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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.rcconsulting.com/FMGO-Training/index.html   Learn the skills to build your own mobile apps with this 7 hour video training course featuring the worlds most popular solution development platform. FileMaker is owned by Apple Inc, and features a powerful database engine with a very intuitive user interface, perfect for building mobile applications. Hit the ground running with this 7 hour training course. The videos spans subjects from beginner to advanced topics, including conversations on developing and building your app for commercial distribution.     "What is FileMaker Go?" - Training Series Overview "FM Go or Code Your Own App?" - Discussion of App Creation Process "Installation & Requirements" - Basic Video Covering OS & Hardware "Free FileMaker Resources" - Additional Free FileMaker Resources "Database Install Part 1" - Database Install using iTunes/DropBox "Database Install Part 2" - Database Install using Email "Database Install Part 3" - Database Install using Webpage "7 Min Brain Dump" - FM Go 13 General Overview "Brain Dump: Changes" - New Features in FM Go 13 "Concurrency Licenses" - License Requirements with Server "iPad Navigation" - Navigate FM Go 13 on the iPad "iPhone Navigation" - Navigate FM Go 13 on the iPhone "Record Locking" - Add/Delete Records and Record Lock "Data in Tables" - Best View Options for Your Solutions "Finds, Sorts, Portals" - Largely the Same as in Pro "Slide Controls" - Navigate Through Records "Tab Controls" - New Gesture To Capture "Tuning Layouts" - Usability, Workflow, and Testing "Tuning Layouts for Touch" - Optimizing Fields & Buttons "Directed Workflow" - Control UI Flow "Workflow Demos" - Purpose Built iOS Layouts "Detect Device Type" - Using Scripts for Type "Detect Network" - Using Scripts for Network "Locking Zoom" - Prevent Layout Accidents "Orientation" - Change Layouts "Create New Layout" - Making Go Layouts in Pro "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 1" - Updating Layouts for 13 "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 2" - Custom Themes/Shared Styles "Optimize Layouts/CSS Part 3" - Shared Styles Tips "Animation States" - Script Nav Between Panels "Input Methods" - Containers & Field Input "Custom Keyboards" - For Inputting Data "Bar Code Camera" - How To Capture Bar Codes "Camera & Signatures" - Harness Container Fields "Data & Fonts" - iOS Restrictions "Digital Media Support" - FileMaker Container Overview "Container Fields" - Container Interaction Differences "Remote Container" - Using Remote Containers "Web Viewer - Remote" - Accessing Web with Layouts "Web Viewer - Idiosyncrasies" - Limited Interaction "Web Viewer - Benefits" - Streaming Video "GoDraw" - Finger Scribbling in Go "Unsupported Scripts" - Error 3 & Error 4 "GPS Location Functions" - Location & LocationValues "URL Protocol" - How to Implement the URL Protocol "Activating SASE from Go" - FileMaker Server Runs Scripts "Printing - Part 1" - Printing Using Printopia "Printing - Part 2" - Extra Features in Printopia "Emailing PDFs" - How to Create and Send PDFs "Exporting & Emailing" - Send Your Records to Others "Overview" - Sleep & Restore Summary "Technical - Part 1" - A Look at the Origin "Technical - Part 2" - Benefits of Sleep/Restore "Technical - Part 3" - When Should You Use Sleep/Restore "Hands on Demo" - Real Case Demo of Sleep/Restore "Deployment Strategies" - Shared Versus Local "Beaming Solutions" - Base64 Encode "App Store Guidelines" - Develop Outside of FM Go "Syncing - 3rd Party Tools" - A Look at GoZync "Syncing - Import Command" - Local Data to Hosted Data "Conclusion & Resources" - Continue Your FileMaker Training "About the Author" - Richard Carlton & RCC
  2. http://www.learningfilemaker.com What are people saying about this course: I recently purchased the course and would like to share some insights simply because I think your material is OUTSTANDING. I mean way, way better than any other online course out there and I have them all. - Fred A. Thank you for posting these extremely helpful training videos. I have learned a lot of great ideas from them. - Geng C Just a note to say I really love your FilemakerPro videos! I've been using FM Pro all the way back to...ummmm, version 3? Yikes! That was a long time ago! Anyways, I've just started using FM Pro 13 and your videos have been very helpful in getting me up to speed. - Steve C Purchasers of this training Course... receive periodic updated content... as we shoot more videos: Videos Added Week of Sept 15th: 0611 - Script Triggers - Field Validations Managing field validations and workflow 0612 - Script Triggers - More Layouts controls Exiting Objects, Records and Layouts 0952 - Parsing Text with Calcs - Part 1 Middle (text), PatternCounts, and Position Functions 0953 - Parsing Text with Calcs - Part 2 Word functions and Value List Functions. 0915 - Script Debugger - Part 1 Secret Agent Tracking Device for Your Scripts in FileMaker 0916 - Script Debugger - Part 2 The less used features... 0920 - HiJacking Containers in FM Starting Point Viewer Requested "How to Video" ---------------------------------------- New Videos Added In Early August! 0710: Automating Emailing of Exports, Like a PDF 0908: Scripting: Variables vs. Globals 0911: Scripting: Basic Error Capture 1008: Relationships: Cascading Deletes 0809 - Intro to Sending HTML emails and SMS messages 0614 - What is a Virtual List? *** Advanced Topic***

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