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Found 10 results

  1. The database is hosted with FileMaker Server 12. I have a button with a script attached to export data to a .xlsx file. It works in FileMaker Pro Advanced 12, but not when accessing via IWP (OS X 10.6.8 Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57). I created a variable (note: I'm using a random number (x 10 so it doesn't start with a ".") -- I will date and time stamp after I get the date and time into a format that isn't interpreted as directory markers): "file:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Look_on_your_desktop;_next_is_just_a_random_number_" & ( 10 * Random ) & "_" & "FileMaker_to_Excel_Export.xlsx" Export records [No dialog": "$exportPathExcel"; Automatically open; Unicode (UTF-16] When I click the button in IWP, the screen flashes, but no file is exported. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Filemaker Server 12 (windows) and Filemaker 12 workstations and laptops coming in to filemaker through a VPN. A couple Mac laptops We have a script that Saves as a PDF and then opens an email program and attaches the PDF. The script sets a variable to name the PDF and a variable to set the File Path. All good at times. Sometimes it works and sometimes we get the error: Unable to create PDF on this disk, disk is locked or make more room etc.... FM = Fileserver Service Reports = Shared Directory on Fileserver Then there is a variable that sets the filename. The output File directory uses the variable $filepath (a variable that is the combination of path & name) What am I missing? Thank you for any assistance!
  3. Hello all Here we've posted an example FileMaker 13/12 calendar. You can download it for free and use it in your own code. Go here to read blog post. Have fun! The igeeks
  4. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11953 A heads up to anyone not having read this. Also, may I ask if this list is exhaustive? Are there any behavior changes that are not miscellaneous? And a correction: I think fm inadvertently posted the "Changes to Filemaker Network Settings Dialog Box" misc. change twice in this list.
  5. Im using FIleMaker Pro 12 Advanced on Virtual Windows on VirtualBox in a Ubuntu machine, and if I try to open remote it doesn't shows the user login window. The server is from triple8.net The ports are ok for both Ubuntu and Virtual Windows, even I include all of this TCP and UDP ports only just in case: 80, 2399, 5003, 5013, 5015, 16000, 16001, 16004, 16006, 16008, 16010, 16012, 16014, 16016, 16020, 16021 and 50003 but still doesn't open. The ip is ok, it works well by iwp on any browser and FileMaker 12 on other computers on the same network. Wich can be the problem ?
  6. Our company is going paperless. Our Bill of Lading is a pdf form that we use on our tablets. My problem is taking the data from filemaker and inserting the data into the pdf form. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  7. Version 1.0


    Demonstrates a Filemaker 12-native (no plugin) technique for copying a dragged file into a Managed Storage Container with an arbitrary *new file name*. (FM 12 supports easy customization of directory names within Managed Storage, but not file names.)


  8. File Name: Drag and Drop Rename Demo File Submitter: Gilbert Osmond File Submitted: 21 Nov 2013 File Category: Samples FM Version: 12 Demonstrates a Filemaker 12-native (no plugin) technique for copying a dragged file into a Managed Storage Container with an arbitrary *new file name*. (FM 12 supports easy customization of directory names within Managed Storage, but not file names.) Click here to download this file
  9. Filemaker crashes inmediately when i try to register the plugin with EmailRegister ( "Reg-code" ; "Company" ). I use version 1.964 I have cleared the java-cache en removed all old applications, all that doesn't help. We heave tried this on 32 and 64 bit Windows7 systems. Ik have re-installed JRE 1.7v21 and told my users to do the same and then there's no crash anymore. regards, Menno
  10. Hello - I've hired an idiot. I mean - I hired this guy to manage our stock control and ensure that when a customer orders a product, the product is popped in a box and despatched out to the right address. Unfortunately the person I hired to complete this task was an idiot. We already have a neat FileMaker CRM solution for customers - so I figured I'd build a neat little stock control FileMaker database to help our new employee. I admit - I took it a little far. I drew some lines and made some calculations that would rotate and expand the lines to emulate code 39 barcodes so that I could run the filemaker database without having to install fonts. I drew some neat little layouts with photographs of the products, and when manufacturing finished a production run you could enter the number of products produced and the database would create the equivalent number of labels with the barcode on them, format them to print on a standard label sheet, and print the number of labels equivalent to the amount of stock produced. Even if you you printed say 5 labels from an avery label sheet of 8 - you could tell the stock control system to start at the 6th label in and it would work perfectly. We then took an old original iPad, popped a barcode reader into an iPad to USB adapter and let our idiot scan the barcodes as stock was despatched or brought in to update the system. I though it worked really well allowing all the folks that used the database to keep track of the amount of stock we had. The whole thing ran wireless, seamlessly integrated, it was beautiful. I mean - it was almost idiot proof. Only - as the old saying goes "A database is only as useful as the information in it), and it turns out the idiot wasn't using this iPad and scanning solution and instead filled his days looking at the internet on the iPad. So while idiot boy is browsing the internet on company time it was decided to upgrade our CRM solution from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 12. This was for a totally separate reason relating to our CRM database. All the files were essentially updated from FP7 files to FMP12 files. Everything was working from a front office perspective (apart from our storeman who was reading the internet on company time). Anyway - roll forwards a few months, it turns out idiot boy is having extramarital affairs with another employee, he's been getting her to do his work, so she's been manually adjusting the stock on her computer, in a slightly related sense, our customers weren't receiving the products they had ordered, it was all being covered up, but thankfully the problem has now gone, and we are free from idiot boy. In his absence I decided I'd complete a full stock check. The problem I have is that the iPad and scanner combo still works great. The problem is that as he wasn't using the system, so the iPad still has FileMaker 11 Go installed on it, which won't allow us to open FMP12 files. I mean seriously - if the guy was even pretending to work he'd have at least updated the software so he could look busy! So - I need to install FileMaker Go 12 on the iPad. Which isn't available on the app store. But - I could install FileMaker Go 13 which will open FMP12 files on the iPad. But - it won't work on iOS 5.1.1. So I could ask for a copy of FileMaker Go 12 from FileMaker but they tell me that they can't supply this to me. So… I'm wondering if there is another way? I'm currently thinking about asking a friend if they have an original FileMaker Go.app file and seeing if they would send me a copy of this to try and install onto the company iPad. I feel fairly justified in this as the original software was distributed free on the app store and I paid for FileMaker Go 11. Alternatively - I'm thinking of buying a cheap iPad 2 / 3 on Ebay which will solve the problem but will set me back a fair chunk of cash which could probably be better spent. Anyway - if anyone has any thoughts that they would like to share I would be very grateful. Also - please don't hire idiots, you spend so much time trying to clean up afterwards you're better off holding out for an intelligent and considerate person to work alongside.
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