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  1. Hello, I do want to upgrade from Filemaker Server 12 to version 16. At first I've wanted to uninstall v12 but cannot access to the console. I get screen saying "Cannot start the Consol, managing Admin Server not available? Does anyone have an idea of why I cannot start the FMS 12 Consol. Thanks! FMS-ERR.tiff
  2. FYI I tried to add this to the Filemaker community page but don't think it worked hence adding here also. I have been tasked with creating a website for a charity, part of the website will be a searchable archive of all of their historic data. This data is stored in Filemaker Pro 12 on the historians machine. He has provided me with 4 .fmp12 files, I downloaded a trial version that I found here http://www.filemaker.com/redirects/ss.html?file=PRO12MAC however none of his files will open. The website runs on Wordpress which is php based, the database is a maria database although I
  3. Filemaker Pro Adv 12 running under Windows 10. Trying to "Send Mail" with two (2) attachments. The specified attachment files are defined as $Path1 (from_map.png) and $Path2 (to_map.png). Both files are located at C:/Users/{user id}/AppData/Local/Temp/S<n>. The Specified files are entered as: $PATH1 $PATH2 However, when Send Mail is activated only $PATH1 is shown as an attachment. Can't seem to get past this problem, help please.
  4. I would like to have options to enter either fields (selling price or margin) and the other should be automatically calculated for instance: Cost Price = 100 (Available) Sell Price = Calculation field or ?? Input amount Margin = Calculation field or ?? Input percentage If i put 160 on sell price it should automatically put 37.5% in margin or if i put 37.5% in margin field it should automatically fill sell price for 160. File uploaded Login name: admin No Password: Thank you in advanced. TEST.fmp12
  5. I love the way FileMaker 12 can do drag and drop on a container field. I know that I can right click and choose insert file and I will get the option I need. I want to know if there is a way to make it so via drag and drop, or any method of putting a file in FileMaker, it ALWAYS remains a reference? Or is the only way via the right click manual method.
  6. I have FileMaker Pro 12 installed on four computers on my network, and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 stored on a fifth computer. There is a shared database stored on one of the first four computers. When using the shared database from the fifth computer and I attempt to check any of the checkboxes for the field Events, I see the message shown in the attachment and I am unable to check the checkbox (This behavior occurs only on the fifth computer). If I then do a search, after doing the search I am able to check any of the checkboxes in the previously problematic field. I've restarted the fifth com
  7. Hello Forum. I had some basic questions (for starters) about a report I am trying to create: 1. Can this type of report be created? 2. Can you point me in the right direction. I have the following tables: People connected to both Readings and Sessions with the usual primary key-foreign key relationship People-----------<Readings -----------<Sessions I would like to generate a report for a person, with 1 Reading record, then Session records after that Reading record timestamp, then another Reading record, etc. So basically it would look lik
  8. I have a business unit within my company for whom I set up a quick time tracking database about 6 months ago based on the time tracking system that my business unit has been using for years. After their "pilot" usage, they sent me back this graphic of what they want the interface to look like. It's a spreadsheet. Really. I'm super frustrated. I don't even know where to post this. I don't know why they don't just use a spreadsheet if they want a spreadsheet. What I would like to do (after my top 3 completely unprofessional responses) is either refer them to an existing product that someone
  9. I am examining a demo file. The field SportName uses a curious auto entry calculation. Let[Trigger=SportCategory;""], where SportCategory is another field in the same table. What's the purpose and what does it mean? Being auto entry, I thought it only effected new records.
  10. I have a script that is supposed to open a URL. Instead, it opens a folder on my desktop. Two script steps: Enter browse mode; OpenURL. The field that the script uses is a text field and contains the web address that starts with http://. Why should it be opening a folder? I can't find a setting anywhere to control this.
  11. This should be a easy one to answer... Recently imported an excel file and all of the formatting was off. Looking at the table, I need to select everything in a field (column) so that I can center every entry in the column. How do you do this? I tried selecting the top entry, hold down the shift key and then select the bottom entry, but that didn't work.
  12. Hi, I am currently using Filemaker Server 8 for server and Filemaker Pro 8 for clients and Filemaker Pro 8.5 Advanced as developer version. Filemaker pro clients run on Mac OS X version 10.4.11 and Filemaker server runs on windows server 2003 Along with this we use MYSQL 5.1 and Lasso Professional 8.5 We are planning to upgrade our system to latest versions of softwares and want to know Do’s and Don’ts. Initially these were installed by person who has known these software for life time and I am just maintaining the DB for changes and enhancements. This is my first time buying these soft
  13. I'm using FileMaker Go version 12.0.8 for iPad to run a database created using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced. After collecting several days worth of data and backing up daily with no problems, I suddenly lost a day's worth of data while attempting to transfer the data to my laptop via iTunes. I could see all of the data on the iPad, but after trying to save to the laptop, all of the most recent data I collected disappeared. It's as if the most recent data was never saved on the iPad and was lost during transfer to the laptop. The only thing I can think of that might be related to this problem was
  14. I need to print labels for items (products), and the number of labels (copies) for each product is calculated in a field of the database. Each record calls for a number of items to be labeled with specific instructions for packing (date, location, etc.). For example: Record 1 calls for 3 items type no.1 Record 2 calls for 1 item type no.2 Record 3 calls for 7 items type no. 5, and so on... I have duplicated the number of records in a separate database just for printing, but is so tedious (I have to process one record at a time) and is error sensitive. The databases I work wi
  15. Hi! I am new to Filemaker, but have done several hours of tutorials and was pretty confident when I started to build a little portal yesterday. Essentially, my portal needs to act as a portal on an Invoice layout, where the user can add a certain quanity of specified products to a invoice list, which is then summed at the bottom. My first try did not work, but I found a fantastic little example Filemaker Pro file that seemed to work perfectly (admittedly, it was Filemaker 7), but its portal included fields that could be edited with the number of the product, which then populated the price
  16. Hi, I am sure my if statement should execute as 'true', but it is not. I am on a table called SALESINVOICES. I want to check how many SALESINVOICELINES (ie, the products attached to the invoice) qualify for a special. My 'If' statement is: $CorS = "C" and ( SalesInvoices_SALESINVOICELINES|CompanyID|fqualifiestoptenspecial::s unique no products count customer ID = SalesInvoices_PRODUCTS|toptenproducts::z_FoundCount ) where SalesInvoices_SALESINVOICELINES|CompanyID|fqualifiestoptenspecial::s unique no products count customer ID is a summary field counting the total of lines t
  17. Hi, I set up a child table for "Notes" with Time stamps and used four different portals to bring them into the layout of my main table. For reasons that I cannot figure out the timestamp is not working correctly. I have tweaked the settings to no avail. After the first attempt, I decided that it must be related to the duplication of the time stamp for each notes field. So I set up independent time stamps for each field. I am starting to think that the problem may be that I can only have one time stamp per table. here is a screen shot of the layout. http://prntscr.com/5y5kcj and
  18. Hello, I am trying to think through a relational database involving medieval maps as linked to manuscripts. I have set up the manuscript end of the database. What I am trying to figure out is whether or not I should make the maps in each manuscript relational or not. Each manuscripts comes with on average 21 maps but these can sometimes be missing, so the numbers can fall. Some contain only 1-2 maps and others no maps at all. On the other end there are a few manuscripts that contain 100+ maps and images. There is in other words, no steady amount. If I had to pick a fixed number I would
  19. Hi, I have noticed that FM13 is backward compatible. I designed a test data base with FM13 and was able to open it in FM12. Is this deliberately built in because some clients may still be on FM12 but the designer is on FM13 Reason for this weird question is that I am testing out a 30-day free trial version of FM13. Given that according to the rumor mill, FM14 is due out soon, I don't want to pay for the costly upgrade to FM13. I had hoped to be able to sign up for the monthly $9 subscription but a call to the FM sales rep clarified that the subscription is only available for those
  20. Mac OSX 10.9.5. Today i was messing around trying to get connected to a client's Server via the admin console - in banging around with that I updated Java. At some point I went back to do something else with my local copy of FMPA 12 and it wouldn't launch the app... when I click on it in the dock or the app folder itself the splash screen appears for a bit then goes away.... just like I had quit the app. I restarted the computer, did a single PRAM zap, reinstalled FMPA12, uninstalled Java... all to no avail. All worked fine earlier today. Java could be a red herring in all of this. Any th
  21. Hello File Maker Community: I am working in a data base with different schools with several layouts. Each layout have different information like Google maps, Websites and data. All different sources of data have a common key (school number) which has been used to create relationships. The solution works well all the information shows as I wanted. However, I want to create a search menu to select one school then all layouts will show for that school. So far I am able to create a search but only goes to one layout, the other layouts show different schools. I hope I can get support to fin
  22. How does one integrate individual filemaker files? I have a contact management file, a task management file and event management file but I want them to work together to create one big database that works together. Is this possible and how do I go about this?
  23. Hi, Hopefully I've posted this question in the right place! I'm developing a maintenance database (spares) and have came across an issue regarding data input of items. When a user creates a new record (adding new product) there could be different wording of products entered. For example 'lamp or bulb','box or crate' etc. What I want is to prevent duplicate naming of items. I'm thinking possibly some kind of buffer table that would compare say a unique manufacturers id and/or supplier and validate the item name on entry?, meaning if the manufacturer and ID was the same then there
  24. Hi all, Hopefully I 've posted this in the right place I'm new to filemaker and have been developing a maintenance inventory database. I have a 'stock transactions' portal where I can add and remove stock. I am having trouble figuring out how to put a condition on the amount in stock where there can't be a negative amount. So if there is a quantity of 2 items in stock, only 2 can be removed. (if someone trys to take 3 out of stock at the moment, the stock amount would go to -1 for example). Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this issue, I'm still learning so any feedback
  25. Hello, I need some help on making a form like this one http://i.imgur.com/wCpcHmc.png?1. I have a database which includes the names and addresses of all the people in my community. I have a separate table just for this form and is linked to the "contacts" table by their address. Each record in the neighborhood watch table has the address of each house. Which then shows the name of the people living there by using a portal. However, here is my problem. The form has two separate fields for Adults and Children. Each person has their own record but is not organized well because not everyone wante
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