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Found 9 results

  1. Hello forum, I had a few questions regarding inserting, then retrieving a PDF from a container field. Scripts attached. What I have is a table for Customers related to a table Customer_contact. In the Customers Table I have a layout/procedure to write letters to customers, either individually, or in bulk. Then print. What I would then like to do is have the option (in the Customer_contact table) to either just put a record of the contact (date, which letter sent) or save a copy of the entire letter in a container field as a PDF. The reason for the 2 options are I only really want to save the letters that are related to unpaid invoices, not the bulk letters, newsletters, etc. So I came up with these 2 scripts to save and retrieve. It does work, but I read up on saving to a temporary path to embed the pdf into the container field, but I am confused by the method. So when my script runs, it does what I need it to do, but leaves an untitled.pdf file on my desktop (which I don't like, but I did script it that way). It does work but I always wonder if it is correct, and if there is a better way. I do want to embed the pdf's into the container, not store remotely My questions are: 1. Is the first script correct (the steps with the arrows specifically, but overall too) 2. Is the second script correct for retrieval? Obviously if I have to change the first script, the second will need updating. Any help, opinions, ridicule, pointers, are always appreciated. Thanks Steve PS. I'll always be the only user, so record locking with the loop script wont hurt me, but if an alternate method is better, I'm always interested in learning
  2. We recently upgraded to Filemaker Server 12 Advanced to take advantage of the new container field capability. I have low to intermediate filemaker experience but am uncomfortable around server and PC's. We are running on iss from a dedicated PC. I am trying to set up remote storage of containers on a newly installed 2TB hard drive, drive D:/ but am trying to do that remotely because I am 60 miles away from the server. I can only get the database to look on my computer for the reference of the file, not the server external hard drive, where I am trying to store the photos. I could use some direction. Be gentle with your response, I am in uncharted territory with containers in 12 and PC servers.
  3. Hello Forum, Anybody with a solution or understanding as to why FM crashing when browsing records on layouts that have container fields?
  4. Hello If I put a JPG file in a container field, and then run a script which Exports the field contents, with the 'automatically open file' option ticked, the stored file opens up in Preview. If I do the same thing with a Mail email file, it opens up in TextEdit. I'm wondering whether it is possible to specify the application in which a file is opened, depending on the filename. i.e. 'If the file you've just exported, ends in .doc, open it in Word; if it ends in .jpg, open it in Preview; if it ends in .eml, open it in Mail' Don't suppose anyone knows how to do that? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm new to EasySync and just started looking at syncing a simple one table database with two container fields before I move onto some of the more complicated databases i'm looking to use EasySync for. For these container fields i've created the two B64 calculation fields as requested in the setup documentation. The sync itself has completed successfully however when looking at the container fields I can see an encoded string returned rather than the data found in the container field I was expecting (These container fields are capturing a photo from an IOS device and a signature). I can see in the troubleshooting that this can be caused by the compress option in Filemaker but cant find anywhere that this field is being compressed so don't think this is the reason why. I've tried storing these files externally and internal to the database but neither of these options has changed the output. Has anyone else experienced this when syncing container fields and if so where's the best place to look to resolve this? Thanks for your help in advance. David
  6. After upgrading to MirrorSync 3 from 2, I can no longer sync container fields. During the reconfiguration process, I get the tooltip in the uploaded image below. The tooltip says "Neither field is writable. This could be because they are calculation or summary fields. It could also be caused by field-level validation or custom access privileges.". These container fields are not calc or summary fields. There is no field level validation or custom access privileges that I know if. They are full access, and the fields have not changed since my last MirrorSync 2 configuration. Please help!
  7. I'm using Filemaker Pro 11 in Windows 7, trying to automate the exporting of files from container fields. I've written a script that goes through all the records to export the files in the container fields while skipping empty container fields. The code works well, except that there are a number of records with container fields where I get the "Container fields cannot be exported." error. When I try go to these records and try manually exporting the container field contents by right clicking, the "Export Field Contents..." option is grayed out, though I am able to open the document and then manually save it. There are, however, way too many of these cases for me to practically do this one by one, so I'm hoping if someone has an idea what's going on here and how I might be able to automate the exporting of these fields that are giving me this error. To help me troubleshoot this, I wrote a shorter code that focused on exporting the field contents of just one record. This helped me figure out which records were giving me this error. Here's the code: If[not(isEmpty(TABLENAME_::FIELDNAME))] Set Variable [$filePath; Value:"filewin:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & TABLENAME_::TABLE_ID_FIELD] Export Field Contents [TABLENAME_::FIELDNAME; "$filePath"] End If I've been searching and trying a bunch of different things, but with no luck. Any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I am working on an iPad solution designed to browse an art collection. A container field will display the work of art and there will be some descriptive fields beneath it. Very frequently, the user will want to view the image 'full screen' by tapping on it. This works great, but in this case it's unfortunate that there's an intermediate step where the user is to select from a number of Actions' -- which includes the 'View' option I want. This layout won't be intended for doing anything but viewing the art (no need for replacement, deleting, etc.). So, my question is whether there's a way of omitting that intermediate 'Action' step so that the use can simply tap once to view the large image? Albert
  9. Hello -- I would like to open pdf files that are stored in a secure external manner. Only the first page of multipage files show in a FM container window (if I';m not mistaken) so I am wondering about using Preview (Mac, of course). I can retrieve the file path to the secure file by processing the text output of the container file, and then use it as a variable filename in a Send Event script step, but Preview cannot open it. Any suggestions?
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