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Found 19 results

  1. Total newbie questions about a simple PHP search using addFindCriterion to match checkbox value. I have 3 checkboxes in a field called "myChoices_field" containing the following choices - where "airport" is selected. [ ] air [x] airport [ ] air vent So that means that "myChoices_fld" contains only the value "airport". If I do a search via PHP looking for a record that matches only the choice "air" - this is what I would use: $findCommand->addFindCriterion('myChoices_field', "air"); I should expect it NOT to match anything since "air" does not equal to "airport". However - I'm getting back the record that matches "airport". Clearly - it's just doing a substring match. How can I search a checked value that actually just searches the whole checked value - not do a substring search? I'm I completely missing where to find this in the documentation? Pointing me to the documentation would help greatly. Thanks!
  2. I have an FM solution where the checkbox is minimized to its width and in webdirect it still shows the "1". FM: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/1B2z1J353L1O Webdirect: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/421H1Q2i171g Then I went down in font size and at 18 it actually works, with a width of 20. Just wanted to let you guys know. The other thing is a button on a portal row. It fits perfectly well in FM and works. In webdirect I had to put it in the front and remove the fill color.
  3. I’m on Windows 7 w/ FMP Pro 13. My issue: the text in my checkbox fields is randomly being truncated whenever I print (directly to a printer or to PDF). See attached image; highlights are areas where text is cut off. There does not appear to be a pattern. I had temporarily solved the problem when I turned all checkbox text from Arial to Tahoma, but the problem came back (even though all checkbox text is still Tahoma). Thoughts?
  4. Hi, I've assembled a database of soldiers who died during WW1 (it was begun using Appleworks on a IIe, just to give an idea of exactly how long it's been in construction). For using the database with Filemaker Go on iPad / iPhone, I want to simplify some of the Find requests to allow only the use of checkboxes and buttons. This would be useful when 'in the field' at the actual battlefield and in the associated cemeteries, for on the spot information regarding the soldiers, as well as for details of the military actions, etc. that occurred there. I want to place a Field in checkbox format - for examle 'Force' (indicates the country of origin) inside a Popover, and have the User able to select one or more options by tapping on the appropriate checkbox/es, then carry out the search. I've spent the day looking around for solutions, and feel I'm just not getting it. I haven't had a lot of experience with scripting, but realise that's at least partly where the answer is. What I'd really appreciate would be a step-by-step explanation of how this sort of thing is usually done, as I don't believe I'm the only person ever to have tried it. Thanks for any assistance. Regards, Bryn
  5. Hi, I made a simple FM file for my webshop. Each sale is a record. Each records has 5 checkboxes representing the 5 products i sell. The values from the checkboxes come from a value list and are product names. I'd like to have a running sale count of each product over all sales i did. How can i do that? Thank you for your help.
  6. I'm a dentist. I'm trying to generate written treatment plans for patients to have as a treatment estimate and for our records. People have 32 teeth, therefore I have setup a field (ToothNumber), displayed as a checkbox set utilizing a value list = 1 through 32. When I click my CROWN script button, it opens a selection window wherein I choose the tooth number from said field (1-32), the material the crown is to be made of (porcelain, gold, zirconia, etc.), whether I want to use lab-processed temporary crowns, and so forth. If I have only one tooth number checked and run through my nested IF statements, which looks up the official description for the type of crown, the ADA code, the fee, the time required, etc., it all works fine. If I have more than one tooth number selected in the checkbox set, it only returns one line for the first tooth checked. The IF statement looks something like: If TOOTH NUMBER = 2 and CROWN MATERIAL = porcelain and LAB TEMP CROWN = "Yes" then it adds a line on the treatment items table which looks up appropriate description, ADA code and fee, so the patient has a copy and so do we. And we're both on the same page regarding what they want to accomplish. Am I using the wrong method for displaying and relating my selections? If so, what's the best way to accomplish this. Also, I want to avoid repeating the same sequence for each tooth number, i.e., I'd rather LOOP to advance through tooth 1 through 32. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, I want to create a Dropdown List of numeric options to select a range of records. For example, the Dropdown list would contain: 5 10 20 50 100 ------- edit... Each option would select the next 5;10;20;50 or 100 records to the right. A Checkbox would be populated (with an X) in the selected number of contiguous records; Then, a Find Selected Checkboxes would return the selected records. The contiguous selection should be independent of whatever the current state of Found (Sorted/Unsorted) is. Any help will be gratefully acknowledged. Best, Daniel
  8. Hello FM Gurus, good morning. Currently, I'm making a solution it's called "Enrollment and Grading System" of a certain school here in our place. I'm having a problem here with this Checkbox. (Image Below) As you can see in the image, I checked all the boxes on the checkbox list but unfortunately it will display only the letter "M". I want the output should look like this "MTWThF". I really need your help guys. Does anyone here can help with this? Thanks and God bless!
  9. Dear FileMakers, I'm trying to get a checkbox menu to work. Please see the example. There are 10 trains. When I select train 5, the find brings up train 5's data. Then, when I also select train 6, it finds train 56's data. There is no train 56 - I'm trying to bring up results for train 5 OR train 6. Seems it should be very simple, but it's had me going around in circles. If someone could the attached to work, and provide a explanation of how you did it I'd be so grateful! Ben CheckBox.zip
  10. Hi all, This problem was addressed before by other users on this forum but the solutions where not successfull or at least they would not work in my case so i will try to be very clear about it In my database is a field called "Tagging" This is a check box field that could have more values such as: Recurrent 2013 Recurrent 2014 Misc 2014 TRTO TRTO-Performance ... and so on. I set a variable $tagname with a value form one table and the find is performed in another table. FIRST ISSUE - When I do a search in a script for $tagname ( value TRTO-Performance ) it is working as expected. However when I perform this find for TRTO it also finds TRTO-Performance and that is not ok. SECOND ISSUE - When i searc for "Recurrent 2014" it will also give me the records where Recurrent 2013 AND Misc 2014 are checked. In the find dialog I can set the criteria to ==$tagname (or "=="&$tagname) but that DOES NOT WORK BECAUSE FM is searching for the exact value "$tagname" in the field containing some other values (checkbox set). Is there a way to search for the exact frase within multiple frases and still use the variable for this search. Thanx for your help.
  11. Hi everyone. I have a field called documents rendered as checkboxes (values are taken from a value list). Now I need to perform some calculation (basically to set the value of an other field) according to the checked values (number and values themselves). Which function should I use to get the list of checked values? For instance in the situation below: [ ] Book [ ] Magazine [ X ] Journal [ X ] Diary [ ] Paper I wish to get 2 and to get Journal and Diary. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I recently “inherited” a FileMaker database at work, which I finally got mostly running despite being completely new to database building. There is just one part I simply can’t get to work. There are several records which use a checkbox. On a different layout, I linked this checkbox to a portal, so that it shows which records correspond to the checked boxes. This works just fine, except that it only uses the logical OR function, and I want it to show the logical AND function. So for instance, if my checkbox has Fish, Meat and Vegetables as options, and I click Meat and Vegetables, I want the portal to show only the names of people who clicked BOTH Meat and Vegetables, rather than just everyone who clicked Meat OR Vegetables. It sounds like this should be simple, but I haven’t been able to find the solution to this. Is there an easy way to get the portal to show the logical AND results of the checked boxes? I’m very, very new to Filemaker and not not good at all with at scripting, so please bear with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is essentially the final piece of the puzzle. I'm using FileMaker Pro 14. Kind regards, John
  13. I've not used FM Pro in some time and need help. Just upgraded to FM12. I have a check box list that user chooses to select which vendors will receive request for bid on new jobs entered. What I want is a way to grab names from chosen check boxes and find corresponding email from a separate vendor list and then send a separate email to each vendor (I know how to set up email). Unclear how I can accomplish this with check box. In the past I've used buttons for each vendor (yes, long list and lots of work to set up) that triggers scripts. However, the check box list would make it much easier. Appreciate any help that can be provided, and remember I'm a novice so please break it down.... Thanks.
  14. Hi! I have a client database with two tables: Client, Contacts. Each client can have many contacts attributed to it but each client can have only 1 'Key Contact' which I would like to show in a list format based upon the Client table. What I have tried to create is a simple check box on the new contact layout to highlight which contact is the key contact and then be able to show that key contact field on the client list layout. As a newbie I can't determine if this requires a search, a validation to ensure no two related contacts have the 'key contact' field checked, or something along the lines of a if calculation. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Using FMPA13, I went to format a checkbox field this morning and it seems there is no longer a way to change the color of just the actual checkboxes or, if there is, I am missing something here. Under FMPA11, it was simple: select a color for the line, regardless of setting the Borders to off or on. In this case, Borders were turned off. Anyone else experience this or am I missing something obvious?
  16. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but how does one export a field which can have multiple values? For example: in my library database I have a checkbox field where the user can check more than one genre: [] Mystery [] Thriller [] Romance [] Paranormal Etc. A book can be a Romance and a Mystery. But when I export the field, I get something like this: MysteryRomance Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, SB
  17. By default (inactive) my checkbox are grey. When clicking on a checkbox the block is filled in green with a black coloured X demonstrating a selection has been made. I would like to replace the X by something else. For example, having the block in grey for inactive and everything in green (no black) X would be just perfect. I have been using the inspector with many combination and have not been successful. Could someone guide me in where to look to fix this issue I am having? Thanks! Daniel Checkbox - selection.tiff
  18. I have a checkbox field called 'Age' that contains the following possibilities of target age group for which my games are intended for; 2 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 9 10 -15 Some games can be played by both toddlers & older children, so I have ticked two, three or all of the checkboxes. When clients search the games database, They view the game description and under age they see a field called 'Age inclusive' which is a formula grabbing the left word &"-"& the right word of the 'Age' field, which works nicely when I have ticked one box or ticked several in order from lowest to highest. HOWEVER, if I tick '7 - 9' and then '2 - 4', the calculation result is '7 - 4', because filemaker stores multiple entries selected in checkboxes in order they were selected. How in the world can I make sure than no matter in what order the checkboxes are selected, they are sorted lowest to highest providing the 'Age inclusive' formula the correct result every time. Or maybe there is a more elegant solution to this seemingly simple problem, Thank you so much for your time and help
  19. Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma that I've tried a number of solutions to sort out, to no avail. I have a portal that lists the participants in a class. In each row is a checkbox that can be used to indicate whether that participant has withdrawn from the class. I've used a summary field to count the number of checked boxes and have a field that subtracts that number from the total of records in the portal - easy peasy. Where it gets tricky is that, one of the fields relates to the number of children associated with a participant (a mum may have 3 kids in the class if it's one of the playgroups). Now I need to know how many kiddies there are in the class. I have a field that totals the number of children in total and that works fine, but... ... and here's my problem - where a parent has withdrawn (and the box is checked), I need to subtract the number of children associated with that parent from the total number of children). The checkbox is a value list with a single value, 1. All the solutions I've tried so far are fine unless it pertains to portal rows - and I can't figure it out for the life of me. Can anyone help me out?
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