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  1. Hello I have a script which works fine on the computer but does not quite work on the iPad. The Send Mail creates an email with an attachment and should insert a 'to' and 'cc' field in to the Mail fields. On the iPad 'to' and 'cc' are missing. If I hard code in an email address it works. The attachments are added fine on the iPad. Everything works fine on the computer using FileMaker 19. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have updated the IOS on the iPad and tried version 18 and 19 FMGO. Thanks Chris
  2. Hello I have a script which prints from the iPad but the problem is that it ignores the container fields which have signatures in them. This area is blank the rest of the document prints fine. This script works fine on a computer the signatures print. When I save as a PDF on the iPad the signatures are there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Filemaker Go 18 and 19 both have the problem. I have updated the iPad OS. On the computer we use v19. Thank you Chris
  3. Working on a Go app for a customer, and building in a photo feature. Client would like the ability to select multiple photos in the Camera Roll and import them as one step - something like importing a folder of images in desktop FMPro. From what I've seen so far, it doesn't look possible - Import script step doesn't work for picture/movie files on iOS, and Insert From Device (Photo Library) only allows selecting one photo. Is anyone else aware of a way of making this work?
  4. Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing on launch(iPhone) since IOS 14.2 upgrade. Anyone else?
  5. Our people out in the field take photos which go directly into the container fields, we would like those photos to automatically transfer to the camera roll/gallery. I know there is an export command and that would allow the techs to export and choose the location, save image etc... But that is a tad too complicated for them. Any suggestions on how to automate this process, the script for export field contents doesn't have a choice to save to camera roll. Thank you! Caroline
  6. I have a webviewer that is loading a PDF from a container field. I'm doing this by using the following calculation in the webviewer: "data:application/pdf;base64," & Base64Encode ( iostest::PDF_Current ) The PDF loads fine however on iOS it does not fill the screen (oddly enough on macos, it DOES fill the screen). Auto resizing on the webviewer is set to expand on all sides. The webviewer is the same size as the layout area as well. I tried to use an iframe with the method below however it still doesn't expand: "data:text/html,<!doctype><html> <body> &l
  7. We are relatively new to MirrorSync (6.12). We can have a system which is syncing with no issues. We create a new record on the FMS in a table that is synced to the Spoke (iPad). After the iPad syncs and receives the new record, the next time the iPad tries to sync, they receive an error that there is a Duplicate ID... On researching the issue, whenever we create a single record on the Hub, 2 records with the same ID are created on the Spoke with the same ID. This effectively breaks the sync and needs remediation by the user of the iPad by the deletion of one of the records.
  8. Hey All i have client that has a deep complex scheduling problem. They have two locations. Each location has multiple zones. Each zone has multiple activities that can be done in them. For a location to run a particular activity in a particular zone it must have a teacher. There are multiple teachers each with their own specializations. Each teacher had their own schedule of availability. With me so far? now there are students. Each student must complete x core activities (do not require a teacher) and up to 5 specializations each week (requires teacher) they are
  9. When I try to sign out of my Claris ID on my iPad with iOS14.2 with Filemaker Go I get a error: Safari can't open the page because the address is invalid (translate from dutch) I can't logout of the claris ID now, so I though I delete the whole FileMaker Go app from the iPad and then I start all over again with the other claris ID. When I install the FileMaker Go 19 again and open the App, the Claris ID is still logged-in? When Apps are deleted, the whole content should be deleted?
  10. What would it cost to have someone make me a database using filemaker go on a single ipad for managing a lost and found inventory? What I would like it to do ... 1. log into the database each item being put in and by whom 2. take a picture of each item 3. print a sticker to affix to each item with a barcode so it can be referenced for disposal or pickup by owner 4. have email reminders for auditing on specific items that can perhaps only be stored for X hours before being destroyed (credit cards and such) 5. generate a weekly and monthly report for al
  11. I have a problem with FileMaker Go (iPad, iOS 13.x). The app crashes when I adding an autograph to a container field using Insert from Device. Does anyone have a similar experience? I has worked fine, using older versions of FMGo. How does this function work anyway? Is it kind of interactive webviewer that is called using Javascript to capture the autograph and putting it back as a graphic into the container field? Claris' documentation is non-existing on these kind of topics. NB on other occasions, I noticed that an 'interactive container field' is in fact a webviewer that int
  12. Hi have a PDF that I annotated on my iPad. I upload this pdf to a container field in FM Go. If I go to my desktop FM Pro, I can see the annotations just fine in the container preview however on FM Go, the annotations do not display in the preview. If I export the pdf from the the container, the annotations are indeed there. What can I do to get the annotations to show in the container preview in FM Go (as they do on FM Pro on the desktop).
  13. I'm on iOS. I'm using iOS shortcuts and FM Go. In FM Go, I send a container's PDF to iOS shortcuts via a x-callback-url with an "input" of the Base64Encode PDF. I annotate the PDF in iOS Shortcuts. I then send the annotated PDF back to FM Go to insert it back into the container...however there seems to be some characters in the Base64encode fmp url parameter that can't be passed in the URL coming back. Is there something I can do to further encode this Base64 script parameter (that is the annotated PDF) so that it will pass back to FM Go via the URL.
  14. Hi -- I have a few iPad solutions I created awhile back, where I hid the upper and lower toolbars from view. but as I recall, there was a swing gesture I could use to reveal them -- I thought it was swiping down with 3 fingers . . . but this seems no longer to work? Can someone jog my memory on this? I just need to be able to reveal the "Find" function temporarily.
  15. Hey Folks Im sure this is asked but I can't figure it out. I don't want to link a file in the data schema - I just want to open it from an existing file while in go Created a button with single step, "Insert from URL Target:Selector::g_insertURL ; "fmp://Cleaners.fmp12" where g_insertURL is a global field and is on the layout. Get error 5 Command Invalid FM 19 on Mac Thoughts?
  16. I defined a calendar in a test solution on my Mac. Looks great. On the iPad Pro, the calendar does appear in the layout, but tapping on an event (that was defined as editable when I created an event on the Mac) does nothing. Am. I missing something?
  17. Can anyone point me to resources or methods for annotating PDFs in FileMaker go on the iPad? Go Draw does not support PDFs. I’d like to draw on a pdf and then save it in a container. I assume I have to do this outside fm go and then bring it back into the container. What technique requires the fewest steps?
  18. [Cross Post - I posted this as Claris Community, but didn't get any bites after 24 hours] I am trying to scroll to the active record in List view. It works perfectly in Pro (19). I am running the script from Go (iPhone) using the FileMaker Network (lightning cable to my Mac) I cannot get it to work in Go. It goes to the right record and field because I can manually scroll to it, but the script won't do it. Here is the simple script: ====================================== Go to Field [Select/Perform; Person::FirstName] Scroll Window [To Selection] ==
  19. I have a shopping list app for personal use. On the MacBook it works fine. I have a global search field which searches through the list of existing items. I have a script trigger (On Object Modify) on the field which allows a 'type ahead' search when each letter is entered. On the phone in FileMaker Go, the keyboard drops off the screen and then reappears when I type each letter. Pretty disconcerting to use. Is there anyway to stop this please?? I have attached the script I use for the type ahead. Thanks.
  20. We have a Filemaker Go on iPads and there is a layout with portal rows, when scrolling through it hesitates and you must wait to scroll down. We have offline files on the iPad, although it happens when we connect to the Filemaker server as well. Any suggestions? Thank you, Caroline
  21. Hi. I am creating a small app for my iphone but for some reason the keyboard will not display. I have to press on the symbol (3 lines and an arrow) to display it. I have tried all the different combinations but without success. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Can someone help with this please. I have tried all the combinations but my keyboard does not show automatically on the iPhone??
  23. I have two iPads connected to FM server. For some reason one ipad (5th Gen running 13.5) will not complete the navigation scripts and shows error messages (no records match this find criteria), however the 7th Gen running on 13.1.1 works fine..... Issue has only begun after purchasing the second, newer iPad. I cannot for the life of me work out what is wrong, or how to troubleshoot and would love some guidance please!! Here is a screengrab of one of the scripts and related layout: fm go script issue.tiff Orders iPad layout.tiff
  24. Hello, I have a script with a single step, attached to a button. Step: Open URL: "prizmogo://x-callback-url/captureText?input=camera&ocr=el&x-success=fmp://$/MYFILE?/script=Dialogue" When I press the button, the Prizmo Go application fires up, I take a photo of the text, it recognizes it but the application stays open. I want to close the application and return the results to FileMaker. What am I doing wrong? Anyone? Thanks.
  25. Trying to display a pdf stored on the iPad AT A SPECIFIC PAGE NUMBER or 'DESTINATION' tag within the pdf document from FMGo. I've tried both a Webviewer and Open URL call but the #page= and #destinationtag appended to the filepath (eg //MyFile.pdf#page=20) is ignored. Any ideas how to open and display a PDF at specific page?
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