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Found 10 results

  1. I've got a table "Products" that has a field called "Colors". (This is a t-shirt business so I've got hundreds of products and hundreds of colors) The field "Colors" is set to create a value list based on all the colors entered for all products. So in short 1 product could have multiple colors (i.e. T-shirt comes in blue, green, purple, yellow.) In my "Orders" table when I select T-shirt I want only [blue, green, purple, yellow] to show up in my "Colors" field. However, every way I try to set this up, I'm getting every single color in the drop down list to show up. I've seen some conditional value list posts around here and have a few examples, but I don't really see how they would apply to this situation. Any help please!!! Thanks.
  2. My boss asked me to make conditional list fields for a portal, that when I choose a value in a field, I can choose its own options in the other field. For example: There are too many products, with diferent suppliers. What I want is to can choose a supplier in the "supplier" field in a portal row, to then choose in the "product" field all the products that sells the specific supplier. I still don't have acces to the DB to view the tables.
  3. I've set up a database for my organization that can take our total client file (about 20,000 records), drill it down using finds to a targeted list, and export that to a spreadsheet. Easy enough. I would like to have the value lists of several fields dynamically update in find mode. For example, if I had the following geographic fields: State County Town Zip Region (we've already defined this) If I select state and region in find mode, I'd like for the drop down lists for counties, towns and zips to only include those values that are in the correct state and region. Basically, I want the current value lists for any of these geographic fields to reflect the most up to date constraints based off of the selected queries in find mode. All of the information is in one table, and I don't see any easy way to split it into several tables. Can someone help me out on how to do this using a self-join relationship? I haven't been able to get conditional value lists to work at all, even on the most basic level, so a step by step guide with specific instructions would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I have two tables: Client and Contacts. The client table has a Portal that contains a list of Contacts (Emloyees, Contactors, Consultants) What I am attemping to do is one of two things: 1. Create a Value List from the Portal so I can choose one of the Contacts who is the Key Contact for that Client, or 2. Create a Conditional Value List that will list the Contacts related to that Client. For information I have a pop-up menu on my Contacts layout where you choose which client that Contact is related to. I have tried several things, I believe I must be messing upthe relationships. Any ideas?
  5. Ok probably like a lot of folks that post here, I'm a beginner... I am having some issues exporting to xlsx files in relation to my value lists. Basically, I have foreign keys going in to text-fields, using the pop up menu for translation. However, when I go to run exports, the pop-up menus don't override the foreign keys. At this point I'm sort of at a loss, as I've come up with very little on the Google machine, in regards to this type of situation. I've tried every way I can think of to change my relationship set ups, but the dynamic nature of the value list is the only option that seems to fit my scenario. Is there some type of script, calculation field or text w/calculation that I could run that would take care of this? The folks at my work live and breathe Excel, so this is sort of a project requirement. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ted
  6. I know this has been solved before. Can someone please direct me to the appropriate thread? I'm having trouble differentiating between what look like lots of similar but not quite identical requests. Here's the gist of the problem: We collect many different types of documents for each of our patients. Each patient is a record in the main table. I also have a document type table with a linking table to store each record that a patient has a separate record (i.e. a line item). I want to create a value list that will serve to provide users with choices of documents to cite when entering data into the system to make sure we know where it came from. And I want to make sure they can only select from documents that we have actually collected for that patient. So I'm thinking I want to make a conditional value list for each patient that only displays the documents that already exist as a line item (i.e. document types that are linked to that patient's unique ID in the document linker table). Does this make sense? Any ideas?
  7. I have a table of personnel which includes a "department" field. There's a related table, with a layout that has several dropdowns that all have the last and first names of personnel as the data to display. Each field on the layout corresponds to only one or two applicable departments due to the nature of the form and it's purpose. For that particular field on the layout, only names from a certain department would ever be selected. Having ALL personnel show up just clutters things and makes the dropdown list huge. I was working on a conditional value list but I'm not getting anywhere so I'd like to take a step back and get everyone's input on what is the best method to achieve this filtered dropdown list result. I don't want the user to have to enter the filter criteria. I want one dropdown that only shows personnel from department A in the field where that is the only applicable department; then another dropdown that only shows personnel from departments B and C (some will have two, but still filtered), and so on. Possible Ideas a saved find of the personnel table (one find for each department). Somehow make the name field of the found set be the source of the dropdown Conditional value list: I'm at a dead end on this method. see thread: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/80277-filtering-contents-of-dropdown-menu-using-values-from-another-field/page__fromsearch__1 separate TO of the personnel table for each department or several child tables of the personnel table that only contain the personnel in one department (I know, seems messy) Any other suggestions are welcome! I really like the idea of the saved find results being the source of the dropdown but I've brought it up a few times in another thread and couldn't get any advice on implementing it.
  8. Hello, I am trying to create a daily sales call log, for that I have used Portal for which I am using "company" table in which I have "contact 1" to "contact 12" separate fields for each record (company) Now, on the portal, I was able to fetch contact names dynamically based on chosen company using conditional value list relationship and creating new text field with auto-enter calculation of List(contact1,....,contact12), but how can I fetch contact number for selected contact name for that company? I created a new field to auto-enter calculation of contact numbers like the same way but it seems like I am going in wrong direction It would be great if anyone can tell me as I am learning FM. Or is there any other way of doing the same? Here is my relationship diagram and layout:
  9. Hi, maybe someone can help me with this question. I have three tables set up: Instructor table Instructor PK field Name field Programs Taught table (join table) <----- for many-to-many relationship Instructor FK field (Instructor PK) Program FK field (Program PK) <----- pop-up menu Hire Date field Program table Program PK field Name field Record State field ("Active" or "Inactive") Layout and portal: I have a portal showing the related records from the Programs Taught table on a parent layout based on the Instructor table. The portal has a pop-up menu with a conditional value list to select an existing program from the Program table and set the Hire Date that the Instructor began to teach that program. Value List setup: The value list is set up with two fields under the settings, the first field is the Program PK and the second field is the Program Name. I've set it up to show only the value from the second field (Program Name) in the pop-up menu, since the IDs from the PK field can be hard to reference. The value list is also based on a relationship to only show the programs that have a value of "Active" in the Record State field. Issue: The list is dynamic and works fine, but the problem I'm facing comes when a previously existing record found in the portal contains a program on the pop-up menu field that has now become "Inactive". If a program that is now "Inactive" previously existed in a portal record, the pop-up menu ceases to show the actual Program Name for those records as it used to and instead now shows the Program PK serial number value. How can I keep the conditional value list, to still show me the Program records that are only "Active", but also maintain the older portal records unaffected by future changes and displaying the actual Program Name value at all times as opposed to the Program PK serial number whenever a change is made and that given program is no longer part of the "Active" dynamic value list? Many thanks for any help. Alex Conditional Value List - Active records.fmp12.zip
  10. I know this has already been answered on here, but the conditional value list threads I keep findings seem to be asking slightly different questions from what I am after. I have a field of interest [status] on a table called "Checklist" with many possible responses in its value list. I am ultimately trying to create a running list that shows the last names on each record where [status] is any value other than "Complete" (others include "Need to request", "In Progress", etc.") I decided to create a second field [status Incomplete] on the same table ("Checklist") with a single value (*Yes") so I can perform a much simpler find for all records where [status Incomplete = "Yes"]. I am ultimately trying to create a globally stored conditional value list on a separate layout that creates a constantly updated conditional value list based on the response to [status Incomplete]. I am also trying to create a running count of how many values are on that list so I know how many records in the entire database are still incomplete. I realize that second part is not related to conditional value lists, but I fear I may run into trouble with the count function there using the little I know about it so far. I'm totally lost. Can somebody please help me??? AHH! *breathe*. Thanks!
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