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Found 35 results

  1. Excel Developer Required

    Hi, I am going to be doing a mini project with FileMaker where an excel sheet is going to be distributed to bidders for some work. My plan is to then import the data from completed spreadsheets into FileMaker using Scribe. The Excel sheets aren't going to be the most complex Excel ever but there are some special things. So, we feel we need an experienced Excel person to take care of that. So, we are looking for recommendations for an Excel consultant who might be able to help us out. Ideal person is: -Based, like us, in the UK. US is OK though. -Able to stick around for bits and pieces as we go along over the coming months (and maybe years). The project is very much a developing thing. THANKS for any recommendations. - Chris
  2. Hi Guys I can't figure out a solution for this. The final result is an export, No data have to be stored in filemaker afterwards. I need to combine and export data from 3 tables to the SAME field in Excel. Lets say we have table A: A1, A2 and A3, table B: B1, B2 and B3 and table C: C1, C2 and C3. These are tied together by a unique number in the solution. I need these fields to output i the export as all 1's in one column beneath each other, all 2's in one column beneath each other and all 3's in one column beneath each other. I am thinking, that I need a new table to combine these fields in 3 new fields D1, D2 and D3 and then do the export of this table. After export, the table could be deleted until next export. I am thinking this should be set up as a script. Does the above make sense, and could it be done via a script? Thanks for the help - really appreciate it!
  3. Exporting Report Issue

    Hey Guys, Just a quick one, I have a large report that groups products together via Style, and has totals at the bottom in the green section (I realise they arent totalling but thats not my issue) My issue is, that when I export as a spreadsheet, my products stay grouped by Style, but I cannot for the life of me get the totals to stay underneath the columns of each group! Any help or advice would be appreciated, I just want it so that its in the format below with the group of products, then the totals beneath.
  4. Hi there, I am making cutom import and export from/to excel documents. Is there any way to merge excel cells in scribe? I can easly find out which fields are merged when importing. two nested loops and if second col or row is empty while reading i consider it merged. Problem is while exporting. I need to add new rows to excel documents and keep 1 column merged for each set of rows(like in sub summary but vertical). Thanks in advance for any help. Have a nice day.
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I need to open a .xlsx file by pressing a button I have tried with a script, where I establish a variable $ filename = e: \ Works \ Josram \ Presup \ AAVSA \ slopes 345 7 Apr 14.xlsx And using the command "Send DDE Execute" The service name = "c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office16 \ Excel.exe" But when you run it, it just does nothing Can someone tell me that I'm doing wrong? I don't need to import o export a file. I only need, when i click a button Excel runs and open the .xlsx file Thanks in advance regards Pedro
  6. Hi There, First of all many thanks to creators for amaizng plugin. What is the syntax for inserting images to excel? ScribeDocWriteValue ( “addImage()”; image ; page ; x location ; y location ; height ; width ) Do not work for xlsx with error about invalid cell name (first parameter is function adn for excel it seams it is not recognized) for pdf works fine as in demo expample I tried standard syntax for excel where first parameter is table cell and second is image in container but it do not insert the image. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Bart
  7. I am using Excel 365 on desktop and FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 with FileMaker Server. I am able to connect to FileMaker from Excel using ODBC to read all records in a table or matching it to a hard coded name. Sample: Select work FROM "Student Time Import" WHERE badgename="Patrick Dollar" What I'd like to do is add a where clause where it selects hours worked based on the date in the Excel spreadsheet. The cell's date is B12 and so on. I know my syntax is wrong, but after several attempts, I haven't been able to solve it. Here is my syntax: Select work FROM "Student Time Import" WHERE badgename="Patrick Dollar" and date = TimeSHeet(Select * FROM[SHRA Temp Timesheet.Range("B12).Value]) Thanks.
  8. Script to Run Report Blank

    I am using FileMaker Pro 12. I wrote a script to look at a field and if the value is less or equal to .70 it will run the report. I have it set to Auto open an EXCEL spreadsheet. When the script runs I see that it finds the records but then my EXCEL spreadsheet is empty. Here is the script: Perform Find [Restore] Save Records as Excel["TotalAttendance.xls";Automatically open;Records being browsed] Go to Layout[original layout] Show All Records In the Perform Find [Restore] I have the following coded: Find Records PersonnelRecords::PercentDaysAttended:[<_ .70] That is suppose to be less than and equal to. Did not know how to show it with the keyboard.
  9. Join & Export 4 Tables

    I have 4 Tables of Sales Records (1 per Store) for the same 1000 products (each sold in the 4 Stores). Table1 (T1) has 30,000 records T2 has 50,000 records T3 has 10,000 records T4 has 10,000 records The fields in the 4 Tables have different names and contain similar “core” content. Tables are added to each month with additional records (imported into FM 14 Pro Advanced from Excel). Unfortunately the same Products are named slightly differently in each of the 4 tables. Each store / table has a (text) Product-ID but (for the same product) it is different per store. I do want to rectify this “naming problem” (perhaps in a Table #5?) so I can produce a report showing sales for each of the 1000 products across all 4 stores (grouped by date etc.) I’m not sure how to structure/carry-out this in Filemaker most effectively. Any ideas? Ultimately, when the data is clean, I want to upload ALL the records (e.g. 100,000 records) in one export into one Excel spreadsheet so I can run a Pivot Table (Cross-Tab) report. Do I need to combine the 4 Tables into 1 Master Table before doing an Export on the Master Table? If so, how would I do this? Thanks for any ideas about this?
  10. I've got multiple Filemake databases with 4m+ records each. I've created a layout which calculates a summary using a sort, Groups and Counts. This takes 10-15 seconds, which is OK. However, when I try to export this summary report to Excel it appears that Filemaker has to recalculate all the Groups & Counts, but for some reason this takes several hours. The last report took over 4 hours. I can't figure out how I can simply export or copy the summary report that Filemaker creates for the Layout? Please can someone provide assistance because I have another 20 similar reports to do and this will take me days instead of hours
  11. I recently imported records from an excel sheet into my filemaker solution. I just noticed that the dates in the excel sheet were entered in this format 1996-04-19 and as a result, all my date calculations are not working. For example, the Age and other functions. Manually changing the date to 4-19-1996 resolves it. Is there a way i can do this without manually going to each record? because there are a lot of records to deal with.. Thanks for your anticipated response
  12. Hello, I have a small problem before importing an Excel file in Filemaker As I run a macro on Windows all goes well the work is done corectement to use the file to import into Filemaker But on Mac that does not work I tried with several Excel and of course Windows Excel for Mac I think this is the path for the error message, this is the way: sPath = "C: \ input \" Thank you
  13. Hi All, Sorry if the title is a bit confusing, I wasn't sure how to explain it. Basically I've got a layout that contains a portal to another table. abc0198_cpa_v002 and xyz0570_cpa_v0008 are the link to the other table (linked to the table by the first 6 characters) the problem I have is when I export this I get the following in Excel. I was hoping that the empty fields beneath abc0198_cpa_v002 would be filled with abc0198_cpa_v002. I can get it to work by going to the related table, searching for those records (abc0198 & xyz0570), but I will fall into the same problem when I receive multiple records that relate to the same record in the other table. IE I might receive abc0198_cpa_v002 and abc0198_cpa_v005 etc. I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any help.
  14. So the company I am working for just picked up a huge contract with a cruise line, where we are going to be surveying some of their hardware and other equipment, guess who has two thumbs and is the lucky son of a gun to make the database for this project? This guy! Anyways, I can't really go into detail for legal reasons, but I can explain what I am looking for. I'm wondering if there is a way to export the records from the database in filemaker to an existing Excel spreadsheet, and the biggest reason this is the route I'm trying to go is, I based the solution that I've build thus far on the spreadsheet deliverable that they had given us at the beginning of the bidding process. There are several fields in this deliverable that have the same name, which in Excel is no problem, but we work with Filemaker lol, so there's that. Anyway, so I have about 5-6 different types of fields that share the same name in the spreadsheet that i cannot allow in filemaker, so I cannot just set up an export to create an excel document, or else the client would most likely be very unhappy with the deliverable that they receive. So i want to know if there is any way to throw all of my records into the spreadsheet that they gave us starting at a specific cell for each of the 8 (I think it was 8) worksheets in the file. haha the more I type and am reading what i type, the more impossible I feel like this would be. Thank you to anyone who can offer some help or insight, it is greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi I’m new in Filemaker, but I see lot of advantages using this solution. I have two similar excel one is work schedule and next one is order schedule. I would like to have them in FM. My problem Is to build database which keep the visual and functionality of excels WORK SCHEDULE: The main part of this excel (SCHEUDLE) is connecting dates, workers and type of work to do. I would like to keep the visual form of this excel but it should work as a database. Work to do is editable list of work type. At the upfront you can see date, week day and time start of each shift, colors are pointing different line production (usually there are 2 shifts day/night and we have to lines block line and trey line also there are something like work on empting trays ) Below the main part is dictionary to translate contraction ( OL/K is operator of blocking line, W/PUSTE is forklift on empty side etc. ) and some extra info about production. I will translate last sheudle and add hole excel here. Also I did some pivot table to calculate how often my worker work on each post. It is on GRAF ORDER SCHEDULE At this excel we have similar situation. (I need to delete sensitive data I only keep date from the last month MAY 2016). On the left side you have clients which are extra sorted by type of product they take (BLOCKS / BULK / TRAY ). At the upfront we have dates months, days, week number, total weekly production by product, total day production by product. Last row (IV) is total season order for each client. The main cell is fill with amount of product to do. I should be something like popup menu with order details ( amount of product, order specification, transport specification I will edit that later on ) Please help me build such SHEDULES, I can’t figure out how to start ? P.S. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH ORDER SCHEUDLE.xls WORK SCHEUDLE.xlsx
  16. I could really use some help! I'm in a crunch and need a solution fast. Any Applescript FileMaker gurus out there? My client sends me (usually weekly) batches of excel documents... hundreds of them. I've created import scripts and parsing scripts to get the data from the excel document into FileMaker, but I need a solid way of batching the import process. Below I'll explain what I currently have, but it's very clunky and errors out quite often, so I could really use some guidance. I can look at applescripts and for the most part understand what they are doing, but I'm no scripter. Basic need: Trigger import process in which one at a time, the excel documents are imported into my database and a few additional scripts are run internally. The excel documents come to me as .xlsm files, which FileMaker doesn't like. To overcome this, I change the name to .xls before importing. Here's what I currently have: An applescript app called "Auto-Import" I startup when I'm ready to import a batch. It looks at an IN folder. One by one, it moves the files to a WORKING folder, changes the name, then calls on FileMaker to do a script. FileMaker is set to look for a static file named "importme.xls" in the WORKING folder. It imports, then runs a couple of parsing scripts. After a short delay, the Applescript app changes the filename back to its original name, then moves it to the DONE folder, after which it moves to the next item in the list from the IN folder. I found this applescript somewhere and changed the paths and delay amounts until I got it to work...sort of. As you can imagine, I get lots of errors from FileMaker or Applescript trying to move on a do something before the other has finished. Boo. Seems like the better way would be to have applescript code within the FileMaker scripts, so everything is controlled by FileMaker. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Or if you know of something similar, point me to it. Please help! Jeff
  17. I’ve used Filemaker as a simple database for years, but now I want to create a simple report. My data is currently in Excel. Attached is a pdf depicting an example of what I hope to accomplish. Can anyone please tell me if Filemaker can accomplish my goals, and if so, how should I proceed? Thanks so much, Anna Concatenations.pdf
  18. Is there a way to export related records such that you can get all records for each table (let's say 4 related tables - parent to great grand child table) so that each record for each table is shown in the exported excel file. In other words, parent fields will get repeated in one to many child records and parent records with no child will show blanks under the child variables. This seems to work properly only with direct parent and child records but once you get more than one table away, it doesn't seem to hold its hierarchy. Seems there should be an easy way to do this. I've attached a file as an example. Any suggestions? RelatedTablesExport.fmp12.zip
  19. I'm trying to import an excel file that has an embedded Word document on each row. I want the Word documents to be imported in and saved on a networked drive. Is there anyway to do this? I would be OK with temp. storing docs in a Container field for the initial import. To insert the object into Excel, I'm using "Insert Object" , selecting the tab "Create from File" not "Create new" and browsing to the document and checking "Display as Icon". The specific application is importing timekeeping records with a related status report word document attached to each line. Any help or ideas on how to do this are appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Unfortunately, the EXCEL data storage within xml-files is very complex, and as noted by others, it is virtually impossible to handle complex (and even very simple) data without the program EXCEL itself. I just discovered a new CAVEAT relating to the scribe plugin. Reading an EXCEL document with ScribeDocReadValue(), real numbers are always returned as 'integer string' without comma, and it seems impossible to get a meaningful value out of this. '29.84' -> 2984, '2984' -> 2984 (nothing to say about '2.3' -> 22999999999999998, etc.). Although not documented, I tryed to address the field with a name ('Bill') instead of a cellcode 'C14'. Interestingly, this returned no error, if the name was defined in EXCEL, but a null (empty) value! Next try. The Excel calculation =TEXT(C14,"standard") returns the real number in a beautiful text format. However, scribe returns ERROR: Scribe returns ERROR for a any Text calculations, e.g. for 'C15' = 'Jane'; 'C16'= '=C15', ScribeDocReadValue ('C16') = ERROR. Probably scribe just can NOT access the 'SharedStringTable', nor any other secondary source tables (– this has other bad effects. If you write any values to an Excel 'fill down' range with Scribe (that is, through the backdoor), Excel will never recognize and evaluate these values correctly, etc. etc.) What about the real numbers, then? I only found one solution: Defining an additional cell with a calculation like 'C16'= ROUND(('C14'+1000)*10000000000000,0), or (more generic) defining TWO additional fields calculating the INT and MOD part of the number. What an abonimably atrocious workaround! However, I really wonder WHERE the 'comma' position is stored in xlm-EXCEL, and, eventually, if you guys at 360works may plan to retrieve this information in a next version. That would be great! Thanks Markus @Excel for Mac 2011, v14.3.6, OS X 10.8.4, Java 7 25 (Build 1.7.0_25-b15), FM 12.0v4 Adv, 360Works Scribe v1.262
  21. I want to save repeating fields to separate columns in an Excel file. When I use the script step Save as Excel, the repeating fields for each record are all concatenated together in one column. Is there any way to get them to save to different columns? Or do I have to create a layout, with a separate entry on the layout for each of the repeating fields? (A lot of work, but doable if I must!) Sorry, I could't find a category in FMForums for Excel Files, only PDFs.
  22. I have an Excel file used to communicate production information with a factory. It contains information from 5 different tables in my FM solution and is updated weekly with an UPDATE FILE(xlsx). I can export easy enough, but I am uncertain how to best import the updated data. I have a script that will import/update via multiple import scriptsteps into the appropriate tables in a single ImportScript. Problem is FM asks to relocate the file each time a new import scriptstep calls for the Excel file. The name or location of the UPDATE FILE may change each week and I'm concerned users will get confused and make mistakes. Is there a way to get Filemaker(12) to remember the Excel filename and/or filepath it is importing in the first Import scriptstep and then apply that name or path as a variable to subsequent scriptsteps in the same Single ImportScript? Hope that makes sense, Any help is greatly appreciated.
  23. Is it possible to use Scribe to write to Excel when referencing the cell by its coordinates in (row, column) format? For example, cell C5 would be (3, 5).
  24. Hi, Am trying to establish if it is possible to output from an FM DB for publishing in InDesign. The process for transferring into InDesign involves converting to a CSV. The DB has pics as refs and text with line breaks. Both of which are causing problems. The line breaks are interpretted as separations and as such they are seen as new fields and the pics aren't displayed, only the filename is recorded in the field. Also one of the text field, that has a large amount of text in it, is just displayed as ######. Any tips on parsing the text so its readable and keeps the line breaks but stays in the same field? Also can pics be embedded and retain their full path details in an Excel save as? Many thanks in advance. N
  25. Is there any way to create an Excel download for an IWP connected user? I've thought about have a script that creates a flag and have a client on the server that run periodically and looks for the flag and emails the Excel file to the user. The problem is that the file needs to "Replace" the old file and that doesn't seem to function properly. I get an error message.

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