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Found 19 results

  1. FileMaker 13 introduced a number of very useful enhancements to the relationship graph, none of which are included in the help file or release notes. Use these techniques to increase your productivity. Check out our new article. http://www.dbservices.com/articles/filemaker-relationship-graph-what-they-did-not-tell-you
  2. i want to be able to monitor what websites people are visiting and create a report from with in filemaker, all i want is to only be able to capture the urls that users visited, any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Getting really weird results from copying file from SuperContainer to local user where the file becomes renamed as "filename=ThisFile.pdf", but I'm not specifying a filename at all. When I try to force the function to use the "filename" key=value pair, it does nothing. Can anyone else recreate this? Works fine on earlier versions of FileMaker and OSX.
  4. Hello all Here we've posted an example FileMaker 13/12 calendar. You can download it for free and use it in your own code. Go here to read blog post. Have fun! The igeeks
  5. Hi, i installed MySQL ODBC 5.1 driver on windows server several times before for previous versions of FileMaker and it worked, and still works just fine. Now i am trying to do the same thing on Windows 2012 Server with Windows 8 platform and for FileMaker 13 Server and client, and with the newest driver 5.3. I am installing a 32 bit driver on the 64 bit system in the proper folder (...SysWOW...) as mentioned, everything same as i did previouslly. The drivers are successfully connected to the MySQL database. The ODBC on the FileMaker server is enabled. ISSUE: When i open FileMaker 13 it does not see the ODBC source, the list is blank. I tryed both ANSI and UNICODE versions. I have also tryed the previous version 5.1. Doesnt work. No error message is produced it just doesnt show, like if the drivers are installed in the wrong place, which i assume they are not. QUESTION 1: Is there a particular issue with Windows 8, FileMaker 13 or newest MySQL ODBC drivers that doesnt allow it to work? QUESTION 2: Could it be a security conflict, a port conflict or something similar preventing FileMaker to comunnicate with ODBC driver? QUESTION 3: Could it be that yet again they came up with some secret place where you need to install 32 bit drivers in order to work (even though there is a clear link to this now)? QUESTION 4: is it possible that it might be a 64bit driver now that i need to install? Thank you.
  6. Hi there, I've just got notification of FM13 release, and I've been planning to implement the Plastic 2 plugin, as we already use MerchantWarrior for our processing (in fact it was me who suggested they contact 360works). I'm very wary of OS X server 10.8 & 10.9 Java issues, as I've dealt with them with no good outcome for a different app. I notice the release notes for FM 13 say: 1.6. The FileMaker Server 13 installer installs Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7) update 25. On OS X, if you have a later update of JRE 7 installed, then JRE 7 update 25 is not installed. On Windows, if you have a later update of JRE 7 installed, JRE 7 update 25 is still installed, but FileMaker Server 13 uses the later update. FileMaker recommends that you install JRE 7 update 45 after installing FileMaker Server 13. Can anyone tell me enlighten me what that will mean for Plastic 2 (or any other 360works plugin), assuming I have an existing basic 10.8.5 server, upgrading from FM 12 - it has very little else installed on it.
  7. FileMaker Themes Best Practices In an earlier article we discussed FileMaker WebDirect and how to optimize your solution. This optimization relied on using FileMaker Themes. In this article, we explore using FileMaker 13's new feature to create custom themes and styles. A custom theme will allow you to create a custom appearance in your application while maintaining an optimized solution. Theme optimization will benefit the entire FileMaker platform including FileMaker Go, Pro, and WebDirect.
  8. I downloaded Filemaker Pro 13 and Filemaker 13 Server trial versions running on Windows 8. I have an app I developed in FM 12 that I want to host on FM server 13 using WebDirect. The server install on Windows 8 went well but I get an "Registration with directory service failed" error message when I test the directy service settings. I have the following questions with regard to this installation: Do I have to install Active Directory on Windows 8? Which IP address do I use to set in the Entry Point: The Filemaker Server, Web Server or the Web Publishing Engine IP address? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello peeps, I'm just getting to grips with Filemaker 14, skipped 13 so this is the first time I've had the opportunity to play with the popovers which I've been much looking forward to. I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that data entry hasn't been made much easier with the advent of popovers. Creating a data entry interface is certainly easier and looks good too, but the process of entering new record criteria and confirming or cancelling the process is much the same. Currently I use global fields to place on a popover and when data entry is confirmed scripts will: Copy the entered data to a new record, field by fieldClear all global fields used for entryor Cancel and clear global fieldsHowever this takes more script writing the more fields you have and can be approached in many different ways from a control perspective. Before I was doing this, I instinctively wanted to do away with the global 'Entry' fields mirroring actual data fields and instead; create a new record when launching a data entry popover, the fields are probably the same as those already on the layout but only the new blank record has focus, and the new procedure be: Commit recordor Cancel and delete recordThis would, at least in some scenarios be suitable and requires less development overhead because cancelling requires only that the record is deleted and the committing is already done by the user (as long as the record isn't cancelled or validation fails...). ...Yet you can't do this using popovers. Creating a record cancels a popover, end of. The button that launches a popover can't be set to create a record either so I'm stuck with my old methods. Does this actually bother many people? I thought this would be a common functional desire but haven't found much to read on data entry approaches in Filemaker ...what alternative approaches do other people use? Lee
  10. I have several products made up of several chemicals which are made up of several elements combined together. I need to made a grid (please see at the end) Main Chemical 1 consist of Element 1, Element 2, Element 3 Main Chemical 2 consist of Element 2, Element 4 Main Chemical 3 consist of Element 3, Element 5, Element 6  Product 1 has Chemical 1, Chemical 2 Product 2 has Chemical 1, Chemical 3 Product 3 has Chemical 2  The layout for Chemical Table contains a portal for the related table Elements to input all the elements that made up the Chemical. The layout Command has the Products Table The layout Products has a portal for the related table Chemicals to input the chemicals that need to be used The layout Command has a portal for the related table Products to input the Products SO HERE IS MY APPROACH but if you have any other approach such as the use of a portal and “x” relationship please do tell me I have created a field1 in the table Chemical that list all the process in each chemical, then another field2 in the table product that list all the process in field 1 and a simple custom function to remove the duplicates Ex: for product 1 the list would display “Element 1, Element 2, Element 3, Element 2, Element 4” With the custom function it displays “Element 1, Element 2, Element 3, Element 4” I want to make a grid (as below) on the Layout Product when i print the specification of Product 1, my only problem is how do i insert the yes in the correct place          ALREADY MAKE THE LABELS USING PORTALS and filtering the duplicate value. The only problem is how to put the "yes"  ??
  11. FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts (public link for this doc) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I am having a problem with Filemaker Pro 13’s Web Direct handling of a simple list layout with sub-summaries. The sub summaries, when added, seem to be cutting off the first (or last*) row of detail in the body. * If the sub-summary is above the body it cuts off the first row. * If the sub-summary is trailing the body, it cuts off the last row of detail. (this example includes 5 records which should be grouped into three groups (by ID number). Hopefully these diagrams help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I also attached a PDF version of these diagrams. FMP13-WebDirect-Improperlydisplayinglistlayoutwithsub-summaryparts.pdf
  12. FileMaker WebDirect is new to the FileMaker platform and allows you to publish your database to the web like never before. Real-time updates, a defining characteristic of the FileMaker experience, have made their way to the web browser now. Read more in our new article. http://www.dbservices.com/articles/filemaker-webdirect
  13. First, a little background...  We discovered that after upgrading to Office 2013, FileMaker (both versions 12 and 13) will hang when the attached email script is run. This calls up the default email client, populates the Subject field, and then if you enter a TO address, some text in the body, and click the "X" to save a draft in Outlook, FileMaker freezes up and won't respond, resulting in having to kill the FM.exe process in Task Manager. The email draft is successfully saved in Outlook 2013, however, but FM doesn't seem to get a response back from Outlook and hangs in limbo.  All this works fine in Outlook 2010 but just not in 2013.  I'm wondering if the 360Works Email Plugin would allow us to call the default MAPI client (Outlook) and handle the back and forth communication between FM and Outlook more efficiently.  Looking at the demo code for the 360Works Email Plugin, I can successfully send email using it, but those outgoing messages aren't saved in Outlook (Draft or Sent Items) for the user to later reference. The demo code just seems to relay the email off the Exchange server.  Basically, is it possible to call up Outlook using this plugin, or should I be looking at a different solution entirely?  Thank you in advance!  Andrea Lain
  14. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11953 A heads up to anyone not having read this. Also, may I ask if this list is exhaustive? Are there any behavior changes that are not miscellaneous? And a correction: I think fm inadvertently posted the "Changes to Filemaker Network Settings Dialog Box" misc. change twice in this list.
  15. Hi all, running into an issue with Quicklook on Yosemite. When we run this script: It causes Filemaker to open two instances of qlmanage, wait a while, then crash. I've heard there are difficulties getting Quicklook to behave in Filemaker on Yosemite, so I began exploring other options. I am aware of how to open a container file automatically using the computer's default settings for the file, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand how to open the contents of a container with Preview for OSX. Thanks for any insight you can give!
  16. Hello, I think I need help from the experts in the big community.  I am new to filemaker and my boss wanted to create a database that will track dealers, invoices, inventory and sales. I am almost complete but I don't know how to create a genealogy for the dealers. The business is direct selling, and for the dealers, we need to track the recruiter of the new dealer. OR the number of recruits of the dealers.  It is just like a simple family tree with more extending branches. You know, like a hierarchy with the first dealer on the topmost. I really need help guys coz I don't know what to do.  Please see attached file for reference. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, Â Any FM12 file I open up (tried 2 so far) in FM13 results in Pop-up menus only showing the ID, and not the second field. See attached screen grabs. Â I've checked all the settings... "show values only from second field" is definitely checked. Â Anyone else noticed this?
  18. We just upgraded to FileMaker 13 and Filemaker 13 Server running on a server with Windows 12 server OS Our database contains inventory of some 200 thousand Items, each Item has a photo associated with it. The Photos are located in a folder on the server. Is there a way I can relate the Item# and the Photo saved as the same name as the Item# that is located in a File Folder. Item# = 12345 Photo = 12345.jpg (the Folder name is MASTERIMAGE) I tried this "imagewin:/c://‪MASTERIMAGE/Item#"&".jpg" but it won't work Can anyone help?
  19. Upgrading a client from FM11 to FM13. When we setup the new server, we copied over the original high res images, but not the thumbnails. As expected, SuperContainer is generating the needed thumbnails, however they are low quality and have vertical lines through the images (see attached). Â Here are the New server specs: FileMaker Server 13 SuperContainer 2.896 Java update 51 Windows Server 2012 R2 Â The troubleshooting steps we have completed: - uninstalling/reinstalling Java - downgrading Java to 7 update 25 - replaced SuperContainer 2.896 with 2.89 (with update 25) Â The suggested solution from 360Works was to downgrade to Java 6 (unfortunately FM13 requires 7) or update the resolution of the web viewers and unstored calcs. We tried to set the resolution to 150 & 300, however it works only if the image is being dimensions are increased but not if the image dimensions are reduced. It seems to be more of a resizing issue instead of a resolution issue. The updating of 100 different places the images appear would only work on some images and not for all because we don't have a single image orientation or size. Â I've seen other questions similar to this and they remained unresolved. Anyone have any ideas? Â Thanks for your help.
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