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  1. Hello, All! I am an aspiring developer for Filemaker. The company I work with is stuck in the past working off of Filemaker Pro 4.1 I was given the task of bringing us up to Filemaker Pro/Server 13. So far my conversion prototypes are successful but we recently had a layout issue that can only be fixed in versions 3-6 (as the file is an .fp3) I work off of a macbook while our network is all Windows 7. In order for me to repair the layouts without tampering our active database, I decided the best option is to repair a copy of our solutions off the network. Unfortunately, when I go to downlo
  2. I'm hoping my question can have a happy ending. In the mid-90's, I purchased Filemaker 3. When Filemaker 5.5 Pro was released, I bought the update CD, which requires the user to either have FM 3 installed or to have the installation CD for FM 3. I've used it all these years, most recently with Windows XP Pro, and it has worked just fine. The databases I began with were long ago converted to FM Pro 5.5 databases. I'm still using FM Pro 5.5 on a laptop with WinXP Pro, but in 2013, I purchased a PC with Windows 8. I haven't been able to install FM 3 on it, therefore can't install FM Pro 5.5.
  3. I am using a custom filemaker solution for medical office billing written with fp5 running on a mac with snow leopard. In addition, I have a patient management db (which I wrote) that is linked through pt. ID number to the billing program allowing transfer of some demographic information (name, DOB, etc). Other than being limited by hardware restrictions, the billing program serves our needs for now and upgrading to fp12 will take some time (and money). In the meantime, I am upgrading my pt. management program to fp13 and would like to move new patient demographic information from the bil
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me why my on-line database might have stopped allowing me to delete records? All of my access privileges and passwords are correct. thanks!
  5. Hi, I still use filemaker 5.5 and am very happy with it and don't want to upgrade. Does anyone still host filemaker 5.5? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm seeking the updater to FMP Developer 6.0v4 on windows platform. Download from FM is no longer available Does anyone still have it? Thanks in advance! Erwin EDIT: "OK, we found it back on an old backup system."
  7. Suddenly, after several years of use, FMP 6 won't open. (this happened on two not-connected computers). I get an error message "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD ROM or other disk not available. Insert FMP 6 disk" When I insert the original disk, it still doesn't work. When I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, it still doesn't work. I also notice that there is no filemaker pro.exe file in the Filemaker Pro 6 directory. There are FM subdirectories and many .dll files, but no .exe Any ideas? And, if this is a dead end, what steps can I take to get my data? 1) would t
  8. Hello can someone please tell me how I can return a value that is the Kilometres between two addresses. The addresses are from my database are Starting Address and Destination address. I don't need travelling directions, just the calculated distance. Preferably using Google maps Australia I have FM8
  9. Hello All! I have a hugh problem. Today it works fine on my XP SP3 but the day I have to change computer I have to change platform from XP to 7 or 8. I have a huge number of registers working together so its no option to migrate those to FP7 format or re-write for FP7 as it would take to long time. Today I work with Shubeck Pdf plug-in which combine several pdfs within my script and put out an email with the pdf as attachment. It works great with ghostscript version 8.5. I have borrough a computer with Windows 7/64 Bit for testing purposes. I found ghostscript 9.01 for windows 7/3
  10. Hello, I lost my Filemaker Pro 3 CD, but it is still running under Windows XP. Now I want to change to Windows 7. I have an Filemaker Pro 5 Upgrade licence but I still need a CD for Filemaker Pro of a previous version, which I can also install under Windows 7. Does somebody know if it is possible to install FM 2-4.1 under Win 7 and where to buy it? Thanks!
  11. I know, why would anyone be using FM 5.5! I have a client that uses FM Server 5.5 and FMP 5.5. They somehow have the access privileges configured to the layout and field level with no groups. This setup also has standard users (by their shared password) set to not be able to edit records in the Access Privileges Dialog, yet they can create new records and edit the new record. I had to add some new fields for them to use. The standard users cannot edit these new fields. They can edit the already existing fields. WTH? I need to have it so a standard user can only edit a new record that they jus
  12. Hi guys -- I've FM 5.5v1 running on Mac OS 10.6.8. On one of the databases, everytime I created a new field FM would automatically enter it on the Table view but some weeks ago it stopped doing it. The database is around 90 fields so it's not too large. Does anybody know why and how to fix it? Best!
  13. Hi all! Does anyone of you run FM 5 on Windows 7 or 8? Do you have plugins from Schubeck pdf? Does it work? -Per
  14. Hi there, I'm currently developing an ongoing solution where I have used decimal times. ie. 1.5 = 1hr 30mins, 3.75 = 3:45 etc. The reason I used decimal was clear to me at the time but now I would like to dispay the resulting calculation in "proper" time format. I could probably nut it out using some convoluted method but was hoping that someone has a more elegant solution. Cheers, Steve.
  15. I have a couple of errors on the server and I am new to Filemaker. Below are three errors that have reported in the event viewer, application logs. 1. File "Promissory Note.FP5" could not be opened: either allow FileMaker Server to host Single-User files or set the file to Multi-User in FileMaker Pro. 2. File "Receipts.fp5" could not be opened: maximum number of files already opened. 3. File "Credit Card Charges.FP5" could not be opened: a database with that name (or the same initial 31 characters) is already open; please rename one of the files. The only one that I could fi
  16. Do Filemaker Pro 8 and Filemaker Poro Advanced work in OS 10.7?
  17. Hi, I have bought a FMPro 8 advanced CD second hand, but got a Volume License Agreement license for FMPro 8 (not advanced) from the seller. Seller most probably bought a boxed product and did not register it. FM Support can not help me. Does anybody want to get rid of their FMPro 8 advance Licence (key) kind regards, Iwan
  18. Hi All, FMP 8 on a G4 mac running OS 10.3.9 (soon to be 10.4.11, but here we are). FMP Server 8.5 on... something else, but also mac OS. also old. I don't think it's a server issue. Running FMP8 on client works fine. However, when using "connect to remote" to connect to the server, I get a license conflict. With myself! -number of users connected to server doesn't affect it. -number of users on network doesn't affect it. -restart does not fix -deleting preferences does not fix -Reinstall did not fix -License key is a real key, on the jacket of the disk. t
  19. I have (maybe foolishly) just deleted a copy of 8.0v2 as it seemed to be opening my 8.5 files. However, I now get the above alert on opening my 8.5 files and am wondering if I can re-install the dictionary (not sure if it exists even) from maybe my install disc - is there a custom install for this or should I be more concerned...i.e. have I got a major problem here. Thanks in advance.
  20. I am almost at 30K records in only one file. That is about 10 years wking with the same database upgrading it up to this version. Problem: It seems that is getting slow specially if I need to duplicate a record or run a little complicated script. I never mess with memory settings cause it gave me problems in the past...(kinda when you burn y/self with milk you see a cow and begin to cry...)I recognize that is stupid of me, but really never had a need after all until now that I feel something needs to be done with speed. Any suggestions?
  21. Short question: Is there a good source for best practices to recover from corruption? If I suspect a bug in FMPRo is causing crashes, should I report it? Long question: I have a complicated database that is used for personal use. It is 4 files, I think about 30 tables total, one file has lots of images and is about 500MB, the rest are in the 2-40 MB range. There are lots of relations. Often when I have two related files open, making changes will cause FM Pro Advanced 8.5 to crash, often causing problems with the database. Following advice that I got at the FMPro booth at MacWorl
  22. Greetings, I'm speaking french, but will try to translate in english ;-) I'm using filemaker pro 8 advanced. I'm new to filemaker and trying to create a gradebook for my school. For each student from each class, he will get 4 gradebook per year. Each gradebook is the summary of several subjects. I would like to have a model displaying the students of a classroom (after selecting the year and the gradebook number) to give scores to each student. For example, after a science test, i select my class, my year and my gradebook number. All the students from the clas
  23. I have FMP 8 20+ seats with Server 8 on Win 2003. I have some large and growing fast (35+ GB) files with scanned docs being served. This will grow to 100+GB files within the life of the system. I had one file corrupted once (remote disconnected without logout) and it took me forever to fix as I had to copy the file to computer with the OS on a large partition (darn Dell puts the server OS on a small partition, cannot create the scratch file and could not find a way to direct FMP to create the scratch file elsewhere). I was freaking out. Am I pushing the limits of Filemaker? Or am I w
  24. I use FM 8 for logging Purchase Orders. Three clients have access, I host, no Server. Somehow records are getting deleted by accident and I do not know how to recover an individual record nor do I know what is causing this!
  25. For smart people out there: Is there any reason why it used to be so easy to relate tables and not being at risk of going crazy if by mistake you touch the wrong path? All of my fields went "". Thank God for back ups' cause I spent hours trying to figure out how or what I did to years of work!. I suspect filemaker pro drew a line from FM7 on. I love FM, but it looks like certain things don't make sense to me, i.e you grab 3 related files working smoothly, just terrific relationships (HEY, all done by me!), then you are so happy that decision is made to use the same files with a different
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