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Found 43 results

  1. We seem to have some corruption in administration of licenses - see attached. Is there a way to manually remove the Device Sync Data to free up licenses. We plan a reinstall/upgrade over the Xmas break so a quick fix here would suffice.
  2. FMP 16 Will not start

    When I try to start FMP16 - since the latest update - I get an error message without any part of FMP appearing on the screen. There is a lot of data but the bit that caught my eye is this: Anybody else having or had this issue? Any known solution? Filemaker support seem to think its an Apple problem - something to do with my user account. Apple seem to think its a filemaker problem. Happy to supply the rest of the error message if required.
  3. Since this morning we have been receiving an Error when trying to process credit cards using Plastic. Anyone else using Payeezy and experiencing this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Error when generating plugin

    I just purchased Scriptmaster Advanced, and entered in the license. When I attempt to generate a plugin, it gives the error: Server error: Unable to retrieve Scriptmaster license I've sent in a support request, but I wondered if anyone had experienced this error as well, and if it would be a simple fix from my end. Thanks! David Silverthorn
  5. Filemaker bug with certain characters

    I would like to see if anyone could help me to verify if the problem I am having is a bug in Filemaker. I have recently upgraded my network from Filemaker 13 to 14. In 13 I did not experience this issue. It seems that in Filemaker 14, when a particular Hindi character is pasted into a Filemaker field it crashes the database. I have tested this on numerous machines within my network with the same result. I am hoping that someone will run this simple test for me and report back if it happened to them as well. I just need someone to create a database, create one text field. Create a new record and paste this Hindi character in that field. Then do a find and place your cursor in that field. At this point the database should crash. If anyone can confirm this I would love to know, thanks! Hindi character: क्स्ड (I will also attach a text file with the Hindi character in case something messes up when I post this...) hinid_error.txt
  6. Hello there, I'm just investigating on 2 issue I have on sync 2 DB, 1 on the server and 1 on the iPad that are set to use a Spoke Db in the middle tier. Basically the sync is set to copy ALL the data from some tables on the server to the local db and send some data from the local db to the end server db. For some reason, on a large table, called Articles, with more than 130k records, the sync does not copy all the record for some users. There is no 'filter' based on user on the end db, and I run a pre-populate sync on the spoke db that copied all 130k records. When the sync is run for that specific user, the final result on the iPad is that the sync DELETES 12k records for no apparent reason. In addition, there is a Global table that has always 1 records and is get from the server to the client. But I found some times that there are several records on that table (more than 10) on the server, even if the sync is set to write on the spoke and not viceversa for that table. I have the suspect that are written from the sync. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, Gianluca
  7. Hi, I am very new to using ScriptMaster and have run into some problems when trying to run a few test lines of java. I am trying to create a module that will modify AcroFields on a PDF document, and am therefore going to be using the iText library. I have added this in the Jar Libraries section. Here is the script I am trying to run: import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfDocument; import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfWriter; import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfReader; import com.itextpdf.forms.PdfAcroForm; //Initialize PDF document PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument(new PdfReader("C:/Users/Andy/Desktop/VA_Form.pdf"), new PdfWriter("C:/Users/Andy/Desktop/New_VA_Form.pdf")); PdfAcroForm form = PdfAcroForm.getAcroForm(pdf, true); and I am getting this error when attempting to run the script: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/itextpdf/layout/element/BlockElement Parameters: {data="my custom data"} ---Script--- Script: import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfDocument; import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfWriter; import com.itextpdf.kernel.pdf.PdfReader; import com.itextpdf.forms.PdfAcroForm; //Initialize PDF document PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument(new PdfReader("C:/Users/Andy/Desktop/VA_Form.pdf"), new PdfWriter("C:/Users/Andy/Desktop/New_VA_Form.pdf")); PdfAcroForm form = PdfAcroForm.getAcroForm(pdf, true); return "true!"; I am not sure how the classpath works in ScriptMaster, but assumed it was to do with this? I have four additional libraries (Itext7-Forms-7.0.0.Jar, Itext7-Io-7.0.0.Jar, Itext7-Kernel-7.0.0.Jar, Itext7-Pdfa-7.0.0.Jar). Any help is much appreciated, I am really stuck and can't seem to find any help in previous posts. Thanks
  8. YIKES! I tried to generate a DDR for my solution and got the following error: SAXParseException: Invalid character 0x12 in attribute value 'PlatformType' (Occurred in entity C:/Users\guys\AppData\Local\Temp\FMTEMPFM5128_4.tmp', at lime 24503, column 981.) I have attached a screenshot for clarity. The PlatformType bit is interesting as I work on the file at my office on a PC (Windows 10) and at home on a Mac (OS X Sierra). I clicked the OK Button three times and a DDR popped up, but only contained the Report Overview Page: The correct amounts of Tables, Relationships, etc. showed up, but none of the links work: It's an empty DDR. After shutting down FMP, reopening the file and trying again, I received the same error except the "FMTEMPFM5128_4.tmp" changed slightly to "FMTEMPFM5128_6.tmp". (the 6 replaced the 4) I am, as usual, clueless - any ideas out there? Thanks, Guy SAX Parse Exception 092916.pdf
  9. Halfway through a Reset Sync the sync stopped with an "Error: java.io.EOFException" in the status area. Upon retrying and restarting MirrorSync, every action results in the "error unmarshalling return" error shown below. I can't create any new syncs. Redownloaded the config client but still the same error. Is there somewhere I can go to delete all config client related files and start over? I had set up a sync and everything went fine, syncing 100,000 records. I then modified the the Customization script in FM to constrain found records to some 2000. I then right-clicked my sync and made it Reset Sync Data, hoping it would get rid of the excesses. MirrorSync spent some time deleting records before crashing with the error message "java.io.EOFException". Sent a log report. Trying the MirrorSync config client from another computer resulted in the same error. I am going to uninstall and reinstall MirrorSync now.
  10. FileMaker 15 for FM GO Refresh Portal script step gives an Error Code "116 Layout object is missing" Thoughts? Thank you!
  11. I'm helping a client who has an old install of Filemaker Server Advanced 11 running on a Mac Mini. It's been running Filemaker v11.5 for about 2 year without any issue... All of a sudden today, it stopped working! I checked to see if there were any updates installed from apple or java... NONE! I completely uninstalled Filemaker Server and reinstalled v11.5 and applied the java fix... still won't start. Just for laughs I installed v11.2, that installed fine, up and running no problem, as soon as I restart the Mac Mini, everything takes a dump. When I go to localhost:16000 or serverip:16000 in the browser, nothing happens, as if filemaker server was never even installed. If I double click the applet icon, it says "Unable to launch the application - Connection Refused". Any thoughts?
  12. My users are getting this error "database not available" when attempting to access a solution (the only solution) on this server. I get the error on a Macbook with Safari, they get the error with a PC using IE. I notice when searching for this error that some solve it by redeploying the server, or rebooting the server, or removing the "spaces" in the name and replacing them with "_". I've tried all that. Still getting the error. I'm not sure what else to try. FMS / WS 2012 R2
  13. ODBC Error

    Hi all, It's me again.... I've temporarily gotten around my issues with "required value" fields in SQL data by adding a default value to all blank fields, however I have now found another error. I have a table of customers (BP_Details) which is retrieved from SQL server view using a DSN. I then have a local Filemaker table ("BPAddon") which I've linked to the BP_Detials table using a unique customer ID field. I wish to populate the records in the addon table via the Cusomter layout to supplement the data from SQL. As there are no records in the addon table I've selected "allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" on the add on table side. I can browse records fine, however as soon as I add data in a field on the addon table I receive an ODBC error: "You cannot specify scroll locking on a cursor that contains a remote table". Am I doing something wrong in the relationship? Thanks for any help!
  14. I'm running a script that should find a set of records within a specific date range. The date range is contained within a variable '$DateRange' which is then entered from the 'Perform Find' script step. Regardless of how I have the date range formatted, the script returns error 500 after the find. I've entered the date both as '1/22/2012...2/26/2012' or '22/1/2012...26/2/2012' or '1-22-2012...2-26-2012' and nothing seems to work. I've run this find request with the value I see for $DateRange in the data viewer while the script is running manually and it works without issue. It just doesn't work during the script. I've run this sort of find before without any issues... the only thing that has changed is that I've upgraded to FM14 (from 13). Any ideas???
  15. I have a problem with filemaker server 14, when I install it this happened: I don't know what is causing this, help.
  16. I just upgraded Server & Clients to FMP14, but when I try to activate the FTPeek plugin on my client I receive the following error: I'm using Mac if that matters. Any idea what this means?
  17. Inventory Error

    Hello, This is my first time using this forum so please excuse any mistakes.. I have setup a standard pos system with DB for invoicing a customer, inventory and purchasing inventory from Maker. The DB is setup in such was so that I have a layout for Invoicing the customer and within the invoice are the line items for each product that I carry in the inventory. The Inventory is defined with barcode, description, prices and most importantly stock. The purchase order is setup the same way as such so the i have layout with purchase order sheet, then within are the line item with barcodes, description etc... Now, the problem that I am facing is that i am using calculations to keep track of the stock where as if i order 1 item then 1 item gets added and if I see that item 1 gets deducted etc.. now the problem is that after certain length of time... I see stock for items that I didn't order. It will just appear out of the blue as stock.... I am totally stumped and urgently need of help. A POS system with wrong information on stock on hand is useless... Looking for any suggestions or comments. Regards, Young
  18. Hi there, i have a filemaker database that runs on a filemaker server 13 with a connection to a mysql db trough ODBC. it always worked fine, but recently certain records won't synchronise ( read : import ) because there is a problem with the UUID. in the MYSQL db the UUID exists and in the local file also. but when i try to update the records in the mysql db certain records return an error. when i chance only the uuid of that record, with an other valid uuid, it works fine. a new relation between the filemaker and Mysql db , based on the UUID returns the expected result Any comments or experience ? Regards Ivan
  19. As the title says I'm having trouble exporting records as a csv file to a file on the user's desktop. The problem I have is apparently these export paths: filemac:~/Desktop/LegAve_Orders/$file file:Desktop/LegAve_Orders/$file Both give a "File cannot be created on this disk" error. I assume because the export paths are not correct. Is there even a way to do this without knowing the user name?
  20. Hello all, I have a strange problem that I have not been able to work out over the past few days. I have created a popover search bar for my layout and am using the default Asset Quick setup. Within that inside the Asset Details window I have created a popover button that exposes a search bar. The odd part happens once a quick search has been done. The search provides the correct assets in the list, however it ALSO includes what ever asset was currently selected. For example If I have 3 items, each in a category of "Laptop, Desktop, and iPad" and the Desktop asset is selected, when I perform the quick search with the word "Laptop" I'll get the laptop item, but I will also get the Desktop item. This happens with what ever asset is selected. In Filemaker Pro 13 it doesn't appear that you can have no assets selected, the lowest you can go is the first asset entry. I hope this makes sense and am appreciative of any incite anyone can give! Thank you, Commit Records/Requests[] # If[not IsEmpty ( Assets::Dash Search )] Set Field [Assets::Dash Search] # #Performs Search Perform Quick Find [$data] # Else If [IsEmpty ( Assets::Dash Search)] Show All Records # End If # Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
  21. I'm working on a data exchange project where I am build a product list using selected data from two other product files. The new data exchange database has been built from scratch, the two other product files are in separate legacy databases which have existed for some years, are in regular use and run reliably doing what they do. All the databases are hosted on Filemaker Server 11 Advanced Building the product list involves selecting sub-sets of data in the product files and then importing a few fields into the new product list. A controlling script calls two other scripts each of which call in scripts in the remote files to create the required subset, then imports the subset into the new list The record numbers are modest, less than 13,000 in total and overall the script takes two to three minutes to run. Running the script using a Client machine works perfectly every time. The problem occurs ONLY when the script runs on the server, when it fails to do the import from just ONE of the product files. The import from the other file is successful. After adding some error logging code, I've been able to determine that the error code is 100 (file missing) and that it occurs during an IMPORT RECORDS script step. I'm running the script using the admin privilege set, and the server uses the same privilege set when it runs the script. Could anyone suggest why the error 100 only occurs when the script is running on the server, and what ithe File Missing error might be referring to? Thanks Brian
  22. I successfully deployed SuperContainer (SC) via the Web Publishing Engine (WPE) of FileMaker Server 11 for years, on a Mac mini (2010) running OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), with no problems. But I ran into the following problem with Mavericks and SC: I upgraded to more modern versions of OS X and FMS by doing a completely clean installation: Formatted the Mac mini's drive; Did a clean installation of OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks); and Installed FileMaker Server 12v6 without problems. Next, I downloaded the latest SuperContainer from 360Works (v2.896). When I double-clicked the "Mac Installer.app" (also known as "SCInstaller") to deploy SC with FMS, as I did before with FMS11, I was surprised to see this alert pop up: "'Mac installer' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." Mac Installer is damaged.tiff I tried downloading a fresh copy, using Safari and Firefox; same error. I’d never seen this message before when installing any software, and I found no reports of it in this forum or in TechNet. The icon displayed in the alert window indicated that it was originating from Mac OS Gatekeeper. So the solution I tried was to change the "Security & Privacy" System Preference of Mavericks, under the "General" tab, to "Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere", rather than the more restrictive "Mac App Store and identified developers" option. (Perhaps another option would have been just to control-click the app icon and then select “Open”, to exempt the app from Gatekeeper; I didn't test that.) Apple’s support article on Gatekeeper mentions this “Damaged” app warning message is an indication that “the app has been altered by something other than the developer.” I doubt that any “true damage” is present in the Mac Installer for SC. I think the message appeared because AppleScript scripts get modified after they’re signed. An Apple support article on Mavericks security states: “Some apps and tools, such as AppleScript applications and some legacy tools, modify themselves after signing. These types of apps cannot be opened unless the Gatekeeper setting in Security & Privacy preferences is set to Anywhere” I had only tried the SC Installer on Mavericks, but I suppose the same error might have occurred on Mountain Lion or Lion, since Gatekeeper was introduced with Lion. It appears, for now, that we may need to temporarily disable Gatekeeper (by choosing the "Anywhere" option) in order for SC's Mac Installer to work. David M. Hollander, MD Combined Fields Consulting
  23. Mail stops receiving

    Hi All I have a client using the 360Mail plugin for incoming emails. Everything works absolutely fine up until a certain point and then mail stops being imported into the database. I have just tested in the 360 demo file and mail comes in up until a certain point and then fails as per the live system... Upon investigation of the xml file produced I find that the error is 401 - although I know that emails exist waiting to be downloaded, cos I have sent some to him! So I know that the details are all correct, but for some reason mail stops being downloaded after a certain point. If it was falling over at the same exact email I would have put it down to a corrupt email, however I can import up to the 86th email in the clients system and in the 360 demo it only gets up to 64 (although they are using different versions of the plugin). Any ideas?!? Cheers in advance Vicky x
  24. I was pulling my hair out earlier due to a problem with FileMaker Go 13.0.2 on my iPhone 5S (updated OS). I'm running it against a FileMaker 13 server hosted at FileMakerProHosting.com and developed the database with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. I have a simple layout for updating a table. On the iPhone, I would click on a field and modify the contents and then go to another record and do the same (List view). If I went back to the original record and tried to modify the field, again, I would get the subject message. Actually, if I went to any record, I got the same message. This would NOT occur on FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced on my Mac. Nor would it happen on my iPad running FileMaker Go 13.0.2 (same version). The problem seems to be unique to the iPhone. I also noticed that my Mac and iPad were not getting any of the field updates I was able to make on the iPhone prior to the error appearing. This makes me think FileMaker Go was in some funky state and not pushing updates--it thought the field was still in the midst of a change. What I do recall is that earlier I had become interested in learning how well Siri would work to enter data into a field. This may or may not have anything to do with the issue surfacing. I have tried using Siri on my iPad and experienced no problems with this same layout. If I logged the iPhone out of the database and reconnected, I would have the same experience. It seems I can update one record, but when I go to another, the problem seemed to surface. Note--the Layout is set to "Save record changes automatically". I tried adding a script trigger to force a commit when leaving the field, but without any benefit. I then tried powering down/up the iPhone and that seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know how to report this to FileMaker, but I do know from other threads that others have experienced this same issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We're close to putting this system in the field to manage all of our service techs and I'm a bit anxious the problem will surface, again.
  25. I am working with a FileMaker application that was built and maintained in FMP4, and am trying to migrate into FMP11. The files were converted first to .fp5, then imported into FMP11 and coverted to .fp7. Overall the fields, layouts, scripts and security accounts survived the process with only some adjustments. However, there is a problem with deleting records through a portal. Our main DB layout contains a portal to another table in another .fp7 file. The Relationships chart shows the relationship, and has the "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" and "Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table" checkboxes set for the portal source table. New records can be added through the portal with no problem, but when trying to delete I get "This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid." Some particulars: The delete button is a container field from another table/file (not the portal source file). The Relationship is keyed on an ID field, but that field is not shown in the portal; the Delete Portal Row script is preceded by a Go to Field[select/Perform] that references a name value field on the portal row. The portal source table has Relationships that also set the "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" and "Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table" checkboxes - so deleting the portal row should also delete rows in that relationship (cascade). Deletion doesn't even work when clicking the "Delete Record" button directly on the DB file. (I've seen on numerous occasions that this particular dialog is unhelpful and I agree - its no more helpful than the Check Engine light in your car). I will also note that this delete functionality DID work in the conversion from .fp3 to .fp5: I can open these .fp5 files in FMP5 and the app works fine. Any thoughts?

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