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Found 9 results

  1. I have to dump a WinXP computer for a new Win8.1 machine. If I buy FM13, will I be able to read my old .fp7 files? Will I still see my old report formats? Or is there a conversion routine to be run first?
  2. Hi - I have a shrink wrapped solution that imports data from previous version into new version when I do an upgrade. I'm using FMP 13, and some of my users will be upgrading from FMP 11 versions. So I'll need to convert those databases before import. Obviously, it they already have a FMP12/13 version database, no conversion is necessary. However - my solution changes the file extension to the same extension regardless of the version - so I can't tell from file extension whether a conversion is needed. Is there some way to test a file via a script to see whether it's a pre-FMP12 version that needs to be converted? Thanks, Michael
  3. This is one of the hardest thing I been trying to acomplish, I want to transform the contacts module into a Donors module for our blood bank. I have transform most of the fields already to match the donor information we will need. However I want each donor to show in a portal all the units or (products) associated to that donor. Example: 1 Donor can donate blood every 56 days 1 unit (which has a serial number associated to it) I want each donor to show all the products or units associated to him. Im sure this might be something really simple to some of you so any help will me much appreciated Thank you in advance for all the help
  4. I work for a federally funded program on campus and we use Filemaker Pro to maintain a database of all the students who participate in our program. Every year we have to update the federal database with an excel file from our database. This is why I am not entirely familiar with this program even after using it for a year. I got us to convert from fmp6 to fmp11. It just seems to run better but now I have a problem. This year the Federal program wants 6 new fields to be added to the database. I figured this would be simple, so I looked up how to create a field and how to add them to layouts. Then I ran into a problem. When I go to File > Manage > Database "Database" and everything else is grayed out, except for "Layouts". Maybe I'm missing something completely obvious but I have no idea. I could really use a quick tip because this report is due by the end of the week. My backup plan is to export all the data I have and then just create the fields they want in excel and enter the data there, but that is not a long-term solution. I don't know if that was caused by the conversion or if I'm in the wrong mode or something, but I can't find a solution. Thank you ahead of time.
  5. FileMaker Coaches' Corner-Tip 8-Converting from fp7 to fmp12-FileMaker-FileMaker Experts Download the free PDFs to see FileMaker’s documentation: http://bit.ly/2nSg7BM Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 16 Video Training Course! Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton. http://learningfilemaker.com/fmpro16.php Experience Richard's dynamic and exciting teaching format, while learning both basic, intermediate, and advanced FileMaker development skills. With 27 years of FileMaker experience and a long time speaker at FileMaker's Developer Conference ,Richard will teach you all the ins and outs of building FileMaker Solutions. The course is 50 hours of video content! Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and has grown RCC into one of the largest top tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. Richard works closely with RCC's staff: a team of 28 FileMaker developers and supporting web designers. He has offices in California, Nevada, and Texas. Richard has been a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference on a variety of topics involving FileMaker for Startups and Entrepreneurs, and client server integration. Richard is the Product Manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution. Richard won 2015 Excellence Award from FileMaker Inc (Apple Inc) for outstanding video and product creation, leading to business development. RCC and LearningFileMaker.com are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. http://www.rcconsulting.com/ Please feel free to contact us at support@rcconsulting.com If you want to explore building I.O.S apps for I Phone or I Pad and deploying those out to the Apple App Store. Here is a video introduction to our iOS App Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVxQe_yAshw Looking for FM Starting Point free software download: http://www.fmstartingpoint.com For More Free FileMaker Videos Check out Http://www.filemakerfree.com Visit http://www.learningfilemaker.com for all facets of FileMaker Award Winning Video Training. Please Visit Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FileMakerVideos Please Subscribe While There. Please Comment, Like & Share All of Our Videos. Feel Free to Embed any of Our Videos on Your Blog or Website. Follow Us on Your Favorite Social Media https://www.facebook.com/FileMakerVideos https://twitter.com/filemakervideos https://plus.google.com/+FileMakerVideos/videos Filemaker Pro 16 Training Videos FileMaker 16 Videos Filemaker Pro 16 Video Course #FileMakerVideos #FileMakerTrainingVideos #WhatisFilemaker16 #FilemakerPro16Training #Filemaker16VideoTutorial #FilemakerPro16Videos
  6. Hi - I have a single file runtime solution, and working on an upgrade that requires conversion from pre-FMP12 format. I'm using the Convert File script step. I've run into something very strange. My solution uses it's own file extension .fhc. So I've set up the Convert step with no dialog and with a specified source file - namely 'fhcm.fhc. The first several times I tried this, the output file was named fhcm.fmp12 - as expected -- and the original file was left unchanged, since I specified no dialog. (It does not get changed to a fp7 file extension. Somewhere along the way, the Convert File step started naming the output file FHCM #, where # is a digit, starting with 0 and incrementing if I do this multiple times. It also changes the lowercase to upper case. So instead of naming the converted file fhcm.fmp12 (which it had done at first), I now end up with a converted file named FHCM 0.fhc or FHCM 1.fhc, etc. I can't for the life of me figure out what changed nor can I find any documentation of when or why it would do this. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael
  7. Just got off hour long call with FM support, recommended I post in forum. Forced (Mavericks upgrade) to FMPro13 broke an old Filemaker-supplied inventory/invoicing program I have used for years. Structure, basically, 7 connected db files: People.fp7, Products.fp7, Invoices.fp7 etc. called with Menu.fp7. Had upgraded numerous times before, didn't break.... This time did normal conversion (to fmp12). Basically, broke scripts. (Did one pass of remapping external data sources. Worked in some cases, not in others.) Just too much for me to track down so I think I'm looking for someone to take it on.... but any thoughts welcome. Seems to me I have tried to export records and import into new solutions but hasn't worked. Help, thoughts?
  8. I have a client who converted an old solution (FM5) to FM13 recently. They have found that some Find script steps, that used embedded criteria, have the operator missing from the step. It may just be limited to ">" operators, too. (I haven't have a chance to look at the files yet, but a couple of printouts show this to be the case.) Does anyone have experience converting these old files that use embedded criteria? Thanks, Justin
  9. Hi everyone, I'm working on a FM database that was created by the predecessor of my position. We are due for an upgrade really soon (FM9 -> 12) and I want to make sure that I clean up the database as much as I can before migrating. The idea is to merge multiple tables into one file rather than having multiple files, and to also establish relations between these tables. Here's a challenge I'm coming up against - my current tables make much use of the "Custom Values" field in the Edit Value List menu. I want to convert it to "Use Values From Field" while using the old value to create links to the related table. For instance, one field has the Custom Value field filled with the initials of Project Managers. Instead, I want these values to originate from a "Staff" table, selecting only staff that are assigned a staffType called "Project Managers". It would be even better if we could link to staffID instead of the initials of the person. The sticking point is that I want this change to be "automatic", so that I don't have to go through thousands of entries, reselecting the right values. Does anybody have a solid working method for converting value lists from "Custom Values" to "Use Values From Field"? Any input is much appreciated. Fei
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