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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys, problem here. I'm working with a web viewer and I'm familiar with triggering a script from within the web viewer using the fmp:// protocol. But, what I need is kind of the opposite. I have a 2000 records list that I need to display in my webviewer. As one may find, that is lots of html data, what makes my solution very slow. What I want is a webviewer that displays the first records and, when I scroll down (my first option) or I click a button (second option, but also ok) it displays more records. I'm aware that I could do that using the url protocol, calling a script, rewriting the html code for the webviewer, but that seems as a dumb solution So, it's my understanding that javascript can change the html of a webpage (played a little with javascript, but not a master). So, in theory, there is a way for javascritp to append to the end of my <body> the next record I could use the ExecuteSQL function (not the script step) if it worked, but I'm not sure how to do that without hardcoding the change of the webviewer code, and I rather not do that. I'm really hoping I can handle it from the webviewer I have a hard time being brief. What I want is to pass a parameter from the filemaker to javascript to execute its function. Any help will be overwhelmingly appreciated
  2. I have layout called (studentinfo). Studentinfo layout show records from "STUDENTS" table from database. when I run the code below I get all fields data expect: inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_studentID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last P2b_relation inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last On filemaker pro I noticed the ones that are showing have data displaying from: STUDENTS::NameFirst STUDENTS::NameLast STUDENTS::Sex STUDENTS::Grade_current STUDENTS::Adm_enr_status STUDENTS::P1a_relation STUDENTS::P1b_relation STUDENTS::P2a_relation STUDENTS::P2b_relation How do I get those fields to show? I am using filemaker pro server 11 <?php include('config.php'); ?> <style> .dataTable td{ border-bottom:1px solid #ccc; border-right:1px solid #ccc; padding:1px; } </style> <? $findCommand =&$fm->newPerformScriptCommand('studentinfo','Find Enrolled'); // Execute find command $result = $findCommand->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)) { echo "Error: " . $result->getMessage() . "n"; exit; } // Get array of found records $records = $result->getRecords(); echo '<table width="100%" border="0" class="dataTable" cellspacing="0">'; echo "<tr><td>BB_studentID</td><td>NameFirst</td><td>NameLast</td><td>Sex</td><td>Grade_current</td><td>Adm_enr_status</td> <td>P1a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P1b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> <td>P2a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P2b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> </tr>"; foreach ($records as $record) { echo "<tr style=''>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('BB_studentID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameFirst') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameLast') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Sex') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Grade_current') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Adm_enr_status') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "</tr>"; $row++; } echo "</table>"; echo '<pre>'; //print_r($records); echo '</pre>'; ?>
  3. Hi everyone! I am a bit overwhelmed by FileMaker and its capabilities, so I would greatly appreciate some help. Currently, I have a database of contacts throughout the entire United States, with separate groups. (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E). I would like to create some kind of "dashboard" or "layout" for FileMaker so that I can see how many members of each group we have in each City and in each State in the country, possibly like a pie chart that adapts to the data. Could someone please explain to me how to go about setting this kind of layout up, so that I may browse these breakdowns on the fly? Best Regards, Jonathan Ross
  4. I am currently building a database to handle the inspection sheets used by our Quality lab. Here is the relationship layout: For each revision on the Revisions table, I have a differing number of Dimensions that need to be measured (some parts/revs will have 5 dimensions, while others will have 15). Each dimension has a specified type of instrument used in measurement, and a max/min value. The instrument used is a drop down menu that references a list of instruments/gages that we use. Here is how I have my inspection sheet currently laid out: The portal on the left points towards my dimensions table. It shows the data corresponded to the specified Part Number and Revision level. The data contained in this portal is uneditable from this form. The portal on the right points towards my RecordedDimensions table. It will store data that will correspond back to the Lot# associated with that inspection sheet. I also have a table that pairs all the different types of instruments we use, with their corresponding gage ID's: Now I would like my user to be able to click on the dropdown box under Instrument#, and that drop down box will only show the Gage ID's for the specified gage. So, if on the dimensions table, a dimension calls out for Digital Micrometers to be used, then when my user goes to select the instrument ID (which is saved in the RecordedDimensions table) it will would allow them to choose 151, 152, 153, 306, 324, 330, and 331. Please let me know if I have not provided enough information/pictures, I will gladly provide more. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer me!
  5. Learn more about the FM Data Migration Companion, a FileMaker file we built that automatically creates data migration CLI commands for both single-file and multi-file FileMaker applications. Be sure to check out FM Data Migration Companion Includes free download and video. Joseph Yeager dbservices.com
  6. For anyone interested in an npm package that communicates with Filemaker's data API, I am currently developing here - https://github.com/thomann061/fmrest
  7. for some reason my portal field has stopped showing the scroll bar and will not create new records, but alters the last record, effectively wiping it out. This is hell on the billing, since these are essentially purchase orders. I have scroll checked in the portal layout box, but no joy. When I invoke the inspector, the appearance and position tabs work fine, but EVERYTHING in the data tab is grayed out and I cannot check the scoll bar function there, or any other box. Adding to the mystery, when I duplicated the layout and replaced the portal with a new one, the scoll bar reappears, but as soon as i revert to Browse mode, the layout goes back to the original, dysfunctional layout and portal and WILL NOT allow me to change to the duplicate layout with the working portal (visible scroll bar) (a new name and everything.) I have named the portal as an object on the original layout and invoke it first with my script. basical open object, go to last line, set several fields, etc. no conditional formatting, just filter for latest seven records and sort ascending. Maybe I have to call it something else on the duplicate? FMA 11, OSX 11.6. Files too big to post. Menu set to standard.
  8. 360works Scribe can take data from a pdf form and import to filemaker. Can scribe take data from filemaker and import to a field on a pdf form?
  9. Anyone know what the impact is and/or the remedial steps if during a Repair a Spoke attempts a sync? Thanks, Mark
  10. I have a table that contains dimensional data for parts. Each record has a unique ID, but also has another field with the ID associated with the part. I have another table that I'll be storing individual inspection data on. I was wondering if it's at all possible to parse the first table, and copy over all records that have a specific part ID to the second table whenever someone starts a new inspection record. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or pictures. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  11. Hi, I have scriptmaster running with Post Data to URL. But there is problems with authentication. My parameters is: URL: https://api.operatorspage.com/2/sms/ VALUE: "batch_label": "Test", "message": "Hello world!" KEY: Authorization Token zxczxczxczxc How can I POST data to URL without get back this error? java.io.IOExeption: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: https://api.operatorspage.com/2/sms/ My code: // Construct data String data = URLEncoder.encode(key, "UTF-8") + "=" + URLEncoder.encode(value, "UTF-8"); // use something like the following to send multiple key/value pairs // data += "&" + URLEncoder.encode(key2, "UTF-8") + "=" + URLEncoder.encode(value2, "UTF-8"); // Send data URL url = new URL(url); URLConnection conn = url.openConnection(); conn.setDoOutput(true); OutputStreamWriter wr = new OutputStreamWriter(conn.getOutputStream()); wr.write(data); wr.flush(); // Get the response String response = conn.getInputStream().getText("utf-8"); wr.close(); return response; Thanks! /Stefan
  12. Our company is going paperless. Our Bill of Lading is a pdf form that we use on our tablets. My problem is taking the data from filemaker and inserting the data into the pdf form. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  13. Change of Ownership I have written a database which manages my dog breeding activities, I am not great with databases - it was never my day job - and I have have hit a snag with which I would be grateful for some help. I have a three tables; One contains all the dog's (puppy's) details that I need (Dog's Unique ID No., DoB, Sex, `Sire, Dam, etc...). One contains all the Owner's details ( Owner's Unique ID No., Name, Address, Phone Nos, Emails address, etc... One Join Table which uses the Dog's Unique ID No. and the Owner Unique ID No. as foreign keys and links the two tables together using a DogOwner Unique ID No. This works fine when I sell a puppy or dog and I have no problem with assigning more than one dog to an owner (some owners have several of my dogs) but... Sometimes a new home doesn't work out and I buy the puppy or dog back and resell it to different owner. What I can't work out is how I can keep records of all the owners (active or not) whilst transferring a dog from one to the other, I don't want to delete an owner as I need to keep a record who has owned my dogs in the past but I also need to produce a file of information for the new owner using layouts for Insurance Cover Notes, Microchipping, Registrations etc. i have tried deleting the DogOwner Unique ID No. from the record (which I thought was the only link between dog and owner) but somehow all layouts still display the original owner. I just can't get the database to recognise the new owners - the old owner's data is displayed on every layout - including the new Agreement of Sale which I need to send to the new owner. It is rather like a serial numbered product being returned and resold so there must be a way of doing it. I have just installed (yesterday) FMP 16 - upgrading from FMP 12, running on a Mac. Sorry if I haven't explained this very well.
  14. Hi, I wondering whether somebody might be able to help me with something, more information than help. For background, I'm trying to integrate a system into a website, performing calls, sending data to and from the website. This is all going to be handled from the FileMaker side. Scripts will Send Data to the website via XML and then also receive data in the same way. From the ScriptMaster Plug-In, I was very happy to find the PostXMLData function. so, following on, having started conversations with the Website developer, we got started to getting the the first call to the website, which simply started by sending log-in credentials to the website, and the action is then based on the response. I I have been provide by the Web developer a web address and an test XML structure to send. The URL that I have been given is a 'https' So, My Question; The PostXMLData does work with https url's? Reason being I keep getting a Handshake Exception; "javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target" What I just want to make sure that this is not something on my side, that I need to change. Thanks in advance for any guidance here. Pad
  15. I currently have a form that contains a portal. In the portal there is a value that will either be "Accepted" or "Rejected". I'm wondering if there's a way to parse through this table to check if any related values have a "Rejected" or if they are all "Accepted". Then using that outcome, decide if the form should display Rejected or Accepted. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or images. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  16. Hi All, I have created a database and am hitting a wall with one of my portals. A brief structure of my DB is. Customer details (Accounts table) > Their enquiries (Enquiries table) > Send a quote (Quotes table). I require the portal to show 2 quotes from the account using information gathered in the enquiry. Both the quotes are showing up in the list and table view of quotes, but when I try to show them (including the related data) in the portal the duplicate info shows up. I have uploaded a video here and I have attached a relationship portion and the actual relationship. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70042807/Simon-PortalHelpVid.mov Thank you for your help. Simon Relationship-EnquiryAndQuote.pdf
  17. I have designed a solution that is shared over a network that I remotely oversee. My client has witnessed frequent loss of client connection, and I see it myself about once a day when I log in remotely. Losing connection is an issue in itself which I've been researching. But what I'd like your opinion about is a related issue. Several staff members swear that on a few occasions when they lose their connection that they also lost some of their work. I've viewed this a spurious claim because of the nature of FM. Sure, I, conceded, you might lose the work in one field but I haven't seen it as possible to lose more than that. Am I wrong? Is it possible in a network environment to lose data--beyond the active field?
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