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Found 16 results

  1. I'm using Stacked Column Chart. This output has to be printed in black and white. So it has to be easy to judge what color means what column. I thought it's possible to chose color for each column but I cannot find how. Is it possible to do so? If not, what color scheme pattern is the best for black and white only prints?
  2. Three tables in question are [CUSTOMERS], [uPDATE], [PRODUCTS] the relationship is many customers to many products with [uPDATE] being the join table. The only field in update is the primary key, the two foreign keys, and a date timestamp. In the [PRODUCTS] table i have a (GROUP) field. In the [CUSTOMERS] table let’s assume there are no fields that will matter in this except the customer ID When i look at the Customer Detail Layout, Which is related to the [CUSTOMERS] table i have Products related in the many to many direction as mentioned above in a portal. In this Customer Detail Layout, I want to show a graph chart that counts how many products the customer has based on the product (GROUP) Field. Using fruit as an example, let’s assume i have these products related to this customer from the [PRODUCTS] TABLE via the [uPDATE] join table. [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "APPLE" (GROUP FIELD): "GREEN" [PRODUCTS TABLE] (NAME FIELD): "GRAPE" (GROUP FIELD): "RED" What im trying to accomplish is a chart in the customers detail layout would show the following via graph. RED: 2 GREEN: 1
  3. Hi everyone! I am a bit overwhelmed by FileMaker and its capabilities, so I would greatly appreciate some help. Currently, I have a database of contacts throughout the entire United States, with separate groups. (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E). I would like to create some kind of "dashboard" or "layout" for FileMaker so that I can see how many members of each group we have in each City and in each State in the country, possibly like a pie chart that adapts to the data. Could someone please explain to me how to go about setting this kind of layout up, so that I may browse these breakdowns on the fly? Best Regards, Jonathan Ross
  4. Hi there I'm trying to put together a couple of A4 landscape layouts which would show a total of 4 line charts on each, therefore each chart needs to be the same size. The data being presented in each chart is percentage data which is pre-calculated, so it's easy to plot onto the chart, the problem is with the crazy spacing that FM assigns to the Y-axis.]# I initially created the chart with min and max values of 0 and 100 respectively, but when I resized the chart, it shows (useless) values on the scale such as 16%, 26%, 42% etc. Whatever size I choose, I want it to show 0,10,20,30 etc. Can FM manage this? Secondly, some data series lines look very flat when viewed on a 0-100 scale, so instead I can narrow the scale to say, 40-60 (which I know is where the majority of the data points for that series lay). Once again I'm faced with the same problem when the highest value on the chart is like, 58%. Instead, I'd like it to perhaps go 40,45, 50, 55, 60 or whatever suits. Can FM manage this? I'm aware the charting function is limited, but surely you must be able to manually set a scale? Thanks
  5. I am trying to chart data using the session model file from Tom Geist, the chart on the file is supposed to display Sales from the current month, with respect to the status of the sales. (Closed and Open). However, the chart is not actually displaying correctly. I am trying to implement the session model on my database, but this issue of the chart not displaying the accurate data is posing a problem. From the records in the file, the sales have more Open sales than Closed ones, also the current sales for the month of february has no closed sales. . Please can someone assist me .. thanks SessionModel.fmp12
  6. Hello all, I'm having a labeling problem creating a chart in my sub-summary part. I have several demographic counts that are already counted (summary field) and converted to percentages (calculation field using getsummary() function) for all my fields of interest. The sub-summary reports are produced when I sort by the field "Case Type". I am trying to create a pie chart in the sub-summary part that shows the distribution of each trait (e.g. male vs. female, race/ethnicity distribution) for records of each case type. However, I keep getting a chart with a different pie slice for each RECORD and not for each TRAIT. That is to say, if I have 500 records of a given case type, I will get a pie chart with 500 slices, each labeled male or female, all of equal size on the pie. Can someone help me figure out my labeling issue? I don't think I'm fully grasping just how the chart feature actually pulls data to create the graph. I think my label data is "Demographics::Sex", but what should my value data be? I'm lost. The fields available are: "Case type" (a label field) "COUNT Case Type" (a count of all cases that sorts by case type in the sub-summary report) "COUNT Male"/"PERCENT Male" (and same for female) If I'm not clear in this, it's because I'm new to FM and still learning the lingo. Just ask me what you need clarification on and I will do my best to rephrase the question. Thanks for your help!!!
  7. SkylineR37_

    services wanted Need help with a charting issue.

    Position Title: One hour of chart help. Description of Duties: I'll send you a very simple file (one table, a dozen fields) that I'll need you to build a chart in. Location: Remote. Deadline: Soon. Position: One hour of work only. Employment: Remote. Skills Required: FileMaker 13 Advanced Charts Compensation: $50 for one hour of work, via paypal. Contact Details: Confidential. Send me a private message here. Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
  8. Can the color within the chart behind the series [not the chart background] be changed for a positive negative bar chart?
  9. I would like to find out if there is anyway to change or make custom colors for a filemaker chart If, for example, I have 5 slices I wish I could use red, orange, yellow, green, blue and thats it. Is there any way to change this?
  10. I'm trying to make a simple chart to show the number of records (executesql count(*) )present with data in y for each record in x (which is a date). The problem is the chart only shows the count for the first record. How do I get the the calculation in the y-axis to be done for each record in the x-axis? Code: x-axis: ExecuteSQL ( "select distinct Event_Date from Log order by Event_Date asc" ; "" ; "") y-axis: ExecuteSQL("select count("An Event") from Log where Event_Date = ?"; "";"" ;Log::Event_Date) Using delimited data, data source Thanks for your help
  11. I have a project where I'd like to create chart layouts that have multiple series. I know I need to add items to the y-axis and write a calculation, but I can't figure out how to write the calculation. Here is the situation: I have a group of applicants to a program (all applicants) Within this, I can search for the accepted applicants (accepted) and the applicants who were denied (denied) There is other information about each applicant in all of their records, for example, the state they're from. I want a bar chart where the x-axis is count of people and y-axis is their state of residence. I can do this. The tricky part is adding more series to the chart. I want to end up with the count of all applicants by state, all accepted by state, and all denied by state, I just can't figure out how to write a calculation that will pull up only the accepted, and only the denied applicants. I've attached an example excel chart with what I'm looking for (where A, B, and C would be the states of the applicants in this example). Any help is much appreciated!
  12. Is there any reason that my chart will only display up to a certain number of records? I'm trying to plot GPS tracks and I have 21,000 records that represent 8 surveys. When plotting only found sets by survey, the chart still seems to only display up to a certain number of records. When I export the records into Excel and plot, all records get plotted without a problem. I'm using Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced on a Windows machine. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I have been given a project to create pie charts for a co-worker. We are in a K-8 school where she wants to chart her teacher observations and show her staff the data from the observations. So, for instance she wants to see how many 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s she is giving for each of her indicators of teacher effectiveness. Therefore, the table we have set up has a record for each teacher and then 24 different indicators. Ideally, we will end up with 24 different pie charts which will show the frequency of which my co-worker assigns each number from the rubric. Now, here's my problem. The pie charts not combining like numbers. For example, one indicator "Engages students in learning" has the following frequencies: score of 5: 0 teachers score of 4: 1 teacher score of 3: 2 teachers score of 2: 2 teachers score of 1: 0 teachers score of 0: 0 teachers I would expect the pie chart to have combined the frequency of scores so a score of 4 would be 20% of the pie, a score of 3 would be 40% and and a score of 2 would be 40%. I would then want it to adjust as more teachers get records. However, this is not what is happening. Instead I have a score of 4= 29%, 3=21%, 3= 21%, 2= 14%. 2=14%. I have done some searching on this forum and others and saw something about sorting, but the problem is that each indicator (field) has its own chart, so I do not think I could keep a sort in tact and not affect the other charts. My co-worker who is using this database has no tech background at all and this needs to be fully automated for her use. I am using Filemaker Pro 12 and am relatively new to this, especially charts. I will take any advice you may have to offer. I am having trouble attaching a copy of my DB to this. I don't know why. Thank you! Kim
  14. Hello all. I have a problem that may be a step backwards for most of you. Starting in Version 7, I was an active user and developed some almost sophisticated solutions. Over time, my needs for FM dropped and as a result, so has my expertise. My new role in my job requires some charting that would typically be done in Excel. However, I am doing most of the data entry and reporting in filemaker 9. I need to create bar charts and I need a quick way to accomplish this. My current idea, without upgrading to 11, is to create the summary date I need, export it as an excel file with the command to launch the application once the export is complete. From there I would manually select the data and create a chart. Question? Is there a more efficient way to do this in filemaker 9 for mac? I'm not able to purchase any additional software or plugins. Ideally, I'd like to script it so that it not only exports the data but launches excel, and creates the chart. The reason being is that others in my office, may have to perform this task, and they are less than literate in FM, or excel for that matter. Thank you for your assistance.
  15. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and essentially new to anything beyond using FileMaker in its most basic way. I work in a technical job and while I'm computer literate, I'm definitely not an expert. I have used File Maker Pro 7 for many years to keep track of annual equipment inspections. This was a very simple database that linked the inspected equipment to its owner and tracked any changes over time. It used a single page form that listed owner, contact information, type and evaluation criteria of the equipment for each year's inspection. I've recently upgraded to a new iMac running OS 10.8 and we also just acquired a digital testing machine to perform the equipment inspections. This machine operates on a platform that records data directly into Excel where charts of performance are generated for several different tests. These charts are replacing a previously analog view of performance where single values were entered manually into fields in each entry into the database. I would like to somehow create a File Maker Pro database that is compatible with our previous database but now includes all the performance charts from the new digital machine. I downloaded a trial version of File Maker Pro 12 to see if I can make this work, but quickly realized I was beyond my knowledge of the program and database management in general. Here are some more details of what I'm hoping to accomplish and some potential hang-ups: 1) We have several hundred individuals each with one or more pieces of equipment that must be inspected annually. I would like the database to remain similar with essential fields containing all the "meta-data" such as customer name, contact info, equipment type, and serial number so that the database may be searchable for any of these fields. 2) Next I would like to somehow link or view the performance criteria of the inspection in each entry. These new performance criteria are in the form of Excel scatter plots and/or raw data from the machine in Excel. Each test generates about 1000 data points in 4 different columns so its a fair amount of data. I know how to save each chart as a picture and import pictures into each entry in the database, however there are many charts for each inspection and this will be extremely time consuming in the long run. It seems like there must be a way to import these automatically, or even import the raw data and generate the charts in File Maker automatically. I also learned about the recurring import feature, but it doesn't appear this will work for me since a new Excel file must be generated for each inspection. The machine performs several tests, each of which is generated in a separate worksheet within a specific Excel file for that individual's piece of equipment for that year. I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me if this is even possible and if so, how to proceed. I've reached out to some database manager friends of mine, but would really appreciate any helpful suggestions or ideas. -Thanks
  16. I'm trying to create a Pie chart that shows how many "Yes" and how many "No" responses I have in my data. The value of Yes or No is in ONE field across 72 records When I make the chart I get 72 slices (there are 72 records). I appears that I need to summarize the data to have two totals: Yes's and No's. I tried to make a Summary field to do this but how do I express 2 different values? I wrote a script that totals the Yes and the No values into two global variable but I can't assign two values to the Pie chart. I'm missing something easy here....Help ! Jason
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