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Found 5 results

  1. Ah, okay that makes sense! Thanks so much for all your advice. Okay, my next issue is as follows.... So I have a layout for 'Tracking Sessions' which contains details of each time someone went out to find a particular individual/group of cheetahs. Within this layout, I have a Tab that contains different portals to different tables of information that could be (but not always) collected during a specific tracking session (e.g. kills found, supplemental feeding, and 'Tracking Notes'). Now, because of the Join table how can I set these portals up to allow for record creation in these child tables while also creating the necessary records for the join tables? I've included a screenshot of the layout. Everything under 'Kill Details' is contained within a single portal row, as there is usually only a single kill during a single tracking session (though I guess in theory there could be more than one at some point in the future). From my experience and what I've read, you can't place a portal within a portal so how do I solve this issue while maintaining the current format (or if there is a better way of doing this, I'm all ears!) I've also included an updated screenshot of my relationship table, so you can see where tracking sessions lies in relation to kills and cheetahs.
  2. I am not an experienced user so I may be way off track with this but any help appreciated.  I am building a database to manage Dog Breeding data and I have hit a problem that I am struggling to resolve.  The Database has a “Dogs_Details” table that holds the relevant details specific to each animal (appox. 4000 records spanning 150 years, many historic records are incomplete but that is not a problem). There are various tables linked to the “Dogs_Details” table that hold other relevant data about health, parentage, (i.e Pedigree), registrations, identification etc. The “Dogs_Details” table has a join table with the “Owner_Details” table so Owners and Dogs are linked.  So far so good - it all works.  I am now working on the breeding part of the database so there is a “Season” table to record Bitches receptive periods, a “Mating” table that records matings, a “Whelping” table that records details of the birthing of each litter of pups, a “Litter” table that records the progress of each litter of pups and a “Whelps” table with a record for each puppy's individual progress in the Litter.  Everything seems to work fine although I am sure my relationships are untidy to the expert eye.  However. Once the puppies have reached a point of maturity where they may be homed they need to be added to the “Dogs_Details” table as Dogs because they have become dogs in their own right, so how do I link the whelp to its adult record?  To be precise the part I am struggling with is; How do I get the Whelps (puppies) recorded in the “Whelps” table to become or link to their adult “Dog” record in the “Dogs_Details” table.  I have tried adding a field with the UIN (Unique Identifying Number) of the Whelp to the Dog's record in the "Dogs_Details” table as a FK and I have also  tried a join table with the Dog's Unique Identifying Number and the Whelps Unique Identifying Number linked but whatever I do I finish up with a circular reference that isn’t permitted.  I am at a loss.  The analogy might be with other animals such as (Human’s) where individuals produce offspring who might go on to produce offspring themselves - how is that handled in say a medical database.  It is not practical to add all neonates to the "Dog's Details" table because not all may survive infancy and that would lead to numerous pointless records but I do want to track the progress of say a runty puppy through to adulthood and track such things as longevity and health.  I don’t have a background in Dbs and although the database is now doing most of what I need I can’t fathom out how to resolve this conundrum.  Is it even possible? or do I have to just work around it?  I have attached an image of a relevant section of the ERD in the hope it explains things a little better.  TIA
  3. I'm working on a database to store/organise data pertaining to Radio/GPS collared cheetahs (e.g. movements, kills they've made, etc.). Within the database, my main table is 'Released Cheetahs' which contains all the information about an individual cheetah and their local ID number, which is called 'AJU#'. AJU# is the field relating 'Released Cheetahs' to the other main tables within the database (Fix Data, Kills, Tracking Sessions, Parturitions, Releases, Captures, etc.). Some of these cheetahs (and thus the records within 'Released Cheetahs') are in groups of a few individuals, which is delineated by 'Group Name'. My problem is that when I make a entry into one of the other tables, let's say 'Kills' (which contains info about the prey they have successfully hunted), with my current design I would need to duplicate this record for every cheetah within the group, but I would rather be able to just list all of the cheetahs (i.e. AJU#s) within a single field of the 'Kills' table so that there is only one entry per kill. So, my question: What would be the best way of tying each kill record (single 'child' record) back to each of the cheetahs (multiple 'parent' records) it pertains to? I know I could just look at this from cheetah group rather than individual, but even though there is a group each kill record does not always pertain to each cheetah within a given group. I have tried playing around with repeating fields (e.g. using a repeating AJU# field within the Kills table) but I can't quite seem to get this to work as hoped. Any advice is most welcome! I've attached an image of my relationship graph in case that helps.
  4. I'm beginning a design where I want to provide flexibility when it comes to a person's name. Most names have first, middle, and last but others have other types of names including title, alternate, nickname, and others. I want to store each individual name component in a simple child table with an index UUID field referencing the parent record, name label, and value. I would use a portal to allow the entry of various types of name types. I would like to store the results of the name entries in the child table in different formats in the parent record. One with first, middle, last and another with last, first, middle. There may be others as well. What's the approach I should take to make this work? I'm assuming a script using triggers to do the field creation in the parent record. I've looked around for an example but have not been successful. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.
  5. Hello guys! I wish to everyone a happy new year. I am new to FM. I'm trying to create a Diary. I have the following tables: Diary --< StudyLog >-- StudyPart >-- StudyContent In my diary Layout, I have a portal. Through this portal I want to: Create new records to StudyLog, StudyPart, StudyContent IF there are existing records to StudyPart or StudyContent I want to keep those the same! Example: I create Day: "1/1/17". Through the Day's portal, I create StudyLog: "Log #: 1, Time: 9:00, Duration: 1hr" StudyPart: "StudyPart: Chapter 1, Chapter Title: Coulomb's Law" StudyContent: "Title: Quantum Physics, Author: ..., Type: Book" In the same Day, through the portal I want to create: New StudyLog Same StudyPart Same StudyContent When I write the StudyPart and it exists, I want it to auto complete. Same for the StudyContent. I tried to make it as simple and compact as possible. If you need pictures or anything else, please tell me. I would appreciate it if anyone could help. Thank you so much! Again, happy new year!
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