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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all not sure if this is the right area for this post however,any Help appreciated in a design that i am working on for a small point of sale i have an issue (or challenge) the normal price is set as a Retail Price (all good) however I have been asked to now fulfill this next part. A Multi-buy concept. so e.g. a bottle of wine would normally sell for $12.99 however there is a promotion where you can get 2 for $20 ea (or a breakdown of $10 ea) Now I have put a field in inventory table for multi buys i.e. fields 1. a checkbox for whether it is a multi buy item. 2. a field which indicates the qty of item that is applicable as in the above example 2 3. a field which indicates the multi buy price. 4. A field which calculates the individual price as in the example above $10. (multi buy price / qty) and just to throw a little more into it there is the possibility of a situation whereby it could be 2 OR MORE. so I have created a field which is a further checkbox which indicates whether OR MORE is applicable or just the base qty. I guess the question is how does one tie this into the POS where an item would usually under normal circumstances be scanned and price picked up from the inventory table I am just a little lost on this. I thought of a script that checks for multi buy applicable then pops the qty and price into variables which could somehow be used back at the POS screenoveriding the "usual price". Then the issue of OR MORE came into play and that is just for me draining my limited grey matter. or am i looking at this completely wrong and is there a possible better way ie use of a related table etc. Any Ideas would be appreciated. I hope this makes sense.
  2. I've recently been studying the ExecuteSQL function, and thus SQL as well. I've learned quite a lot and am able to write equations using dynamic WHERE clauses, JOIN etc. I find nesting the function in a Let is very efficient. Ok . . . Now my silly question. Where do I use this amazingly fast and flexible function? I mean where can I insert it in an existing solution. I can see where it would allow for the elimination of many TOs, but if the TOs exist to enable data input in a related table I can't see how SQL will help. Should I view ExecuteSQL as simply a function to make reporting more efficient? Does anyone out there have a classic use of the function that really made a big difference in a solution? Don't get me wrong. In my next solution I will make extensive use of SQL, but now I'm at a bit of a loss even though I've managed to use the function to return exactly what I set out to return. Rick.
  3. Hello all, I have a field and I want an auto enter calc that does the following. Look at existing values for all records, find the highest value, and +1 That's it, but I can't seem to get the calc right. Thanks
  4. I am developing a solution to track funds for my scout troop and have a good portion of it up and running, but I’m getting stuck on how to handle meal charges when scouts go on an outing. Basic concepts: - Many scouts can go on many different outings (Camping Trips, Skiing, Day Hikes, etc.) throughout the year. - For each outing, each scout is assigned to a specific Patrol, but those patrols change from outing to outing: A particular scout may be assigned to Patrol #2 for one outing and to Patrol #4 for another. - For each outing, each Patrol will have 3 or 4 scouts buy food for the 8-10 members of that patrol. The total cost of all meals is equally divided between all scouts from that particular patrol and their account is either charged or credited depending on how much they paid for food, if any. Example: Eight scouts are assigned to Patrol #1. Jack brings food for breakfast that cost him $20.00. Joe brought food for lunch that cost him $24.00, and John brought dinner that cost $30.00. The remaining five scouts do not purchase any food. After the outing is over, I calculate how much each scout’s fair share is – in this case it would be $74.00 / 8 scouts or $9.25 per scout – and then adjust their individual accounts accordingly: The five scouts who did not bring any food are charged $9.25 each, Jack’s account is credited $20.00 minus the $9.25, or $10.75, Joe is credited $14.75, etc. The scouts who bring the meals get to choose what to bring, so the fair share amounts vary greatly between patrols. Right now, I am doing these calcs in Excel and then manually entering the charges/credits into the individual scouts’ accounts. Elegant: No. Efficient: No. Error-prone: Oh, Yeah! My two sticking points are: (1) How do I calculate each Patrol’s fair share, and (2) how do I get the credits/charges to automatically populate a new Income/Expense line item for each scout who attended the outing? I think I have figured how to set up my Join Table to properly handle the many to many relationship between scouts and outings, but am stuck as to my next steps. Thanks to all for wading through this entire post and I appreciate any comments/suggestions. Best Regards, Guy
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