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Found 16 results

  1. I am using FMP13 dark theme as default to design a layout with a tab control set, I insert a container field the last (deepest) tab. Alas! the image in the container is shown in every tab, as if it was on top of the tab control. What's wrong? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi all, We just bought the 360works E-mail plugin, and we're having some trouble getting attachments to work properly. The script which is sending e-mails is supposed to pull attachments from a container field (Emails::attach1). And it does...sort of. The e-mail sends successfully, and contains an attachment. Except that the attachment is a .jpeg of what the container field LOOKS like, not a copy of the file it contains. I've tried this with .txt files, .zip files, .doc files, etc. Every time, I just get a picture of what the container field looks like. When sending documents, I get an image of the first page of the document. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Below is the line in the script that is doing the attachment. Platform is Windows 7 x64, Filemaker 10.3 Pro, E-mail plugin v. 1.96. Set Variable $emailattach = EmailAttachFile( Emails::attach1 ) Any ideas? Thanks in advance. -RD
  3. Hi all My problem is in Filemaker Go I take a photo with iPad or iPhone in a container field. Now I want to insert a symbol in a point over the photo (over the container field). The symbol maybe a character or png transparent picture. This symbol have to a ID field inside database linked to data. I can have many symbols over container field. It's like a geographic map with symbols over the map at specific coordinates. I want to substitute the map with normal photo. I tested many solutions but nothing is good: the most near is to create a trasparent grid over the container field and any cell of grid is a clickable boolean field : 0 is transparent, 1 is red transparent and this field is linked to data. This solution is partial. Now Filemaker Go 13 has base64 encode/decode data and it is possible to insert a photo in container field and view it in a webviewer field. There is show/hidden object function. Is there a solution with interactive javascript in a webviewer to insert a base64 symbol and linked the object to data? Other methods?? Thanks in advance
  4. I am starting to create a new solution to catalog all of our companies Safety Data Sheets and would like to make the PDFs accessible through FMP14. At the moment I have created a container field that is Interactive and has temporary storage. If I choose "Insert PDF" FMP thinks about it for a moment then opens the pdf I have selected, if I close the pdf I can see that something is in the container but there is no content show. If I move to a record where this has been done the PDF automatically opens, albeit slowly, but I am unable to view the PDF contents without exporting it. If I insert the pdf as a file I see a file icon but am not able to read the file in any way except by exporting it. From reading about PDFs and container fields, it sounds like I should at least be able to see a thumbnail of the pdf but I am not able to read any of the PDFs content. Has anyone else been having that problem? A sample file is attached. Ideally the pdf would be viewable in the record or by clicking a single button and then could be saved to the user's computer for printing purposes. MSDS.fmp12
  5. Hi! I hope I'm posting this in the right place, and that it isn't TOO simple a question. I'm still a newbie, and am working on a pretty straightforward contact management database in FM Pro 11. Thanks in advance for your help! I need to attach files to quite a few contacts, so I've made a Files tab and added six container fields (and can add more as needed). My problem: I don't know how to add a tiny field next to the tab that shows how many files exist for that contact. I imagine that I'd need to create a function that checks to see which container fields have files, and adds them up. How do I do that? (Also, if there's a better way to attach files to a contact, do let me know. I'm just doing it this way because I thought it was the only way.)
  6. Hello all, I moved a folder and all of my container fields now show error messages because they map to the older folder location and not he new one. I found this amazingly inspiring solution online: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/549/kw/patterncount Unfortunately, when I get to the last part, the ImagePath field I created is grayed out, so I cannot equate it to File Name for the import. Does anyone have any ideas why that might be? The images are all PDF documents imported as Quicktime. I don't know if that matters, but I have a feeling it might. Anyone able to help? Thanks! B
  7. Hi all and thanks for looking, I've got a container field to which I drag & drop references to PDF files as a sort of library within the database solution. It is formatted as: -reduce or enlarge image to fit -maintain original proportions ON -Interactive content The referenced PDF files are stored on the same remote machine as the .fmp12 file. The problem is sporadic crashing of acrobat within the container field. Either when dropping a new PDF file into the container or when trying to view one in the container. Less frequently, the problem leads to a lock up and crash of the Filemaker software. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. This worked before >10.6 now it doesn't or it works sporatically. I have a script that grabs the metadata from a track in iTunes (including artwork) then creates a record in FM and sets specific field. It all works except for the container field I'm trying to set with the artwork. I get this error "error "FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: Object or property is the wrong type." number -10001 to item" With the code to set the container field omitted, the script works great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my script that is run within FileMaker so the on MakerRecord does not have a tell application "FileMaker Pro" step. property FM_NAME : "" property FM_ARTIST : "" property FM_COMPOSER : "" property FM_ALBUM : "" property FM_GENRE : "" property FM_LOCATION : "" property FM_TIME : "" property FM_TRACKTOTAL : "" property FM_PLAYLIST : "" property FM_LABEL:"" property FM_CATALOG:"" property FM_CATEGORY:"" property FM_NOTES:"" property FM_YEAR:"" property FM_LYRICS:"" property FM_BPM:"" property FM_ARTWORK:"" property newData:{} activate tell application "iTunes" set thePlaylist to front window's view set FM_TRACKTOTAL to count tracks of thePlaylist set FM_PLAYLIST to name of thePlaylist repeat with i from 1 to FM_TRACKTOTAL set FM_NAME to name of track i of thePlaylist set FM_ARTIST to artist of track i of thePlaylist set FM_COMPOSER to composer of track i of thePlaylist set FM_ALBUM to album of track i of thePlaylist set FM_GENRE to genre of track i of thePlaylist set FM_TIME to time of track i of thePlaylist set FM_YEAR to year of track i of thePlaylist set FM_NOTES to comment of track i of thePlaylist set FM_LOCATION to location of track i of thePlaylist as string set FM_LYRICS to lyrics of track i of thePlaylist set FM_BPM to bpm of track i of thePlaylist try set FM_ARTWORK to data of artwork 1 of track i of thePlaylist end try set newData to {FM_NAME , FM_ARTIST , FM_CATALOG , FM_TIME , FM_ALBUM, FM_LABEL , FM_YEAR , FM_COMPOSER , FM_GENRE , FM_LOCATION, FM_NOTES , FM_LYRICS , FM_BPM , FM_ARTWORK} my MakeRecord(newData) end repeat if (exists of playlist "PTB Temp") then delete playlist "PTB Temp" end if end tell on MakeRecord(theData) create new record in layout "Import" in window "Publisher's Toolbox Creative System" with data theData end MakeRecord
  9. I am running FM11 Single user on Mac OSx 10.6.4. Image database with 30,000 records, with jpeg images stored as reference in a folder within the same folder as the dbase. When i move the whole thing to another computer, the dbase loses the image files. there was never a problem with earlier versions of FM. anyone out there seen this? jhfwolf
  10. I am failing to sync container fields with MirrorSync FileMaker Server 12.6 Mac Ox 10.9.1 Mirror Sync2_0082 There is no error message when MirrorSync2 finishing the sync process with an iPad. "Sync Complete" Using the FileMaker Tasks sample, images entered on iPad do not show on networked file after syncing, same when images entered in the networked file do not who on the iPad. Container fields show: <Missing: photo001.jpg size450.300> FileName shows: remote: File Name I have tried several configurations of the container field settings. I tried (as per documentation) save a "self contained copy": even in this file are no images but <Missing: photo001.jpg size450.300> Does anybody has an idea what would work? Thanks Detlef
  11. We are looking for a filemaker iwp solution or example file that import files to a container field using a web browser. Supercontainer seems to work but it never does. No problem installing the plugin in FMServer. the problem is functions never work well on the web or we don't get there easly. This is very important to us. Thanks, Jose
  12. Hi I'm successfully using JS/PHP to drag and drop an image to a webserver via a webviewer during a product creation process. The goal is to construct a product, send to an online shop using its API, continue and finalise the product in FMP12. The problem is, when uploaded successfully, I then need to populate a container field on my local file with the same image so FileMaker can use it. Short of making my user drag and drop twice which is going to look silly (webviewer and container), does anyone know a graceful way to insert/embed an image to a container from a webserver? Obviously I can return a URL to the image by getting the web viewer contents, I just need to know how to get this into a container so FileMaker can use it. Any ideas? Thanks! John
  13. Hello, I have a question that I'm debating myself if it's doable or not... there is a solution with an Inventory DB. This file contains images of the products, before the filepath was used in the container field as "imagewin"... but the images are being moved to an external system "a cloud". Is there any way i can link the images from the cloud into the cointainer field or maybe a similar solution I could work around? I'm kind of stuck on this issue and I don't know how to proceed. Thanks in advance.
  14. I use a local solution database with layouts and scripts only and data files are hosted in FMS16 under OSX. I've created a container field on one of the hosted database tables, the storage settings are set to "Store container data externally" and "Open storage". From the solution file, with my full privileged admin account, I can right-click on the container field, select "Import file" and select the file to be imported. Everything works as expected, when I'm done I can see on the server folder that the file I've uploaded is there. However under a user privilege set, it is not possible to "Import file", when right clicking I just get Cut, Copy and Paste. How can I allow my users to import files? On the hosted database file, the 'user' privilege set allows them to create, edit and delete records in all the tables but they have no access to layouts (because these are hosted layouts they do not need to access).
  15. Here's a ScriptMaster module to color invert an image from a container field. The containerField input should be a text field with the name of the container field. You might need to increase your java memory size if you try to use this with a large image (http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Heapspace_Out_of_Memory_Error) //Invert Image (containerField) import javax.imageio.ImageIO; import java.awt.image.BufferedImage; import java.awt.image.RescaleOp; InputStream input; try{ input = fmpro.getContainerStream(containerField); } catch(e){ throw new RuntimeException( e ); return false; } BufferedImage img = ImageIO.read(input); RescaleOp op = new RescaleOp(-1.0f, 255f, null); BufferedImage negative = op.filter(img, null); return negative; Cheers jp
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