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Found 10 results

  1. I have a need for a lot of cross tab calculations and have referred to the FM 13 Advanced Training Series, lesson 38 which covers this. I've used it for a while now but it's brutal in that you need to create two calculations for each individual 'cell' you wish to display: One calculation tells Filemaker what should be summarised, usually via a CASE statement. The other is the Summary field itself which appears on the layout. I tend to require 10, sometimes more columns which are based on date fields from an overall record list of 70000 so far. Is there not a better way of doing the cross tab calcs, something like (psuedocode) as I'm wary of fattening up the fields on the DB: Calc1::DoSummary (Case (DatePeriod = 1 and SortField = "Tourist" ; Amount))Rather than two calculations: Calc1 ::Case (DatePeriod = 1 and SortField = "Tourist" ; Amount)sCalc2L::Summary Calc1Thanks all
  2. Hello, I don't know if anybody can help me but I'm trying to specify a field to replace the value based upon a variety of parameters specifically for States. For example I attempted to do an if statement to turn the word of the state into the abbreviation " if( Upper(Self="ALABAMA");"AL"; if(Upper(Self="ALASKA");"AK"; if(Upper(Self="AMERICAN SAMOA");"AS"; if(Upper(Self="ARIZONA");"AZ"; " and so on. I also tried: Case( Upper(Self="ALABAMA"); "AL"; Upper(Self="ALASKA"); "AK"; Upper(Self="AMERICAN SAMOA"); "AS"; In both situations I end up with a Too Many Parameters error. Perhaps I am going about this problem all of the wrong way. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello! I have a list of attributes in a field that are displayed as a checkbox set. Thus, multiple selections can be made for this field. I have updated my value list for this checkbox set in order to refine it for my current needs. The value list change 1) collapses the value list to provide fewer options that someone could select (eliminates vague values leaving only the more precise ones) and 2) updates the wording of the value list to eliminate confusion. I now want to update the responses to this field by using Replace Field Contents: that is, replace entries that were recorded using the old value list with a corresponding value from the new value list. However, since this is a "check all that apply" checkbox set, I'm not sure what to do as there will be multiple values to find/replace. By replacing the field content, I also want to delete any existing content. I aim to design a Replace calculation, preferably using Case, that uses verbatim the old value list (test 1) and tells it what to replace each value with (result 1) which is verbatim to the new value list, which appears as a checkbox set (note: adding "other" was never an option). What I have done does not work: it isn't deleting the old data (I copied the field in duplicate and displayed it as an edit box so I know the values are still there) nor checking any of my checkboxes using the new value list, so I am doing this all wrong. I don't have much experience using Case. Here's my unsuccessful trial: Case( DecorationTechnique = “Incised”, “Incised leather-hard paste”, DecorationTechnique = “Leather-hard paste”, “Incised leather-hard paste”, DecorationTechnique = “Wet paste”, “Incised wet paste”, DecorationTechnique = “Etched”, “Etched/Engraved”, DecorationTechnique = “Painted”, “Painted - Positive”, DecorationTechnique = “Painted Positively”, “Painted - Positive”, DecorationTechnique = “Painted Negatively”, “Painted - Negative”, DecorationTechnique = “Molded”, “Mold-made”, DecorationTechnique = “Modeled”, “Modeled (Hand-sculpted)”, DecorationTechnique) Old value list: Incised Leather-hard paste Wet paste Etched Painted Painted Positively Painted Negatively Molded Modeled New Value list: Incised leather-hard paste Incised wet paste Etched/Engraved Painted - Positive Painted - Negative Mold-made Modeled (Hand-sculpted) Desired result: say, if one my records contains three attributes in the field -- “Incised”, “Leather-hard paste” and "Molded” -- and I want to replace these attributes with “Incised leather-hard paste” and “Mold-made” (which would successfully collapse the first two attributes (which were previous selected using the old value list) into one attribute (that is present in the new value list) and keep the third attribute, but updates its wording. Advice? Should I be using "If" not "Case?" Thank you!!
  4. Hello, I have a Case calculation that does not return what I expect wd1 = width of image in container1 , ht1 = height of image in container1 wd2 = width of image in container2 , ht2 = height of image in container2 A script would open up a popup window sized to the parameters of the image in the container. This is how it starts: Set Variable [ $contfield; Value:Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] //which is the name of container1 or 2 which it gets correctly Set Variable [ $ht; Value:Case ( $contfield = Untitled::container1; Untitled::ht1; $contfield = Untitled::container2; Untitled::ht2; "ERROR") ] Set Variable [ $wd; Value:Case ( $contfield = Untitled::container1; Untitled::wd1; $contfield = Untitled::container2; Untitled::wd2; "ERROR") ] The calculations return "ERROR". Which I don't understand as I would expect $ht/wd to be set to the corresponding numbers in ht1/2 and wd1/2. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I am trying get the ABCD to work. Is there any way to categorize the "0" to read any letter instead of a number? Part number ex: is SR18.1111 (yes this is a real image name). Case ( IMAGE_NAME ≥ 6000 ; 6000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 5000 ; 5000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 4000 ; 4000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 3000 ; 3000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 2000 ; 2000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 1000 ; 1000; IMAGE_NAME ≤ 999 ; "0000"; IMAGE_NAME ≤ 0 ; "ABCD"; ) EX: if it's a part number under 999 then the directory should be 0000 but if it's over 1000 but under 2000 then it should be 1000. etc 2filemaker.zip
  6. I'm new to filemaker pro advanced 13 and encountered some problems with the case function. I have to following function: Case ( Product ID = Order Book_Test::ProductID ; Case ( Order Book_Test::Eformat = "Date&Price" ; Case ( Order Book_Test::Date = ( Get (CurrentDate)); Count ( Order Book_Test::Eformat)))) my problem is that filemaker stops at the first true Case. However, I need filemaker to validate all Cases and based on this result to execute the Count function. How can i solve this issue? Thanks Sam
  7. Hi there, I have a field which needs to return a value based on the contents of other fields around it, so I'm using a CASE statement to achieve this. Nice and simple, write it once and forget about it. Case (Code = 1 ; "Income Band A" ; Code = 2 ; "Income Band B") I want to add something to the CASE statement which evaluates another field based on text contents, so I have tried to use the POSITION command in the CASE statement to make this work, but no luck so far. Here's what I have: Case (Code = 1 ; "Income Band A" ; Code = 2 ; "Income Band B"; Position (Description;"TOURIST";1;1) = "Tourist" ; "Tourist") What I'm trying to do is to evaluate the Description field for the presence of the word 'tourist' anywhere and then have this returned via the case statement. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance
  8. I have a calculated field that is based on the following. Now I want to add this: If ( LABEL = "Eloquence" ; Case ( ANTAL I ALBUM = 1 ; "79,50" ; ANTAL I ALBUM = 2 ; "149,50" ; ANTAL I ALBUM = 3 ; "219,50" ; ANTAL I ALBUM = 4 ; "219,50" ; "Mangler kalk"); Where and how do I put it in? I have tried almost everything, but I keep getting error messages. --- Current definition --- If ( GENRE = "Klassisk" or GENRE = "Jul" or GENRE = "Jazz" or GENRE = "Pop / Rock" or GENRE = "Soundtrack" or GENRE = "Traditional" or GENRE = "Tale" or GENRE = "Film"; If ( LABEL = "Brilliant" ; Case ( NORMALPRIS = 34 ; "49,50" ; VARENUMMER = 94137 ; "169,50" ; "Mangler kalk"); Case ( Left ( VARENUMMER ; 5 ) = "GRAM," ; "70,00" ; VARENUMMER = "CCS BOX 6414"; "349,50" ; VARENUMMER = "AV 2313"; "799,50" ; NORMALPRIS = 11 ; "29,50" ; "Faktor?") ) ; "---" )
  9. Hello, I'm have an issue sending emails via SMTP Server using a calculation field in the "To:" field. When I use the calc my outgoing emails are filtered as spam by the hosting service. If I put the Email Field in the SMTP To: emails are sent successfully. Here is the setup: I have a Parent Table with the fields Email_Parent1, Email_Parent2, Email_Parent3 and a related SuperParent_Email. Parents can opt-out/in of mailings by selecting flag_P{1-3}_Mailings. I'm trying to to get the field Email_List output to look like this: Email_Parent1@mydomain.com; Email_Parent2@mydomain.com; Email_Parent3@mydomain.com; SuperParent_Email@mydomain.com alternatively if a record is missing an email: Email_Parent1@mydomain.com; Email_Parent2@mydomain.com What I'm getting is this: P1Email@gmail.com; P2Email@hotmail.com; Note the semicolon at the end Here is what I have for a calculation for the field Email_List List ( Case ( flag_P1_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent1);Email_Parent1 & If ( IsValid (Email_Parent2);"; ";""))); Case ( flag_P2_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent2);Email_Parent2 & If ( IsValid (Email_Parent3);"; ";""))); Case ( flag_P3_Mailings=1; If ( IsValid (Email_Parent3);Email_Parent3 & If ( IsValid (__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email);"; ";""))); Case ( IsValid (__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email);__ParentData_SuperParent::SuperParent_Email;"") ) Can someone help me clean this up please? Thanks so much! Jim
  10. Hi, After the weekend races and all the results are imported into FM, I mark (now by hand) the “Key Races”. I’ll find each horse who either won or finished 2nd. As in this screen shot of Cherry Summer you can see he won his last race on Oct 3. (1) Then I mark the preceding race. (now I’m using a ‘K’, but I intend to change it to a number — different problem). The point is to show which race produced winners. The screenshot shows I have put a 'K' in Cherry Summer's race on may 31 and changed the 4 to a 5. Then I find matching records for RaceID (31may15tok5) on the record I just tagged, and count the ‘K’s and enter the number in KRG. So before I updated this there were 4 'K's in the field KR and the field KRG showed 4s. It would be nice to have FM do this, but marking the previous race is my problem. It's not a terrible task now, but a while back I lost everything and it took me a month to get all the key races data back. I'd like to avoid that. Any suggestions? Thanks
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