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Found 12 results

  1. We seem to have some corruption in administration of licenses - see attached. Is there a way to manually remove the Device Sync Data to free up licenses. We plan a reinstall/upgrade over the Xmas break so a quick fix here would suffice.
  2. Why the master record delete if I delete a record in the portal... Please help. I have checked all the options properly.. It has been working, suddenly it stopped working and deleting the master record also...
  3. Hello Everybody.... it's first time for me to run scriptmaster plugin on a Mac, but I cannot use correctly. I was trying to use the plugin to delete a folder, but it does nothing. (the same database on a win 7 runs correctly) Any help Thanks a lot.
  4. I have a table with about 100,000 records. One of the fields in the table is called "DecimalNumber" (type is "Number"). There are many records (perhaps 10 to 20%) which have the same value in that field as another. Sometimes only 2 records have common values, sometimes more. What I want to do is to delete all records except one of each of those which share a value, thereby removing 'duplicates'. How do I achieve this? I assume a script will be needed, if so please can you give me the whole of that script. Many thanks in anticipation.
  5. Does anyone have any reusable/elegant solutions for deleting the Parent Record and all of its Child Records by wrapping come code around EasySync Delete Record?
  6. Greetings good people, I would like to take up your time if you could lend a hand in helping me on how to hide records that are no longer needed. To be more specific, I created a database with employees record in it. Any new employer will be put in the database and update his/her profile. My question is if an employee is no longer working with us, we want to keep his record but somehow exclude him/her/them from the current working employees. Options that came through my mind is that I could mark them as EX-EMPLOYEE on their photo in red or something like that but that would still include them with the current staff. So I want to hide them permanently like they've been deleted but when needed, we can show them who were they with all their past records still intact etc. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Hi Tim, I was wondering why you seemed to have backed away from deleting the EasyDeploy file once it has been used, and instead set a flag "consumed?" Did you feel that the "Export Empty to delete a file technique" was not reliable? Also, at the top of the Upgrade Solution script in the EasyDeploy file, you have an Installer OnTimer Script [Interval: 0] script step. That might be a left over from attempts at a 1-click update, because I do not see any previous OnTimer sets. Can you confirm? Thanks, Barbara
  8. How do I do a Filemaker script that deletes a file in Filemaker Go ?
  9. I have a list with three fields of data. The first is 'task', and the next two have autofills for 'not urgent' and 'incomplete. If the task field is empty I would like the record to automatically delete. I have messed about with 'IF (isempty)' but having no success. Any assistance would be appreciated please.
  10. I am using MirrorSync 3.02 My scenario has 2 teams each syncing to the same file on the server. We will have 2 Sync configs, 1 for each team. Team A Sync config using JDBC Team A will get an offline copy of the same file that is on the server, with ALL the data. Team A will sync ALL tables (2 way sync). No problem there. Team B Sync config using JDBC Team B will get an offline copy of the same file that is on the server, but with only a SUBSET of the data (we will take a full offline copy and then delete many of the records). Team B will sync a subset of the tables (2 way sync). When team B syncs, will MirrorSync detect the missing records as deletes and the delete the associated records on the server? ( this is not what we want ). If yes, is there a way to prevent this or a better way to handle it? XML and the customization script and disable deletes?
  11. I have a user out in the field who does not have permission to delete records in certain tables to avoid accidents (customers, equipment, etc.). When a power user in the office deletes a customer record from the hosted solution, MirrorSync tries to delete the record on the local database but throws an error because of the user permissions. Is there a best practice work around so that MirrorSync can delete records but the priv set for the field users can still be set to not allow deletions?
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