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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to chart and analyze sale data. In particular, "Most popular product(from a specific product category) this quarter/month/year/etc" and things of that nature. In this database there are several tables: I will try to explain how they are linked Sales Order -Sales Order Line Item --Product Product Category -Product --Sales Order Line Item For example, I want to see the most popular product during a certain fiscal quarter do do so, I need to filter the line items by the following criteria and then have a calculation of the sum of found line items grouped by product * order quantity: Based on the tables this criteria needs to be met: SalesOrder::OrderStatus /= "Open" (not equal) (i.e. closed/completed orders) SalesOrder::Year=CurrentYear SalesOrder::Quarter = Fiscal Quarter(or can be month or can be omitted entirely) Product::Category="my category"(whatever) I've tried many solutions and getting somewhat close, but I get stuck with Un-Index-able match fields(keys) dues to calculations from related tables or circular references. Any tips would be great. Lastly, I think I can accomplish the same thing with a script and perform multiple searches against the LineItems based on related tables, but wanted to know if there is a more direct way via the relationship graph. I'm happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks in advance.
  2. We made a heat map in FileMaker! Learn how to use vector-based SVG button icons for some very flexible custom charting. Includes a video, sample demo file and SVGs for all 50 states. Heat Maps in FileMaker David Happersberger DB Services Business Development dhappersberger@dbservices.com
  3. SkylineR37_

    services wanted Need help with a charting issue.

    Position Title: One hour of chart help. Description of Duties: I'll send you a very simple file (one table, a dozen fields) that I'll need you to build a chart in. Location: Remote. Deadline: Soon. Position: One hour of work only. Employment: Remote. Skills Required: FileMaker 13 Advanced Charts Compensation: $50 for one hour of work, via paypal. Contact Details: Confidential. Send me a private message here. Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
  4. I'm trying to make a simple chart to show the number of records (executesql count(*) )present with data in y for each record in x (which is a date). The problem is the chart only shows the count for the first record. How do I get the the calculation in the y-axis to be done for each record in the x-axis? Code: x-axis: ExecuteSQL ( "select distinct Event_Date from Log order by Event_Date asc" ; "" ; "") y-axis: ExecuteSQL("select count("An Event") from Log where Event_Date = ?"; "";"" ;Log::Event_Date) Using delimited data, data source Thanks for your help
  5. I have a layout that displays a chart of the current found set, the user can choose to copy the chart or export the data to excel for more advanced charting options. It's a simple line chart, temperatures by date taken from two fields. The first data point the symbol is cut off and the last data point is cut off. Seems like it should be simple..... I must be missing something. Below is an example.
  6. Hello, I'm new in the forum. Sorry for my english... i'm Spanish. I'm creating a DB to manage the energy of my customers. They give me the invoice of the electric company and i put the values in my filemaker database. I have a table with: ID_Customer, Date of invoice and Energy. In the other hand i have a layout called 'clients'. In this layout i have all the information of the client. I want to graph the energy consumed by the client in the last 12 invoices sorted by date. X-axis: date of invoice, Y-axis: energy Thanks in advance.
  7. I currently have an excel spreadsheet that displays customer ranking per month and each sheet displays per fiscal year. (For Fiscal Year 2012) _Jan'11_____ Feb'11____March'11_______Average'11____________ Joe`````|```5````````````````3`````````````1```````````````````````3 Jon`````|```4````````````````2`````````````5```````````````````````3.67 Juan```|```3````````````````3``````````````2```````````````````````2.67 In filemaker I have a customer table and a ratings table. So one customer can have many ratings each record being a month. When displaying this as a list, It displays the customer then in a tiered effect it does the ratings. With the effect as shown below. Is there anyway to display it as above rather than as below? I would like it to be like an excel sheet. _Jan'11____Feb'11____March'11_______Average'11____________ Joe````|``5```````````````````````````````````````````````````````5 ````````|````````````````````3`````````````````````````````````````3 ````````|````````````````````````````````````1`````````````````````1 Jon```|```4``````````````````````````````````````````````````````4 ````````|````````````````````2`````````````````````````````````````2 ````````|````````````````````````````````````5`````````````````````5 One way I was thinking is to have another table to take each months ranking record (Which contains only the ranking for one month) and have it be a fiscal year record (so the record would contain each months record for the entire fiscal year) so it displays it per year rather than per month. Is ther any other way to display it without having an additional table?
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