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Found 28 results

  1. Hello all, I'm trying to embed videos from Vimeo into a filemaker layout using the Webviewer functionality using FMPro 13 Advanced. All my users are Mac based and have the latest flash player installed. However, when the web viewer loads, I'm getting "Missing Plugin" errors. Does filemaker support flash video? I would have preferred to use HTML5, however, I can't get vimeo's HTML5 player to play video. When I attempt to play, I only get a black window and audio Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, Thanx in advance. I want to run the FM script as a webservice. For that I am using the 360works Web service manager. I am able to run their sample files in environment which having FilaMaker Server and web server on single machine. But now I want to run that in the environment which having Filemaker server on one machine and the Web Server on another machine. But in that environment I am getting the following error. Fatal error: Class 'SoapClient' not found in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TestWebService.php on line 6 Please help on the above issue.
  3. I wanted to ask a question to Filemaker developers/users. Can the application create or be used to create an online or stand-alone portfolio/album that displays designs/photos/etc. And of course can be updated via filemaker and also updated on the web album as well. It can be wither html or flash based as well. I am searching all over for an application that does this and the search is a bit tedious. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm exporting a formatted text field with the getasCSS(field) to an XML file, and then getting the data with Action Script (3). GetasCSS returns something like this: Can I show this formatted text in Flash? How can this be transformed to be used by AS4 in order to show this formatted text in Flash? Thanks in advance!
  5. can I use flash file in filemaker application?If yes then how?
  6. Hi, I want to create a php link to flash so I can try to create a RIA. This is not easy and really I don't know where to start or how to do it. I noticed the 'beta' flashbuilder application from adobe but I can't seem to get a connection wih my database. Is there anybody who wants to lend me a hand so I can dive in to it? Tia,
  7. Hi, Can anybody let me know what is the alternative of flash on the website? Thanks, Zach
  8. Hi Guys, I have a container field, which contains image references. Is there anyone out there that knows how I can create a rotating banner in flash which display these images from the container field. Thanks Jalz
  9. Hi guys, i have a problem here. Why i can't show my Shockwave flash object pointed by using web viewer in the web. The database is hosted by FMS A9 using IWP.
  10. Using Flash files in FM

    I did have a look though some posts here but cannot seem to get a straight answer... I would like to have a flash file (an animated company logo) on a layout. From what I can see, I could use the web viewer to point to a flash file . The trouble is I can't seem to enter the right filename path to point fm to. Can anybody help? thanks
  11. Can anyone recommend any inexpensive software for editing .swf files? I only need to edit the files themselves to customize the rendering of charts within a web viewer. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional would be overkill. Any thoughts?
  12. Using FileMake 8.5 and a web viewer, can I send Flash data via a URL? I wan to send an MP3 URL to a Flash SWF audio player. Can I do something like this: http://myserver.com/play.swf?mymp3.mp3 Thanks for any responses. [color:gray]Moderator edited: Entire post was in Subject. Subjects should be short. (LaRetta)
  13. Does anyone know of any flash sites made utilizing filemaker? It would be cool to see some real world applications of it if there are any.
  14. Hi - - Can anyone share some sample ActionScript you use to pull data from the IWP engine? I can find the XML with no problem using the URL, but I dont know how/where to use this with Flash to display in Flash.
  15. I didn't know where to place this post. Do any of you feel it would be a great asset for Filemaker to allow a container field to display a fully interactive flash movie? I am just wondering why it doesn't - It would add to the value of filemaker by millions. Just wondering. Dave
  16. Hello All I have an interctive flash animation integrated into an FM container. This works fine but runs very slow and sticks when too many movie symbols are active. There are 11 movie symbols. If I run only one or two there is no problem but if I run more than 6 - even if they are on hold waiting for a play action - the whole animation starts staggering and eventually friezes. Any ideas?
  17. I am trying to integrate FileMaker 7/8 with flash.. but am unable to progress... What exactly i am trying is use FM7/8 as backend to a flash made web page.. the web page should be able to add data to the FM DB as well as update the same.. something run time. As far as i have searched there are posts which say XML is the way.. but i dont want to export the FM data into xml and then use it.. it should be something just intermediate. Anyone there who can help me .. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.... Shilpa.
  18. Flash XML Connector object and how it can be used to communicate with FileMaker. If, set up correctly, the xml connector will parse out the xml for you. Attached is a sample of what I'm doing. I took a Macromedia tutorial and connected to a FileMaker 6 file instead of the xml file that they provided. In this sample, the xml is update when the swf file is launched. So, if you add a record to the DB the swf movie will not update until you relaunch the movie. NOTE: This is written for FileMaker 6 not 7. I will post a FileMaker 7 version later. Give Me Feed back. FM6toFLP2004xmlconnector.zip
  19. The instructions in Flash for connecting to an external database state: Set up your data source; for example, in the ColdFusion environment, set up a ColdFusion DataSource component to connect to your data source. How would this be acomplished for FM Pro 7?
  20. I would like to start a discussion on weather or not it is worth developing in FMP 7 and Flash. I have been hard pressed to find one example of how to make FMP 7 work with FlashMX. On the other hand I can find examples on how to make PHP and MySql work. such as http://actionscript-toolbox.com/samplemx_php.php A list of pros and cons would be helpful. Con FMP limited to five connections Con FMP Advanced Server costly Pro MySql free in fact it comes with Mac OSX Server I think PHP has been arround longer and has a wider base of users than XML
  21. I've spent so much time on this, hoping one of you experts can help. I'm stumped. I am trying to export text from several text fields via XML and import it into dynamic text fields in Flash with the bold and italic text enhancements retained. I've got the export/import & field population working fine. But the text enhancements do not come over. The information is stripped out (as I discovered after inspecting the XML file in a text editor). I came up with a Plan B--to use paired HTML codes e.g., to mark up the text in FileMaker, before export. Certainly not optimal to ask end users to do this, but I've got to come up with something. The problem with Plan B is that the XML exporting transforms all < into & lt; and all > into & gt; So ... the angle bracket codes are not interpreted by Flash but appear right in the text (yes, I have enabled the HTML parsing option for the Flash fields). Could really use some ideas here! Thanks in advance.
  22. Flash buttons?

    Do Flash created buttons function normally in FileMaker?
  23. Just curious

    Just curious if it is possible to integrate Flash in Filemaker. Is this a new forum. I have not seen a single post in here How is this done. Using PHP and filemaker or some other way? I wished I could use filemaker in the place of MySQL somehow. Though they say MySQL is powerful, I found it extremely difficult to use from the commandline.
  24. Hi Everyone, I have a client that is the author of a regional media guide. He has a database in Filemaker with all the content for the book. He wants a CDROM to accompany the book. At its most simple, users must be able to search for media contacts from an interface on the CDROM. I'm not familiar with Filemaker so I
  25. Dear Forum, first an intro: I was very suprised to find a forum exactly on my topic, Filemaker and Flash. Great ! I've been working on Flash file to present some data about a library, documented in Filemaker. Given the XML output by Filemaker, via HTTP request, I've imported the XML data and presented it in Flash via Actionscript 2.0, with the use of the XML- and XMLNode-Class. So nothing is done via the (data) components. The first step of my development was to make a general 'XMLBrowser' is Flash. It is available at http://prbieb.fee.uva.nl/Sjoerd/XMLBrowser. If you find this piece of code useful, let me know, I can post the .fla (Flash) file. All is object oriented programmed. Now my question, the file/database I used up to now is like a flat database, no relations. I've made a new architecture of database, which involves several files and relations. What would you, as forum member, consider the best way to feed this to a Flash movie ? I had some ideas, like using the ScriptMaker of FileMaker to generate 1 big 'join'-file presenting the data in a very old-fashion way. Also, I could import all databases/files in seperate XML-objects and create custom Flash relations between the XML-objects to mimic the FM relations. Both solutions hard work. ChouChou

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