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Found 57 results

  1. I assist with a FMP 11 database that manages projects and related data, about 10,000 projects currently. I setup a new tool that tracks a ADL requirement with a simple YES/NO drop down value list. Users choose if the project requires ADL tracking by selecting YES/NO, and we have a layout that lists all 10,000 projects with the ADL requirement that shows YES, NO or empty value. This layout also shows lots of other project records that are searchable without error. I am trying to perform a Find on this layout to display all values with YES selected, or NO selected. The appropriate relationship is setup on the graph so my list shows all 10,000 projects, and other records that are searchable, but my YES/NO value list gives me a "No records match the find criteria." Before I write a script with a button I am testing the find function steps first, and I keep getting the same error. I open the layout, click show all (10,000) records. I click Find then click the ADL Requirement and click either YES or NO. I click Perform Find and get the No records match this criteria error. This seems to be a very simple operation, to search records in the database, and for the life of me I cannot find why it isn't working!! Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Is there a way in AppleScript to trap if the connection is lost and have an AppleScript act on this? At the risk of asking and answering myself( AppleScript below ) repeat tell application "FileMaker Pro" try database "db" on error do shell script "sudo shutdown -r now" with administrator privileges end try end tell delay 59 -- 59 secs end repeat
  3. I'm a botanist, and the tables I am working with are for tracking botanical garden collections. The data represents plants in the garden, and the plants are tagged and show up in the database. The tables I am working with were created in FMP 7, and I'd like to open them up in FMP 11 (or later.) The system hasn't been used in years, but still has valuable information. One of the tables is giving me problems using the FMP convert and recover commands. These tables are all inter-related. The main table is the Accessions table, which contains records for all of one kind of plant, from the same source, received on the same date. It is basically a museum standard. The other tables are related to each other through this one main table. The Species table is related to the locations table through the Accessions table. (i.e. table A relates to table C through the table B, the intermediary) From the Locations table, we can't see the the species information unless the accessions table is present. When issuing the open command on the main table to convert the database to FMP 11, I get the message: "Accessions.fmp7" is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the Recover command to recover this file. When using the Recover command from v. 11, I get another message: WARNING: problems were detected while recovering the database. Please review the Recover.log file to see where problems were found and their severity. The recovered file should NOT be used going forward; copy only the most recent work from it into a backup copy of the original file. Recovery results: File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 563 blocks, dropped 214 invalid data blocks. Schema: scanned fields and tables, 1 items modified Structure: scanned; 1 items modified Field indexes: rebuilt Opening the recovered database, there are only three records present. There should be hundreds. So obviously I am looking on how to wrangle this database open. I've attached the log file here, as well as the database structure map. The other files have converted just fine. But since the main table won't open, we are kind of stuck. I can share the files with you through Dropbox or whatever, if needed. Please let me know any thoughts you have, either basic or advanced. And ask for any clarifications or additional questions. :-) Thanks! -Tony Recover.log
  4. I am working in a biology lab and have developed several basic databases using filemaker 11 to help the lab organise their stocks of chemicals and so on. We have a fairly onerous excel sheet that we have to fill out for registering certain new reagents we make with the regulatory authorities and as these are a pain to use, they are not filled out regularly enough. I would like to simplify this for everyone by making a filemaker form/database that will automatically fill out as much detail as possible. The data in question is that when we clone a piece of DNA we need to insert this into several different DNA vectors that are used for different things. Whenever this one particular piece of DNA is inserted into a new vector it must be registered, so for one piece of DNA there may be , lets say 6 individual entries in the database, all saying more or less similar things, but just having different target vectors. I hope this isn’t already sounding to weird. I have a plan that I will have a ‘home screen’ with a field for entering the name of the DNA and then some tick boxes for each of the common target vectors. What I would like is that all my colleagues will need to do is tick the boxes for the vectors they want to clone the DNA into and filemaker will then automatically populate a new entry for each of the vectors specifically for the new DNA they have cloned. As I have some basic experience, but am admittedly very limited in my scripting knowledge, I am unsure as to how best to do this. Would it be best to have a button next to each of the vectors instead of a tick box that would run a script that would take the name of the DNA in the field and then make a new entry based on the associated vector? If so can anyone suggest how this would be best organised. I am guessing I only need a single table with two layouts, one for the home screen and one for viewing all the entries. I’m sorry if this seems a bit convoluted. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi, A client of mine has an Windows 2008 Server which runs an SQL Server. Because he doesn't have another machine and (Due To some reason, my client do not wish to mess with current SQL database structure), so I will like to ins tall FM 11 runtime onto the same machine, The runtime solution is to schedule login to SQL server to perform importing / filtering and exporting data report. My question is :... Has someone ever done this and can it be done? Possible for FM to login onto same machine to access SQL DB ? Thanks!
  6. I and most of my clients are still on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003. I have several FileMaker executable files (solutions) developed using FileMaker 11 Advanced. Will these run on Windows 10? Will the Windows 10 compatibility mode (i.e., Windows 7) run these files? I don't have a Windows 10 machine to test.
  7. I'm getting the attached error messages when trying to modify records in a file. It's appears as though there is some protection in place, privilege sets etc, but there isn't and never has been. I've tried recovering the file to no avail, is there anything else I can try? I haven't accessed this file in approx. 6 months, but have never had issues before and I'm the only user of the file.
  8. I have a MacMini running macOS Sierra with FM11PA that works; however this FM11PA was installed when there was MacOS X 10.10 on the MacMini. Attempting to install FM11PA on my MB15R fails, well the installer appears to work fine( as pr attached image, ) but launching the app( as pr attached image ) tells me somebody has been fiddling with the installation and that I have to reinstall the application.
  9. Hi, I have FileMaker 11 and I created a interface to pull data from my website's sql. I am able to change the name of a product, but I cannot change the price of the mysql table through the FM 11 interface. Is there something I miss doing? I am using odbc to connect. Thanks.
  10. I am modifying the Invoice sample that comes with FM to provide some basic Inventory management functions. Works pretty well. However...I really need to be able to order a product in 2 ways : (1) (Kit - ISBN) and have that deplete and ship all of the parts that make the kit. (2) as individual pieces) For example: Kit 1234 (includes) 3 of part 2234 5 of part 9987 1 of part 097 Someone might order Kit 1234 PLUS an extra 9987. Make sense? No clue on how to connect them. Thanks in advance File Maker Jedis.
  11. Hi, I have a Filemaker Pro 11.04 database running and it's great. However I wanted to make a simple amendment which is proving very frustrating to do. I have a customer contacts layout that I can click on a button to create invoices. All the relevant contact data is ported and I get taken to a new layout (Invoice Data) where I input the relevant information for invoices (the items, quantities etc). When I'm ready to print I click another button on this layout and it takes me to another invoice layout (Invoice Print) that condenses the information input into the data layout into a more printer friendly version and prints it off (via script) automatically - this has worked like a charm for years! Recently though our invoicing layout requirements have changed and I wish to add a note box that I could type short messages that would be specific to that invoice (i.e not something that will appear on every invoice) - just a simple text note should be perfect for this. So I created a new field called 'Invoice notes' and set it as a text only box and added this field to both the 'invoice data' layout and the 'invoice print' layout. I thought that would be it, but when I'm in Browse mode and add text into this box, whatever text is added is erroneously added to every invoice - not what I wanted at all. All I want is to be able to leave a small individual message on an individual invoice that applies specifically to the invoice and customer I'm writing it to. I'm at a loss on how to achieve this as I can't see what I'm doing wrong - I really thought it'd be a 5 minute task, but it's proving frustratingly difficult to achieve and I've wasted hours trying to do it.. And advice on what to do would be gratefully received. Thanks GB PS: This is a Modified FM Starting Point Database if that helps running os OSX 10.10
  12. Can't crack a relationship

    Hi all, I've got a problem I've been struggling with for a few days now and I'm hoping someone here can help. Apologies if this is actually quite simple. I'm not a complete beginner with FM, but far from advanced. Anyway, here's the problem: I have a parent table called Collections, and a child called Items. 1 Collection can have many Items. I also have a table called Requests. This table should allow a user to request a selection of items from a particular collection, so that these items can be physically delivered from storage to our premises. Each Request should be unique and retained as a permanent record, allowing us to have a history of when Requests were made and what Item they were for. This is where my problem starts. I've attached an image showing how the relationships are set up between tables. My problem is that even though on the Request form I can bring up a checkbox set of items that changes depending which Collection has been selected (drawn from a value list), when I create a new request for that Collection the previous Request' selections are already checked, and if changed will effect the previous record. How should this relationship be set up to avoid this? I'd assumed I should use a join table at some point, but wherever I try this I'm told I can't have more than one relationship instance between any two tables... To take it a step further, often a Collection will have so many Items that the checkbox set field isn't anywhere near big enough. Without a scroll bar option on checkbox sets, it seems to me that in the Requests form that field should in fact be a portal, which will allow a scroll bar. In this instant, how would this effect the above relationship problem? Thanks again for the help, and taking the time to read this! Franco
  13. Email sales ticket

    I create a sales ticket in FMP11 and then print the sales ticket out for my customer. I have a layout for the sales ticket. I'd like to be able to give my customer the option for me to email this sales ticket to their email address. I already have a field for their addredss in my layout. How can I email a one page form? I use Windows Live Mail 2011 on a PC.
  14. Hi All, What I want is to create a pdf which has 2 or more layouts in FM i.e. multiple pages and then attach the pdf after creation to an email in Ipad. I have tried to append the second layout pdf to the 1st but in Ipad we cannot append pdf so this solution does not work. So please if anyone can suggest me any solution many thanls. Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi All, I am using IIS 7 ,Filemaker 11 and PHP 5.2.17. I have installed IIS and Filemaker 11 server correctly and also for the default site added in the handler mapping section the correct path for the FM webpublishing PHP which is C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\php\php5isapi.dll. But when I run the php code then I get an error as : PHP Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\php\FileMaker\Command.php on line 126.Can any1 please help? Thank you in advance.
  16. "Not responing" message

    I'm using FMP11 v2 on a Windows 7 x64 laptop. When I print, I get a "Not responding" message and FMP stops working. I must turn FMP off using Task Master. I tried upgrading to v3 or v4 but I can't get the update to work. I've reloaded my printer driver. I'm stumped... any ideas?
  17. FM11 running under 10.10 Yosemite?

    I cannot get FMP Advanced 11.0.4 to run under Yosemite. Anyone else seeing this? I get the Java 6 Runtime message as described here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14038 ... but it is not plugin related (as I have deleted all 360 Works and other plugins in an attempt to get running). Is there a risk to other systems if I install the legacy Java SE6 listed here? http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572 Bit of a blocking problem for me on my main work machine (have a backup Mavericks machine still). Thanks for any advice.
  18. I've created a report with a Grand Leading Summary. The problem is, I'm getting a blank line above where it's printing the summary. See the attached screenshots. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? Thanks for your help! Â
  19. Windows 7 printer settings, when I choose Page Setup manually it works, when I restore from script it works when I choose default printer, but not if the printer in the restore is not the default printer, what to do?
  20. Hi everybody: I have a product drop down list that shows all products for a certain supplier when making a new order. The list changes according to the supplier of the products. This is easily done by indicating who the supplier is in the products Table and making the appropriate relationship. Now, I want to shorten the list by eliminating obsolete products (I need to keep history, so I can't simply delete the obsoletes from the products table) The products table has a field which I can click when a product becomes obsolete. My solution (it works, but I don't like it) is adding a field called obsolete in the purchase orders table, which is automatically set to "no" and I added a second relationship for the value list, so that if product is obsolete, it is no loger valid via the relationship. Any ideas of a better way to do it? Thanks Carlos
  21. Hello, I have taken on a database developed in Filemaker 7 and it is currently running in Filemaker Server 11. I need to setup a development environment so that I am not working on the live system for obvious reasons. I read an article on the Filemaker website on the ways to do this. I chose the option to copy the files from a backup to a local machine to work on. I copied all of the database files from the backup on the server to my local development machine. The database does work in a way but most of the files I try to open it tells me "This file was not closed correctly - performing consistency check". I have tried running the "recovery" option on some of the files but even the recovered version of the files still come up with this error, so every time I try to open them it has to perform this consistency check. This isn't ideal as it is slowing the development down a lot due to having to perform the check every time I want to test a change I made. I saw an article claiming it is possible to disable the consistency check as a last resort but cannot find that option anywhere. Ideally I would like to still use the consistency check if there is a way for me to solve this problem. What would be my best option to solve these issues? Thanks for any help you can provide. Rikki
  22. I need to upload some files that I have modified to the Filemaker server. I have been working on a backup set of the database on my local dev machine and now would like to implement these changes to the Filemaker server. Which is the best way for me to do this so that I don't have to manually edit the files on the server to copy what I have modified? I would like to know the best practice in this situation, As you can tell I'm very new to Filemaker but have been thrown in at the deep end and really need a little help on the best way around this problem. Many thanks Rikki
  23. I'd like to keep the user on the currently selected tab even when the user leaves for another record. I have a script that identifies the currently active tab and another that restores that tab state. I can trigger the latter via layout script trigger "OnRecordLoad" but how do I trigger the "memorizer" - even when no changes have been made to the record? I am on FM11 so I don't have access to the new Tab-script behaviours.
  24. Hello Fellow Filemakers! I have a IWP solution which is working well apart from a couple of issues with Portals. I have discovered that the "Go to Portal Row" does not work for IWP which is a headache for my users as they are often working with over 100 records in the portal I am referencing. So the problem is the portal resets to the top after my users interact with the records. I am thinking of adding two fields "Initial Row" and "number of row" and using the filter option on the portal to display the records the user specified. But I am drawing a blank on how to achieve this. I've done date range filters in portals and am thinking I want to employ a similar strategy. If anyone could shed some light on this request I'd really appreciate it. - I've got Admin staff putting pressure on the big wig to replace my Filemaker solution with a boxed product so if I can get this solution working it would really help me out. thanks Jordan
  25. Hi, I'm having a problem with sharing a database, i just cannot solve. the technical department of the company uses a filemaker database to keep track of the materials in stock. For ease of use, they want to share the database so colleagues can access and change the database items from other computers. I followed the procedure on the filemaker pro website to share the database using the client, not a filemaker server. At first this looks ok, the database is accessible from other computers, and the fields can be updated. However, when another user logs in on another computer, the share settings change on the Host. more specifically, the "network access to file" changes from "all users" to "no users". Anyone have any idea how this can happen? thanks, Stijn

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