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Found 72 results

  1. SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsd SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsdHi and thanks in advance if you are reading my issue. I have data in filemaker that i need to export to XML so my ERP system can pull it in and create a Sales order. I have the XML Schema and also have a sample XML of what it should look like. The missing piece is i don't have a XSL style sheet and not sure where to start or how to create one. I been looking a many sites and many post, but feel I'm getting more confused than anything else. Can somebody point me in the right direction or possibly help me create the XSL Style sheet? I'm a visual person and have tried looking for videos or instructions, but not luck yet. The ERP system we're using is Microsoft AX 2012 R2 and will be using an AIF port to pull the XML to create the order. Any help would be appreciate it.. Attached is the XML Schema and the XML sample and the FM database with the data. Thank you SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsd B2B_MagentoOrder.xml ExternalOrders.zip
  2. Hi I am trying to export a report as a pdf, to a folder that has been created by FM12. THe name of the folder is taken from the data of a field from the record to be exported. Below is the value of the data in my variable that would normally be able to export pdf to a conventionally named folder - but I am unsure how to add my dynamic named folder as the logical way I would have thought it should be added does not work - you can see where I added my folder name after the file path. I would be grateful for help on this as my programming has come to a crunch! "filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/william/Dropbox/Acres Farm/Clients/" & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Folder Name & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::fk_Order & " " & Invoiceitems_INVOICEDETAILS::Reference & ".PDF"
  3. So the company I am working for just picked up a huge contract with a cruise line, where we are going to be surveying some of their hardware and other equipment, guess who has two thumbs and is the lucky son of a gun to make the database for this project? This guy! Anyways, I can't really go into detail for legal reasons, but I can explain what I am looking for. I'm wondering if there is a way to export the records from the database in filemaker to an existing Excel spreadsheet, and the biggest reason this is the route I'm trying to go is, I based the solution that I've build thus far on the spreadsheet deliverable that they had given us at the beginning of the bidding process. There are several fields in this deliverable that have the same name, which in Excel is no problem, but we work with Filemaker lol, so there's that. Anyway, so I have about 5-6 different types of fields that share the same name in the spreadsheet that i cannot allow in filemaker, so I cannot just set up an export to create an excel document, or else the client would most likely be very unhappy with the deliverable that they receive. So i want to know if there is any way to throw all of my records into the spreadsheet that they gave us starting at a specific cell for each of the 8 (I think it was 8) worksheets in the file. haha the more I type and am reading what i type, the more impossible I feel like this would be. Thank you to anyone who can offer some help or insight, it is greatly appreciated!
  4. In forty minutes of Googling, I've only gotten more confused. I have an script step that is doing a fine job sending an SMTP email to the first address in a list, but I want it to send to all addresses in the list. I have a bunch of related summary fields that get pasted into a field named "email_body." I have a table called Email_addresses that contains a field called email_address.There are four records there; each is a correctly-formatted address. My goal is for email_body to get sent to each of those four addresses (either as four separate emails, or as a message with four addressees, I don't care right now). My SMTP server is working fine. With the options Multiple emails (one for each record in found set) To: Email_addresses::email_address Collect addresses across found set I was expecting four emails, but I'm only getting it delivered to whichever address is at the top of th elist (or maybe is active when the script is run). Advice, or a link to a better tutorial than I've found so far, will be appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to export related records such that you can get all records for each table (let's say 4 related tables - parent to great grand child table) so that each record for each table is shown in the exported excel file. In other words, parent fields will get repeated in one to many child records and parent records with no child will show blanks under the child variables. This seems to work properly only with direct parent and child records but once you get more than one table away, it doesn't seem to hold its hierarchy. Seems there should be an easy way to do this. I've attached a file as an example. Any suggestions? RelatedTablesExport.fmp12.zip
  6. When I "Save Records as Excel" all the found set records are saved out of the system. However, when I "Export Records," only about two-thirds are exported. What would explain not all records being exported? Thanks.
  7. I need to have a solution for my article writing. I write articles for websites and for this I have records. Every record has one article. Those articles I need to copy to Word for my customer and this I can do with easy with copy paste. But now my costumer also gives me 10 articles for one website and I have to delver them in one Word file. So the 10 article fields must be copied to one single Word file. I would like to automate this because it can save me a lot of time. How can I do this with Scribe? Regards Martin
  8. Dear 360 Works Team In our FileMaker Solution we want to create an Excel report including text, numbers (dates) and images via Scribe. The FileMaker export of text and numbers works fine. But we have a problem with the export of images in the xlsx. After the Creation of the Excel reports all text- and number elements are in the .xlsx but the image not. When we open the generated .xlsx, Excel shows the attached error massage: For the export of the pictures, we test following script commands: ScribeDocValue[Name:“F5“;Value: table:: cell] ScribeDocWriteValue("Table1!F5", table::cell) SetVariable[$PicXYZ; Value: ScribeDocWriteValue("Table1!F5", table::cell)] Do we make a mistake, or could this be a known bug? Our Systemconfig: FileMaker Pro Advanced Excel 2010 and Office 365; 360 Works Scribe 3.08 and Scribe 3.09 Server: FM Server Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Could you help me please? Thanks
  9. Hello, We have a table with more than 15000 rows (museum inventory application). We used to export large amount of rows (some times like 900) to modify several fields in every rows then import it back (with version 8.5 of fmp). Now that we migrated on FMS14, it appears that it is not possible to export the fields' names in the tab file as first line. Is there a way to get the headers in the exported file ? if not please consider adding the possibility in next release. Thank you Thomas.
  10. I have found ways to do this from Filemaker in OSX but I can't seem to apply this to FMGo. I want to mail the current record as a PDF and to have the PDF name be derived from the value of a field (in this cas, the name of the client) Below is the script as it stands. Is this a possibility in FMGo? 1. Go to Layout [ layout name ] 2. Set Variable [$name ; Value: Patients::LastName ] 3. Save Records as PDF [ Restore ; No dialog ; "$name.pdf" ; Crerate email ; Current record ] 4. Go to Layout [ original layout ] THoughts?
  11. I have a database that we use to update our website inventory. A few years ago we began offering customized merchandise that gets dropshipped direct from suppliers. Suppliers give us data feed files with their inventory levels, pricing, etc. and this file manipulates the data. It takes our current web database, compares values and exports those products with their updated values. Importing the data and exporting used to take less than hour but now it takes several since the size of the web database has grown and the number of suppliers has grown. Everything is automated through scripts. In the main table (web database), the proposed quantities, pricing, leadtime, variations, etc. all use unstored calculated fields to determine the new value. I then have a separate field which is used to flag items that need updating. The major bottleneck of the entire process is the searching of this field. It can take sometimes over an hour to search this field. Other steps like exporting the changes can take a while, too. I have done some things to optimize the database but it still seems that these unstored calc fields are what is dragging everything down. I have tried replacing some of those calc fields with text/num fields with "replace field contents" script steps (or auto entry) but it does not seem to make a difference because of the indexing. The database is not hosted or shared and my computer has decent specs with an SSD HD. I've got a simplified design chart attached for reference. I am not sure that this is what comes with a large complex database file or if my design is flawed. The only two things I can think to try to reduce the processing time is: 1) Rewrite the scripts to update the supplier/inventory table records instead of replacing the records fresh each time. 2) Use a looped set field script to set the "change flag" field and/or the other updated price/qty/etc fields Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.
  12. What is the simplest way to export a found set of related records as a CSV file (using Export Field Contents script step) that includes a custom header row?
  13. Hi everybody. Im trying to figure out how to make a count of my grouped records before exporting them. I would like a count of grouped records grouped by sender, receiver and charge off to. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time (:
  14. I have a client that would like to use MS Access to connect to a table in a solution hosted on FMS 14.0.3. What I'm reading suggests that was possible with .fmp5 and .fmp7 but is no longer available in .fm12. I've tried to use Access and both (mac) Excel and (windows) Excel to connect via ODBC to the FMS hosted table and I can construct the query and see the fields, but when I submit the request I get an error. Is it still possible to connect Excel or Access to FileMaker 14.0.3 (hosted)? The error I get appears on the attached screenshot. Is anyone currently doing this? Thank you in advance.
  15. I have several tables which I want to export to a TSV, but I wish to include a custom header at the top of the actual exported data. This custom header is comprised of the field comment of each field, NOT the field names themselves. Currently in my export script, I am adding the custom header row to the actual data, sorting it to the top, exporting, then deleting it. However, there seems to be a problem when users run the exporter concurrently, and actual data rows are being deleted occasionally instead of the headers. Because I can't figure out how this is happening, I want to eliminate the need to delete records at all in the export script. My new idea is to generate the custom header inside a global variable, use the standard "Export Records" script step, then somehow tack the two together inside filemaker, perhaps with ScriptMaster. There is a problem with the ordering of the columns, as that is determined by the export order when "Export Records" is run, but I am filling a value list with my standard export order and generating the header based on that. I could just concatenate all the rows into a variable and write that to a file as well, but that is much too slow. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? Is there a faster and/or simpler way to do this than my proposed method?
  16. Using the script step export field contents, I can not export the contents of a container field. Error message reads ...could not be created on this disk. use a different name, make more room on the disk or use a different disk. I know I have had this in years past, but I can not remember the fix for this. I found something about setting the fonts to .ttf, but I am on a mac running fmpa16. Any help would be much appreciated. David
  17. I'm trying to get the data out of a database to which I do not have the password to access Full Privileges (it was installed nearly a decade ago and has since been lost). "Export", "Print", "Save Copy", and the "View As" options are inaccessible, among others. Short of copying and pasting the data line by line (there doesn't seem to be a way to "select all") I don't currently see a way of getting the data out. Â Does anyone know alternative ways of exporting data in Filemaker or being able to bypass/reset the password? I'm using Filemaker 6.0v4. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. We need to export library book records from fmp8.5 to MARC 21 database format. Can this be done? There are about 15000 records and about 15 fields in each. Any help or experience would assist.
  19. I have a single database that I use to store contact information. I currently have a script to export and backup all of the data as a raw text ".tab" file that is saved on the desktop. (For script step for the path, I set a variable and the following to save to the desktop: Get ( DesktopPath ) & "DataBackup.tab" Works great. But I want to use my database with FM Go, and then revise my script to save this "DataBackup.tab" file to dropbox, or to copy.com. (Copy.com is much like dropbox but with more free storage.) The problem is that the path needs to be revised since you can't save a file to the desktop with FM Go and the iPad. I need to change the path to the root dropbox or copy.com folder. Also, I need this to be a variable so that if my brother uses this same database, it will properly save to his dropbox account/path from his iPad, etc. Thanks.
  20. Hi all. I'm a relative newbie to FileMaker and I'm struggling with a script that, if I pull it off, would make me look REALLY good to my boss. Anyone able to help? I'm trying to perform a find based on a single field ("MARK PCP Info Unknown") for all records with a response of "Yes" I then want to sort those records alphabetically by last name and export the fields I want to an Excel spreadsheet. I am ultimately repeating this process with several other fields and would ideally like to put them all on different sheets of the same Excel file. Not sure if that's possible, but just putting it out there. Here is the Script I have so far, but it keeps saying that no records match my search parameters: Loop Show all Records Go to Layout ["Checklist" (Checklist)] Enter Find Mode [Restore] <------ Specified find: Find Records, Checklist::MARK CP Info Unknown [= "Yes"] Perform Find [] <------ I have tried specifying the same find again here too, but no dice Sort Records [Restore] Export Records [No dialog; "PCP Info Missing 2"; Automatically Open; Unicode (UTF-16)] Enter Browse Mode [] End Loop I'm basically just flying by the seat of my pants here. Am I even on the right track? HALP!
  21. I'm not sure what the best way to do this is.... We have data that is created within an FMP based system. One department would like to be able to regularly export found sets into excel, however since the resulting excel documents are forwarded on to clients they are fairly heavily formatted. There are some breaks and color etc. On the formatted excel sheet the first 30 rows or so are taken up with header type information. I'm not aware of a way to apply substantial excel formatting within FMP. I'm looking for workflow suggestions. Perhaps once records are exported into an excel sheet they could be imported into a blank formatted excel document? I'm not very versed in Excel. Is that even an option? Other suggestions? Thank in advance.
  22. I was wondering if there is a way to disable to error message the pops up after a failed export. Even when error capture is on I still get a popup about being unable to create the file. The reason I need to do this is that I have a robot client running on the server machine and I can't have it waiting for someone to click ok after an export fails. I would rather be able to capture the error and make a report so I can check it later. I'm not sure why the export failed in the first place and obviously it would be better to just fix the problem, but for future problems I would like to avoid this issue. I'm using FMS 13 and FM 13 on a Windows 8 computer. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  23. Hi, Am trying to establish if it is possible to output from an FM DB for publishing in InDesign. The process for transferring into InDesign involves converting to a CSV. The DB has pics as refs and text with line breaks. Both of which are causing problems. The line breaks are interpretted as separations and as such they are seen as new fields and the pics aren't displayed, only the filename is recorded in the field. Also one of the text field, that has a large amount of text in it, is just displayed as ######. Any tips on parsing the text so its readable and keeps the line breaks but stays in the same field? Also can pics be embedded and retain their full path details in an Excel save as? Many thanks in advance. N
  24. Clent needs to split a record so they can easily import it into their payroll system. What I have in a record: (employee ID, time worked, bonus, Job) what they need in two seperate records, lines, or two rows in excel is: (employee ID, time worked, job) and (employee ID, bonus, job) What's a good practice to get this done? either to excel or CSV, or to a different table that can be exported.
  25. Hello. Wondering if folks have ideas with a SuperContainer issue. We have recently updated to version 2.832 (client and server) from 2.7* and a behavior changes is noted. Specifically, we have a 'Brands' database that holds images of the 22,000 animal (cattle mostly) brands in the state. The technical requirements are: Images that are imported/exported into/from the Brands database must be sized and formatted to meet the following criteria... * 150x150 pixels * 72 DPI * JPG format * No larger than 8KB in file size This was being accomplished by specifying width, height and resolution in the appropriate SC function. e.g. SCGetContainer ( folderPath {; width ; height ; resolution ; page} ) The issue is that the images are NOT being stored in the required format. Nor on export are they being sized. They are the original, scanned dimensions (often multi MB in size). This seems to no longer work. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? SC installed on the FileMaker Advanced Server (11.03.x) on Mac OS X 10.6.8 the client(s) are Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with all OS updates including Java.
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