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Found 9 results

  1. Often we have to revise estimates for a customer, and they may come back and order against an estimate that is not the most recent. I am trying to find the best way to tie all the estimates together with the same Estimate or Job #, and increment a revision #. So far I've created a Job# field, and a Revision number field, but having trouble getting the revision number and job number to increment correctly when I have a new estimate vs a revision. Any suggestions?
  2. I have an estimate that has more than 20 line items but when I print it Im only getting the first page not multiple pages with all my line items. So how can i get my estimates and invoices to print all line items?
  3. Assistance Needed - Creating the right relationships based on the information below. Being in the print, packaging, promotional and apparel industry, I am trying to build a "One Click" solution for processing client's print JOBS and invoicing them out accordingly. Each JOB requires the following: JOB NUMBER (JOB). Maintain the same job number from initial JOB SPECIFICATION through INVOICING, and versioning of JOB NUMBER based on changes. For example: If I create a new JOB and it's number is 1001 and then I modify it at some point, I would like to capture the initial JOB number 1001 and then have a revised JOB number that reads something like, "1001r2". This gives me the ability to know the historical changes along the way. I am not sure this is possible, but any input would be great.JOB SPECIFICATIONS. Build out unique specifications tied to the JOB (JOB Name, Description, No. of components that make up JOB, what are all of their specifications - Component Name, Page Count, Flat Size, Finish Size, No of Colors, What Finishing is needed, etc. Each estimate may have different specification requirements (a brochure, an envelope, t-shirts, and a display stand require some of the same specs, but many different ones too). FORMAL QUOTATIONS to Suppliers. Once specifications are created in filemaker and verified by the client, I will need to confidentially send a formal quotation out to multiple suppliers to BID on the JOB. These suppliers may bid the whole JOB, or just components of it. For instance, we may have a direct mail campaign with multiple print components in it. As a result, one supplier cannot fulfill the whole JOB. Therefore, we will need to send portions of the Formal Quotation out to suppliers that can complete certain aspects. On the other hand, we may just have a brochure that needs to be completed and this Formal Quotation goes to just one type of supplier. FORMAL QUOTATION to Client. Once, all bids are received into our office, then we will create a Formal Quotation to the Client. We would like to send via email.PURCHASE ORDERS (POs). Upon acceptance of the Formal Quotation by Client, then we need to pick and choose the right suppliers to run the JOB. At this point we will need to produce one or more POs to send out to those chosen suppliers to produce the component. SUPPLIER INVOICES. I would like to capture all of the suppliers invoices and tie them to the JOB. Do I need to create an entity to store the supplier invoices to this JOB? In essence, I would like to scan and track all of the hard copy cost of goods (cogs) and tie them to every JOB.INVOICING. This is pretty self explanatory. After a JOB is completed by the vendors, we will invoice the JOB to the client.CONSOLIDATED DETAILED INVOICES. Just like above, we may need to Invoice a client once a month for all of the JOBS we did over the past 30 days.I hope I spelled this out clearly. With this said, I am asking for input on how to create the most efficient Entities/Table Occurences within the FM Relationship Diagram to have this work successfully. I have read the Basics and part of the Advanced FM Training Series, but I still cannot get my head around the scenario I listed above. I think I am making this more difficult than it appears within my industry. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. JFC70
  4. Hello Let's start with the famous introduction "I'm not an expert" but I've been around filemaker for a while. I'm on a Mac FileMaker Pro ADV 14. I would love to know HOW can we populate automatically the Estimates Bill To and Ship To information as soon as we select the "Company" (Account) since this information is already filled in the Account Layout.Can we do exactly the same based on BillTo_Name_First or BillTo_Name_Last ?But WAIT, there is MORE: I have Business as Clients and each Business is an represented by ACCOUNT I have people as clients (CONTACTS) from different places Individuals (Contacts) classified grouped under ACCOUNT "eBay Clients"Individuals (Contacts) classified grouped under ACCOUNT "Website A Clients"Individuals (Contacts) classified grouped under ACCOUNT "Website B Clients"I want to be able to autofill Estimates Bill To and Ship To information based on the CURRENT ACCOUNT (from the field labelled Company) BUT be able to choose different CONTACTS from the same company. I believe this has to be done via a "script trigger" (something I learned from the videos) but I believe it should be 2 scripts that will execute based on whatever I have no idea ! WOW - that was a long one, SORRY about that but ANY HELP will be much appreciated. Cheers Beto Boton Australia
  5. Hi, my name is Mathieu. I'm relatively new to Filemaker and and new to the forum. Merry christmas to everybody and thank you all in advance for your support. I have a layout for estimates with a portal showing LineItems items: Clients------>Estimates---->LineItems<-----Products I use price lookups in lineitems to make sure that if a product price change, it doesn't change in already completed estimates. My relationships are set up so that an estimate doesn't make a change in inventory. Now, the problem is, I'd like to, when a estimate is accepted, check a radio button in the estimate layout and automatically copy my lineitems items, at the price set previously in a new portal in a contract table that will make the change in inventory and eventually let me see what i'm missing and let me order them. I know most people put estimate and contracts(invoices) in the same table, I am also ready to do that if I can make sure estimates dont change inventory. Can you help me figure the relations and the scripts I need to achieve that? Thank you so much.
  6. Hi There, I am currently using the StartingPoint Template for my business. My current problem that needs solving is I created a few new fields and portals on the estimates module in which I must manually put a customer Reference Number, portal created for showing the Cubic meterage, and a calculation field which calculates the total cartons needed as a result of the Quantity input and the Master carton qty. The problem enters when I "move to invoice" it does not relay all the information from Estimates to the invoice module. I am struggling for the answer, having tried creating portals (perhaps I am not setting up the portal correctly?) Any guidance on this would help greatly!
  7. Why is in estimates a tab with supplier. Supplier of what? Supplier of the products in the estimates-lines? But when you offer different products from different suppliers? Or is it the information about the transport company or post like UPS?
  8. I would like to start by thanking the developers for such a wonderful solution. Our organization has been successfully adapted FM starting point to our current needs. However one of the biggest challenges we have right now comes from having the invoices and Estimates List more than 18 items when they print. I have read in another discussion that was solution for it however I wasn't able to truly grasp the meaning of it. Any help I could get to solve this would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hi there, Would really like to be able to automatically add Invoice and Estimate information into the Calendar view when a new Invoice or Estimate is created, is this possible? Struggling to find out how the Tasks get added and thought it would be a matter of adjusting a script or calculation. Any ideas? Thanks
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