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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, As you can see, my first post here. I'd very much appreciate a bit of input to a couple of questions I have regading FM Pro platform as I take the plunge to purchase FM13 Pro Advanced. I'm not a total newbie to Filemaker having used it some years ago, but I've a lot of catching up to do. 1) In developing a runtime solution can I serve that solution from FM Pro server? Having read docs I'm still not clear in my mind if the database files that are packaged in a runtime can only be local to the solution. What I'd like to do is effectivly create a shell solution which can open the database from a remote server. Then any changes I make to the database will propogate to all users. 2) I'm looking at a couple of hosting providers - quite drawn to http://www.filemakerhostingpros.com as they have a UK based server. Anyone have postivie/negative experience with this company. Noticed they advertise unlimited connections and webdirect which will be critical to some of the solutions I have planned. Thank you in advance for your time. I'm looking forward to getting back in to Filemaker development, I did download the trail but then had heavy work commitments so only managed to get a few days hands on - doh! Also can't wait for the day we can make runtime solutions for iOS with Filemaker Go Advanced Kind Regards, David.
  2. Hello, I have a FM13 Database hosted on a FM13 Server which has an ODBC connection to a MySQL Database. I could connect my FM13 Pro client to the Database and use my MySQL Tables. My problem is I need to modify/link the Project starter solution's database tables to the MySQL tables but I can't figure out how to do this. Do I have to recreate all the tables exactly like they are in the FM database in the MySQL ?? Is there an easy way to do this?? Appreciate any suggestions/feedback ! Tell me if this is not clear Thanks
  3. Your FileMaker Calendar in a Browser Our Pro Calendar now includes a second set of scripts and layouts tuned for WebDirect in FileMaker Server 13. The v2 rev of FileMaker Server 13 made a lot of small improvements to WebDirect and we're pretty stoked about what we've been able to accomplish. The WebDirect calendar has almost complete feature parity with the calendar in FMPro. Filtering, resource scheduling, and even Gantt Charts all work (screenshots below). And since this is all done with unlocked, straight forward FMP layouts (some of the techniques here even come from FM 8.5) you can modify all this without getting into any crazy javascipt, php, or web publishing stuff. Learn More: Demo, Movies, and Screenshots Get what you need here: SeedCode Calendar for Pro, Go, and WebDirect New to SeedCode Calendar? Buy the Pro Calendar and follow our instructions to link it to--or embed it in--your file. Already Using SeedCode Calendar? Good news: the WebDirect add-on consists of layouts and scripts you can paste into your existing copy of the calendar. Purchase the Upgrade Follow our instructions for adding these features to your copy. If you purchased the calendar since March 1st we've already sent you a free upgrade. (Please let us know if you missed it.) - John
  4. Hi, We have a FMP Server 11 and a FMP 13 version. We cannot upgrade the FM Server 11 to 13. We need to get FM13 data into the FMServer 11. Are there ways to accomplish this ? - Export records script from FM13 - ODBC connection between FM11 and FM13 ? Thanks for looking into my question.
  5. Hi, I have noticed that FM13 is backward compatible. I designed a test data base with FM13 and was able to open it in FM12. Is this deliberately built in because some clients may still be on FM12 but the designer is on FM13 Reason for this weird question is that I am testing out a 30-day free trial version of FM13. Given that according to the rumor mill, FM14 is due out soon, I don't want to pay for the costly upgrade to FM13. I had hoped to be able to sign up for the monthly $9 subscription but a call to the FM sales rep clarified that the subscription is only available for those who buy multi license not lowly indivs like myself. I made the mistake of buying FM12 a couple of months before FM13 was released and I don't want to make that mistake again. So I need to hobble along with FM12 as best as I can until FM14 is released at which point I will cough up for the upgrade. What I am wondering is if I should go ahead and design my database on the free trial FM13 with the intention of using it on FM12 until FM14 is released. FM13 has some nice features that makes designing more comfortable. Or should I just stick to FM12 and fully design my database there? What is the opinion of the experts? Thanks in advance for feedback. PS. I mistakenly listed myself as intermediate. I should be listed as Beginner as I have had previous FM experience prior to FM12 way back at the time of FM4 when we didn't have these delicious container fields.
  6. I'm trying to upgrade to MirrorSync 2 from 1.5, but have also upgraded to FMS13. Â I have uninstalled FMS12 and re-installed FMS13, which seems to be working fine. I installed MirrorSync 2 and received a success message. When creating a new sync configuration and trying to connect to my fresh FMS install to select the database is when I get this error: Â java.sql.SQLException, with the error code of 404. I've attached a screenshot of the error message for reference. Â Am I missing a step somewhere? Â Thanks,
  7. I have my Filemaker Server installed on Maverick and my client on Yosemite. I can't see the DSN I created to access my MySQL database. It is simply empty. I am aware of the minor issues for FM13 on Yosemite but couldn't find anything about not being able to connect to the ODBC/see the ODBC connection. Hope it's clear Thanks
  8. I have upgraded my FM11 databases to FM13 and their corresponding webforms. I have one find that build a dropdown list that cannot connect to the database to find the list of options. Everything else works other wise including the submission of the form which successfully writes to the database (when that form pair is commented out). Switching my includes back to the old FX and adding .fp7 back on allows the form to see the old database and reflect the list. I can't figure out what has changed from 11 to 13 that now prevents this function call from working. Does anybody have any similar experiences?
  9. im a new user and have been pulling my hair out for a week trying to accomplish what i feel should be a simple task. i am hoping someone can point me in the right direction before i go bald…well, balder. i co-teach several different classes at several different schools with several different teachers. i have set-up two tables, a “schedule” which will tell me my daily classes and lesson plans, and a “schools” table that contains the names of the schools, the classes i teach at each, and their respective teachers. they are related by the school. in the “schedule” table, when i select the class for each period (which is a generated value list based off the school I've previously selected) i would like the associated teacher for the class i select to be auto-entered in another field. This would be the same value that would display if, under value list options, i were to choose “also display value from second field” and select the “teacher” field i have set up in the related “schools.” for formatting reasons i would like this data in a separate field. a lookup by “schools::teacher” simply produces the first teacher listed for each school. i am guessing i need to do a calculation, but i can’t seem to find a function that would let me get the teachers field value based off the class field value. is this more than not knowing the correct function to call? do i have my relationships set up wrong? do i need another table? a 'join' table? any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. It seems like the File -> Sharing -> Configure for WebDirect dialog basically just sets the fmwebdirect extended privilege for the selected privilege sets (or all of them if "all users" is selected), so the two methods could be used interchangeably. Is this accurate, or is there something I'm missing? If that's the case, the "Don't display on FileMaker WebDirect homepage" checkbox is the only mystery to me in that dialog box; how exactly does that function? Is there any other way to configure that, or is that the one place where that can be shut off?
  11. I'm using a web viewer to display a html webpage that allows the user to interact with it via java scripts. The web page works on a Mac running FM13 and FM14 with Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. When I try to view the web page in a web viewer on Windows 7 running with IE11 installed, the webpage doesn't allow any interaction with the java scripts, and the web page renders incorrectly. I'm running FM13 and FM14 in Windows 7, and they both render the webpage incorrectly. When I copy the HTML out of FileMaker and paste it into a file and open it directly in IE11, I get a security warning on the bottom of the window that says "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls", when I click Allow, the page renders correctly. If the Allow button is not clicked, the page would render exactly like it does FileMaker's web viewer. So it looks like FileMaker is suppressing this popup and just showing the web page with the scripts disabled. I checked Internet Options in IE and all relevant scripting options are enabled, but every time I try to display the page in IE directly, I get the security warning. So I'm assuming if I can get the page to display in IE without the prompt I can get the page to display in FIleMaker. What options need to get set to allow the scripts to run? Why does it work on Mac OS X and not Windows 7?
  12. medical57

    services wanted Develop a transport routing script

    Position Title: Developer needed to make a transport routing script Description of Duties: I own a medical transportation company, and we use a FM13 database developed in house. As our company has grown, so has our trip volume. The majority of our transports are prescheduled the day before. Right now, our workflow is to enter all of our transports into our database (each transport is a new seperate record), and then we print a list, and our dispatcher spends a lot of time individually assigning the transports to the appropriate driver. He uses a few factors in assigning these trips, such as time scheduled, distance of transport, mode of transport, driver ability, and payer. Certain transports can be done together, and certain ones must be alone. We know all of this information when we enter the trip information. So, if we could take the pickup address, the drop off address and determine the amount of time it would take to travel that distance, and then add on time for loading and unloading, traffic, multiple stops, etc... Location: Mineola, NY Deadline: ASAP Position: Part Time / Consultants can apply Employment: Onsite / OffSite (Remote) Up to you Skills Required: FM !3 Compensation: By the project. Please give me a quote for this. Contact Details: Justin Kreminetsky, jkmedical57@gmail.com Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
  13. Does anyone have any up-to-date info on the release date for FM13 FileMaker Training Series? Thanks. Hoib
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