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Found 15 results

  1. Can't see DSN

    Hi all I'm trying to connect to an Azure SQL database from FileMaker 16. I've added the DSN via ODBC 32bit (see pic). However, when I go to File>Manage>External Data Sources, it doesn't show the DSN. Where am I going wrong? Thanks in advance
  2. How can I get ESS access to PostgreSQL from FM11SA?
  3. Hi guys, Is there a way to connect an Advantage Database Server (ADS) with FM as an ESS? Anyway that can do the job done such as a ODBC wrapper, a plugin, JDBC. Thanks in advance!
  4. I've got a file that contains several external data source tables from a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Oracle 11g) database. If I understand correctly, FileMaker doesn't just execute a query via the ODBC connection, but rather downloads each connected table in its entirety when the file is opened. Is that correct? The problem with this is that the JDE tables are very, very large! Each one can have a large number of fields/columns, and thousands of records! This means that a ton of superfluous data must be transferred over the LAN. (I only need a couple fields, and only from records that would match a WHERE clause.) This makes the FileMaker file very slow to load, and very slow to change layouts. There must be a better way. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Hello all, Happy New Year and all that! I'm back at it already and have hit my first hurdle with using ESS (now the DSN is working that is!) I have several SQL views on a read only DSN which I'm pulling through to FM. The first view has data relating to our customers and this is pulled from our ERP, which is the system of record, hence the data is read only. The problem I have is that there are four fields that are showing as "required values". The first 3 are indeed required and will always be populated, the fourth (ID of parent account) however is only likely to be populated about 10% of the time in the ERP data. Of course when I edit any local fields which I've added to a layout using a related FM table, the solution validates the data from SQL and complains that the parent account ID field is empty, but of course I can't fill this in as the data is read only and set to can't edit... vicious circle! -worryingly I originally typed viscous circle which is a completely different thing! Can anyone advise why this field is insisting on being populated - does it come from the SQL data, e.g. some kind of primary key? If I remove the "required value" bit from the field in manage database it just reappears. Thanks for any help you can offer. Regards, Tim
  6. Hi all, This is my first post in the forum - one of no doubt many to come! I'm working on my first solution and as part of that I'm pulling in data from a SQL Server 2008 database which will be augmented by file maker tables. I have been able to locate the DSN and setup the External Data Source, however when I try to add the table in the relationships screen I can only see the system tables in the SQL database - not the views and tables that I have setup. Does anyone have an idea of a possible solution for this? Running FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 on Windows 7. Many thanks, Tim
  7. Hi all!  I am trying to connect to SQL database hosted in MS SQL server, located in Azure.  My setup: Server - Win 2012 Server, FMS 13 Advanced, - ODBC Driver: ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server 11.0.2270.0 (64-bit) Clients: - FMSA 13, tried MAC & WIN   Setting up System DNS without problems, test completed succesfully  Added this DNS as external DataSource in my DB.  When trying to add TO to Relationships graph , get the message:  SQL Database & All its Tables and Views shows in "Specify Table" Dialog  "This action cannot be performed because the required table is missing"   I though that the credentials for SQL Database does not allow to see tables/ edit data. But the SQL database guy said that I have all rights there. At the moment, I can't check it  I am new to MS SQL connection, but done quite a lot work with MySQL databases.  I would be happy to get some hints what to do. The database guy in SQL side is not very helpful.  rgdrs, Martti  Â
  8. Hi everybody, I have trying to combine data from a MySQL source with my local FM database using a shadow table with ESS connector. Basically I have done a Point Of Sale (POS) that gets the data from a MySQL database (it contains the information about the products, prices, stock, etc). I have two problems: 1. I have done an script that connect to this shadow table when I insert a barcode for a product and extract the information about that product. If I open the FM solution and initially run the script, the process is too slow but if I go firstly to the shadow table and then I run again the script, in that case the process is faster. I have solve this problem using and script that goes briefly to the shadow table (when I open the application) before returns to the main layout. Is there other alternative more elegant? 2. Certain products are duplicates in the database and have different barcodes. If I insert one of these barcodes, a floating panel is shown, an script using ExecuteSQL query is run to show only this products (from shadow table). To do this query, I need to go to the shadow table and do a search in Find Mode and then run again the ExecuteSQL query. I think that both problems are related and I suppose that I need to optimize the connection to MySQL shadow table. Could anyone help me to enhance it? Do I need to include any other step in the scripts to establish or maintain the connection to the MySQL database? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  9. Using Filemaker 11 Server. I have a server script that is going to several ess layouts based on ORACLE views over ODBC, and exporting the data to excel files in the Documents Folder on the server. A separate database has a scheduled server script to import the data into local Filemaker tables that mirror the ORACLE structure. This works great when the ORACLE server is online, but when it goes offline (usually without notice), the script just hangs (it eventually times out at the time limit I have set on the server). On the client I can do an Open File script step and check for an error before going to the ESS layout, but that script step is not supported on the Server. Is there some other way to test for availability before going to the layout to prevent it from hanging?
  10. Renaming ESS fields

    Does anyone have any tips for renaming fields that are connected through ESS? According to the ESS tech brief, it seems like this should be possible without an issue: So if I'm just renaming the field, the unique key should remain the same, right? When I tried it and synced the tables again, the old field was changed to type "Unknown" and the new name was added as a separate field? Is there any nice way to do this and keep field linkings in scripts and layouts? (Details: The files are hosted by FMS13 on Mac, connected through ActualODBC to MySQL)
  11. Hi, My students are developing a project in Filemaker using the separation model. The FM data file connects to a MySQL database. I noticed that when updating a foreign key value on the Presentation layer, the view of the value on the related table does not update. Like if the relationship didn't updated. Eg : I have a "buildings" table and a "building_types" table. There is a field "buildings::fk_building_type_id" which is related to "building_types::id". I am using a layout attached to BLD__BUILDINGS in the presentation layer. In the layer, there are two fields "BLD__BUILDINGS::fk_building_type_id" and "bld_BUILDINGTYPES::name". When I change the "fk" the "name" does not update directly. I must commit the record. Doing so in the data file, the update is instantaneous. What is the reason for this behaviour? Thanks for helping
  12. All, I am building a solution which requires ESS connection to Oracle 11g from FM12. Got the ActualTech Oracle ODBC Oracle Driver. Setup went fine. Managed to do imports from Oracle using the Import Script Step. Can display ESS Shadow tables from Oracle in the FM Relationship graphs. However: * when doing so, FM tells me that the External Table "does not provide a pre-defined unique key" and asks me to choose a field or field combination to identify the same * All relationships i perform involving an ESS table display the 'T' cardinality symbol implying that the match field has no index information. The subsequent problem is obvious : performance as we are reading hundred of thousands of records. It looks like the oracle index information cannot be read whilst it does exist. I have checked with the Oracle DBA : the Indexes do exist on the table (not view) / fields we are accessing via ESS and the Oracle user used for ODBC connectivity does have adequate permissions to read both all_indexes and dba_indexes tables in Oracle. This has been confirmed using an straight SQL query in Oracle SQL developer. Hence my question : does any one have an answer to the following questions : * Is the issue related to Oracle ? ODBC technology itself ? Actual Tech ODBC Driver for Oracle ? ESS Technology in FM ? Setup of any of these layers ? * Anything the Oracle DBA should be doing further so that FM can actually read the existing Index information ? * Anything I am obviously forgetting ? Any hint welcome Thanks Laurent
  13. I want to know if FM Server 12 can update a external MySQL db in the same manner as the client can using ODBC connection (ESS). It works great when running the scripts on the client, but seem like it won't work in the same manner via server and server scripting. I am using all relevant drivers and it does work with my solution, but I'm looking to move, automate and schedule this process to the server itself. Thanks in advance. Michael
  14. Hi Everyone, I've run into somewhat of a roadblock using ESS with FM Server 11 Advanced (clients using FM 10 or FM 11). The issue concerns a server schedule that executes a script from one of the hosted files. The solution is a back-office application that handles data for servicing of equipment by field-based engineers, who access data on their PDA's. The PDA's write to a MySQL db which is accessed from FM via ESS. All reading/writing is done from the FM side i.e. one script pulls information, the other pushes info to the MySQL db. The solution has been running for a couple of years, though over the last few months the speed of running the 'pulling' script has decreased from about 2/3minutes to well over an hour. All operations are logged in an error-log within an FM Table and it seems it is hanging for 30+ minutes on very basic searches on fields in MySQL that act as 'flags' to detect that an action is required. For instance, running a search on a table that has 100k + records for a field = 1 could take over 30 mins. I've tried searching but found little information online. If the solution were restructured to enforce an 'archiving' system whereby old data would be filtered out relationally, would that improve performance, or does the relational enforcement not deliver any efficiency improvements over a good old search? I'll illustrate an example below: If data over 1 month old were flagged with a '1' in an 'archive' field, and the relationship between FM and MySQL was based on archive=0 between the two tables, and we then ran individual searches in this restricted table instance, would it be more efficient (significantly) than running a search on all the data to begin with? If I've not provided enough information, please let me know. I'd be very grateful for any insight into how FM works so that I can plan a solution accordingly. Thanks, Jason V.
  15. I'm pretty new to FileMaker. I have flooring software that uses Sybase which I need to integrate with FileMaker. I can import data just fine with an ODBC driver, but I can't establish ESS that will allow me to import my Sybase tables into the relationships graph. A little searching on FileMaker's website led me to a page that said ESS is only supported with flavors of Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL servers. Does anyone know how to establish a live connection with other servers, particularly Sybase. Thanks in advance.

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