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Found 47 results

  1. I have two iPads connected to FM server. For some reason one ipad (5th Gen running 13.5) will not complete the navigation scripts and shows error messages (no records match this find criteria), however the 7th Gen running on 13.1.1 works fine..... Issue has only begun after purchasing the second, newer iPad. I cannot for the life of me work out what is wrong, or how to troubleshoot and would love some guidance please!! Here is a screengrab of one of the scripts and related layout: fm go script issue.tiff Orders iPad layout.tiff
  2. I have encountered a new problem which I have never seen before. A script is performing a find with Set Error Capture [On]. I have the script performing a find and immediately following the find, Set Variable[$lastError = Get (LastError)]. However, after the find fails to find any records, it is still reporting the last error as "0". I have verified this by running it in Script Debugger and it fails to produce the 401 error after not finding any records. Have any of you encountered this issue?
  3. I created a subset of my Members table. It holds PK_ID and Type I collect into $$PriorType the value of the PRIOR value of the selected 'Type'. I collect into $$NewType the value of the CURRENT valaue (collected on EXIT) of the 'Type' From a script, everything works as expected until I get to the Replace command: At best, I can change the first Type in the first record. Additional Types remain unchanged. I am not real clear on the optional settings on Find/Replace but I have tried all the different combinations and permutations with frustrating results. I can 'see' in debug that everything is working as expected. But, when I get to Find/Replace, I am unable to get all the 'found set' to be changed. Also, I can see the cursor in the top record in the Type field. The record below remains unchanged. If that isn't weird enough, Close Window does not close the window? huh...
  4. Hi all, I'm stuck, I hope you can help me. On the internet I came across a great tool called ; Dynamic Portals in Filemaker Pro (
  5. I have a layout that contains a portal. The portal shows rows which contain dates. The master table (the "one" table in the "one-to-many" relationship) has two global fields, gStartDate and gEndDate. I would like to have a script that would do a find that would select all the records in the master table, that have related rows in the portal table, that fall within these two dates. What is the correct way to do this? Thanks very much in advance to all for any info (or alternate approaches)!
  6. Hi, I've assembled a database of soldiers who died during WW1 (it was begun using Appleworks on a IIe, just to give an idea of exactly how long it's been in construction). For using the database with Filemaker Go on iPad / iPhone, I want to simplify some of the Find requests to allow only the use of checkboxes and buttons. This would be useful when 'in the field' at the actual battlefield and in the associated cemeteries, for on the spot information regarding the soldiers, as well as for details of the military actions, etc. that occurred there. I want to place a Field in checkbox format - for examle 'Force' (indicates the country of origin) inside a Popover, and have the User able to select one or more options by tapping on the appropriate checkbox/es, then carry out the search. I've spent the day looking around for solutions, and feel I'm just not getting it. I haven't had a lot of experience with scripting, but realise that's at least partly where the answer is. What I'd really appreciate would be a step-by-step explanation of how this sort of thing is usually done, as I don't believe I'm the only person ever to have tried it. Thanks for any assistance. Regards, Bryn
  7. Hello I have a scripted find function using; a global showing a drop down value list based on a field (Vendor_Name), and a calc field to Set Field in Find Mode. I am wondering whether one can add another step to this script so that the value list display shows the VendorsName and those records within a specified year, in this case my Invoice_Date. So for example I might see a value list as follows: UPS 2010 UPS 2011 UPS 2012 Fedex 2011 Fedex 2012 etc.. In the Fedex case shown there are only records from 2011 and 2012. Thank you
  8. I would like to perform a search on a DB served and created on a FM11 server using the PHP site setup tools. This web site I would simply like to search the field “NT” for values of say 120. I expected something simple like: http://lgdfm3.ncifcr...list.php?NT=120 But alas I seem to have too high expectations and it seems like I will have to build a form php page to perform a search via a URL?
  9. Trying to report unique instances of duplicates after constraining find I have the following structure; FIELDS; UniqueID Equip_ID Location TestNumber TestDate This table records each test number that a piece of equipment performs, along with the date of the test and the location. There are often multiple tests per piece of equipment on a given day. I'm trying to report the following; 1) Multiple instances of a Equip_ID in a given time period. 2) Locations transmitting from Equip_ID in a given timer period. I want to be able to take this; Equip_ID Location TestNumber TestDate 1 NewYork 111 10-5-2013 1 NewYork 112 10-5-2013 1 NewYork 113 10-5-2013 2 Utah 245 10-5-2013 3 California 345 10-6-2013 3 California 346 10-6-2013 4 Oklahoma 400 10-6-2013 4 Oklahoma 401 10-6-2013 5 Florida 405 10-7-2013 6 Illinois 450 10-7-2013 6 Illinois 451 10-7-2013 6 Illinois 452 10-7-2013 7 NewYork 500 10-7-2013 7 NewYork 500 10-7-2013 8 Florida 530 10-8-2013 8 Florida 531 10-8-2013 1 NewJersey 575 10-10-2013 And display single instances of LOCATIONS that transmitted tests from more than one Equip_ID; For the month of Oct.2013; Equip_ID Location TestDate 1 NewYork 10/2013 7 NewYork 10/2013 5 Florida 10/2013 8 Florida 10/2013 AND Display Equip_ID that transmitted from multiple locations For the month of Oct.2013; Equip_ID Location TestDate 1 NewYork 10/2013 1 NewJersey 10/2013 THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  10. My application is a Membership application. There is a field named: Membership::Mem_Can which holds a value of "Member" or "Candidate" In the database there are 55 Members In the database there are 8 Candidates Of the 55 members, 2 are deceased. (The DOP field has a date in it) I am trying to do a find all members who do NOT have a date in the DOP field. (They are no deceased) There are 53 members who meet this criteria. =====THE PROBLEM====== I write a script with these steps: FIND Mem_Can="Member" OMIT DOP<01/01/50 What results is a found set that shows 55 records. I am using a script LOOP that goes through the found set and updates the STATUS of each MEMBER. The last 2 records don't get processed because the found set finds 55. But a variable, $$foundset shows 53? (I also tried using CONSTRAIN FOUND SET and got the same result. ? ? ? ? Thanks Ron
  11. Hi guys, do you know an easy solution when you have 2 or more same fields in layout and you want to search for something? In filemaker after any of multiple field is filled by user other fields changes accordinly but in IWP others stays blank what causes conflict. My temp solution is I disabled find ability but one field. Have you better idea how to deal with? Thank you AD.
  12. This took some good google-fu for me to figure out, so I figured I'd post just in case anyone else is having the same problem. I had the following snippet that worked perfectly for the local database: This failed when I migrated the database to a remote server. Instead, I use this. The field in question ("Client matter number") is the third field in the layout. This is why I specify two "" in the data. I don't know why the former doesn't work for remote databases, but such is life! - Mike.
  13. Hi, I've 2 tables, Jobs and Invoices. Each job can have a number of invoices What I want to do is find all the invoices done in November, but also include in the found record set all the other invoices for those jobs which did have at least one invoice in November. I thought it would be easy but I come to a complete block cheers in advance MJK
  14. Summer is over and our weekly FileMaker webinars are back! Our first one is this Thursday at 11am PDT, on “Relationships for Beginners”. Register Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6892433068111504642 We will spend 30 minutes covering a specific topic. Then the last 30 minutes will be an open Q&A on any topic. Topic List: Sept 13th: Relationships for Beginners Sept 20th: Find Records, Date Ranges, and Special Operators Sept 27th: Conditional Formatting (Can I making something Red?) Oct 4th: Automation (Repetitive Tasks can become Scripts) Oct 11th: Reporting & SubSummaries Oct 18th: Merge Fields and Hiding Objects (Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak) Oct 25th: Sharing your FileMaker App with Co-Workers Nov 1st: Basic Concepts for Building Mobile Apps All the best, Richard Carlton CEO & Video Trainer
  15. I am running FileMaker 14 on a Win 10 machine. I have a set of records that each have a field with a starting number and a field with an ending number. I have to perform a find that locates the record where the find criteria is greater than or equal to the starting number AND less than or equal to the ending number. I need to write a script that will just let the user enter the find criteria in a edit box and then go to the record. This will theoretically be only one record that would match from the dataset. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this? Thanks RDW
  16. I have a script that performs a find based on related fields. Here's a very simplified version of script Go To Layout ["Primary_Table"] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [related_table::name] Perform Find I have the <<related_table::name>> field on the Primary_Table layout. If I run this within Filemaker Pro it works and finds desired subset. If I run it as a Server script it works and finds desired subset. But, if I trigger it from PHP it finds ALL the records in the Primary_Table. The following, however, does work and finds a subset of records from Primary_Table: Go To Layout ["Primary_Table"] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Primary_Table::id] Perform Find In other words, I can trigger scripts with PHP that successfully do finds when all the find fields are native to the Primary_Table, but as soon as I try to add criteria that's in a related table to Primary_Table it finds ALL Primary Table records. I've tried authorizing all layouts to the php user so I don't think it's a permissions issue. Is this a known issue, or should it work in principal and I'm missing something? Hopefully not since otherwise it's going to mean a much longer script to find what I need (the actual script does a search using fields from 3 different related tables, 2 of which are 3 tables away from Primary_Table, so I'll need to do a ton of Go To Related Records steps. Thanks for the help!
  17. I'm working on a database where users can search by a person's name. Many of the names in the database have accents and other diacritical marks which it's important for us to keep and display properly. Unfortunately, if a user searches by typing in "Francois," the record for "François" will not be returned. Since it's a pain (at least on a Windows machine) to find and use those special characters, or the user might not even know that André actually has an "é" at the end of his name, I'm looking for a way to ensure that a search for a name that includes a character without a diacritic will find the name that has a character with the diacritic. I've seen a number of inquires about the need to strip letters of their diacritical marks using a substitute function, but I haven't come across a way to incorporate this into a setup where the name displays with the proper diacritic but appears, when being searched, as though it doesn't have any accent or other mark. I appreciate any help with this problem.
  18. I'm in the process of migrating a customer from one filemaker db to a new db file and my customer would like to migrate his saved finds from the old database to the new one (without having to manually reconstruct them). Is this possible?
  19. I arrived at a solution that is working now. The problem I was trying to solve: I have a field containing a bar code number, and want to have a find executed against the data, but if the first two characters of the barcode were "AB", to strip those off before executing the find. The solution: Use a custom dialog box with user input to scan the barcode; store the results in a global field; run an If statement, and if the first two characters are "AB", set a variable to the value minus the left two characters; perform a find using that variable. --------- Following is what I tried before the working version. I'm leaving it here mainly because I'm still trying to understand more (in my general FileMaker knowledge) about PROBLEMs 1 & 2 (#3 has been solved by using the custom dialog with user input, etc.). But since I have a working solution, only have a look if interested. thanks I have a field containing a bar code number, and a button that runs a script to perform a find on that field, where the user scans the bar code, and the scanner returns the number plus a carriage return (I have the scanner programmed that way) to execute the find. When there is a record with a bar code label whose number below the bar code itself matches (e.g., "20154673"), the following script works just fine. Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ] Go to Field [ Select/Perform ; hardware::id_num_org ] # At this point, the bar code is scanned, and the CR # triggers the find. However there are some barcodes begin with "AB" which are not to be used in the records (business rules). When using "Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off ], "Go to Field [ Select/Perform ... " is then executed before the barcode is entered; if pause is On, the user has to manually select the field to enter in (unless there was an active record, and the target field was active) -PROBLEM 1. If a record is not found due to the leading "AB", the "No records match this criteria" dialog is suppressed (as I want with error capture on), but the error code returns "0", not "401"—UNLESS I use "Perform Find [ Restore ]" with the criteria being data beginning with "AB", but of course the data being searched on is derived from the barcode scan. -PROBLEM 2. (Note: I simplified debugging of the error code by temporarily commenting out the If structure, and placing a custom dialog at the end of the script, using "Get Get ( LastError )" ) . Once I can (hopefully) get into the If structure OK, how can I modify the data that was input during the search? I have the code for "Set Field" (or similar) worked out, but don't know how to capture the input data into a variable, or what have you. -PROBLEM 3. Following are the basics of the script so far: Set Error Capture [ On ] Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ] Go to Field [ Select/Perform ; hardware::id_num_org ] If [ Get ( LastError ) = 401 ] # I only want to run the steps inside the following # If statement if the scan begins with "AB"; # not if there simply is no record for the barcode. If [ Left ( hardware::id_num_org ; 2 ) = "AB" Modify Last Find # I think in order to not require the user to # rescan if we get to this If statement, that I may # need to capture the scanned input into a variable. # That is yet another thing to work out. Set Field [ hardware::id_num_org ; Right ( hardware::id_num_org ; Length ( hardware::id_num_org ) - 2 ) ] End If End If Set Error Capture [ Off ] I tried using Perform Find [ ] , but didn't see a way to pass the scanned barcode using criteria for "Specify Find Requests".
  20. Hello Everyone; I have been working on a file and was just playing around with GTRR & FIND - I have attached the file for anyone to review; THere are no safety checks, etc, just doing some testing. Should i use the GTRR or Find method? or is it just a matter of doing the same thing another way. thanks -i cupcakeFriday Copy.fp7.zip
  21. hi i have a field on my layout that is display via a popover that the value list is based on a relationship narrowed down by another relationship. i would like to perform a find on this layout by only showing the related results, however i can't seem to perform a find in the popup field , is that something that cannot be done - i can't seem to find anywhere it talking about it?
  22. I have a large DB of some 500K records. I have set up a number of scripts to find specific items in the DB. How can I concatenate these to find a combination of, say, 5 scripts. For example, Script 1, finds all white cats, script 2 all black cats. If I create a script which simply has Perform Script 1 and underneath Perform Script 2 then the script will find all the white cats but then forget this and find all the black cats whereas I want black and white cats. It is too laborious to use the Find requests because each find request for each original script has a number of other elements. I suppose one way is to create a field which I could put an 'x' into (first zero this field in case I used it before). Then the first script would find all the white cats, and insert and 'x' into this field. It would then find all the black cats, insert and 'x'. Then I would find all the records in the file which had an 'x' in this field. Is this the best way?
  23. Single Table Tree Structure Database. Every record has a unique ID and a parent ID. The Parent ID always matches some other records unique ID A Parent can have multiple Children. A child only has a single parent. The root record has a parent ID that matches it's own ID (or zero if you like) Given any ID I need to be able to search up through the tree to find the first parent record or parents parent record etc that has a character field = "Diamond". If not found I need to be able to return the root record. Given the same ID I need to be able to provide a list of all the children, childrens children etc of the given record ordered by name or ID. When displaying any record it would be great to be able to display who the parent is that is "Diamond" and list all the children as well. Both functions would seem to require recursion but this is a little beyond me.
  24. I am trying to get around merging files. I have a database of Matters in filemaker pro advanced. I have created a script in the matters file which uses applescript to open a word template file, rename it according to the name of the record I ran the script from and save it with the new name. This part of the script works fine. It is implemented by using a global field with the filename in it and setting a variable in applescript by reference to the global field: "get cell" The new file is a letter - I want to be able to extract the name of the matter from the filemaker database and place it at a specific location in the word document. My plan is to have a unique word on the document and to search for that word and replace it with a variable in applescript derived from a field in filemaker. I want to do this, if it can be done, without closing the document I have just created. after much trial and error i am getting the feeling that I may not be able to do this unless i close the document first and/or that you cant use defined variable in the search replace "command" (if that is what it is - forgive me I am not a programmer or anything) Thanks in anticipation.
  25. Hello, I'm running FileMaker Go 15 on iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.2). I had this same issue on FMGo 14 before I upgraded. When I click Create New Find and enter find mode, I enter data into the fields I'd like to search, but the "Search" button in the top right corner is grayed out/unavailable and clicking "Done" or "Go" in the native keyboard doesn't perform the find. I've attached an image in find mode so you can see what I'm talking about. I even have admin privileges and it doesn't work. The Quick Find search seems to be the only thing working. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks in advance! Arbel
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