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Found 61 results

  1. So i'm dealing with two tables. 1. VisitTable. 2. GraphicsTable in a VisitTable layout, i have one or two portals related to the GraphicsTable, each related by a different factor. One portal would be related by a Date field, the other would be a ClientName field.. My desire is to click on a thumbnail in either one of these portals, and have that selected image be displayed in a separate/larger image window (which could be a container field in the current table, Or another portal? I don't care how - i just need to have it show up) I don't know the best method for doing this (ie., click thumbnail to have image fillin a separate location). In this particular instance, I don't want this to be a separate window, but to display in a container field view on the current window/layout. how do I accomplish this? thx
  2. I have a solution to track employee expense reports which contains a container to store a pdf of related receipts. Currently, I create a multiple page pdf of receipts in Apple Preview, then paste it into the container. Was wondering if it was possible to create a FM script or AppleScript to drop a single, additional pdf into the container and "automatically" create multiple page pdf with the existing container contents? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all Fairly trivial (but annoying) problem here! I've just transferred all Invoice PDFs to their respective container fields - which is externally stored (non secure) on the FMS Server. However the first PDF in the table had an '_1' at the end of the filename on the server. When I cleared the field and re-added the PDF it then has '_2' at the end, and so on. The underscore disappeared when I transferred the container from 'Invoices/' to 'Invoices2/' but the problem remains when I transfer back to 'Invoices/'. It doesn't happen to any other PDFs/records, just this first one in the table. Any ideas how I can 'reset' this? MT
  4. I'm working on a function to extract text from a .txt.gz file in a container field: //SM_TextFromGZIP ( containerFieldName ) import java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream; import java.util.io.*; GZIPInputStream gunzip = new GZIPInputStream(fmpro.getContainerStream(containerFieldName)); InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(gunzip); BufferedReader pr = new BufferedReader(reader); String line; String finalOutput = \"\"; while ((line = pr.readLine()) != null) finalOutput += line; return finalOutput; When I run this, I get this from the SMLastStackTrace function: java.io.IOException: com.prosc.fmkit.types.FMBinary$FMContainerInputStream.read() returned value out of range -1..255: -117 at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.readUByte(GZIPInputStream.java:250) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.readUShort(GZIPInputStream.java:237) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.readHeader(GZIPInputStream.java:140) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.<init>(GZIPInputStream.java:56) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.<init>(GZIPInputStream.java:65) at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) ... Any thoughts on a fix or alternative solution?
  5. My old fp7 solution had some fields that store the path to external pdf files, the files were stored in the same server machine and the path were like "file://oldserver/folder/file", the pdf files are shown in the solution through a webviewer field. The solution is developed under the 'separation model'. I just converted the solution to FM15 and I moved into a new server, at present I have both servers up and running, so the fmp12 database with fields pointing to "file://oldserver/folder/file" still shows pdf files as expected. Given that I want the paths to point to a certain folder into the new server I'm trying to find the right path to the new location of files but so far I haven't been able even thought I made sure that users fmserver and fmsadmin have full permissions on the folder that stores the pdf files. On the other hand I've seen that FMS15 creates a folder named "RC_Data_FMS" with a subfolder for each fmp12 file where the external container data is meant to be stored. Am I forced to store my pdf files in there OR somewhere else in the network? Thank you in advance.
  6. Receipt Container

    I'm building a database for my coffee roasting. I want to have a layout for storing all the receipts from the green beans I purchase from my vendors. How would I go about creating a layout that lets me keep adding files without creating multiple containers manually?
  7. I have developed a solution for IOS devices which also utilizes scripts that facilitate importing of GPS coordinates and especially photos from the device, i.e. iPhone or iPad, within FMGo. Although I have scripted the possibility of emailing images originally captured by the solution outside of the solution, there does not seem to be a possibility for exporting the captured image to the Photos app and thus pushing them to the iCloud. I know one could first capture the image in the Camera app and then import it into a container within the solution, but this distracts from the all-in-one nature of my solution, where quick image capture is paramount. Ideally, the user would use the solution to capture the image and related contextual data, but also elect to save such an image in the Photo app at a later stage to permit sharing it to social media apps, for example. I'm fairly advanced, having used FM since the Claris days.
  8. Dear all,  I'm having a problem in my Filemaker solution when insertion files in a container via script and also drag and drop. It worked fine fore more than 5 years and now i'm getting this strange massage (attached). The problem is not stable, because sometimes we don't see it. Also in some Macs it doesn't work at all.  I've tried to find a solution in the web, but i didn't found any solution. Is this a filemaker bug?  I really need an urgent helpÂ
  9. I am experiencing a nasty problem with a Filemaker Server on Windows Server 2012R2. PDF s in a container field don't display, but instead either one of two things happen: 1 on FMPA14 running on Terminal Server (Windows), an error displays 'Security settings do not allow downloading this file' (or something similar, the message is in Dutch). the dialog doesn't display a FileMaker icon, only a yellow warning sign (Windows?). The Terminal server has Acrobat Reader DC installed, which can open the PDF locally. Opening the FMP database with the FMPA locally displays the PDF, both stroed 'in file' and as Remote Container. 2 on FMP14 running on a normal Windows workstation, the PDF is opened in Adobe Acrobat in a separate window instead of being displayed in the container field. We checked ports 80, 443, 16000 and 16001 being blocked on the Firewall (clients and server are within the same LAN). PNG and JPG will display OK, and the PDFs are stored properly, so it seems. Where is this security error coming from? Could it be a problem with Windows Server 2012 not allowing Tomcat Server to run? And if so, what can I do to fix this?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm currently using filemaker pro advanced 14, and I'm making some layouts for the Ipad platform. Is there a way to set up a container field to capture signatures via this method? how?
  11. The Insert PDF context menu item is greyed out on my container field when I have my database open locally. My Google Fu has failed me on solving this. My container field is on a layout, not in a portal. I have Interactive Content checked. I have a PDF viewer working in IE. (Zeon - I do not know where I got this plugin - I very rarely use IE.). I also have an older version of NitroPDF Pro which I use daily, but no IE plugin at the moment. The container field Storage settings are "Store container data externally" and using Open storage option. I also tried the secure storage option which was the default. I have FM Pro 14.0.4 and this database is not converted from earlier version. I am using Windows 10 I can drag and drop a PDF into the container and I get the PDF icon, but it is not interactive However it is interactive (both native and WebDirect) when I upload the database to FM Server - which is also my local computer for now. But in all cases Insert PDF is greyed out. The only other solution that the web has coughed up it to use the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is not an option - I refuse to use that piece of #$@&. What else can I try? Thanks, Brad
  12. Hello Mavens, I have a container field into which images can be pasted. I want to create a popout window run by a script, that displays the image in its full size. How do I get the size of the image that has been pasted into a container field? Muchas gracias.
  13. Hi All, I just thought I'd try to give back to the community that has given so much to me by writing a little tutorial. This technique is one I developed on Macs. Mac OS X has the curl command line tool as part of the default installation. Curl is like a web swiss army knife. You can fetch files, POST data, upload to or download from FTP servers etc... so it brings a lot of functionality to the table which isn't built into FileMaker. I make use of curl through the "do shell script" AppleScript command, which in FileMaker I use through the "Perform AppleScript" script step. Here's a simple 6 line script that lets you take the contents of a container field and upload it to an FTP site. Substitute your container field in the first and fifth lines and your FTP information in the $script variable to make it functional. This script could be extended by actually having variables for the FTP credentials/location too but I've kept it simple here just to demonstrate the technique. set variable [$file_name; GetAsText(YourTable::YourContainerField)] set variable [$path_temp; Get(TemporaryPath) & $file_name] set variable [$path_unix; Middle($path_temp ; Position($path_temp ; "/" ; 1 ; 2) ; Length($path_temp))] set variable [$script; "do shell script "curl -T " & $path_unix & " ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@FTP_HOST/FTP_DIRECTORY/" & $file_name &"""] Export Field Contents [YourTable::YourContainerField; "$path_temp"] Perform AppleScript [$script] Enjoy!
  14. Hi I'm looking to add the picture from the products table to Invoices and Estimates tables. Not to successfully yet. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for you insights. M.
  15. Hi All, I created a calculation that resulted in a container image (see below). This is allows me to add/update images without doing anything in Filemaker. "imagemac:images/" & S_shot & ".png" This works perfectly on the my Mac, but doesn't work on FM go. The only way I could get the images to work in FM go was to import the images on a shot by shot basis. I imagine a script could be written to do this, but before doing so, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to make the calculation work. Any ideas?
  16. Hello, We have just moved our FM CRM from being hosted on a P2P network to Filemaker server 14. Going forward we also want to attaché documents to clients. As these attachments might be large, it might be an idea to have them stored in an external container. There is a default container linked to the DB but I can't edit it or change the location. (See picture). Ideally I would like to specify a UNC path and have them stored in a separate folder on our Fileserver. 1. Am I correct that there is no way to change the location, or am I missing something? 2. Is there way to change the name of the path? i.e. the original DB name was invoices but now is called something else. Where do I look? 3. What do other people recommend for storage of attachments? Our old CRM generated thousands of files totalling ~ 15Gb over 4 years. I just can't seem to find very much info on this topic on google. Feel free to to send me lmtgfy.com link Platform: Filemaker Pro 14 / FMS 14 running on Windows 2012R2 Best regards, JS
  17. I wonder if the storage for the images remains at the size of the original image taken by the iPad camera in spite of the replacement of that image by a much smaller thumbnail. From the isolated tests below ( with attached example db ) it looks like some of the storage in FMGo14 is recovered but not all, double what it should be. Also the overhead per container record appears to grow in a non linear manner on both FM OS X and FMGo14. Adding photos directly in FM on OS X appears to recover much of the storage that was not recovered in FMGo14. Unfortunately, only when another photo is added. In my solutions all photos are added in FMGo14 so storage size grows quite rapidly : ( The thumbnails are typically smaller than 1.1MB while the storage consumed for each image within the database appears to be average to 3.67 MB If this theory holds water how to I get the extra storage back as this is causing some real problems with sync times. calculation for container field // If the content of the container is an image shrink without distortion so max dimension is 1920 // if it is not an image then return self. This would apply to audio, files and music // if image has a largest dimension that is less than 1920 then just use image do not attempt to enlarge image. If ( PatternCount ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".jpg" ) or PatternCount ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".png" ) or PatternCount ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".bmp" ) or PatternCount ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".gif" ) or PatternCount ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".tif" ) ; GetThumbnail ( Self ; If ( GetWidth ( Self ) < 1920 ; GetWidth ( Self ) ; 1920 ) ; If ( GetHeight ( Self ) < 1920 ; GetHeight ( Self ) ; 1920 ) ) ; Self ) Isolated Tests Created ContainerPhotoTest filemaker db with a single table and single field Media with GetThumbnail calculated result Move to iPhone 5s FMGo14 take photo ContainerPhotoTest 197 k with no photo ContainerPhotoTest 1.7MB with single photo Export Photo to desktop from Container Photo Size 467 KB But the database storage size has increased by 1.699 MB Add 8.6MB .jpg from the desktop in a second record ContainerPhotoTest 1.3 MB in size Drag photo to desktop from container Photo Size 623 KB ( 197 k + 467 k + 623 k ) = 1287 k 1,300 k - 1287 k = 13 k extra space used. What is happening here. So it looks like it works fine on OS X but perhaps not on iOS Try again with iPad Air 2 iOS • ContainerPhotoTest 1.3 MB in size • Take photo from FMGo14 Container • Take similar photo on iPad camera app • Photo Size 2.6 MB • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size • photo 800 k size increase • Photo size 467 k • Close and reopen FMGo14 • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size So it seems that in iOS some space is recovered on the photo re-size but not all. Final Test on OS X • Create new record and. • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size • drop similar photo 2.2 MB into container from desktop • ContainerPhotoTest still 2.1MB in size, no increase in size... • Quit and re open database • ContainerPhotoTest still 2.1MB in size • drag new photo to desktop 467k ( 197 k + 467 k + 623 k + 467 k ) = 1754 k 2,100 k - 1754 k = 345 k extra space used So it looks like something different is happening on OS X and FMGo I need to gather data including photos on FMGo and in practice as noted in the initial description of the production solution where no photos are added in OS X file size grows quite quickly. ContainerPhotoTest.fmp12
  18. Hello I'm having issues accessing a file that was added to Digital Docs tab of the Accounts Table. Both methods drag and drop and insert button were tested to add a PDF FILE and give the same issue. Manage Containers indicate on STORAGE the following [database location]/DB_Documents and on THUMBNAILS Generate and store thumb for images checked, Permanent storage checked. When I try to double click inside the container NOTHING HAPPEN and when I hit the button OPEN it shows the message on the image BUT NOTE that the text on the message is referring to a PNG file and not to a PDF Well using debugger and data watch the container has the correct name of the file "ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf" not PNG If I open the folder DB_Documents/T01_ACCOUNTS/account_container the files(attached) ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf AND ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.png (generated- apparently the thumb nail with the internal storage) are present and when double clicked open without any problems in Preview. FINALLY this doesn't happen if the container has an Excel file or a word doc (non preview) Any help will substantially reduce my level of stress ! Cheers Beto Boton Australia ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf
  19. Hi, I am trying to develop a simple POS but I am struggling with getting the standard layout for this kind of developments. Basically would I would like to achieve is to create a panel that would show the pictures of all products available, and when clicking on any of the pictures, the related item will go into the invoice_line_item. I have seen this functionality not only for POSs, but also to show all attachments related to one account. There were a button that says "add new attachment" and when added into the container, it will show in order in grid style panel situated just above. I have been able to create such a panel with individual buttons created from 1:1 portal which shows only one specific id_product related picture. However, since each button should have its own script I am finding it challenging when trying to do it for more than 100 products. So my question would be if there is any build-in feature that would show the content of a container on a clickable grid panel. The importan thing here should be that if a new product /record is created, its picture (container field) should be added to that panel, in oder words, the panel is feed automatically each time I add a new product. Any ideas how to do this? I am attaching a picture of someone else work that shows something similar to what I would like to learn how to do. Thanks a lot!!! docasar.
  20. I am a new user of Filemaker (with some previous Java experience) trying to create a searchable project database for a contract furniture dealer. One of the features I feel would be very valuable is the ability to append any type of file (though most likely .pdf or .doc) to the project, and have the end user be able to open the file in Adobe Reader/Word/etc. simply by clicking on a button somewhere. I'm trying to use the Open URL script to accomplish this, and while I can get my script to open a file I specify in the script (such as "C:/Users/me/Documents/test.doc"), I'm having trouble formatting my script to open this file (ie, database location/database name/table name/container name/file name). The pertinent information is structured like so: Filemaker File is named SampleDatabase3.fmp12 FileMaker File is contained in F:\Sales & Marketing\Neocon 2015\Digital database test Quote::Quote File - Container (External: Open Storage: Relative to: [database location]/SampleDatabase3 Quote::Quote File Path - Text And the script I currently have is set up like so: #Opens the attached file in whatever default program is available. Set Field [Quote::Quote File Path; Let ( [intermediateXtractionString = RightValues(GetAsText(Quote::Quote File); 1); xtractionString = Right(intermediateXtractionString; Length(intermediateXtractionString)-5)] ; "file://F:/Sales & Marketing/Neocon 2015/Digital database test/Sample Database3/" & xtractionString ) ] Open URL [No Dialog; Quote::Quote File Path]The idea is that treating a container as a text field (either by using GetAsText() or simply passing it into a function that expects a text parameter) displays this: remote:test.doc FILE:Quote/Quote Field/test.docThus, the Let statement gets the last line (minus the "FILE:" characters) and appends it to what (should be) a valid file path. After I run this script, Quote::Quote Field Path contains "file://F:/Sales & Marketing/Neocon 2015/Digital database test/Sample Database3/Quote/Quote File/Outlook Export Test.CSV", and the Open URL statement does nothing - nothing opens, no error messages, nothing at all, despite the fact that manually copy-pasting this URL into Firefox opens the file. Should I be using Send Event instead of Open URL? Is my syntax wrong? Or is there something I'm not seeing?
  21. I currently have a main table and a separate (Phone Log) Table that includes a container field which stores thousands of documents. The Phone log table is displayed in our main table and connected to each customer by his/her 4 digit customer number. I currently have the setup where upon clicking a displayed container file in the phone log table, a script is run that exports that container field to another container (preview) field within my main Table and displayed full screen. From there my users can email or print or scroll the document from within the larger container. This solution seems to be having significant long term issues (been using for about 3 years now) sometimes filemaker quits unexpectedly, sometimes containers aren't updated with the correct file when clicking/etc. I've been looking for another way to do this, I've created a duplicate Phone Log Table and changed the script so that when a user clicks on the small container in the portal a field is (set) to the phone log record number and that container is displayed large. This seems to vastly improve the time it takes to display the file in the large container but since its also in a portal its not scrollable. My question: In your opinion what is the best/most efficient and reliable way to go about this? Thanks Matt
  22. I am having some troubles with containers and PDF files. I want to be able to display the files to end users within the solution (i.e. they aren't downloading them), so wanted to use a container w/ interactive/preview capabilities so they could just scroll through it then and there. However, I seem to run into a problem whenever I host the file on our server and access from a remote client. Here's my testing: Create new file, add container field (internal storage); add field to basic layout, enabling 'Interactive content...' for the field; add PDFs to the file. A ) Storing and viewing this file on my local machine: works fine. I can right click and get 'Insert PDF' from the popup; files that I add to records preview fine. B ) Host the file on a server and open it with a remote client running on the same server hardware as is hosting the file: works fine. Same as A, above. C ) Host the file on a server (same server as B ) and open it with my local machine's client: FAILS. The PDFs don't preview; I am unable to get the right click menu to display anything other than 'Reload'. Can someone help me understand what I need to do here? I thought it might be an 'installed PDF viewer' issue, but the fact that it runs fine when the file is opened from my own local machine seems to go against that. Server is Mac OS X 10.6.8, FMSA v12.03. My system is Mac OS X 10.8 running FMPA 12.05; remote client is FMP 12.03 (?). Thanks, C
  23. Hello! Disclaimer: I have worked with Filemaker for a few years, but I only have experience constructing simple scripts. In the database I am working with, each of my records has an image container field where I enter .jpg files. I need to export these jpgs. Because there are thousands of records, I don't have time to export them one by one by right-clicking the container and choosing "Export Field Contents". I need to find a way to batch export the images from this container for all records. I found this FM forum that seemed promising: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5822/~/exporting-the-field-contents-of-a-container-field And constructed the script from the instructions: Go to Record/Request/Page [First]Loop Set Variable [$filePath; Value: Get ( DesktopPath ) MyPics::Description & ".jpg"] Export Field Contents [MyPics::Picture; “$filePath”] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]End Loop This script "works" for me, so I must have done something right, but it only exports the image from the active record. So, either I did something wrong or misunderstood how the script works. I assumed the loop would perform the script for all records from "first" to "last" but it did not. Is there anyone out there who perhaps knows what I am doing wrong or knows of a better script I could use to perform this seemingly straightforward operation? I would be very grateful.
  24. Hi all, I need some help with script. Last weekend we migrated from 11 to 13 and as it turns out all our OLE objects are gone because of the change in FM 12. My workaround is to get the data from 11 and insert each one. with that said i was told i could create a script to open the attachment (excel, pdf) and in the case of the excel file make changes and then click another script to save changes to Excel. I believe the script would need to write to a temp file. Does anybody know any info on this. I'm starting to move the files from 11 to 13, but i would like to provide the users with the ability to click on a box so the attachment opens up. that way they don't have to do right click and export. Thank you
  25. I'm upgrading a solution from FM 8.5 to FM 14 and moving the server from our LAN to a Hosting Company (we will have a stand alone server). One of my tables has a folder associated with it to hold documents. (See Attached File, uses a webviewer to display the documents folder and send event to create it.) This has worked well for me for years and will continue to work IF I want to leave these files on our LAN. (Why I posted example file, someone may find it useful.) I do not really want to leave these on the LAN. I want to move these "into the cloud" and need advice for the best way to do this. I have considered using container fields for these documents (and maybe I will) although it seems to be overkill for what I really need. I have also considered using php and a webviewer to create/display/upload documents to these folders. Is there another solution I should look at? Should I avoid containers? (Have found them buggy, unreliable, and hard to maintain in the past but have not revisited them in a few years) Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this matter, Allen DocumentStore.fmp12

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