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Found 7 results

  1. Howdy everyone! I spent time but with no luck to find a solution for our in-house problem regarding security of files. The question is simple (maybe it isn't even Filemaker related!) but i really do not know how to organize our workflow: 5 users are connecting to a FM Server 9 with a mail database and all of the 5 uses are sending quotes out (PDF documents). All of the 5 users have restricted access to the database (export is not allowed, the files are stored in container fields). Now, the database is getting bigger and slower and we would love to move the container files to a central file sharing volume. In order to get access to the files, the shared volume has to be mounted on the users desktop and this is my problem: this would grant the users access to all the attachment files which is a no-go at this time. Is there a solution for this problem? Or is there a way to re-organize the attachment Filemaker database? Many thanks for help and advice! Cheers!
  2. I have some files with a FM hosting service and those files have externally stored container data. The host had a problem yesterday, and once the problem was 'fixed', all links to the externally stored files were broken, i.e. VerifyContainer() returns false, I can see the image/icon in the field but export field contents is greyed out. I have a backup with all of the RC_Data, but of course I don't want to manually re-insert a couple of thousand files into container fields, and neither does my client. Any suggestions? I find this odd because my own FMS installation upgraded from FMS12 to FMS13 and didn't lose the connections to the externally stored data.
  3. Good afternoon everyone, Some BackStory: When FMCloud was first announced, I was ecstatic; I'm all for moving towards cloud technology for my agency. I was nearly there...about to pull the trigger and start a migration scheme from my current setup into the FMCloud, but then the one big caveat was found.. "Supports custom app authentication via FileMaker user accounts only" AKA no External Authentication. But that is fine, I understand it was released for small businesses which need the scalability of AWS, but this DOES NOT work for my agency. I spent half a year moving away from filemaker user accounts, I can't go back; plus they have a Single Sign-on initiative that I'm trying to meet. But I still need to get off of my old physical towers.So my next idea is that I want to spin up an EC2 in AWS and put filemaker server on it as an alternative, but I can't find any verbiage that details how that works(or if it works) in the way that I would like. Namely, I need my AWS server to talk to Active Directory, preferably by ADFS or SAML (lesser so). So the question: Can I setup external Authentication to an Active Directory from a server being hosted on AWS that is housing FileMaker Server 15? If so, What should I make note of before diving into this? Thanks for any help and clarification someone can provide. ~Levi
  4. One of my tables has a container with pictures in it. The pictures (mostly .jpg not that it matters) all showed up just fine. I moved them to external un-encrypted storage and now the container shows the file but not the picture. If I close the DB on the server and open the DB locally the pictures all show up correctly. Once I mount the DB with the server, all clients see the file in the container but not the picture. Any new records/pictures added show up just fine. I would like to get all the records to show the files as a picture like it was before I moved them. Note: I’ve done this with two other containers in different tables and they maintained their picture status. Don’t know why this one acted differently but I need to fix it. Thanks for any help,
  5. Hi, I'm loving EasySync, and props to Tim for making it so...easy. However, I'm experiencing a container issue: I have a solution that uses both OS X and iOS clients syncing to Server. I want the mac and server to use external storage but FM Go requires embedded storage (please correct me if I'm wrong). When I try to sync the FM Go file (using embedded storage) with the server (using external open storage), the containers on server display only the filename. When I then sync the mac, only the filename appears in the mac containers as well. Notes: I am unable to export the container contents from the server or the mac and GetContainerAttribute reveals the file has no name or size. I'm not compressing the files when I insert them. The file thumbnail remains visible on the iPad client but not on either of the other two. All other records in the same table "lose" their container contents and only display the filename, even if those specific records were not synced. Has anyone succeeded in mixing container storage types? It's also possible Tim already addressed this and I have something configured wrong. It is also possible I've misdiagnosed, however, when I toggle the OS X client storage type I am able to reliably replicate this issue. And, when I switch everything to embedded storage it all works fine. Please help if you have any insight on mixed container storage types in Easysync. I know someone must have run into (or solved??) this by now. Best, Josh p.s. I know gorillas are apes, ignore the inaccurate image filename I got from the internet.
  6. Hi, I've Googled and read, but given the "Preserve external container storage” option available now in in 13.v2, it seemed many recommended protocols were outdated. The setup: Separation Model both UI and data, hosted with FMS12. Replacing both files time.FMS12 (yep, still not updated to FMS13 - working with IT to do so)Clients are FM13Migration script (imports) written and ready to go.So, can someone please list the steps needed to replace a file on a FMS12 that has secure external containers? Should I have FMS13v2 installed on the FMS12 box and run the migration locally (via Teamviewer)? I usually copy off a backup to DropBox and do the updates on my iMac and then rehost. Is this still possible without breaking links? -Barbara
  7. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and also pretty new to Filemaker 13 so please be nice! I am using Filemaker to help manage my inventory of a website (ecommerce) but finding it hard to find details on using an external image server (aka image directory of website) So far I can managed to get the images to display from my external server (images.website.com/image1.jpg) using the Web Viewer and also managed to removed the borders and fix the scaling by adding in HTML code into a field called ImageCode data:text/html, <html> <body> <img src='images.website.com/image1.jpg' style='width:100%; height:100%'/> </body> </html> Now I would like to link the field content of Product::Image1 (this is where my url is located) to replace "images.website.com/image1.jpg" link which I manually entered into the ImageCode field. Can anyone advise the best way to do this? or if there is a guide for designing filemaker db's for use with external image servers. Thanks J
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