table and fields to other ones on display in my form. The context for this is that I am creating a button that copies data that has already been entered and displayed in some text merge fields. i.e., Account address (first table), and I would love to have that data copied to the location address fields (second table). See attached file. Any help would be gratefully received (Complete beginner). Cheers, Simon DB_SC_Grab- button question.tiff
  4. I have a buttons that only appear in the Find mode using the hide feature in layout mode. My customer doesn't like that the continue button is in the upper right when the script is paused. I have a button called continue. This might be a stupid question but is there a way to have press enter and it activate the button on the layout (PC or Mac)? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Caroline
  5. Hi Everyone Can someone tell me if this is possible? I have a dashboard which displays services due, services outstanding, completed services and faults outstanding. What I want to do is put a little "badge" on the buttons displaying the amount of records showing in the portal related. I have no idea where to start. I have attached some images and also my relationship view. Thanks in advanced!
  6. Hi there, Just purchased myself supercontainer and very excited to get using it. I notice that in the IWP supercontainer, the upload and browse buttons are not aligned as if they are pushing each other onto the next line (see .jpg attachment). What am I doing wrong? How do I get rid of the engraved/embossed look (the black strips on the left and top) and is there any way to get rid of the vertical and horizontal scroll bars? Clients are only going to upload .pdf's, so the webviewer is going to be small. Ultimatelly, I am going to have to play around with the companion to reduce the size of the upload and browse buttons. Thanks so much for all your kind advice, Maria Sorry, my previous post sat processing so I posted it again, only to later see that my original post did actually get posted. How do I delete this second post? Thanks so much
  7. In this article we show how you can build a button bar to become the main navigation bar for your solution, and how it can be abstracted as much as possible so it can be pasted across multiple layouts. We also cover some of the limitations that using a button bar will present. Click here to read the full article
  8. Is there anyway to have my buttons on top of a slider pane uniformly stretch (that is each one gets wider) when the window is stretched? I am using an ipad size as the basis of my design for the buttons. I am afraid though, this isn’t possible. This also includes fields, but again I can’t have the behaviour I want, I usually have a field in the middle I stretch, which aesthetically isn’t where it’s at. Having said that, if there is no other work around, I am going to use scripts here to script in going to a new layout upon a considerable change in screen dimensions. Which is possible in FM 13
  9. I have a listing in table view and want to have a button attached to the line items so I can go directly to a particular line item in a different layout. Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  10. FileMaker just keeps getting better! With 14 we have more flexibility than ever before when it comes to creating gorgeous looking solutions. A number of a new layout styling options help make this possible. In this article we cover some of the new layout object styling options. Click here to read the full article!
  11. I've gotten a lot out of this forum, so I try to pay it forward when I can, even though it'll likely only benefit newbies. I have an "image" button that is tied to a popover. So you click the button, and you get the popover. Easy enough. Usual UI interaction is that if you click the button, the popover appears, and if you click it again, the popover disappears. Again, all typical FM stuff. FM does not allow conditional formatting of image buttons to change the color. I wanted to emphasize to the user that for the layout field in question (in the popover), data has been entered. So I created another layout object -- an oval/circle surrounding the image button -- that is displayed only if one or more of the fields of the popover tied to the image button has been populated. Again, typical FM stuff. What was flummoxing me, though, was that the image button wasn't "working" as expected. If you clicked on the button, the popover appear. But if you clicked on it again, the popover would "re-appear," instead of disappearing. The problem it turns out was that my oval/circle surrounding object was "over" the image button and in the foreground. So FM didn't see a user was still hovering over the image button, but rather was hovering over the oval/circle object when it was shown. Thefore, if you clicked on the image button again, FM thought (correctly) that the image button was not previously being hovered over, and dutifully showed the popover again. Very, very easy fix -- in the layout edit mode, I simply moved the oval/circle object to be behind the image button. Everything now works as expected. I hope this tip helps someone! It took my around 90 minutes to figure out what was going on . . . . . .
  12. Hi all, Apologies if this in the wrong place, but it seems like the best fit. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a script I'm struggling with. The background: I have a button I'm using to launch a new window with another layout, then create a new, related record. This action will only happen if the user has completed a specific field in the original layout (__pkCollectionRef), step one of the script. With the new window open, the user will then make a selection from a checkbox set and close the window, which will put their selections into a field in the original layout. This part's all fine. What I want then, however, is for the button to be made inactive once they've completed their selection, so the script won't run if they press it a second time (this is to prevent the creation of redundant records - there is another button that will allow them to edit their previous selections if required). I've attached two screen grabs of the script steps. The first is the script I require help with, the second is the script run if the necessary conditions of the first are met (i.e the creation of a related record in a new window and layout). The _fkPickList field in the original layout will only be populated upon the creation of the new related record, so I had thought that adding the isValid calculation as a means of halting the script would do the trick, however what's happening is that it's preventing the script from running in the first place. As a side note, I've also added conditional formatting to the button so that when the _fkPickList field isValid the text is greyed out. This one discourages pressing the button a second time, however, not prevent it from working. Thanks in advance for the help. All comments appreciated. Franco.
  13. Learn how to create Custom Button Icons in FileMaker! FileMaker 14 comes pre-loaded with 140 useful glyphs, learn how to expand your collection! FileMaker Custom Button Icons
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