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  1. Just migrated my FMP7 to an Intel iMac (OS 10.4.10). 'Find' speeds are OK, but merely typing text into a field has become quite sluggish through Rosetta. A friend with an Intel iMac does not have this problem. We both use simple (3-field) single-table (flat-file) databases of about 1500 records. Any fix for me?
  2. I recently upgraded my report card program from FM5 to FM7 and am getting an error " This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window. I am trying to change records (language to Arts). FM is opening a window with the records being changed while my main report window is open. Is this because a field in the lookup file is "set" and waiting input? The program worked fine in FM5. Any thoughts
  3. I am compiling a survye of the best restaurants in the city, I have a self relational field that tells me how many times each rest. is entered in each category.. how many votes "corky's" has for "best ribs" buckely's for best steak etc... So after i import all off the ballots I get the results then export the reults fields - but I end up with something like this: 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 cafe 1912 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 hueys 05 Hueys How can i export JUST one result for each name. there are 241 records, with 47 categories. In the end I would like to have a list of results for each category like this: 28 Paulettes 10 La Tourelle 06 Cafe 1912 05 Hueys 04 Jarrets THANKS!
  4. I'd like to walk a user through invoicing by asking first for an invoice name (with custom dialog) which works fine and then ask who the buyer is and have the user select from a value list. Is there anyway to have a user do this without going to the field on the layout? Ideally I'd have something like the Custom Dialog box, but with a value list field. Possible? I've looked around this site and I'm beginning to think I'll have to figure out a different way. Your help is MUCH appreciated!
  5. Apologies in advance for what is probably sure to be one of the more basic and ridiculous Filemaker questions ever. I used FMpro 7 for the first time last week at a new job and went to do a basic search for a client's name in a contact management database -- I realized that I was not in proper 'find mode' while doing this and now every contact I view in 'form view' layout has this one name that appears floating in grey on top of the actual name (in black) of whichever entry I'm looking at. So basically if I open John Smith's file, Jane Doe's name appears over top in the first and last name fields. When I click on these fields the grey name disappears, but as soon as I go to another field it reappears. Doesn't seem to appear when I print. This is driving my boss crazy and I'm sure it's easy to fix...?? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. The new Tabs Facility is really useful in cutting down the number of layouts and navigation scripts. Does anyone have a clue to determine which tab the user is on? I could find no function anywhere that has anything to do with the tabs. I tried putting an invisible box around each tab and passing a script the tab name, but that didn't work. Steve
  7. Okay, recently we converted our bases from FileMaker 5.5 to 7, because there are greats improvement. However, it gives me hours and hours of readjustement, some functions does not work exactly the same way as before, and etc. But now, since our users begins to use the database, there is a huge problem happening at a lot of places in our databases : A message complaining that there is another user reserving a certain record. The point is, when an user makes changes on a record from a portal, and then use a button that is automatising tasks, the script complains that the record is used. And sometimes, a script is used and the user can't do anything without quitting the record because the script was using the record. (Note : when there is a portal to another base, it means to another file because we have one base a file). The only thing I can do is to put a "commit" in the begin of the script and then "commit" in the end. In all of my script used in portals!! But, when we were using 5.5, there was no such problems and we get used to work with an "auto-commiting" database. So beforce adding "commits" everywhere in my scripts (and there is a lot to do), do you think there is another way? I means, maybe a plugin or a FileMaker option to auto-commit all user and script changes? While ago, I was happy to see that FileMaker was implanting Commit. But now, I see only disadvantages, it only makes the users occupying a record more longer. And there is not a lot of users using any "roolback" anyway. So is there anyone a way to enter an auto-commit mode or anything like that? Or is there a way to not add "commit" two times in all of my scripts ? Thanks.
  8. Is there a method of doing this in FMP7, where it doesn't store the insert as a referenced link only? I spent a good hour or two playing around with it, and every time I inserted a hardcoded imagewin: link, it would break the link when the image moved like an OLE object. This is important for uploading files and automating inserting them into container fields. If there's not a way to store the image in FMP7 from a "Set field" command, or to be able to use the "Insert image" and have the values based off of fields. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello All, I am using FM7 Pro and was wondering is there a way that once I created a database, I can compile that database into an executable which does not requires FM7 Pro to be installed to use. TIA!
  10. Can a script be initiated to close a host file while logged in from another box as a remote user. In order to make updates to a host pc i have to log in from a secondary machine but until the file is closed i cannot replace the file. Hope i explained that well. My scripting so far closes the files on remote but not the host. Can't figure out how to initiate it on the host though? Jared
  11. I have tried using the Data Merge Manager in Word X for Mac to merge fields from FM7. In the Choose a File window the FM7 files remained dim. The same procedure worked if I used an old FM3 file. Is this a FM7 problem or a Word version not updated for FM7? I am using Word 10.0.0 Any help is appreciated.
  12. I'm just learning Filmaker & have a question. I have a 2 page invoice I've created & I want to add a 3rd page. The 3rd page is "Terms & Conditions" (legal stuff) but want to have the ability to choose whether I attach this page to each record. In my mind ... I would have a button that would attach/detach this 3rd page. Or a simple way to hide/unhide the 3rd page. The 3rd page is 99% unchanging, static information with a few fields at the bottom that reference the invoice number, the date, etc (page identification). My question is this ..... How is the best way to do this? Would it be smartest to reference the 3rd page externally so it's not copied to each record (is that possible)? This is probably way over my head but I'm determined to learn. Please provide detailed answers for someone not totally familiar with all the jargon & THANK YOU in advance for the help.
  13. I just converted from 6 to 7. When I fully justify text in a text box some of the letters on the right hand side are getting cut off! If I make the text box bigger or smaller it keeps on happening. Any suggestions?
  14. I've always just used a simple copy/paste script but the more i investigate fm7 I've realized there might be better options. I'd like to populate a seperate file with a dozen fields from select records. Am i on the right track implimenting a calculation like a "get field" in the script instead? Any rules that i whould be aware of or tips? Thanks Jared
  15. Im deploying Server 7 and I see that when I try to open remote from my FM7 client I only see certain files. The files I see were multi user files when they were created in FMP6. The ones I cant see were created as stand alone. In Server 5 you could have server host single user files. However, I can't find that option in Server 7. Do I need to activate networking on the individual files now or am I missing the way that Server 7 hosts files with networking turned off? Thanks Ron.
  16. I've read through all the posts I could find regarding fonts but did not see this one. It doesn't *appear* to be related to the font smoothing issue. I commonly create layouts for printed reports that have 7 and 8 point text. It seems that Filemaker gets a little confused when displaying on the screen text this small. Consistently I will see any number of the following: 1. Extra space after the last character in a text object. In this case the text insertion cursor will blink in the extra space (as if there were three or four spaces after the last character), but when you press the backspace key will delete the last character. This is especially annoying when trying to right justify labels 2. Large spaces between words. At 9 point everything looks great (ex. "Item Description"). At 7 point it looks like "Item Description". With some fonts, 6 point looks fine again. 3. Compressed letter spacing. Usually in conjunction with large spaces either between words or after the last character. I've tried several fonts, both "OS fonts" and third party with the same, inconsistent results. Fortunately, even if the screen text looks nasty it prints just fine. Still, it's a huge pain to adjust text based on the printout vs. what you see on the screen. Is there any way this could be something I am doing or is it a "feature"? Thanks Chris Version: 7 Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  17. I have a script that runs a report with one record to a page. I would like to create a Table of Contents that includes the Title of each record and the page number of the report it is found on. Does anyone know the easiest way to do this? thanks for any help.
  18. Hello guys! I plan to make my own DVD-archive. Please don't discuss like: "... there are good solutions outside ..." I WANT to make my own one . OK now my problem: How should I solve the problem if more than one user is using this application (database)?Yes they can work at the same time on the same Database, but I think that would never happen Following I planned before: One file; 1xUsertable; 1xMovietable; 1xMaintable the movietable contains all DVDs. the maintable contains calculations and some variables. And now the usertable? I don't know if I should make FOR EVERY USER A OWN table, or should I put ALL USERS IN ONE table. Is it possible to create a new table with the filemakerscript or applescript funktion? thx for every answere. sorry for my bad english. I hope you'd understand what I want from you
  19. You all probably know about the FM promotion where you buy a copy of FMP and give them the name of a friend to get a free copy. I'd really like to take advantage of this deal. Anyone wanna go in with me on a copy? I've got an educational discount, so it'd be $75 each. Lemme know. -t nb - I don't think that there is anything even remotely sketchy about this since there are no restrictions about who gets the free copy or what the "license" is.
  20. OK, so maybe I'm asking too much of Filemaker here but is it possible to have two text fields auto-fill a third field? I've got a database for the user community that I support and there user-name/authenticator is always going to be their first initial and their last name (i.e, David Jones - "djones".) Ao I have a last-name field, a first-name field, and a user-name field - is it possible to create a script or calculation to autofill the user-name field with just the first letter from the first name-field and the contents of the last-name field to auto-fill the user-name field? Thanks for any help...
  21. Does anyone have any fm calander solutions that are free to download?
  22. I have a solution with several tables and each table with several fields, is there an easy way to import the data to the new solution version everytime I update the solution?
  23. Hi Here is the scenario I have three tables Client ClientDepartment ClientDeptContact Client to ClientDept is one to many relationship ClientDept to ClientDeptContact is one to many. In Client Layout, I would like to show a portal with departments and contacts in that department.... One Client will have many departments and each depts can have many contacts.... How can I do this :
  24. Hi I have a form that has a portal in it. When I try to print a record, IF the portal is empty, then it prints the last record that had a portal record in it. In FMP 5, it would print a blank record but not the previous record. Any suggetions... PS-I do go to the portal layout to print the records. Thanx
  25. Hi, Here's attached a FM5 and a FM7 file. I'm using this tip to parse out a category from a multiline field (through a script for real). As there may be multiple matches, I'm locating the longer one with this technique. The Last( ) function isn't returning the correct result with 7 right now, or may be I am missing something. If all fields are indexed, then it works though.
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