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Found 6 results

  1. Gents, two problems: 1. I can't access my db file using FilemakerGo. Localhost works, Webdirect - doesn't. 2. I can't either access my file via mobile browsers. PC browsers work, mobile - doesn't. Tested on my iPhone with Safari and Chrome. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi All, Our database has properties and for each property there are multiple inspections per appliance, sometimes year to year sometimes quarterly. Anyway, we want the technicians in the field who are using iPads to view the history per property by swiping just to make it simple. Every swipe would be a different inspection for that property viewed in chronological order. Property part is "static" while they "page" or swipe through the inspections. I was thinking a slide control would work nicely, and each slide would be a different record for that property. I'm looking for ideas to jumpstart my thought processes, apparently my brain is having a hard time functioning today (and it's only Tuesday!). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Caroline
  3. Hi Folks Looking for an answer on how to upload a document to a supercontainer using filemaker go using Ipad. PS I am a total newbie.
  4. I have a single database that I use to store contact information. I currently have a script to export and backup all of the data as a raw text ".tab" file that is saved on the desktop. (For script step for the path, I set a variable and the following to save to the desktop: Get ( DesktopPath ) & "DataBackup.tab" Works great. But I want to use my database with FM Go, and then revise my script to save this "DataBackup.tab" file to dropbox, or to copy.com. (Copy.com is much like dropbox but with more free storage.) The problem is that the path needs to be revised since you can't save a file to the desktop with FM Go and the iPad. I need to change the path to the root dropbox or copy.com folder. Also, I need this to be a variable so that if my brother uses this same database, it will properly save to his dropbox account/path from his iPad, etc. Thanks.
  5. Hi to everyone and hope you can help a newbie out. I am fairly new to filemaker and filemaker go, but having recently got a ipad and subscribed to the free super container from 360works. I upload or drag and drop the document into the container. As FM go does not have a file system I presume I need to drag and drop the document and would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Regards to all
  6. It was hard trying to figure out which forum to post this topic, I hope this was the best choice. Let me explain my situation and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I run a pool company and I have been using a modified version of the john mark osborne solution. Basically its a database that keeps customers data and invoices. I'm using FMP11 to share the database to two laptops on the road also running FMP11. The laptops get internet connectivity from cell phone wifi hotspots. So I can go to a customers record make a new invoice add products and print out the invoice on a laserprinter running off a beefy inverter. This has worked OKAY for the past 2 years. It seems that as the database grows in size from adding customers and invoices it starts to disconnect much more often. I get that error "connection with the host has been lost.. or something" I forget the exact wording. So when this happens it will take 5 minutes or so to log back in because filemaker will close itself out when trying to reconnect since the serial number matches one already in use until it realizes you actually disconnected. Anyways I'm trying to figure out the best way to go from here. A I can probably reduce the size of the database by purging all of the invoices from the prior year to keep the database small yet keep the invoice ID number unique. This might make the database run smoother.? B I've been told that FMGo is designed differently and is able to handle hiccups in a poor connection to a database without getting those disconnection errors, but then I'm worried about the ability to print from an IPad. C I've looked quickly into MirrorSync with the idea of keeping the database offline on the laptops and then just syncing the changed data. D Try syncing myself? For example I could have uniquie IDs for invoices made by specific users. For example ID numbers for invoices,customers, and products made by userA would be even and and anything made by userB be would be odd. Let me know what you think. Right now I have the advantage of being a seasonal business with this being my off time so I can fool around with the database without worry of having to add new data on a daily basis.
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