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  1. I have a calculation that goes like that, I input a number on "Base Imponibile" (say 100), it adds 15% (it gets me 115), it then calculates 4% to the previous result (115) and it gets me 4,60, I then add 2 and the total is 121,60 which is perfect. And that's the part that works just fine. But I then want to make a reverse calculation, where I input the expected result of Total Calculation and tells me all the other values and here it's where things go awry. I'm attaching the initial calculation that works as a reference and the reverse calculation which doesn't work as an exam
  2. This should be easy, but my brain just won't cooperate! I'm moving a bunch of stuff and want to inventory what is in each moving container. I have a very simple parent-child relationship with the parent record having the container number and category of parts/equipment/supplies and the child records describe each piece of equipment in the container. I have a portal with the child records showing for each container, but want to put anatto-entered item number for each piece that has the container number followed by a dash and then followed by a serialized number for each item in that part
  3. Greets, all: I'm using this calculation--in a parent table in a field temporarily named 'Temp'--to grab course numbers from the course_number field in a related/child table: UniqueValues ( List ( ASSIGNMENT_COURSE::Course_Number__lxt ) ) (I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.) My intent is to use six buttons--in the parent table--where each button would grab an assigned row's value using the calculation above. For example, say that the above calc has this result: AST-100 EDU-100
  4. I know. Don't use them. But There is a simple task and a repeating field would be a quick solution. Field 1: a number Field 2: a calculated repeating field, each repetition adds the repetition number to the value of Field 1. Can it be done? Thanks
  5. Gents, need your help on the following issue: I need to track my expanses. There are 4 tables: Products, PriceChanges, Transactions. The problem: I need to make a script which will make calculations in transactions tab, accounting for the latest price change. Example: 01 jan17 I bought one bottle of wine for $1 03 jan 17 I bought the same bottle of wine for $1,5. So the latest price is $1.5 In Products table there is one record which is wine. In PriceChanges table there are two records: $1 and $1.5 I need that Transactions table automatically take corr
  6. I found a thread regarding this from 11 years ago, but couldn't find anything else so thought it may be best to check if the newer versions of FM have a solution to this problem. Is there any function or custom function that would allow me to check if the value in a field is numeric? I have a field that is supposed to be only numeric (primarily only positive integers) however occasionally there are entries like '1 + 4' or '10 + 2'. I'd like to enter the contents of this field into another field, but only with the entries that are numeric only. Any thoughts? Really appreciate any help.
  7. Hello FM Mavens, I am likely missing something. I have a script step that calculates the dimensions of an image in a container field. There are many such fields so the script should work with any arbitrary one. I get the name of the field by using script parameter Get(ActiveFieldName). Let's say I have a container field "cont1". The script is triggered by entering the field. I am trying to calculate the height of the image by using GetContainerAttribute (Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ScriptParameter ); "height" ) The results are question ma
  8. Hi, I am using this calculation in portal which calculates days in portal Date - (GetNthRecord ( Date ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) ) how can i modify or do something else to avoid (?) in the first row. Sample file attached for any modification/help. Thanks for any help DateCalc.fmp12
  9. Hello, Could someone help me with this question? I have a row in a portal in wich i would like to make a calculation: Bedrag= Cases*Prijs, but if Hoeveelheid is filled in then it should calculate Bedrag= Hoeveelheid*Prijs. The fields are all numeric. The calculation should be possible on one row, in this example i have made it on two. Yours sincerely Frans
  10. Help Please, I am trying to figure out how to extract field contents via a calculation as follows: My lookup field is ABCDEFG-01-12345.jpg I want to automaticaly extract only 12345 to be placed into another field? I tried the Calculation Right ( Sorce field; 5 ) but that returns me 5.jpg any adivise is most welcome. Thank you
  11. Hi. I have a single field, call it LETTER, with a massive calculation, but I want that calculation to be vary depending on another variable, ie a person. (Tom, George, Pete, ... ). So I"m thinking I need a table of a calculation for each person. Tom and his calculation, George and his calculation, etc , But how do I get those different calculations into the LETTER field. Is it a lookup command? Appreciate any help. George
  12. Hello All, I am using the invoice starter solution, I add a Catalogue Field to the Invoice Data Table which is an (Text ; Indexed, Look up from related Table Products::Item) I've been playing over the weekend but I cant make into work. If I put the Catalogue Number my item its not filling automatically. Can you please help me. I have also attached the file that Im working for your reference. Thank you Invoices.fmp12
  13. Hey Guys, Thanks for having me I'm a beginner please take it easy haha! Basically I have a calculation field, where I am trying to force the answer as "0" when the calc returns "?" (due to an empty field etc, for whatever reason I'm not concerned about) My calc is: Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2) Now it returns an answer when there is one, or a "?" when insufficient data, all I want is to return a "0" in this case rather than a "
  14. I'd thought I'd solved this but looking at the background data it's not calculating properly. Any ideas much appreciated. I have a file with a date, bottle format, total cost and converted cost for larger formats (so, for example, 75cl might cost $20 but 1.5l costs $45. The converted cost of the 1.5l is $22.5). Assuming one beverage and just one bottle of each, I want to output a report which looks at the costs and converted costs over a specified period (eg 1/1/2016...12/31/2016) and outputs a 'premium' for, say, the 1.5l bottle. In this example, let's say I have 6 records: date1
  15. A little background I have a DB which keeps users logins/passwords for a business so they have all their login information for everything at work. My Issue I need the user to be able to click a button that creates a random password and places it into the password field when the button is clicked. I am making a button like this for each sections password field. I know I need to make a calculation, I have made these types of scripts before. However, how do I get to a calculation to perform this action with a button in filemaker? I am sure this is so obvious I will slap myself but
  16. I am creating an app for a conference. Each seminar is assigned a code -- such as 101, 102, 103, etc. -- and the app will automatically create signage and displays for us. One of the services I want to provide is to tell people not only what seminar takes place right now, but which seminar will be *next up* in a particular ballroom. I have created a field called Next, into which we would enter the code for the seminar that takes place next, but that's as far as I have gotten. How do I automatically gather the information? For instance, let's say that Seminar 101 is entitled "How to Think,
  17. In Matt Petrowsky's video on all things new in Fm 16 , the very first new addition is a new calculation workspace where we can see the results of our calculation. i.e. there is an additional pane in the work space where results can be previewed.( see attached pic). I can get to this workspace from the Data Viewer , but when I try to get to it from Define Fields dialog box, I just get the regular calculation workspace. What Gives ? Why is it not everywhere ? Thanks. kevin
  18. I have a TABLE::DATE field that has content with varying date types: e.g. 1) 12/12/2015 and 2) Dec 12, 2015. The field is type "Date". I have another field TABLE::c_YEAR that is of type "calculation" returning a "Number". The calculation is Year (TABLE::DATE). This works for dates as in #1 (e.g. 12/12/2015) but fails for dates such as #2 (e.g. Dec 12, 2015). Any idea why and how to fix (within the TABLE::DATE field)? (I am importing the problem rows from an Excel XLSX file (where the dates are in Oct 12, 2016 format) in an FM Script with Auto-validation turned off on impor
  19. Hello once again I been trying to make a calculation for the conversion of weight into ml's. Normally I do this by dividing the the weight by 1.026 and the results is the amount in ml's ( 1.026 is the density of blood, plasma, serum ) I have a field for weight and another for volume I want to input the weight and have the result show in volume after being calculated. Thank you in advance for the help and advice
  20. Hi all, I have a requirement to re-create Quotations on a monthly basis that are fixed by a 12 month contract. On creation of the QuoteItems I want to automatically insert a fixed ID that stays with the item. Each month a new Quotation has to be produced which is then reviewed to potentially add to the contract in order to acquire a new Purchase Order but I do not want to increment the ItemID on existing items. Any help appreciated Sorry everyone, I figured it out
  21. In my solution, I have a table that lists all possible errors, and each of them have a unique ID like ERR001. I have another file containing a dictionary table with global fields that corresponds to the error messages and are filled according to the language of the user. For example, this table has a field ERR001 that will contains the message to be displayed when error number 1 occurs. I would like to have a field in the Error table that is the error message from the correct Dictionary field, based on the ID of the error record. What I would like to do is something like D::$ID,
  22. I can't figure out how to subtract the total of several child records from a starting value in a parent record: Sounds simple, but it's got me stumped! My database is designed to issue Emissions Reduction Credits to companies for reducing or eliminating sources of air pollution. Those companies then later use those credits to offset new construction, sell them to other companies for cold, hard cash, transfer them to other companies, etc. The initial issuance is all on one Certificate and there can be between one and five pollutant credits on each individual Certificate. A company can
  23. Hi All, I don't really know if the Title really explains my situation, but here it is.. I have Four Fields: Name, Gender, Class and Policy Policy Field is an Unstored Calculation with the calculation below with result set to Text If ( Gender = "Male" & Class = "Primary"; "RUNNING" ;"EXPIRED") Meaning, my intention is to Set the Policy field as Running, if the Student is Male and in Primary Class, otherwise, it should be set to Expired.. The calculation does not work, some fields are displayed correctly with the correct value while others are not. However
  24. I am trying to convert text to date using GetAsDate function I referred to an old answer on below link: But I couldn't get it working , my system's date format is 2016-01-05 and I used the syntax: GetAsDate ( Right ( date_start_printing_text;4 ) & "-" & Left ( date_start_printing_text;3 ) & "-" & Middle ( date_start_printing_text ; 5 ; 2 ) ) to convert the value format 01-05-2016 date_start_printing_text is a calculation field, returns text value, which calculates its value from a text field with timestamp value using Left function Left ( timestamp_pri
  25. Im currently using a portal to relay certain information from my main database, the information that is related between the two are the fields of 'Brand' and 'Part Number'. The only other fields i have in my portal will be 1. Sale Or Purchase (a drop down list to select either sale or purchase). 2. Quantity 3. Date 4. Price Is there any kind of calculation so that when i select either the 'sale' or 'purchase' option in the drop down list that it will either add or subtract the quantity i then enter into my quantity field, this
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