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Found 2,036 results

  1. My company's flagship product needs constant client updating. In better words, there are 7 core database files (that rarely change), and several hundred "modual" files (these modual depend on the core files). Each client has all of the core files, but a different amount of the modual files, depending on thier needs. I get at least one request a day "this client need this modual", or we've completed a new modual, and now needs to be distributed to the client(s) that ordered it. How we're sending out these updates/orders currently is this - I'll modify a "Main Menu" file (copied from the Client's last update) to include a script-run button to open the new modual (file), and then ZIP up the modual and the Main Menu. I will then FTP the ZIP file to our website and send out an email to the client that the update is ready. Client then stops the software, downloads the ZIP file, and then extracts the files to their installation directory, then starts the software again. Most of the updates are done this way, with very few exceptions. One problem is that I have no idea of knowing what directory the software is installed in, although the initial installation uses a default directory, a client may want to move it then or at a later time. This ZIP concept works, but I'm sure there is a much better and automatic way (for the client) of doing this. I like the way Microsoft handles their Windows updates from their website, and thought of doing something to that effect. ANY different way has GOT to be better then how I'm doing it now. If you've got any suggestions for me on how to handle these updates in a more automatic way, I'm all ears. Currently, our software is built in FM6. I'm re-writing it in FM7, but it'll probably be a year before it's released. Even if you can suggest a book or resource or two, it'll certainly be in the right direction.
  2. I have a layout that I use to search for contacts in my database. I'm using a global text field to search for these contacts by last name. Works fine in filemaker but when i go to the layout through the web I can't enter the field... Anyone know why that would be?
  3. mind sharing some insights & feels of the product? thanks...
  4. Hello, first post... Novice user with FM7, I have exhausted my search elsewhere, including my book. I just can't seem to get over this wall, I appreciate your advice. I have a large database of names that I have created a table, and layouts. I have also created layouts for various letters. My goal is to do a search in the database to pull up a name, transfer that name to a new layout, then print a letter to each name I have found. To be more specific, my database consists of 160k names/addresses. I find a particular address (a physical street address), enter a search, and the name is found. I then would like to simply hit a button to move this record to a new table. From here I would like to print the letter. Thank you, Michael
  5. Hi all, I am trying to lock the user in the current record but couldn't find a way to do it (block the user from accessing other records). Does anyone know how? Thanks, H.P.
  6. lonesomejubilee

    Summarzing data....?

    Hi. I have a table with a drop down field where the use chooses a code. I want to make a layout that will summarize all the codes by type... how do I do this? I don't want to make a 'summary' field for each field... and I don't even think that would work because it's only one field with multiple choices.... anyone have any suggestions?
  7. In my application, I have
  8. Hey all, I've been wondering why FMP7 added accounts without also adding 'account specific global variables'. In other words, why don't users have their own scratch space? It seems that all the multi-user woes are intact... using 'lock scripts' and the like. But by adding non-global scratch fields to an "accounts" table (containing all the active accounts), shouldn't I be able to make a relationship where "get(accountname)=accounts::accountname" and thus access temp records from a particular user? The first problem of course is that in the above relationship, "get(accountname)" needs to be an existing field.. can it be a global calculation? I'll try this stuff out and post my results, but I'd love to hear from the masters on this.. Regards, n1k0
  9. Im deploying Server 7 and I see that when I try to open remote from my FM7 client I only see certain files. The files I see were multi user files when they were created in FMP6. The ones I cant see were created as stand alone. In Server 5 you could have server host single user files. However, I can't find that option in Server 7. Do I need to activate networking on the individual files now or am I missing the way that Server 7 hosts files with networking turned off? Thanks Ron.
  10. Hooklahoma

    FMI Website down?????

    Any insiders know when it is supposed to be back up? Is there an alternate site to upgrade to ver 7.3? I need to upgrade asap Thanks
  11. I am trying to keep track of peoples time. I have built the necessary 'case' so the calculated time rounds to the nearest quarter hour, but if you try and go from pm to am the calculation gets wacky. I have experimented with the MOD function as well as converting to numbers and then back to time. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
  12. I have a solution with several tables and each table with several fields, is there an easy way to import the data to the new solution version everytime I update the solution?
  13. I would like to have a window Editor to Edit or Add New Customers. This window Editor opens in a new window. In order to edit a record, I want to pass RecID over to Editor, and create a relationship RecID :: _RecID (_RecID being global). In order to do that, I need an existing relationship, say Constant :: _Constant. In FM6, you could pick... use Constant Relationship to pass RecID, and use RecID to pass the values back, once edited. In FM7, i don't see how i could choose. We have Customer and Editor linked with Constant = _Constant AND RecID = _RecID Because both Customer and Editor live in the same file, and are merely different tables, is the Constant relationship unnecessary? Are tables automatically linked by a ghost Constant? I deleted the Constant relationship and it seems to work. I can't find any other logic. --soda
  14. Madapple

    Survey Tabulation

    I am compiling a survye of the best restaurants in the city, I have a self relational field that tells me how many times each rest. is entered in each category.. how many votes "corky's" has for "best ribs" buckely's for best steak etc... So after i import all off the ballots I get the results then export the reults fields - but I end up with something like this: 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 Cafe 1912 06 cafe 1912 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 Hueys 05 hueys 05 Hueys How can i export JUST one result for each name. there are 241 records, with 47 categories. In the end I would like to have a list of results for each category like this: 28 Paulettes 10 La Tourelle 06 Cafe 1912 05 Hueys 04 Jarrets THANKS!
  15. The new Tabs Facility is really useful in cutting down the number of layouts and navigation scripts. Does anyone have a clue to determine which tab the user is on? I could find no function anywhere that has anything to do with the tabs. I tried putting an invisible box around each tab and passing a script the tab name, but that didn't work. Steve
  16. I have a script that runs a report with one record to a page. I would like to create a Table of Contents that includes the Title of each record and the page number of the report it is found on. Does anyone know the easiest way to do this? thanks for any help.
  17. karlsmith

    academic project

    I need some help and advice setting up a database for an academic project. I have just purcahsed Filmaker Pro7 software but have never used it before. I am about to begin a research project looking into children's early reading books and the words that they contain. I am specifically interested in how frequently the most common 500 words in the English language appear in those books. So, what I need to be able to do is to type in the text from approx. 1000+ reading books and then be able to analyse the frequency of those 500 words across all inputed texts. I want to further analyse the frequency of words according to: a)the publisher the level of difficulty of the texts (Level 1 or 2 or 3 etc.) I've looked at a few of the templates that come with the software but can't see one that would do the job and I don't know how to begin moifying them or creating my own. I was wondering whether anyone knows which template would fit the bill or how to adapt one or make my own. Also where I might get some training on using the software and how much it is likely to cost? I also thought that I might engage the service of a professional to create the database for me but don't really want to go to a huge amount of expense. Any help or suggestions would be most welocme. Thanks Karl
  18. edmonton

    Printing a report

    Hi I have a form that has a portal in it. When I try to print a record, IF the portal is empty, then it prints the last record that had a portal record in it. In FMP 5, it would print a blank record but not the previous record. Any suggetions... PS-I do go to the portal layout to print the records. Thanx
  19. I have tried to search the board with this question but have had no luck. This is my first post (do I look nervous? ) so a point in the right direction would be nice. Is is possile to launcah a script with a keystroke?
  20. Hi Here is the scenario I have three tables Client ClientDepartment ClientDeptContact Client to ClientDept is one to many relationship ClientDept to ClientDeptContact is one to many. In Client Layout, I would like to show a portal with departments and contacts in that department.... One Client will have many departments and each depts can have many contacts.... How can I do this :
  21. I have shipped my FM6 files to FM7 to test them. I have a script that opens a second file, creates a new record, fills in some blanks by lookup from file#1, goes to a field that is formatted as a pop up list, then stops. In FM6 the popup list would show, the user could choose from the list and continue on their own. In FM7, the cursor shows in the field, but the popup does not show. If I then manually click outside the field and then back in, the popup shows??? Am I doing something wrong here?? Greg Young
  22. caro3252


    I have a solution (which has about 60 different databases link together) that was created with filemaker 6.0 and worked well, however when I moved it to fm7 and try to open one of the main databases I keep getting the following message: "This record can not be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window"... Anyone knows what this mean or why it is doing this? any help would be appreciated
  23. I want to know how to connect VB to FileMaker MDB through ODBC. Which ODBC Drivers are required? Thanks, Moin.
  24. OK...Can anyone explain to me how exactly does the imbeded image in the FM container field gets "automatically" udated when changes occur to the OG image. I have insterted images into container fields using an OLE connections and I've changed the link options to update automatically but the image still does not update automatically. Why do I have to go and update links manually even after I've specified it to do it automatically...Help ! Any suggestions on what the best way to handle images (Illustrator) is !!!!
  25. As a reasonable FMP 5 user am looking at the features of FMP 7. Have trial version and see lots of new functions. I can find explanations of one or two at a time, this site for instance, but after searching the net for a couple of days (this includes the obvious, Filmaker site3 and forums), have not turned up anything that explains all the functions. Any ideas?

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