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Found 11 results

  1. Drop down list blues!

    Hi there, Please can you advise? I have a database with the fields "Category" and "Item". There are multiple categories. Each Item record is different, but some will have the same category next to them. I have a drop down list that lets me choose a category, but i would like to be able to choose in a second drop down an item that belongs in the category chosen in the first drop down. Does this make sense? Hope someone can help! Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know why my scripts drop down menu might be greyed out? I am unable access these functions. Cheers, Simon
  3. This should be easier, but I am having a small issue on how to limit records in Drop Down. Currently, I can not get File Maker from showing all my records within the Drop Down. Even when File Maker has a limited found set. See attached fmp12 file Help. Here are my records: If I click on my Pending script it creates a found set of just pending: But if you click on my DropDown you get all the records. I just want the pending records. How can I limit the Drop Down to represent only those records that I have in my found set? Thanks in advance, Chuck Help.fmp12
  4. Select item from dropdown

    I am new to FMP so this maybe a pretty elementary question for some of you. What I want to do is have a dropdown list that is defined by certain options that I have pre-defined. In my example these would be Serial key, Credentials, keygen, or patch. If serial key is selected i want a text entry field to appear below or next to this dropdown list. if credentials is selected, I want to have a username and password text enter field to appear. If keygen or patch is selected i want to have a hyperlink entry field show up.
  5. Filter Data Based on Dropdown list

    Good morning, I have a table with Jobs and each job is related to a specific year. I would like to have a Drop down list in my Jobs layout that would filter all the jobs for the specfic year. I have tried to use Value lists and read the year data from a table. Both options and due to the fact that I have to select a Jobs table related field to use the Dropdown invalidates my attempts. I would like to have a dropdown list that does not store anything and it just serves as a trigger to filter data. Is this possible? If so, how? Thank you for your time in advance. Nuno Neto
  6. Background. A record in a table is related by a field to a field in another table. To select the related record, I use a dropdown box that shows all the relevant field values that can be selected from. The issue is, if the desired value is not there, you want the user to be able to enter a new value, and then automatically create a record for that new value in the related table.  I was having trouble with this issue previously, and decided to take another look at it. I came across the following solution, which is worth reposting here.  http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/d11c45f9f8  Here's the relevant section.   Now, for whatever reason, this doesn't work for me unless I add a "Commit Record" at the very top of the suggested script, and then it works like a charm!  My previous solution was to force the user to press a "plus" button next to the dropdown to add a new record (via a popover). I think this approach is cleaner.  Â
  7. I'm trying to come up with a simple way to add people to projects. Since a Person can be related to many Projects, and a Project can have many people connected to it, I've created a Role table to avoid the many-to-many problem. On the Project layout, I have a portal bringing in the Role data, making a nice list of all of the people related to that Project, and a button triggering a script to add a new role. The table I'm using to catalog the people has fields for First Name, Last Name, a unique identifying number, as well as a calculation field that joins First Name and Last Name. The portal in the Project layout displays the unique identifier and the First Name Last Name calculation field in a drop-down list. This is where I'm running into a couple of problems. I'd like to be able to choose the person I want to add to a project by typing a few letters of the name into the drop-down list (it has about 20,000 names in it, so this seems like the best way to narrow it down quickly) and then selecting the correct one. I'm finding two issues here: first, I can't select from the drop-down list until I've entered a number into the unique identifier field. I have a dummy record set up with no data in the name fields, so it looks like a blank new row, and I have the script that creates a new record paste the unique identifier for that blank record in, so the user can then select from the drop-down menu. Just typing it here makes me realize how inelegant this is, and it probably means I'm doing something else wrong along the way. I'm never going to add a Person by their unique identifier, since I'll have no idea what it is, but I can't figure out any other way to get the drop-down list to show up without already having a number in the Unique ID field. The second problem has to do with the drop-down list: since it is displaying the result of a calculation field, when I choose a person's name from the list, I get the "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable" error. At least I presume that's why I'm getting the error... I'm not trying to modify the field, but just want to select a Person in it, have the corresponding unique identifier be populated into the Unique ID field, and create an association through the Role table between this Person and this Project. I'd love to hear any suggestions as to how I might get around these problems. Thanks.
  8. My boss asked me to make conditional list fields for a portal, that when I choose a value in a field, I can choose its own options in the other field. For example: There are too many products, with diferent suppliers. What I want is to can choose a supplier in the "supplier" field in a portal row, to then choose in the "product" field all the products that sells the specific supplier. I still don't have acces to the DB to view the tables.
  9. Crestline, CA, April 22nd, 2013 -- Dracoventions has released 2empowerFM Menu Popper 3.0, the first FileMaker plug-in to let you add advanced dropdown menus to FileMaker layouts. Dropdowns can be used for things like type-ahead suggestions based on a search of multiple FileMaker fields. For example, as the user types, you might show matches in first names, last names, and email addresses, along with separator lines between each type of match. Showing suggested matches below your fields makes data entry faster and reduces duplicates. Dropdowns placed below FileMaker fields respond to up/down arrows, close when Esc is pressed, and even open again when the field is clicked in or first entered. If a match is chosen, you can populate other fields based on the record id of the chosen match, saving your users even more time. Menu Popper 3 also supports bold, italic, underline, and disabled styles in all its menus, along with bullets in its pop-up menus. Menus can now be kept in memory, combined together, and their items can be added or deleted. Menu items can even be shown conditionally based on what keys are held down, and a script can be run when a menu item is chosen. The new 2empowerFM Menu Popper is available immediately at menu.2empowerFM.com for both Macintosh and Windows. More Menu Popper Features - Save space on your layouts by changing a series of buttons into a single button that pops up a menu. - A sub-menu can be attached to any pop-up menu item. - Show any menu item and return any value when that item is clicked. - Construct a menu using a FileMaker "Value List", comma separated list, or any other list of items separated by whatever character you choose. - Create menus based on SQL queries, eliminating FileMaker table occurrences whose only purpose was to generate Value Lists used to show FileMaker menus. Pricing and Availability 2empowerFM Menu Popper 3.0 is available immediately at menu.2empowerFM.com This is a free update for those who purchased a license within the last year. Older customers may purchase upgrades at 50% off. New user licenses start at $49. Server and Developer licenses are also available. All plug-ins can be tested for 30 days free of charge and demos are fully functional. About Dracoventions Dracoventions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member located in Crestline, CA, USA. We invent solutions to your FileMaker challenges, save you development time, expand FileMaker's capabilities, and create a better user experience. With over 25 years of software engineering experience, company-founder Chris Dragon was inspired by the business needs of a FileMaker-based non-profit to create the 2empowerFM Family of Plug-ins. These plug-ins include Developer Assistant, Hands-Free Printer, Menu Popper, SQL Runner, and more. Plug-ins are available at 2empowerFM.com Contact Chris Dragon Dracoventions support@dracoventions.com http://www.dracoventions.com PO Box 2859, Crestline, CA 92325, USA (818) 588-6418
  10. I have a table of personnel which includes a "department" field. There's a related table, with a layout that has several dropdowns that all have the last and first names of personnel as the data to display. Each field on the layout corresponds to only one or two applicable departments due to the nature of the form and it's purpose. For that particular field on the layout, only names from a certain department would ever be selected. Having ALL personnel show up just clutters things and makes the dropdown list huge. I was working on a conditional value list but I'm not getting anywhere so I'd like to take a step back and get everyone's input on what is the best method to achieve this filtered dropdown list result. I don't want the user to have to enter the filter criteria. I want one dropdown that only shows personnel from department A in the field where that is the only applicable department; then another dropdown that only shows personnel from departments B and C (some will have two, but still filtered), and so on. Possible Ideas a saved find of the personnel table (one find for each department). Somehow make the name field of the found set be the source of the dropdown Conditional value list: I'm at a dead end on this method. see thread: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/80277-filtering-contents-of-dropdown-menu-using-values-from-another-field/page__fromsearch__1 separate TO of the personnel table for each department or several child tables of the personnel table that only contain the personnel in one department (I know, seems messy) Any other suggestions are welcome! I really like the idea of the saved find results being the source of the dropdown but I've brought it up a few times in another thread and couldn't get any advice on implementing it.
  11. I have a field on a layout that I have configured to display the Last names of personnel in my "Personnel" table. I'd like to find a way to make the dropdown menu only display personnel in a certain department. The Personnel table has a Department field already. I'd like to have it actually filter it before it's displayed, rather than validate the entry and give an error if the personnel is in the wrong department. Tagouts Copy 1.fp7.zip

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