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Found 36 results

  1. Hello, I have a number field where I want the user to be able to enter things like: 42 (only item 42) 12+82 (only items 12 and 82) 1-5 (items 1 through 5) 31,33,35,37 (only items 31,33,35,37) So I am need of a way for filemaker to deal with the operators '+' '-' and ',' Do you have any advice on how I can separate out the item numbers? Thanks!
  2. I am using FMP11 Adv. I want to do something similar. I have Multiple vendors for products but not every vendor has all of the products. I want to find the average price and then mark the avg price up. I would also like to have a double check that the Sell Price is above the highest vendor price so I never sell for a loss. Example Product Sku Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Avg Cost Max Price Sell Price Mouse USB 1001 9.97 13.42 10.41 11.27 13.42 14.08 Keyboard USB 1002 10.01 15.48 12.75 15.48 15.94 Optical Drive 1003 45.23 84.91 44.98 58.37 84.91 106.14 Calculated value off average would be --> 72.96 <-- Two vendors are clearing stock of an Item but the third vendor is not. The 2 vendors run out of the item but the more expensive still has stock. so to fill the order I have to get it from the vendor with highest cost. I need a double check here for the selling price so I don't accidentally blow it. One way I have thought to do this is simply to use the highest priced of all vendors. I know how to do this with the Max command in Excel but I can not seem to get an equivalent to work in Filemaker. I have done a lot with MySQL on servers and Excel on workstations. But I am new to Filemaker. I have FM running on a dual xeon quad core with 24GB so cpu time or memory is not a big deal. I know some calculations from all the reading I have been doing takes large amounts of both. My database is around 260K items and around 90Meg on the drive. I do want a clean and maintainable solution. My product list changes about 3 times a week. As I update stock and prices.
  3. Hi everybody, I am doing a POS system and I have 2 databases. The first one has the barcodes and descriptions of the products and the second one has the ordered products. I have a layout from which I would like to read the barcodes of the products and then add their information within the other database. To do it, I have a field through which I want to introduce the barcode. This barcode can be introduced handly or with a barcode reader. I have some problems to create the script to read the barcode. Handly: I write the barcode numbers, strike the enter key and a script "1" is started (when strike this key) to capture the barcode. Barcode reader: I click on the field and read the barcode, after that a script "2" is started to capture the barcode. To separate both scripts (1 and 2), in this field I have activated the OnObject Keystroke event and I run this script: Set Error Capture [On] Allow User Abort [Off] IF Code (Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) = 13) Perform Script [“Add barcode”] Else Exit Script End If Using this script I can read a barcode and the subsequent script runs perfectly but it is impossible to write handly any number within the field. How could I keep both reading options? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  4. I'm trying to find a way to create a field with a value range of 100-200 (that's the easy part) and I want to use a sliding volume-control type method for the user so they can click on the slider knob or button and drag the slider either left or right to pick the value. I'd like for the user to still be able to enter the value manually as well. FMPro 13's slider doesn't do what I need, so I'm looking for a slider type button or such. Any suggestions or plugin ideas are appreciated. Thanks. I'm using FMP 13 advanced. ~Rich
  5. Hi Anyone have an idea on how to display the Record number in a field? I want the field to display the record number every time I got to the "Next or Previous" (scroll through) record. Thanks in advance for any help. pyorkie
  6. I am importing a csv file and need to use matched field names when importing: the provider of the file adds fields from time to time. However one of the field names in the cvs file ends with a space and when managing field names I do not seem to be able to define a field name which ends in a space. Every time I do the field name has the trailing space removed when I save it. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'd like to create a webviewer that displays both an image(s) stored in SC and a text field(s) (this is an html email preview). Is this possible?
  8. This is a 'quickie'. My application has a tabbed object. Each tab has a portal. One Tab [Membership] has another tabbed interface. One 'tab' on that interface is 'DDESNDP'. On DDESNDP is a portal. Everything works well. However, to check user validity on startup a script is run which is supposed to check the TOP DDESNDP portal row field and then evaluates it. My script steps are: Go to object [ Object Name; "Member Tab"] Go to object [ Object Name: "DDESNDP"] Goto portal row [select; first] In debug, when Goto portal row [first] is run, FM jumps out of the portal and goes to the Top Left Most tab and drops into it's portal. Huh? How can I 'pick off' the top row field of the portal on the "DDESNDP" tab? [NPD in the screen capture above] Thanks
  9. Hi All, I don't really know if the Title really explains my situation, but here it is.. I have Four Fields: Name, Gender, Class and Policy Policy Field is an Unstored Calculation with the calculation below with result set to Text If ( Gender = "Male" & Class = "Primary"; "RUNNING" ;"EXPIRED") Meaning, my intention is to Set the Policy field as Running, if the Student is Male and in Primary Class, otherwise, it should be set to Expired.. The calculation does not work, some fields are displayed correctly with the correct value while others are not. However, if I remove the Logic "&" from the calculation making it only a single criterion, If ( Gender = "Male" ; "RUNNING" ;"EXPIRED"), then it works well.. Why can't I compare several fields using "&" or "OR" with that function? Is there a better way of actualizing this?
  10. Hi guys, do you know an easy solution when you have 2 or more same fields in layout and you want to search for something? In filemaker after any of multiple field is filled by user other fields changes accordinly but in IWP others stays blank what causes conflict. My temp solution is I disabled find ability but one field. Have you better idea how to deal with? Thank you AD.
  11. Hi Everyone, I have my working solution with 10k+ records within one of the tables field i want to create new table, How can i create new table from already existing field. To clear my point i have made a demo/sample file. I have a TableA with ID and two fields Person Name and Office Name. How can I make new TableB using field Office Name from TableA and keep the existing records. OR How can i split TableA into TableB using field Office Name and give it ID/auto enter serial. Thanks in Advance for any Help. split_table.fmp12
  12. Hi ... I can't get to work what I think should be something very simple. Our users write large fields of text. Several times they've complained because they've lost an hour of typing (medical report) Filemaker connectivity has been lost. Usually a power outage or VPN issue. I've tried to get them use to clicking outside the field and then back into the field to commit the data but I continue to hear "Why can't it autosave? Just like Word" .... Well ... I created a timer script that gets launched by an OnObjectEntry trigger. It then waits 60 seconds and then gets the cursor position using get(ActiveSelectionStart), does a set field to itself and then positions the cursor using the Set Selection. This works fantastic when typing a new entry and the cursor is at the end. Problem is when you try and edit the text in the middle of the text, the save kicks in and the next character is "selected". This causes the character to disappear when the user carries on typing. Is there no function to simply position the cursor?
  13. Anyone else having this problem? When I format the fill and/or borders on fields, they: Only show up in browse mode for the active record (none of the others)Formatting disappears completely on Preview ModeI have Alternate Row and Active Row states set to off. I'm hoping it's something simple that I just can't seem to find. I've uploaded the Browse, Layout, and Preview mode screenshots of a layout where this is a problem, Thanks!
  14. I wonder if you could be so kind to help me. I've got a list of 18 vocabulary fields that need to have a word entered into each one in order to display their images. Alongside these vocabulary fields I've got a portal that displays a list of words. I would like to create script inside the portal that enters the portal row, copies the contents and then pastes it into the next empty vocabulary field. I have tried 'Go to Portal Row', Go to Related Record' etc. and have had no luck whatsoever. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,
  15. Hi All, I'm not sure this is possible, but said I would ask the experts Idea: Clients insurance details need to be validated online. The online system is basic - you enter a policy number, click submit and it returns either valid / expired etc. Process Needed: 1. Client PolicyID entered into filemaker 2. Button with script to: Copy the contents of the policyID field Go to online website for validating the policy Pastes the PolicyID into the field on the site (uses javascript) Would appreciate any help on this matter. Many Thanks Oirish
  16. Hello, I have a field I have that will only need to display either "100" or "50". What would a script be that could allow me to click on this field and the value inside changes from "100" to "50" or vice versa. Cheers.
  17. Hi all, I'm wondering what the best way to store images in a container field is if I would like to do the following. - Have the images be stored outside of the database - be able to access the images with and iPad or iPhone I'm setting up a wordpress to ecommerce store that will grab images from the filemaker records and post them to the WP server. My thought was that having the images outside the database i.e setup through the 'manage container' dialog, would be easier for resolving to the file path for the image. This method gives me good response on one machine, and If I add the images to a network drive I can access the database and images over a network. Also no problem. However, if I want to access the database on an iPad or iPhone, the only way I can get the images is by adding them as a 'reference only'. How can I can get the best of both worlds? I Don't want to store references of images, but I also would like to have access to them through an iPad. Thanks!
  18. Hi, Could someone help me with creating calculated field which filter my table twice and then take specific value as value for field for example: for ( field 1 = 1) for ( field 2 = 2) use field 3 How to create for loop in filemaker so i can nested Filter ( textToFilter ; filterText ) twice to filter table content and get field 3 as a result. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. We have a PDF that holds a paragraph of text ( because I couldn't get the single word to merge nicely) In my FM Script I apply some text formatting to text. I can see in FM that the formatting was done correctly. Writing that field using scribe to the PDF results in just plain text. Is this a being done by Scribe or the PDF. (the field in the PDF is set to Multi-Line and to accept rich-text)
  20. Hello, Full disclosure: I am very new to scripting in FM. I am trying to hide an object based on 2 criteria: Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "No" and PatternCount ( $$Permissions ; "ViewOnlineProposal" ) = 0 When the Value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal is "Yes" I wanted my object ( just a big square to hide the customer data on the screen ) to hide everything on the screen. That part works great. But I wanted to give some users permission to still view the customer info ( or continue hiding the object ) when the permission is checked even if the value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "Yes". Thus the second part of the hide scripting in the hide section of the inspector. I cannot seem to figure out what to input into inspector to achieve this. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Any help is much appreciated. Hope it all makes sense! Thank you in advance, sorry if I posted in the wrong section!
  21. Have a passenger list and next to their name it has 'adult', 'child' or 'infant' in a drop down list. At the bottom I wish to summarise the booking schedule so the person reading the report can see how many times 'adult' was selected for example. The following is in a portal: Age Bracket, First Name, Last Name, etc etc (Adult, Child, Infant), (First Name), (Last Name) etc etc At the bottom of the screen I wish to have: Adults: x Children: x Infants: x Thank you in advance. I love using this forum to learn!
  22. Hi everyone! I am trying to do something which I think it should be quite easy to implement. I have a layout (called Projects) from which I create new Budgets, which it is a different layout and table. Both tables are linked by a field in the DB. Therefore, what I am trying to do is a script which goes from Projects to the other layout and create a new record. My problem is the following; I need to link both tables inserting the value of the field id of Projects table to the field projectID of Budgets table. I am getting an error because the field projectID is not in the Budgets layout. What I am trying... set Variable [$code;Projects::Code] goTo Layout [budgets] new Record/Request Insert Calculated Result [budgets::projectID;$code] --> At this point, I am getting error number 102 (Field is missing) I know I could solve it including the field in the layout, but I am sure there is an elegant way to do it! I hope I have clearly express myself. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hi all After moving to FMP advanced 13 I still don't know how to automatically add a new field in the current layout I work on. Before it was simple but now I always need to drag the icon into the layout in Layout mode. Is there a way to tell the app to ALWAYS add new fileds to the current layout Thanks a lot
  24. I made a database, yesterday, I was using it today, then I closed it, but hours later, when I tried to open FileMaker Again, appear some problems: first, I made one record (Record 1), but when I tried to make any onther record (Record 2), it cames with the same data from first record, and if i modify it, the data changes to Record 1 too. And hours later, I can not type any data into fields, what's the fail ? I have not any global field. Im with full acces privileges.
  25. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible via calculation to compare a single field with all options in a value list? I am using this as a portal filter. I have several portals on a layout, all from the same table that use different value lists for selection. I only want to display the active records in each portal from their respective value list that was used. I am trying to use this function, but it doesnt work. Each Portal Record will be visible when: Scope::FieldName = ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName); "ValueListName") Is there a different way I can compare this field to all the entries under the value list and see if it matches any of them? Thanks!
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