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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All! I work in a database that has several currency fields all set that way in US dollars. Maybe 1 out of 10 times I need to create a record where the currency would need to be displayed in euros, pounds, etc. Is there a way to make the fields editable so that I can ovverride the $ symbol only when I need to? Its not worth making the fields general since the majority of the time the value is $. Its also too clumsy to make a drop down box next to each field where you can select the currency symbol because there are MANY fields on the layout that display currency and its already a tightly structured layout. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, I have a field which is defined as a 'text' field as it will contain both numbers(currency) and text. The field is defined by the following calculation: Case(IsEmpty(_pk_InvoiceID); "(Not Invoiced)"; Paid - Subtotal) Because this field is defined as a text field (to allow insertion of "(Not Invoiced)" string), I can't use the currency formatter in the Inspector. Any suggestions on how I can force a currency format on the numerical values in this field? TIA
  3. HI; I created this module for currency conversion, variable "pair" = currencies in ISO format (example $ to Taiwan Dollar = "USDTWD" String url ="http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s="+pair+"%3DX&f=l1n"; return new URL(url).getText().trim(); Returned result = 32.8200,"USD/TWD" Feel free to use it! Merry Christmas!
  4. I'm having a bit of an issue with an ESQL query. I would like it to always return 2 decimal places on the value retrieved. This is a currency field, and "$45.5" looks weird. I am generating a list of payments to displayed (via a global variable in the UI) to the user, so it should look money-like. It's a simple 'here's what you currently have set up' kind of display. So here's the basic query (I believe folks here are familiar with the GFN() and GTN() functions - they are just a way to robustify the query in FileMaker): ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT '$' || " & GFN ( Payments::Amount ) & " FROM " & GTN ( Payments::aaPaymentUUID ) & " WHERE " & GFN ( Payments::aLineItemID_fk ) & " = ? "; "" ; "" ; $ID ) I have also tried various versions of this without luck (using "numeric(10,2)", or "decimal(10,2)"): ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT '$' || CAST ( " & GFN ( Payments::Amount ) & " as decimal (5,2) )" & " FROM " & GTN ( Payments::aaPaymentUUID ) & " WHERE " & GFN ( Payments::aLineItemID_fk ) & " = ? " ; "" ; "" ; $ID )But I always get responses like (yes, they should be the same - it's an equal payment calculator, so the last one might be different): $125.5 $125.5 $125.5When I would like it to be: $125.50 $125.50 $125.50Anyone have a quick answer as to how to get each record value to have 2 decimal places after it? I have shied away from doing in FileMaker string manipulation because I thought the ESQL fix would be easy; and it would save some steps in the script. But maybe it's easier to do it in FM and just reprocess the whole list.
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