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Found 12 results

  1. I think there was some instructions somewhere, but I cannot find them . I have a created local file and server file. Both contain the exact same data. I want to deploy this solution, but I want to avoid a massive first-time sync. How can I avoid a massive first-time sync?
  2. FMEasySync Push Error 852

    Hi Guys, I had been using FM EasySync for few months now, so it had been working fine till now. Without having any change in the table structure, i got the error " The attempt to push data into server has failed ( The mesage recevied rom the server was "852" ) 852 Error is : Cannot write a file to the external storage I believe this is related to container fileds I am using. There has been no change in the Container field options. They are still being stored "Externally" on the server with Open Storage option. Also there hasn't been any change on Server policies as well. I have no clue as to what could have cause this. Anyone having idea about this ?? Thanks much.
  3. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Hey again. In a previous thread I suggested using javascript in a webviewer to return the difference between the server and client UUID lists in order to increase the sync check speed. It was much faster, but the code I used included an algorithm with quadratic time complexity, meaning that as the size of the lists increased the time that sync check took would grow exponentially. @GisMo helped test confirm that this solution would not scale well. However I think I've found a bit of javascript that solves this issue and will scale linearly. I've changed the script from the previous thread to use this new code instead. If you are using this javascript method for list comparison I highly recommend you change the sync check script to use this code. Simply open the new file, copy the calculation from set variable[ $url ] in "Sync Check Client", and paste it into your Set Variable[ $url ] step. Otherwise if you're using EasySync and struggling with sync check, give my solution a try! I've attached the new file below and linked to the old thread for continuity. Best, Josh EDIT: For anyone interested in a demonstration of just the algorithms' performance difference before updating sync check, I've uploaded a raw concept file. EasySync_JWH_SyncCheckMod_LINEAR.zip Linear_Array_Comparison.fmp12.zip
  4. Have been using easySync for a while, but recently I have a problem where Close File ["Hosted_Database"] does exactly that on OS X but leaves the server open on iOS. OS X: FM Pro 14 & 15 iOS: FMGo 14 & 15 Tired adding a Close File ["Hosted_Database"] in line 136 of "Sync With Server" at the beginning of #restore user interface but this just generates an error 301: which is record is already in use. But of course the error only occurs on FMGo. I must have done something simple to cause this but not sure what… any ideas are most welcome.
  5. I have a solution that syncs at the end of a "shift". The shift report says what happened during the shift. But I want to add a time card component that syncs when anyone starts work and ends work which doesn't always match the "shift" that one or two guards are covering. So, I want to keep the main Sync with Server script intact for the end of shift report but I want to dupe it, rename it and hardcode it to sync one or maybe 2 tables only. Since there will be only 1 or 2 records it should be fast. That way the timecards are always up to date and the shift reports are sent as a whole. I'm going to try and edit line 4 of "Sync with Server" to look for a Table Occurrence that starts with "ESS" and rename those Table Occurrences to start with "ESS." Not sure it would work with "ESS_PUSH_Etc"? Any thoughts on that or is there a better way of doing this? Dan
  6. Deleting Payloads

    Is it bad to delete all the records in the EasySync_Payloads table? It's kind of building up.
  7. The instructions say the easiest way to add the 5 ES_fields to each table is to simply copy and paste from the Demo database. I realized tonight that in one Table, "Surveys", the ES_Recod_UUID has the AutoEnter set to "Do not replace existing value of field if any" checked. But the other 2 tables, Survey_Hobbies and Survey_Documents do not have it checked. This is in both the Hosted and Mobile files. Which is correct? The instructions just mention unchecking it on US_UTC_Time. Dan
  8. What's the best way(or correct way) to pre-load the Hosted and Mobile Databases with the same data so that way the first sync will only add the new records from the mobile devices?
  9. I have two, of many tables, which simply do not sync with EasySync Each apparently for different reasons. All the other tables sync just fine. I have created a known working scaffold of the EasySync example to test the tables themselves. The problem occurs here also. FMEasySync v1.3 Test see attached Process: Add two tables to easy sync survey example "Form 3" and "Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation" Setup and instance of each table and relate to EasySync tables Set in mobile settings version to 1.2 to avoid easy deploy issues for now set EasySync Settings push debug to 1 so we can see what is going on. delete layouts have not been installed to isolate the issue. typically when delete layouts are installed the last record in the mobile is deleted during sync. To test • go to layout “Form 3” • Create new record &add data • goto layout “Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation” • Create new record &add data • goto layout “Survey List - iPad • click sync button ( top right ) Records From ES_Form 3 show as a single question mark. Records From ES_Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation show OK but don’t sync with the host In other notes Tim says: The "?" is usually an indication that either an ExecuteSQL call has failed (meaning that the SELECT statement was invalid for some reason) or that something else that required dynamic evalulation failed. Are you sure that all of the ES_ fields have been setup correctly? And do you get this error for every sync, or only under certain conditions? I have replaced all of the ES_Fields in these tables by cutting and pasting from the example code. ___________________ zero records are transferred for either of the test table to the host. Last message is that “The sync process has completed” I tried creating an new table and cutting and pasting field names from Form 3 and achieved the infamous 106 error, perhaps this will help to clarify that issue. After this I recreated the sample databases from scratch yet again. It must be something really simple but I cannot see it, Any suggestions are most welcome. Thank you FMEasySync v1.3 Test.zip
  10. Does anyone have any reusable/elegant solutions for deleting the Parent Record and all of its Child Records by wrapping come code around EasySync Delete Record?
  11. conditional down syncing?

    Hello again! my databases have been operating very well for the past two months! I do have a question now, is it possible to only sync down data that matches a certain criterion? The situation is this, I have 10 stores testing out this database and I want my master server to accept data from all of them but only sync back down their data (in the event that I send them a new file, or they get a new ipad), i've attached a diagram of sorts. I have three ipads at one location that i have setup doing a full sync to a server, and i have the other locations that dont sync at all, but now when i am wanting to update their database, I have no way of getting their data, Is it possible to have different sync settings based on the value in a cell? photo of cell is also attached Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Syncing around security

    Hello. Thank you for the marvel that is FmEasySync! It is exactly what we needed for our relatively simple sync needs, and I truly appreciate the thought that has gone into creating it. I am only seeking help because our application is made complex by some security requirements, and I have run out of ways I can think of to troubleshoot it. I'm hoping someone else can offer a suggestion that will knock this loose for me. Our application is an "observations" database that runs in Go on the iPhone. It allows our managers to make safety observations and sync them to a central database for later review. In addition, if what they are observing needs to be addressed by our maintenance staff, they can also request a maintenance ticket to be created. We sync the maintenance requests separately, since there is already a "bucket" set up to receive requests. we would like our users to be able to file maintenance requests without having to go through safety, as well, so the app actually has two wizards - one for Safety, the other for Maintenance. The central "Observations" database has been set up to stand alone, so as to avoid security conflicts with other HR-related databases. That sync is working just great, when tested from the desktop and on mobile. Our "Maintenance" database has filemaker security turned on that allows users to login via their Active Directory username and password. This keeps things simpler for them, and allows us to track who has done what and when more easily. The sync tables for this database are simple table occurrences within the "Observations" database. When I wire in the Maintenance database, it syncs GREAT from the desktop, but when I try to sync to it from the mobile device, the first table that tries to sync fails, saying that "Field att_id[1] is missing. Filemaker Error Code 102"). For a variety of reasons, I would prefer to avoid setting up a second database for the application to sync requests in to the maintenance side. If necessary, it will have to be set up just for the purpose of syncing, and will have to be imported on a schedule by the server. As I said, from the desktop the sync works - so I know all of the table setup is correct on both sides (mobile and hosted). Which leaves me with security as the culprit for the errors. In fact, I have found that, if I log in to the (hosted) maintenance database and then run the sync from the mobile client, it works. Knowing that FMEasySync is going to use the security settings on the client to attempt to sync to the host, I have done the following: 1. established a local FileMaker user called "Mobile" and applied it, with the same username and password, to all three databases - observations_mobile, observations_hosted and maintenance. 2. I have gone so far as giving the "Mobile" user "Full Access" to all three databases, and still the sync fails from the mobile. 3. I have attempted to pick out the scripts that are involved in a push (on both hosted and mobile), and set them to run with "full access privileges" and that doesn't seem to have worked, either. 4. I have attempted to use the "File Access" tab of the Manage Security dialog to give permission to both the mobile and hosted databases, and that did not work, either. I feel like I'm missing just one, small, detailed thing that will knock this loose on the mobile side, and I'm just not sure what it is or where to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Kevin

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