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Found 2,036 results

  1. I have a solution with several tables and each table with several fields, is there an easy way to import the data to the new solution version everytime I update the solution?
  2. Is there a method of doing this in FMP7, where it doesn't store the insert as a referenced link only? I spent a good hour or two playing around with it, and every time I inserted a hardcoded imagewin: link, it would break the link when the image moved like an OLE object. This is important for uploading files and automating inserting them into container fields. If there's not a way to store the image in FMP7 from a "Set field" command, or to be able to use the "Insert image" and have the values based off of fields. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. In filemaker 6 there was a script step to exit record. I don
  4. I'm working on a fund-raising app for a non-profit group. They want to keep track of donations, pledges, etc. They've designed the DB, and I'm building it for them. However, on gift entry, there's one layout for gifts, no matter the type. I have a menu for type: pledge, pledge payment, matching gift, etc. I have a summary field on the gifts db that totals all the gifts by each person. So far, so good. However, if someone enters a pledge for $1000, then pays it off with two payments of $500, the total is going to show up as $2000... it counts every entry as contributing to the total. What we really want is a way to have two totals: all money pledged, and all actually given so far. I come from an SQL background, and so the way I'd do it is have a summary of each type of gift... all pledges, all payments, etc, and then I could display those. Is there any way to do that in File Maker as my fields are setup, or will I have to create separate fields for payments and pledges? I can clarify on the field setup more if needed. Thanks.
  5. I have a customer that is having regular problems with duplicate serial numbers in FMP 7. They have multiple users creating new records at one time and they are getting as many as 3-4 duplicates a day. Serialization is set to occur on record creation. In FMP 6 I scripted record creation and put users into a que while a different user was creating a new record. I've come to believe that duplicates shouldn't occur in 7. I've change the field to serialize on record commit for now (hoping that will help.) Has anyone else had any experience with this? Thanks much.
  6. I'm maintaining a dual platform solution which I recently upgraged to fm7. There is a place where mailing labels can be printed in my application and in the preview mode, the lables appear 8 or so to a page as it's supposed to but when i print the job, only one label spot is filled with an address. I've tried recreating the layout, and Printing to several differnt printers (since this is to be a bound solution for both mac and pc) with different results for different printers. I believe i'm to the point where the labels print as expected on a laser printer, but not on an inkjet. When I print to a PDF file all the addresses tile as expected also. Any thoughts?
  7. cellmaker

    Sorting efficiency?

    As I understand it, you can set a relationship's default sort, and you can sort portals based on that relationship independently. All of which is nice. Has anyone discovered which is the more efficient, if your two sorts would be the same? Better to sort at the relationship level or leave that blank and sort at the portal level? Thanks, oh wise ones.
  8. I have table that has a self-join.. The relationship is working fine.. I can show the related values I'm interested in in a portal... but I'd rather not. I'd rather just show a message to my user saying "there are related records for this record" using a merge field or something like that. Is there a way I can achieve that ? seems like it should be pretty simple.. ?? thanks
  9. Okay, recently we converted our bases from FileMaker 5.5 to 7, because there are greats improvement. However, it gives me hours and hours of readjustement, some functions does not work exactly the same way as before, and etc. But now, since our users begins to use the database, there is a huge problem happening at a lot of places in our databases : A message complaining that there is another user reserving a certain record. The point is, when an user makes changes on a record from a portal, and then use a button that is automatising tasks, the script complains that the record is used. And sometimes, a script is used and the user can't do anything without quitting the record because the script was using the record. (Note : when there is a portal to another base, it means to another file because we have one base a file). The only thing I can do is to put a "commit" in the begin of the script and then "commit" in the end. In all of my script used in portals!! But, when we were using 5.5, there was no such problems and we get used to work with an "auto-commiting" database. So beforce adding "commits" everywhere in my scripts (and there is a lot to do), do you think there is another way? I means, maybe a plugin or a FileMaker option to auto-commit all user and script changes? While ago, I was happy to see that FileMaker was implanting Commit. But now, I see only disadvantages, it only makes the users occupying a record more longer. And there is not a lot of users using any "roolback" anyway. So is there anyone a way to enter an auto-commit mode or anything like that? Or is there a way to not add "commit" two times in all of my scripts ? Thanks.
  10. I've always just used a simple copy/paste script but the more i investigate fm7 I've realized there might be better options. I'd like to populate a seperate file with a dozen fields from select records. Am i on the right track implimenting a calculation like a "get field" in the script instead? Any rules that i whould be aware of or tips? Thanks Jared
  11. You all probably know about the FM promotion where you buy a copy of FMP and give them the name of a friend to get a free copy. I'd really like to take advantage of this deal. Anyone wanna go in with me on a copy? I've got an educational discount, so it'd be $75 each. Lemme know. -t nb - I don't think that there is anything even remotely sketchy about this since there are no restrictions about who gets the free copy or what the "license" is.
  12. I've attached a file: Doctor_test.fp7 log/pass: admin/admin It's a really basic medical practice managment system I'm building for practice. Could someone tell me how I can make the summary field automatically update ? (it's the total field on the Visits (receips) layout ) If you have any comments about the database/relationships/structure/GUI, PLEASE do share ! I'm really new at this stuff and I need advice from the masters! Also, could someone tell me why the value lists on the Visits (receipts) layout do not work if I'm hosting the file with Filemaker Server 7 ?? (the trial version). thanks, Steven Doctor_test.fp7.zip
  13. Does anyone have any fm calander solutions that are free to download?
  14. I have tried to search the board with this question but have had no luck. This is my first post (do I look nervous? ) so a point in the right direction would be nice. Is is possile to launcah a script with a keystroke?
  15. My client has FM Pro 7 setup on his home PC (PC1 running winxp home). It is networked to another PC (PC2 also running winxp home) and I've shown him how to share his databases across the network. The Database is stored on PC1. He needs to get some sort of remote access happening as he travels a lot. The problem is, his home internet connection is barely faster than dialup speeds (128kbs max) and is producing unacceptable results when trying to publish the database to the web. Getting a faster connection is impossible at this time. As a backup solution, I may install Windows XP Pro on PC1 so he can remote desktop to it when he travels and work directly with the database. However, his laptop is only ever on dialup so this will be a chore. What I need to know (somewhat urgently) is, is it possible for him to take a copy of the database with him on his travel laptop, use it as needed, then when he comes home, be able to sync it up with the original database? Or, is there any other solution to this dilema?
  16. Long time developer just about to move a product to version 7 and am not happy Jan. First problem... I have value list that are sorted via a secondary field, in V6 you could just type the first letter of the first field and it would jump to it. V7 uses the second field as the jump to . Understand?? any ideas please help Is this a known bug.
  17. SpencerMon

    Can FMP7 data be....

    can FM be setup to print into a template, like Word or Crystal Reports? Or does it have a print template one can setup of its own? Trying to fiqure out all that FM can do. Filemakers websites doesn't help me much. I just don't want the printed form to look like the way the data is collected. Thanks
  18. Madapple

    Survey Tabulation

    I am compiling a survye of the best restaurants in the city, I have a self relational field that tells me how many times each rest. is entered in each category.. how many votes "corky's" has for "best ribs" buckely's for best steak etc... So after i import all off the ballots I get the results then export the reults fields - but I end up with something like this: 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 cafe 1912 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 hueys 05 Hueys How can i export JUST one result for each name. there are 241 records, with 47 categories. In the end I would like to have a list of results for each category like this: 28 Paulettes 10 La Tourelle 06 Cafe 1912 05 Hueys 04 Jarrets THANKS!
  19. I have shipped my FM6 files to FM7 to test them. I have a script that opens a second file, creates a new record, fills in some blanks by lookup from file#1, goes to a field that is formatted as a pop up list, then stops. In FM6 the popup list would show, the user could choose from the list and continue on their own. In FM7, the cursor shows in the field, but the popup does not show. If I then manually click outside the field and then back in, the popup shows??? Am I doing something wrong here?? Greg Young
  20. Hello Freinds, Like to know if it's possible or is there any script exist to detect a duplicate record during data entry and prompt for proceed or cancel. If some one can help me . Thanks
  21. Hello All, I am using FM7 Pro and was wondering is there a way that once I created a database, I can compile that database into an executable which does not requires FM7 Pro to be installed to use. TIA!
  22. My company's flagship product needs constant client updating. In better words, there are 7 core database files (that rarely change), and several hundred "modual" files (these modual depend on the core files). Each client has all of the core files, but a different amount of the modual files, depending on thier needs. I get at least one request a day "this client need this modual", or we've completed a new modual, and now needs to be distributed to the client(s) that ordered it. How we're sending out these updates/orders currently is this - I'll modify a "Main Menu" file (copied from the Client's last update) to include a script-run button to open the new modual (file), and then ZIP up the modual and the Main Menu. I will then FTP the ZIP file to our website and send out an email to the client that the update is ready. Client then stops the software, downloads the ZIP file, and then extracts the files to their installation directory, then starts the software again. Most of the updates are done this way, with very few exceptions. One problem is that I have no idea of knowing what directory the software is installed in, although the initial installation uses a default directory, a client may want to move it then or at a later time. This ZIP concept works, but I'm sure there is a much better and automatic way (for the client) of doing this. I like the way Microsoft handles their Windows updates from their website, and thought of doing something to that effect. ANY different way has GOT to be better then how I'm doing it now. If you've got any suggestions for me on how to handle these updates in a more automatic way, I'm all ears. Currently, our software is built in FM6. I'm re-writing it in FM7, but it'll probably be a year before it's released. Even if you can suggest a book or resource or two, it'll certainly be in the right direction.
  23. In my application, I have
  24. OK, so maybe I'm asking too much of Filemaker here but is it possible to have two text fields auto-fill a third field? I've got a database for the user community that I support and there user-name/authenticator is always going to be their first initial and their last name (i.e, David Jones - "djones".) Ao I have a last-name field, a first-name field, and a user-name field - is it possible to create a script or calculation to autofill the user-name field with just the first letter from the first name-field and the contents of the last-name field to auto-fill the user-name field? Thanks for any help...
  25. Hi guys, I have a layout with a portal sorted by name. It is taking an extremely long time to sort just 200 records ( I just counted and it's half a minute). The fields are all indexed. Any ideas?

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