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Found 4 results

  1. This is probably one of those questions which separates me from people that make money as developers and those that don't (that would be me). I have a simple script that compares two variables. The variables are populated with text (Peoples Names). Basically, if the the two variables are TRUE (the variables are equal) I want to stop the script. Despite the two variables being equal - the IF continues. I have noted when I use the same numbers to populate the variables - the script works as expected. Please tell me Filemaker is smart enough to evaluate text in variables. Below is the my script and attached is a screenshot of my debugging efforts. As always - thank you to the people here which share your wisdom - a big reason I love Filemaker so much. Jim IWP: IWP: Bunk Choice Select #This script allows WebD users to select bunkmates for the coming summer. #List All Chosen Names Set Variable [ $BR_List; Value:List ( BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 1;BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 2;BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 3;BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 4 ) ] Set Variable [ $BunkRequest; Value:Agegroup_Names_List::Name_Full ] Set Variable [ $BR_Check; Value:FilterValues ( $BR_List ; $BunkRequest ) ] #IF check to see if the names has already been selected If [ $BunkRequest = $BR_Check ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "No Duplicates"; Message: "You have already chosen this person. Please give us FOUR differnt names! Thanks!"; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes” ] Exit Script [ ] End If If [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 1 = "" ] Set Field [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 1; $BunkRequest ] Else If [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 2 = "" ] Set Field [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 2; $BunkRequest ] Else If [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 3 = "" ] Set Field [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 3; $BunkRequest ] Else If [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 4 = "" ] Set Field [ BRE__BUNKSREQUEST_tog::Bunk Request Choice 4; $BunkRequest ] End If Commit Records/Requests [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]
  2. Hi all, I'm stuck, I hope you can help me. On the internet I came across a great tool called ; Dynamic Portals in Filemaker Pro (
  3. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible via calculation to compare a single field with all options in a value list? I am using this as a portal filter. I have several portals on a layout, all from the same table that use different value lists for selection. I only want to display the active records in each portal from their respective value list that was used. I am trying to use this function, but it doesnt work. Each Portal Record will be visible when: Scope::FieldName = ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName); "ValueListName") Is there a different way I can compare this field to all the entries under the value list and see if it matches any of them? Thanks!
  4. I need to compare then return a result in a auto-enter number field (avoiding a calc field). Ideally this is built into a field and not scripted unless overly problematic. Contacts table > Role field (text) is a multi-word job description. Titles table > Title field (text) stores key word(s, sometimes more than 1 word ie: 'Tech Support'). Titles table > Rank field (number) stores a number value. Ultimately I need to rank a contact based on the job description against the key pairs in the Titles table. If the Title key word(s), an exact match of all words in the key, are matched in the job description it would return a rank number. There can be multiple match. All matches will be added together to return a total Role Rank. The solution currently has 100,000 Employees and 50 Title rank entries. Using FileMaker 16, so all current options are available. Pure FileMaker, JSON, SQL, whatever is needed. Thanks ... Ronnie ps - sorry for the double post from Community. I should have posted this here first.
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