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Found 115 results

  1. I currently have a button that exports the current record in excel format on my Mac desktop. When I use Filemaker go on my iPad this button does nothing. Ideally I would like that button to recognize the iPad as the device being used and create a script to export to iCloud desktop Is this even possible? Thanks
  2. I designed a FM Go app that uses a bluetooth scanner (Socket CHS 7). I can't find the way to control the active keyboard (scanner or ios). I tried the "Enable touch keyboard" script step but if I hide the keyboard, I loose the focus on the field that must get the scanned code, so it's like having no keyboard. That seems to be the problem: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/136708 a bug not fixed yet? So far the only way to hide the ios keyboard without loosing field focus is to turn off the ios keyboard is from the scanner itself, clicking twice the power button. Once the active keyboard is the scanner, I still have the edit bar that shows on the top of the ios keyboard covering the bottom of my FM Go app: Do you know if there's a way to hide this bar?
  3. I’m not sure if this isn’t possible yet or if I’m missing something obvious, but… When I tap in a container field in FMGo, I get an Import dialog that allows me to import from Camera, Audio, etc.. However, the Insert from Device script step requires me to select an option. It’s not like many other script steps, where you can just not specify a source and FM is smart enough to prompt you. Is there any way to script entering a container field such that the Import menu pops up? Thanks!
  4. I have created a nifty little FM Go solution for quizzing myself on backgammon problems that I think others in the backgammon community might find very useful. Since I don't really anticipate it being a big money-maker, it's not worth it to me to try to do an elaborate purchase/licensing/subscription/encryption process for "selling" the solution to players. What I'd like to do instead is just make it available for people to download onto their iPads and use for free, and include a sort of "tip jar" request that if they found the solution useful, they could go to PayPal and make a $10 or $25 or whatever they feel it was worth to me. If it were to bring in say $1000 it would be worthwhile for me to produce further quizzes. So, what would be the simplest way for me to set up that sort of 'tip jar'? I could just have a screen where I provide my email and suggest they go to PayPal themselves - - - but is there a way I could have them click a button that would say open their web browser and take them to PayPal? Or is there a reasonably simple way way to put a PayPal logo button on a Filemaker layout and set it up to fill in my email address automatically for a Donation?
  5. I'd like my FIlemakerGo solution to be non-password protected and simply open to my Home screen when the file is opened, I don't want the user to have a username or have any log-in step) and I'd like the display to be set without either of the Filemaker toolbars at the top or bottom of the screen. I've been searching and reading about the topic online, but by now my head is spinning, because I can't even remember what the different parts are. I'm seeing 3 horizontal strips on the screen other than what I designed on my layouts: 1) The iPad-standard ribbon that shows the Wifi signal, the time, and battery level. (Is this the 'status bar'?) 2) A Filemaker strip at the top of my layout with an 'Actions' arrow leading to File launch / close, etc. at left and the Search magnifying glass at right. (What is this called?) 3) A Filemaker strip at the bottom of the screen with Record navigation controls. (The Toolbar) So, I would like to hide (2) and (3) when my file opens. I'd like the Apple iPad data to remain. I have set up an opening script that uses Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock; Hide] and this succeeds in hiding the lower bard (3) . . . but it leaves the top one visible. I know I can hide that top bar by swiping up with three fingers - - and I'm fine with my use being able to do that too . . . but when they open the file, I want it to be hidden -- because I don't anticipate their needing any of those tools or settings, and it just makes the layout look busier than it needs to. (I've put a 'Close File; button on every layout). Is there some way I can make that upper toolbar (and what is it actually called?) hide itself by default thanks!
  6. Afternoon all, We have a solution that runs locally on several iPads and have been experiencing slow down issues which I'm trying to resolve. During the data gathering process the users create around 120 text based records and 60 photographic records. During the process of collecting this information, the solution slows down gradually until FMGO finally crashes. I've found that if a user exits the application and closes it fully (double tapping home button and swiping up) intermittently, it prevents the slow down and crash from happening. I'm guessing it's a memory issue but trying to figure out how to produce the same results without having to exit the application. Would the 'Flush Cache to Disk' script step have the same effect? Thanks in advance. Matthew
  7. I am trying to figure out a convenient way to send a Filemaker file to a friend's iPad with minimum fuss. This person does not use his iPad for email. I see I can send such a file via iMessage, just as I would a photograph. What I'm not seeing is how to get the file from the iPad Message app into FilemakerGo. When I send the file, I see it there in the iMessage window, but the only option seems to be 'Copy' -- is there a way to "paste" the file into FilemakerGo? Having received the file in Messages, is there a place where the file "lives" on the iPad -- and where I could move it over into Go? I'm hoping there's a way I can do this without asking the person too download it on a desktop machine, plug in the iPad, and use iTunes to move it over. Is there?
  8. Hello, So we VPN in to our office network and then connect to our FM16 Server with either our laptops (Filemaker 16) or FM Go (16.0.4) One of our users can get as far as loading the two database icons from the server but when trying to open the file getting timed out connections. Even when connecting to the internet via a WiFi connection. At the same time, his laptop will connect. Looking in the logs on the server - there's no sign of the FMGo connection. Looking at VPN logs (although we know he's connecting) shows a normal connection into our network. Is there any other source of information that might illuminate the problem? Thanks
  9. Donald Clark

    FileMaker Go Bug?

    Hi everyone, We are using sliding panels as a major interface feature. In the development process, we discovered a FileMaker Go Bug: 1. We stack slider panels on top of each other 2. A panel with a portal is underneath a different slider and the top slider is not hidden with "Hide Object When" feature 3. The bottom panel is called with the "Go to Object" script step to show the panel with the portal. 4, The user cannot scroll the panel with a finger swipe unless the panel is hidden. Buttons, popovers, and fields are all accessible, just not the ability to scroll. 5. Scrolling on FMP client works fine. Only Go is affected. How to replicate: Put a panel on a layout. Add a portal with several records (enough to scroll on an iPad). Add a second, invisible (Slider Panel set to no background and no line color) slider on top of the first. Save and test on a Mac (no issues) then on an iPad. The panel will not scroll. Workaround (if any): Use the HIde Object When" command to hide the sliding panel. When there are several panels, the logic gets a bit tricky. Product and version: FileMaker Pro 16.0.4 and Go 15 OS and version: iOS 9.3.5 and 11.2.5 Browser and version (for WebDirect only): N/A Hardware: iPad 3 and iPad Pro (2017) I have attached an .mp4 showing the problem. If anyone can think of a work around that does not include hiding the slider, I'd like to hear about it. We've tried all the Nav and Window commands. It just doesn't work the same as it does on Client. Thanks, Don
  10. We need to run a FMpro Go 24x7 on iPad, connected to FMserver. Let's say the screen shows sign in / sing out information of employees. What happens no, that after a certain period of time, the fmpro go clients get disconnected "Host is not longer responding, do you want to reconnect?" Server (FMS 16) is up, energy saver settings all set to 24x7 running, fmreauthenticate set to 0. Anyone can assist is having the go client running 24x7 even if there is no interactivity at the iPad?
  11. Hi there, I have a strange issue with a web viewer in FMGO. I'm using one script to open a new windows, that displays a web viewer and Pass a URL. In FM pro 14 the script works as expected and I see the page I want to view in the web viewer. However, when we rung the exact same script in FMGO, a new window opens, the web viewer is visible but empty - no web page in the viewer. Has anyone had an issue like this before or could you suggest where I might look to resolve this issue? Mark
  12. Hi guys - it's my first post here so please go easy! I've recently been using Filemaker Go on an iPad mini while filming film and tv projects. I generally take a quick photo of the scene, but i'd also like to be able to draw basic diagrams as well eg. position of camera in relation to actors, set, props, etc. While I await delivery of a new iPad, i'd love to hear thoughts on how i could best go about drawing and saving simple diagrams into my database. Ultimately, I'd love to be able to tap on a container to access and save the image within (just like how i take a photo). As I don't think it's worth me spending money on software, I've narrowed it down Photoshop Sketch (if it can be integrated?) or this: http://timdietrich.me/fmeasycanvas/index.php I've already attempted to install FMeasy Canvas but failed as my scripting skills are (unfortunately) terrible. Thanks in advance! Avon
  13. Hi all, Is there any way of sending and receiving message on iPhone using the iPhone Messaging app and have the conversation recorded in FM GO? I know that we can use "open url" to set messaging variables and pass it to messaging app, but this way we can not record the SMS conversation in FM go any more. On the other hand, we can use third party services such as Twilio to send and receive SMS but then we would need to stick to FM go for sending and receiving SMS. Regards,
  14. I'm looking for existing FileMaker solutions that would work for Chiropractic Office management. FileMaker, of course! Cross Platform (+ iOS for iPad - ready desired, but not required). HIPPA compliant and all that. thanks, Beverly
  15. Mostly posting this to hear myself talk but maybe someone will find it useful or a helpful discussion will ensue... My company has deployed a FileMaker solution over iPads for our sales staff. Because they are frequently in locations with no or poor reception, their solution is offline. They sync on demand when they have a connection and can select what they want to sync. My company is also one of those that doesn't like to buy anything. So I had to make my own solution to sync. The trouble is, our sales staff isn't always the best about syncing and sometimes if they select all options it can take up to two hours to complete a sync! I went to DevCon this year with a main goal of improving the sync speed. I came back with several ideas and these are the results. Currently, my solution is set up with a separate connector file. I did this because in the past I kept having issues with corruption of the main file. It would happen regularly but ever since I switched to using a connector file it has nearly disappeared. Hurray for that! The connector file has table occurrences for the server files and the local files and uses those relationships for finding the records to update. I then do a simple Import Records:Update Matching to update the data (in most cases, sometimes I do loop through and "set field" if the data is especially important). I talked to a bunch of people and attended several sessions about FMGo and the overwhelming feeling seemed to be "NO, BAD DAN!" and I left with my head swimming with ideas of PerformScriptOnServer and looping through records and payload files. Fun. First, I did some benchmarking. With my original script I got the following sync times for five different segments (some are just one table, some are multiple): Customers: 6 seconds Inventory: 3 minutes 32 seconds Orders: 2 minutes 59 seconds Inventory Master: 3 minutes 58 seconds Pricing: 27 seconds I then went in and changed all of the syncs to loop through the records and "Set Field". I had it set all fields because it was even longer if I had it first evaluate if it needed to do a set field. Customers: 2 seconds Inventory: 23 minutes 58 seconds Orders: 2 minutes 10 seconds Inventory Master: 43 seconds Pricing: 3 seconds So I had some luck in a few places but absolutely atrocious for the Inventory sync. A couple of things to note: there were a couple of tables that I was just syncing everything instead of what was new. I believe that was the case for the Customers sync in particular. Also, the big thing for the inventory master is that it has product pictures in it. I learned about Base64 encoding and decoding at DevCon and I'm sure that was the winning ticket for making that sync go faster. I'm guessing even the import version would go quicker if I was to use that instead of importing the large picture files. Since the data changes regularly, I wanted to be sure that I had good numbers to work with. I was telling the script to sync 10 days worth of changes. I reran the benchmarking today to different results (this time it was over wireless instead of cellular because I was running out of data on my plan): Old Script: Customers: 2 seconds Inventory: 12 seconds Orders: 31 seconds Inventory Master: 8 minutes 59 seconds Pricing: 15 seconds New Script: Customers: 4 seconds Inventory: 2 minutes 35 seconds Orders: 1 minute 24 seconds Inventory Master: 13 seconds Pricing: 6 seconds On the whole, it would seem that looping with set field is not a good method if you want speed. Of course you can argue it is more reliable so there's a trade-off. I wanted to experiment with running the query on the server and then sending over just data for the Inventory sync (about 1700 records). I used PerformScriptOnServer to pass the date to be synced. I had the server find the records I needed then loop through them and capture the data into a variable. I then set that into a data table field. The iPad copied over the data and I had it. But now what to do with it??? First I tried unpacking it into a temp table and then using Import to update the data. 5m 10s. Ok, that's twice as long. I then unpacked it directly into the table to update by querying the item ID. I update the data if found and added it if it wasn't (wasn't even concerned with deletions at this point). 9m 1s. That's going the wrong way!! So, with the exception of making sure I sync only the records that were changed and using Base64 encode/decode for pics it looks like I'll be sticking with the import function. One good thing is that the two users I've switched over to FMGo 14 are saying syncing is going a little quicker than when they were on FMGo 13.
  16. Working on an iPad solution and the client uses an iPad and also uses Square to take payments. I can launch the square app from FMGO using the URL "square-register://" Does anyone know if there are parameters where I can pass the charge amount into square via this URL? Are there any other solutions to accomplish this?
  17. Hi Is their a filemaker app for a blackberry classic like the FMGo for an IOS?
  18. I have a request from a colleague in the office to be able to search for records that only have a specific checkbox or checkboxes activated in a global field derived from a value list. Therefore ignoring those that have additional or other boxes checked. So far I have played with the following script. I'm typing this from memory so haven't added in error capture etc. Set Field ($search ; "==" & client::interests) Note. client::interests is selected by the user from checkbox options Enter FInd Mode [ ] Set Field (client::interests ; $gsearch) Perform Find [ ] So for example:- 3 records and the client::interest field options as follows. 1: Tennis, Football, horseracing, Rugby 2: Tennis Rugby 3: Rugby, Sailing, Tennis Set Field ($search ; "==" & "Tennis Rugby") Enter FInd Mode [ ] Set Field (client::interests ; $gsearch) Perform Find [ ] ONLY records 2 should be returned. It works but as an exact match if I ensure both client::interests and $gsearch are sorted A-Z and can fall over if carriage returns exists and so on. Just not confident this is the best and most robust way to solve the issue. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Zab
  19. I have a table of pictures related to jobs, and currently I have a layout where my users add a record and they insert a picture into the container field. This works fine, but the process is slow, as they must add each picture one at a time. Is there a way to do a multi-select of pictures from the Camera Roll to add multiple pictures at once?
  20. I find that when I use FMGo, some recent data is lost if the database crashes. Is there a way to 'flush to disk' on IOS to prevent this from happening?
  21. I have documents inserted into a container by reference only to a folder on the fmserver. I can access quite happily as a "localhost" however when i try to access remotely either via pc or ipad(using fmgo 14) i get a file not found message appear in the container. as far as i am aware I have set up the container etc correctly. Ports are opened correctly to allow access, any ideas ? I am stumped at the moment.
  22. Hi Guys, I've built a iPad registration kiosk for a client at his business place. Everything seems to be working just fine, but on the last step to complete the registration I need the iPad to print the registration out for the back office. That also works fine, but the Print Dialog box on ipad is un-avoidable according to FileMaker Go Documentation. This dialog throws off most customers and hinders the registration process. I need to find some type of work around for this so customers are not prompted with the print dialog. Also, my client doesn't want to have to have to print manually print each registration from the desktop interface in the back office. This should be automatic. I thought of some server-side scheduled script, but the server is remote, so it won't be able to get to the printer without some type of constant VPN connection to my customer's site. Too much overhead. This seems like too much overhead to maintain. Is there any client-side scheduled scripts? Any other ideas would be great. Thanks!
  23. Hi All, I created a calculation that resulted in a container image (see below). This is allows me to add/update images without doing anything in Filemaker. "imagemac:images/" & S_shot & ".png" This works perfectly on the my Mac, but doesn't work on FM go. The only way I could get the images to work in FM go was to import the images on a shot by shot basis. I imagine a script could be written to do this, but before doing so, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to make the calculation work. Any ideas?
  24. Hi all, I'm trying to do following: 1) FM Go performs a script on an open, "master" database (hosted on a Desktot computer with Mac OS X and Fm Pro 14 Adv) -> OK 2) the "master" database (always open and reachable) should open a second ".fmp12" file ("slave") which is in the same folder as the "master" file on the desktop computer -> NO Apparently the "Open File" script step when run by the "master" database but called from FM GO doesn't work (can't open the "slave" file). Open URL script step run from the master file doesn't work too, as it expects the "slave" file to be already open. Is what I'm trying to achieve possible ? How ? Thank you in advance !
  25. I have found ways to do this from Filemaker in OSX but I can't seem to apply this to FMGo. I want to mail the current record as a PDF and to have the PDF name be derived from the value of a field (in this cas, the name of the client) Below is the script as it stands. Is this a possibility in FMGo? 1. Go to Layout [ layout name ] 2. Set Variable [$name ; Value: Patients::LastName ] 3. Save Records as PDF [ Restore ; No dialog ; "$name.pdf" ; Crerate email ; Current record ] 4. Go to Layout [ original layout ] THoughts?

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