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  1. Achieve Premium, High-Octane Performance From Your FileMaker Server 8 Tips to Ensure Your FileMaker Server, Serves You Well! By Paul Spafford, eXcelisys FileMaker Developer You’re using FileMaker Server to serve up data to your FileMaker users? Fabulous! However, if you’re managing your own FileMaker server we want to alert you to a few gotchas that make FileMaker Server — and FileMaker files — slightly different than how you maintain other services and files on your server. Here is a small checklist of what you need to do to the folder that holds the live database files to ensure FileMa
  2. Work from Home Productively, Securely & Sanely Tools we love & tips you can use to manage your passwords & spouse so no one gets hurt Has coronavirus tossed you into a funky home-office situation? Our work-from-home pros have a few tips to help you through these trying times. Ahhh coronavirus. Wreaking havoc not just in our personal lives, but in our work lives as well. At eXcelisys, our developers work remotely from home offices sprinkled across North America. As we’ve had years to perfect the “how-to” of working from home, we thought we’d pass along a few tips for working re
  3. Pull the Plug on Backup Plugins! Set Up WordPress Backups Through Your Hosting Service by Justin Kwapich, eXcelisys WordPress Web Wizard Many WordPress users rely on plugins to create backups of their website. However, there can be issues with using plugins for such a large process, which is why you should eXplore other WordPress backup options. In this post, I’ll show you how to backup your WordPress site without a plugin. The Trouble with Backup Plugins Limited protection: Most protect only limited aspects of your site, such as posts and pages (i.e. they may only back up website co
  4. Bio-storage Tracking System Complements Biopharma’s Breakthrough Therapies Cancer Researchers Rely on Freezer Sample Management Software to Catalog & Track Lab Samples As a biopharmaceutical company Tocagen has a clear, if not colossal, vision: “No One Should Die of Cancer.” Founded in 2007, Tocagen is best known for developing an eXperimental gene therapy treatment for a lethal brain cancer called high grade glioma. A glioma is a type of tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord. Clinical trials are ongoing. A few years back, Tocagen came to eXcelisys seeking a bio-storage tracki
  5. Get Your Kicks with the NEW eX-BizTracker 6! CRM, Inventory, Invoicing & More — the eX-BizTracker Tackles Everything for Your Business’ Core Years ago, we spotted a trend. Businesses really, really wanted custom software at out-of-the-box prices. We understood the dilemma. The available, off-the-shelf business apps fit most businesses’ budgets, but never fit their needs. So they were stuck. To build or to buy? Build it (at a higher price) and get eXactly what they wanted, or buy something (cheaper) and deal with the workarounds and missing must-have features essential for their org
  6. [FMP Tip-N-Trick] Don’t Get Thrown for a Loop with FileMaker’s New While Function Check Out This Custom Function for Merging JSON Arrays By Rob Poelking, eXcelisys FileMaker Developer FileMaker Inc. (errr, I mean Claris International) introduced a new function with the release of FileMaker 18 that I was both eXcited and intrigued by until I tried to use it the first time: the “While” function. I’ve written a number of custom functions through the years and lots of loops in scripting to manage repetitive tasks like complex string manipulation or complicated mathematical calculations. So, when
  7. Dogged by a Slow FileMaker Database? Cache in on this Quick Tip to Improve Layout Load Times & Report Generation By Joe Cellino, FileMaker Developer Have you ever wondered, “What is taking this report so long to generate?” or “Why does this layout take so long to load?” It may be that your FileMaker fields are set up inefficiently. If you have unstored calculation or summary fields on your layout, this will most certainly be the issue. Just as the names indicate, “unstored” calculation fields and “summary” fields don’t store any data. They must calculate the data each time the field is di
  8. Milcarb to Launch Remote Nitrogen & CO2 Beverage Gas Monitoring System eXcelisys Builds Mobile IoT App that Delivers Tank Telemetry Directly to Android and iOS Devices Gas (carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen) is a standard ingredient in beer. To achieve the ideal pour, pressurized gas is used to push the draught beer from the keg to the faucet. No gas = no beer. In most workplaces, it’s considered impolite to talk about passing gas. At Milcarb, that’s their job. For five decades, Milcarb has been a leader in the beverage gas industry. Milcarb’s gas-tastic innovations keep beer, craft cocktai
  9. FileMaker Inc. Rebrands as Claris International Looking Toward the Future, Software Company Revives Name From Past FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 15, 2019 Names change. Google started out as Back Rub and Yahoo! was originally known as Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. And FileMaker Inc.? That’s so old-fashioned. Last week, during FileMaker’s annual Developer Conference – AKA DevCon ’19 – the company announced it was going back to its roots, changing its name from FileMaker Inc. to Claris International. Anyone remember Claris? Back in the 1980s, Claris was an Apple spin-off responsible fo
  10. Metaphysical Supply Shop Finds Bliss with Magento Integration eXcelisys Brings Tranquility to Crystal Vaults by Linking Inventory Database to Magento Webstore As an informational website and webstore, Crystal Vaults enjoys a rock-steady flow of visitors. Some 8 million people a year come to Crystal Vaults to learn about the power of crystal energy and browse the healing crystals, amulets, talismans, pendants, earrings and other natural crystal creations for sale on the Magento eCommerce site. A few years into the venture, Crystal Vaults owner Hank Mason hit a stone wall with his e-business
  11. Medical Sales College Alleviates Administrative Complications with Custom Software Solution for New Student Recruitment Bespoke FileMaker Pro Solution Injects New Life into Admissions & Speeds Job Placement Process at Med Device Sales School As a post-secondary institution, Medical Sales College is committed to recruiting, enrolling, educating and placing students. For years, Medical Sales College used multiple FileMaker Pro databases for student record management and placement. But the system was a chronic pain, requiring staff to cut, copy and paste the same data over and over again
  12. Custom FileMaker Go iPad App Reduces Chronic eXposure to Paperwork for Safety Training & Consulting Firm OSTS Inc. Rids Itself of Unnecessary Data-Entry Hazards and Improves Occupational Health in Front Office With a mission to help businesses reduce injuries, save lives and comply with Cal/OSHA regulations, OSTS Inc. provides safety consultation and employee training to clients across Southern California and beyond. OSTS (Occupational Safety Training Systems) President Mike Geosano grew up in the safety supply industry. His father owned some distribution companies that sold safety
  13. Untangle the Website Design Process with Wireframing Need a sketch-builder to help you visualize pages and layouts for your site? Try Pencil, an open-source GUI prototyping tool. by Justin Kwapich, eXcelisys WordPress Web Wizard Wireframing with Simplicity One of the first steps in constructing a new website is planning where the elements of your website will be placed. Building a website and then moving different components from page to page looking for the perfect placement could add up to a lot of wasted time. This is where prototyping and wireframing come into play. Wireframing is basi
  14. The Paradox of Plugins: How to eXtend Your WordPress Site Safely & Sanely Is it better to use a pre-made WordPress plugin or hire a developer to create a custom one? As many a WordPress user has lamented, plugins can be a great asset — and huge liability — at the same time. Built right, plugins add crucial functionality to your WordPress site. What is a plugin? A plugin is a modularized section of code added to your website to do specific things. Plugins utilize the PHP scripting language to output whatever it is you want to output. What can a plugin do? Anything, really. It’s only lim
  15. [FMP Tip-n-Trick] FileMaker Developer Busts Through Stalemate to Create Chess Engine FileMaker Database App Reigns in Gaming Platform by Joe Cellino, eXcelisys FileMaker Developer There are two things that bring me joy in this world — chess and FileMaker. I never thought that these two passions would cross paths in my lifetime, but now, that day has come. Having spent the past several years immersed in the tech industry, I’ve seen how rapidly machine learning has progressed. From autonomous self-driving vehicles to Google Assistant, which carries on conversations eerily similar to those he
  16. I Got Quicker at Debugging and So Can You Eradicate those Annoying Little Code Demons with these Tools and a Few Lines of Custom Code I Developed by Michael Suhrbier, eXcelisys Web App Developer You’ve probably heard of these PHP / MySQL debugging techniques: Xdebug — Great if you can get it working. BackTrace(), print_r(), var_dump(), etc. — Very useful but usually very ugly and not easy for humans to read and understand. PHP / MySQL logs — Fine for the average user, but let’s explore some methods for putting these guys on steroids. Xdebug is great when you can get it to work. Ho
  17. To Be … Or Not to Be – A FileMaker Certified Developer Should You Hire Only FileMaker Certified Developers? How Do Developers Earn Certification and What Does it Mean? When you search for a root-canal doc, board certification is no crock. But what about your developer? Can an uncertified developer needle their way through your software project without inflicting any pain? Must you hire a FileMaker Inc. certified developer to get your app built right? We asked a bunch of developers about the certification process and its impact on their work. As a consumer, you want to know what you’re payin
  18. Out with the Old & In with the New, Updating PHP is Essential for You! Why PHP & WordPress Updates Should Top Your New Year’s “To Do” List By Michael Suhrbier, eXcelisys Web App Developer What is PHP? Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is an amazing and popular server-side programming language used in web development. How prominent is it? Well, it’s powerful enough to run the biggest blogging system on the web (WordPress) and the largest social network platform in the world (Facebook)! More than 80% of all websites are powered by PHP on the backend, so chances are, you’re running PHP
  19. Holiday Light Maker Finds Peace on Earth with Sales Quoting & Fulfillment App FileMaker Platform Brings Bright Sparkle to Global Operations at Christmas Northeast / Nicolas Holiday Just as Santa relies on the elves to keep his North Pole toy shop churning, holiday light manufacturer Christmas Northeast / Nicolas Holiday depends on the FileMaker Platform to manage sales and distribution of its bulbous bling. As the sole manufacturer of all GE-branded holiday lighting products, the company has a ton of items to track. Like toys that come in every variety, shape and size, so do holiday li
  20. Survival Guide (7 of 7): Find, Hire & Work with a Software Developer, Successfully! Bringing Your Vision to Life: Development, Testing & Deployment It should be clear that there is a substantial effort that goes into a successful project before the actual development work even begins. In this final segment of our 7-part series on choosing and working with a custom app developer, we offer tips to take you through the development, testing and deployment stages. Development styles — What to eXpect Broadly speaking, there are three common approaches to development: agile, waterfa
  21. Is your site running an older version of PHP? Chances are … yes. According to W3Tech, 76.6% of websites are running a version of 5X. This December, support ends for versions 5.6 to 7.0, pushing them to end of life. This means no more security updates! What does this mean for you if your site is still running an older version of PHP? It means that if a new security issue is found it will not be fixed going forward. So, if you get hacked there may not be a simple fix. You can always roll back, but you can’t roll back and fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. If your website is impor
  22. Is your site running an older version of PHP? Chances are … yes. According to W3Tech, 76.6% of websites are running a version of 5X. This December, support ends for versions 5.6 to 7.0, pushing them to end of life. This means no more security updates! What does this mean for you if your site is still running an older version of PHP? It means that if a new security issue is found it will not be fixed going forward. So, if you get hacked there may not be a simple fix. You can always roll back, but you can’t roll back and fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. If your website is impor
  23. WordPress Website Redesign Boosts Placement Firm’s Candidate & Recruiter Traffic Responsive Design & Custom Plugins Optimize Century Group’s eXternal & Internal User eXperiences When businesses in Southern California, the Bay Area or Denver need a new CFO, controller, accountant or payroll coordinator, they turn to Century Group for help in recruiting the right candidate. Likewise, job-seeking finance and accounting professionals rely on Century Group when they’re on the hunt for new career opportunities. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, Century Group specializes
  24. Pond Care Company Uses FileMaker Pro with Field-Synced iPads to Deliver Photos & Service Records to Office Staff & Clientele; System Eliminates Paperwork & Improves Customer Communications ASAP Aquatics is located in Indianapolis. Lakes and ponds are lovely … when they are lovely. But not so much when frothy slicks of fluorescent algae bloom all over the surface. To fix this problem, the people of Central Indiana rely on ASAP Aquatics. Founded in 1996, ASAP Aquatics offers algae and aquatic weed abatement, lake and pond care, and fountain sales and service. The ASAP “season”
  25. Penny Newman Grain Co. CLIENT Penny Newman Grain Co. DATE 2012 TAGS Agriculture, Consulting, Database, Design-Development, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, Mobile Applications, Synchronization About Penny Newman Grain Co. Penny Newman Grain Inc. is a grain/feed supplier to the cattle and livestock industry. Challenge: Penny Newman had an idea to try and convert their dealers from paper-based reporting to an online system to allow their dealers to more accurately calculate grain/feed usage and mix percent
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