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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Is it possible to change a fields background colour depending on the data entered. I have a field that will display text which is 1 of 2 variables ether "Final" or "Concept" selected via a drop down value list, If "Final" is selected I would like the field background to be Green if Concept is selected i would it to be Red. Is this archivable at the moment in Filemaker? many thanks
  2. Digging into conditional formatting. Can buttons/fields be "flickered" the same way they can be assigned an alternative color, if certain conditions are or are not met? I don't think FM Pro Adv 12 has this built in. I'm thinking this may be some sort of loop, customized to "pulse" or "flicker" (animate?) the background color (lighter-darker-lighter...) until it's pressed. Am I off base with "loop"? Do we have another method to "flicker" a screen element? Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am having an issue with conditional formatting on a portal. Currently, I am attempting to have portal text change color when a record exists on a specific date in a related table. My problem is that it is only working for one portal row and not for the others. I have observed that it is only changing the portal row that is the "first" record created in the related table. As soon as I delete this record, the formatting is "bumped" to the next record that was created. Any ideas how I could have the entire portal format correctly? Thank you!
  4. Summer is over and our weekly FileMaker webinars are back! Our first one is this Thursday at 11am PDT, on “Relationships for Beginners”. Register Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6892433068111504642 We will spend 30 minutes covering a specific topic. Then the last 30 minutes will be an open Q&A on any topic. Topic List: Sept 13th: Relationships for Beginners Sept 20th: Find Records, Date Ranges, and Special Operators Sept 27th: Conditional Formatting (Can I making something Red?) Oct 4th: Automation (Repetitive Tasks can become Scripts) Oct 11th: Reporting & SubSummaries Oct 18th: Merge Fields and Hiding Objects (Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak) Oct 25th: Sharing your FileMaker App with Co-Workers Nov 1st: Basic Concepts for Building Mobile Apps All the best, Richard Carlton CEO & Video Trainer
  5. Lets say: T1: customers T2: invoices In the customers layout I have a portal in a popover showing their respcetive invoices (ones paid, others unpaid). What I want to accomplish is (using conditional format for example), to show a tag about the state of the invoices, but only works for the state of the first row. Is it posible to do it for all the rows? I mean, someting like: all paid, none paid, or SOME paid (if there are a few paid but other few not). Thanks for your help. I attach a sample file to show what I'm trying to explain. DB.zip
  6. Sorry if I am not posting this question in the right place- i can't figure out where to post what. Anyways... I have 4 tabs and each tab holds a container field to hold PDFs. what i WANT to happen is if the container has a PDF, for the tab to be a different color. So i can tell which of the 4 tabs have a PDF without clicking through them. I am assuming i can do this with conditional formatting (if COA does not equal blank, make fill color green) - but i can't seem to get it to work. Thoughts? I tried using the VerifyContainer calculation but that did not work either. Thanks ahead of time! ...and Im psuedo beginner, so simple language please.
  7. Using the Starter Solution in FMPRO 12 called "Contacts" I have conditionally formatted the Work Address & Home Address Tabs (in the "Contact Details" layout) to color the tab label's text green IF there is anything in the "Work Address 1" field or the "Home Address 1" field. Since you can only see EITHER the Work Address OR the Home Address at one time (in that layout) this color change let's me know if the currently unselected tab has any data or not. If both are empty, they remain white; if one or the other has info, that tab ("Work Address" or "Home Address") is green; if both have info, they are both green. Question: Can I use this conditional formatting (the green "state") to do the following. When I go from the "Contacts" layout and try to use the "Labels" button, the default setup for that layout appears to be configured only for the Work Address fields. As a result, if a contact only has Home Address info, this gives me EMPTY LABELS with only the contact name. What I would like to have the "Labels" layout do (of course) is print ANYTHING THAT HAS ADDRESS INFO, whether it's work or home…or both! (i.e. Green) Does anyone know if this is doable and how to do it? TYVMIA,
  8. I'd like to know if there is a way to generate a window identifier. My goal is to be able to open two identical windows and then have conditional formatting or calculated fields appear differently to the two windows according to selections made by the user. If I use conditional formatting based on global fields then they will be set across both Windows. Addendum: OK. I did find this post, which talks about using a custom window title, which I've considered. That's a little messy.
  9. I sometimes use a trick in Conditional Formatting to give fast hints in form views.. i'll place a merge field (name of field, or helpful hint) BEHIND the actual form, then will format the field to have a clear/no backcground, using a calculation of "IsEmpty(Table::FieldName) - to trigger it.. So if the field is empty, the hint is visible, but if there is any value in it, the hint disappears. See screenshot below.. The problem is that this falls apart in List View.. active fields work.. inactive don't.. what ca I do?
  10. In part one, we built a basic navigation bar made from repeating fields. In this followup article we take the formatting of the navigation bar further by introducing highlights. We also adjust the construction of the navigation, and introduce a custom menu implementation that can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the navigation bar. Read the Full Article Here…
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