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Found 23 results

  1. Hi - I have several fields that I want to show zero if the value is zero (rather than be blank). Some are calculated fields and some are user editable. On the data tab of the inspector, I have left UNCHECKED the option Do not display number if zero. Yet, they remain blank if zero. The fields are formatted as currency with fixed decimal set to 2. Is there some simple option I'm missing?
  2. Hi guys.I have a room allocation database. I have made a global number field, and when a room is allocated, it reduces the available number of rooms by one. Very simple and It works fine, but the number does not match for other shared users. I want the number to match for everyone. I thought global would do it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. A simple question: When a create a portal and I activate the option of alternate colors, how do I get the fields on my portal to follow automatically the same background color than the row where they appear. I tried pasting formats from some templates I found, but it doesn't work.
  4. Hello Filemaker developers, I need some help. I have a portal that could have one or many lines. I need to build a calculation field on the main table that can have all the lines of the portal row. The result will be used on and email that will be sent to the client. The result should be like this. Ref. 06125654 IMac 24 1,250€ Ref. 06125654 iPad Mini 750€ Ref. 06125654 iPhone 5 650€ Ref. 06125654 iPhoto 250€ What king of calculation can I use to build this portal row report inside a calculation field? Thanks for you help and support. Best regards, Joao Coutinho
  5. I have layout called (studentinfo). Studentinfo layout show records from "STUDENTS" table from database. when I run the code below I get all fields data expect: inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_studentID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last P2b_relation inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last On filemaker pro I noticed the ones that are showing have data displaying from: STUDENTS::NameFirst STUDENTS::NameLast STUDENTS::Sex STUDENTS::Grade_current STUDENTS::Adm_enr_status STUDENTS::P1a_relation STUDENTS::P1b_relation STUDENTS::P2a_relation STUDENTS::P2b_relation How do I get those fields to show? I am using filemaker pro server 11 <?php include('config.php'); ?> <style> .dataTable td{ border-bottom:1px solid #ccc; border-right:1px solid #ccc; padding:1px; } </style> <? $findCommand =&$fm->newPerformScriptCommand('studentinfo','Find Enrolled'); // Execute find command $result = $findCommand->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)) { echo "Error: " . $result->getMessage() . "n"; exit; } // Get array of found records $records = $result->getRecords(); echo '<table width="100%" border="0" class="dataTable" cellspacing="0">'; echo "<tr><td>BB_studentID</td><td>NameFirst</td><td>NameLast</td><td>Sex</td><td>Grade_current</td><td>Adm_enr_status</td> <td>P1a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P1b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> <td>P2a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P2b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> </tr>"; foreach ($records as $record) { echo "<tr style=''>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('BB_studentID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameFirst') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameLast') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Sex') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Grade_current') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Adm_enr_status') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "</tr>"; $row++; } echo "</table>"; echo '<pre>'; //print_r($records); echo '</pre>'; ?>
  6. Is there an easy way to check whether a field is used in any scripts and/or present on any layouts? I have a database that's been around for quite a while and I suspect that some of the fields are no longer used/needed. I've determined that we don't directly need the data in these fields (either it's captured better elsewhere, or it was for a workflow that no longer exists), but before I go deleting them I want to be sure that they aren't (1) present on a layout somewhere or (2) used in a script.
  7. This is probably an easy design concept, but my dense brain isn't seeing it. I'm working on a timecard system, and I'm running into a problem where I have co-dependent fields. In my hours table, I have a field which calculates the amount of VTO (Variable Time Off - like vacation time) that is used if the total hours entered on a workday is less than 8. However, the system can only fill the deficit in hours (8 - hours worked) if you have enough VTO available, so the calculation first checks the value of the VTO_Available field from the related VTO_Month table. It looks like this: Let ( [ Worked = TotalHours; Deficit = 8 - TotalHours ]; Case ( Worked >= 8; 0; //No VTO needed to fill in for the current date Deficit > 0 and (VTO_Month::VTO_Available >= Defict); Deficit; //If there is enough available VTO to cover the time deficit, return the amount of the deficit Deficit > 0 and (VTO_Month::VTO_Available < Deficit); VTO_Month::VTO_Available; //If some VTO is available, but not enough to cover the deficit, use up the available amount (take to zero) 0 //Otherwise, you can't use any VTO if you don't have any! ) ) //End of Let In the VTO_Month table, the VTO_Available field is calculated as (VTO_Start + VTO_Earned) - VTO_Used. VTO_Used is a calculated field defined as Sum (Hours::VTO_Today). Obviously, I can't have two fields whose values depend on each other, but I can't think of how to set up the design to avoid this problem. I seek your guidance! Help me get to that moment where I smack my forehead and say, "Duh! I should have been able to figure that out!"
  8. Hi All, I have a table called "Vessel Logbook" which is used to record daily fuel consumption for our companies vessels. I have 6 Fields "Vessel Name", "Date", "Consumption", "Loaded", "Transferred" and "R.O.B" (Remaining on Board). What i am looking for is a calculation for the "R.O.B" field which will automatically calculate the R.O.B of the vessel for that day. eg. If Vessel Name = Vessel 1 R.O.B = Date - 1 (previous Day) - "Consumption" + "Loaded" - "Transferred" to do this with 1 vessel i can do but as we have over 20 vessels i am stuck, can someone help with this?
  9. I have a database that keeps track of computer system information. I have a record for each system (one per room). Within this system there are a number of different computer devices and I want to track settings such as IP addresses subnet masks and other network type information. I have a table called “Systems” and I’m using tabs to separate the different devices within a system. Within each separate tab do I need to create a unique field for each piece of information or is there a more efficient way to do this? For example: the first field would be device one IP address the second field would be device one subnet mask The third field would be device one preferred DNS The fourth field would be device one IP address The fifth field would be device one subnet mask The sixth field would be device one preferred DNS Etc. Seems like I’m missing something and there might be a more efficient way. Thank you for any help.
  10. Is there a limit to how many fields a table should have? My solution requires the management of 6 categories. Each category has up to 34 sub-categories, although most have 9-12, and each sub-category has several items requiring data entry. This leads to 91 sub-categories and hundreds of fields requiring data entry. The records per sub-category require relationships to corresponding sub-categories that respond to the data recorded. It is like a question/answer system, so the initial question field has data entered that requires answers entered and/or available (from previous experience) in the corresponding answer table. I have been thinking that I need to have the 91sub-categories in their own tables to limit the number of fields per layout. Is this a limitation? Is there anything wrong with having loads of fields in one table? Each of the 91 sub-categories will need to be related to the entity asking the question and receiving the answer. The questions and answers will eventually be presented in a report. In the future, when the answers have been acted on, the process is redone using the same sub-categories and the latest report is used to show progress, or otherwise. I could create tables for each main category and split the one with 34 sub-categories into 3, making 8 tables populated with the fields from the sub-categories which would result in approximately 50 to 100 fields in each table.
  11. I am using FM 12 advanced  I have a Membership application. It has a global table that holds things like: Organization Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone etc...  The problem centers around the fact that there are multiple versions of the program. If I 'release' version 22 it is released with sample data for first time users. But, a previous user needs to import their data from the previous version 21.  I just discovered tonight that my global table (which only holds global fields) has 18,000 records.... all duplicates ....  Yikes. This is the result of my treating the global table like any other table when I did my import.   But, I don't know the best way to a) delete all the fields in the target global table and then import the current record in the Source table. I don't see any record level controls in the Import Script function... Or, am I missing something?  Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.  Ron  Â
  12. Hi, I have being trying to work this out, but I am finding the following problem: - I would like to have a field that would contain info about account numbers for payments. However, the account number should be generated when it is feeded from the combinations of 5 different fields which should contain a max. number of characters, such as 4. When entering the data into these fields the desire behaviour should be that if I am in field 1 and write the first 4 characters, when I enter the 5th one then it should jump to the next field. I have seen this for example when you enter a serial number for a software or at online banking when asking to write the IBAN number. So far, I have set the max. number of character for each of the sub fields as 4, but when I enter the data and exceed the max. number of characters I get a pop up message saying if I would like to overwrite this validation. The question here would be if it would be possible that instead of getting a warning saying that I am exceeding the max. number of characters, it would just jump to the next field. Thanks a lot! Luis
  13. OK, I've done it - again! I have to take full blame for this mess (you always do as a developer). Without going into a lot of sordid detail, my Child table is in need of adjustment. Seems on a large percentage of records, the ChildLastName and ChildFirstName are reversed. I now need to swap them. So here's what I thought would work. Create a calculated field called LNameSwap. In calc, make it equal ChildLastName. This works. Simple Script: Set Field ChildLastName = ChildFirstName Set Field ChildFirstName = LNameSwap Assign Script to a Go button Create second button with "Next" to move forward to the next record. Note: I can't do this more automated because I have to visually inspect the two name fields to see if a change is needed. Again, this condition is only on certain records. There's only 1400 of them so I'm cutting my loses. Browse mode. Press Go button. Doesn't work. Script Debugger shows a 102 error - Field Is Missing as soon as the script moves from Step1 to Step2 This error doesn't help because a close inspection for typos shows no discrepancy. Question: I don't get what is "missing". What is it looking for? H
  14. I have a multi user db and I'm finding that people are locking records b/c they are leaving the cursor in a field after doing a specific task. Is there a way to script all fields to have NO focus after a task is complete? I have tried to change focus to other objects on the screen, like a button, that do not use a cursor but the file remains locked. Any thoughts? Jason
  15. Hello Is there a simple way to import various files (more than 2000) where tabs separate 9 different fields so that each import would populate the fields as they are? The files are in UTF8 and PLAIN TEXT Importing them with the FileMaker function : FILE->IMPORT->TEXT FOLDER simply brings each file in one records wich is useless to me as I then need to script them to separate each chunk into a different field Importing each text file manually is impossible given the number of files in the folder Each file is properly formatted therefore there would be no "empty" fileds in the import process Any help would be highly appreciated Dan
  16. So I created a solution in Filemaker Pro and its appearance looks great.... until I open it in WebDirect on a web browser. Fields are cut off at the bottom, styles like Condense condense wrong, and rectangle boxes don't show at their full size. Also, the padding spacing on radio buttons is completely ignored. I've tried three different browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, and all show the exact same results. The only way I am even remotely able to change the appearance for the WebDirect browser page is by scrubbing out all the style changes (mostly Condense) and that still only changes about 20% of the inconsistencies. Thank you for any help.
  17. In FM 12 Pro Adv... I have an already existing layout with fields populating it from a table. I went to Manage Database and created 12 more all new fields in the same table. Now I want to add those 12 new fields to the same already existing layout. It seems that all I can do is to individually drag the new fields on to the layout using the Field Tool. Isn't there a way to select multiple fields (from a dialog?) and add them en masse'? I know how to do this with an all new layout. Thank you all...
  18. I am currently working on a database that will score our company's suppliers. I have one table that contains all contact information for the suppliers (Suppliers), and another related table that contains the actual score entries (Scorecards). Suppliers are scored on pieces shipped on time and quality reports. We only ever send a scorecard to suppliers based on information from the current year, so I have a field in the Scorecards table for year. The layout I am working with is based on the Suppliers table, with a portal displaying the related entries from Scorecards in the specified year. Now, where I'm running into trouble is my attempt to retrieve a total for Shipped pieces for a specific Supplier in a Specific year. In other words, how do I get FMP to take many related records, and sum only related records based on data in a third field?
  19. I have been working with FM 13 and it has been a thorn in my side now for sometime that the old layout creation ability to have all fields added to a layout upon creation is gone now, or so at least I have discerned. My question is there a way to add all fields for a table in one action now to a layout without dragging each individual field on to the layout?
  20. I am designing a database for the inspection sheets used in our quality lab. Each of our parts has a different number of criteria that they need to be inspected for. This ranges anywhere from 5-15 dimensional requirements. I am wondering if there is anyway in FileMaker to display a varying number of both editable and uneditable fields. So for instance if somebody pulls an inspection sheet for a part with 6 different dimensional requirements, FileMaker will only show 6 uneditable fields describing the dimensions in question, and 6 editable fields for the user to type in their measurement. Then, if somebody pulls an inspection sheet with 10 dimensional requirements, it will display 10 instead. Thank you for any assistance you all can offer!
  21. to the FMP Guru's out there, My solution contains a layout based on Table A that has two portals, one portal shows records from a related Table B that is only one relationship away. it works perfectly fine. The other portal is based on Table C which is related to Table B and ultimately Table A. The relationship works fine, and the portal almost always shows the correct data. On this layout as you go through the workflow it eventually changes a field in a record of Table C and then exits the layout. You can see this change immediately on a layout that is dedicated to another occurence of Table C. Then if i go back into the layout that displays the portal to Tables B and C the field that has been changed in my previous visit to this layout is not reflected. the portal to Table C shows the old value of the field. thought it might be a caching issue, so i flush the cash everytime you enter or leave the layout containing two portals. but this didnt help.
  22. I have a db with two tables: 1) Company_info 2) Contact_info. I would like the ability to create new contacts while in the Company_info table. I set up a popover button in the Company_info table to do that, but it only creates a new record in the Contact_info table without any related data. When using it to create a new record in the Contact_info table I can't figure out how to make it copy over the "Company_name" field to the new record in the Contact_info table. The two tables were set up with a one to many relationship connecting the two IDs. (The first ID value is "Comp0001" for the Company table and "Con0001" for the Contacts table). All attempts to use "Insert Calculated Result" to move over the data in the "Company_name" have failed.
  23. I am not sure if I should be in this forum or the printing forum. Here is what I have. I have an inventory database. Everything is done but I need to be able to print a receipt for any inventory not turned in. It is a student database so the primary key is the Student ID. I have nine fields that are filled out with either: 1. Not, Received, or Not issued. I want to be able to print out a receipt showing the student what they still owe us before they are cleared. I am just not sure how to do that. I was thinking maybe a script that looks at the field and only picks out the "Not" , takes that label and puts it on the receipt for example: Geometry Book: Not So the script would see that the Geometry book has not be turned it and prints that out on the receipt. Hope that makes sense. Thank you.
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