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Found 105 results

  1. Hi all, Is there any way of sending and receiving message on iPhone using the iPhone Messaging app and have the conversation recorded in FM GO? I know that we can use "open url" to set messaging variables and pass it to messaging app, but this way we can not record the SMS conversation in FM go any more. On the other hand, we can use third party services such as Twilio to send and receive SMS but then we would need to stick to FM go for sending and receiving SMS. Regards,
  2. I have a request from a colleague in the office to be able to search for records that only have a specific checkbox or checkboxes activated in a global field derived from a value list. Therefore ignoring those that have additional or other boxes checked. So far I have played with the following script. I'm typing this from memory so haven't added in error capture etc. Set Field ($search ; "==" & client::interests) Note. client::interests is selected by the user from checkbox options Enter FInd Mode [ ] Set Field (client::interests ; $gsearch) Perform Find [ ] So for example:- 3 records and the client::interest field options as follows. 1: Tennis, Football, horseracing, Rugby 2: Tennis Rugby 3: Rugby, Sailing, Tennis Set Field ($search ; "==" & "Tennis Rugby") Enter FInd Mode [ ] Set Field (client::interests ; $gsearch) Perform Find [ ] ONLY records 2 should be returned. It works but as an exact match if I ensure both client::interests and $gsearch are sorted A-Z and can fall over if carriage returns exists and so on. Just not confident this is the best and most robust way to solve the issue. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Zab
  3. Large mirrorsync.data File

    Hello, I noticed that on the server in which MirrorSync is installed, one of the mirrorsync.data files was 12GB+ in size. It is in the filepath formula C://Program Files/360WOrks/SyncData3_MirrorSync/FileMaker Server_x.x.x.x_FileName/mirrorsync.data Is there any way to either reduce the size of this file, or stop it getting any bigger? Thank you in advance for you help Lewis
  4. We are having an issue with the ipad occasionally getting a 'host not found'. The 'external data sources' have the proper IP address of the host computer, but even with the ipad right next to it, the 'host not found' message occurs. Is there a way to make a hard connection between the ipad and the host for filemaker-sharing?
  5. Hi I updated my solution to FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Go 16 and after that the script step Insert from Device (Type:Camera). Now FileMaker Go comes with the screeen "Files on iPad" and "No files available". When I press cancel the script continues and opens the camera. This does not happen in FileMaker 13 and 14. Other thing that I noticed is that the Go To Portal Row > By calculation does not work as it does in FileMaker 13-14. Frustrating. Any workaround? Regards, Reynir Iceland Hi again The second problem is solved. I inserted "Refresh Window" before the script step "Go To Portal Row" and that did the trick. Regards, Reynir.
  6. I have an FM GO application that opens and runs on one ipad but not on another. What might be the issue? FM GO just spins when trying to open the file; other files provided with FM GO (e,g, contacts.fmp12) open just fine.
  7. I've been testing a FM14 file on FMgo15 and when a layout is displayed I find no selection icons or ? how to choose another layout without a scripted button ?
  8. Really new to using FileMaker Go 15 and can't seem to find the way to copy files to the device so I can input data while offline.
  9. Hi All, I am developing a system to produce, among other things, Quotations and Job Cards in a mixed FMP and iOS environment. One to the problems was the lack of support for autocomplete of drop down lists in iOS which I have tried to get round, with the help of this community, by using a filter from a cartesian join relationship. I now find that when more than one person is creating a quote on a mobile device from the hosted file that you may end up with other peoples input in your QuoteItems table for the quote you were creating. Can any one tell me how to change the relationship ,(design), to stop this. On a desktop system the flow is: From the Customer - create Quote - Quotation Table In the Quotation Table use the portal into QuoteItems to select the Department, Product and Quantity
  10. Howdy, all: I'm looking through the documentation and the forum here, but I can't see a way to export records using a scripted filename in FM Go. If I'm not mistaken, it only allows you to use the file's name. What I'd like the user to be able to do is fire a script that exports a table's records using the table's name as the filename. TIA for your help!
  11. I have a nifty little backgammon quizzing solution set up for FMGo that shows images of game positions and you tap on the image container to view the solution below. This works by toggling a simple text field from empty to 'Show' when you tap the Problem image. I've used the calculation IsEmpty ( Positions::z_SolutionToggle ) in the 'Hide Object When' option in the inspector for three items on the layout: A Text Field giving the simple answer, a Container Field with a picture of the proper solution, and a Web Viewer for displaying comments about the proper play. Tapping the Problem image toggles the control field empty again, hiding the 3 items. I have an 'On Record Load' script trigger set up to clear the toggle field so when you go to the next problem the answers are hidden. All three items work just fine in FMP my desktop. On the iPad in Go, however, the Web Viewer is glitching in a particular way. The tapping to show/hide works fine - - but if I have the answers revealed and tap for the Next problem, the web viewer fails to Hide itself, while the other two objects hide as expected. The data in the web-viewer *does* update to the text for the fresh problem -- it just doesn't hide itself. The other tw items vanish, but it stays there, displaying the new comments. Tapping the Problem pictures toggles the other two items into view as planned, and another tap hides all three, and moving to the next problem, they all remain hidden as intended, so it is only when going frrom the Revealed state to the next Hidden state that the web viewer falls down. The contents of the web viewer are drawn from a text field using this data URL I gleaned from a thread where web-viewers were offered as an alternative to fields with scrollbars in GO because scrollbars don't work so well in GO: "data:text/html," & "<html><style>*{ font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;}</style><body>" & Substitute ( GetAsCSS ( Positions::Comments ) ; "¶" ; "<br />" ) & "</body></html>" I have the 'Allow Interaction' and 'Automatically encode URL' boxes ticked. Any suggestions for fixing this bug? Thanks!
  12. I have already posted here: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/170677 and have some thoughts in mind, but I will copy what I put in there, here. Avoid FMGo Connection Interrupted Server Timeout Disconnect In the attached links, it goes back to questions that I had that dealt with a file on an iOs device, making sure it stays live and up to date. So what I have done is worked on a local file that syncs to the one on the server. That seemingly works, however there is a problem that just recently came up when I was testing. When the local file tries to reach the file on the server, it doesn't always connect. In talking with others there is two consensus of what might be the cause: The Wireless access point is blocking access File security permissions are not working (File Access tab in Security) "Reset All" temporarily works (on the server file) Deauthorizing and Authorizing sometimes works (on the server file) Turning off the File Access requirement doesn't seem to help (on the server file) I do have File Access on the local file, but I haven't tried turning that off. Since I can't debug exactly what is going on, on the iPad this makes it harder. (I have put in some custom dialogs to see some things.) The local file with the syncing to the server file works on my desktop, but that is a wired connection. (I could try the same wireless connection.) It could be that I'm making a duplicate of the local file and putting that on the iPad, which makes the file not work. (I put on the duplicate file on the iPad newly each time for testing, because I need a file without certain info on it, which will be filled later [dealing with Get(PersistentID)].) Is there something I'm not thinking of? To my knowledge, it had been working until recently. I'll try a few more things, but hopefully get answers in the meantime. Thank you
  13. I'm revisiting a Filemaker Go solution I put together a few years ago where I implemented a clumsy workaround for a problem I couldn't figure out. I have a database that stores ARTIST records and child ARTWORKS records, and I have a layout with a bunch of searchable fields drawn from both tables so that the user can search for, say, American (Artist field) & Watercolor (Artwork field) I'd like the user to be able to specify whether the Find will display a list of ARTISTS (American watercolorists) *or* ARTWORKS (Watercolors by Americans). Currently, I have two buttons on the layout, so when the user enters his search terms, he taps the appropriate button and a script takes him to a layout with the appropriate context and results (I put a Script Parameter on the Find Artists button). This works okay, but it is really inelegant and non-intuitive, because in Find mode the Keyboard is on display for entering the search terms, including a big blue irrisistable "GO" button that invites the user to execute the search -- which is of course not going to do what I want it to do. Is there a way for me to use a Script Trigger that would intercept the Find action and perform my branching script instead of delivering the native Find based open the current context? I haven't been able to figure it out -- perhaps an OnModeExit? I've gotten kind of confused about what happens to the search result and when a script might intervene. An alternative is I suppose I could just give the user a choice of two layouts to go to depending on whether he wants to search for Artworks or Artists -- adding a step to the search process. Suggestions?
  14. I'm having issues with FM Go 15 crashing when I try to enter data into a portal. It closes FM Go and does not save any data that has been entered that day. There is no pattern to it and sometimes it does not do it at all. I've tried deleting the app and reloading as well recreating my FM Go file, but still no luck. Has anyone had similar issues?
  15. I have been using FM Go on iPads for a few years for gathering field data for wildlife research. We collect genetic samples and they are enclosed in an envelope that contains a barcode for easy entry. It has worked perfectly until I updated to iOS 10 and FM Go 15. The barcodes are type codabar. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  16. I've made an iPad solution for quizzing myself on backgammon positions There's a Container Field that displays a game problem. When you tap on the image, a text field with commentary and a second image showing the proper play appears below the image. I've done this by grouping the text (it's merge field text) with the image as a single Object, which is set to "Hide When" a simple toggle field has a value of 1. (When a record is loaded, the toggle is set to 0 -- tapping the image resets that field to 1). This all works fine. My problem, though, is the behavior of the native iPad 'Actions' where if you tap the solution image I mentioned, you get the standard options: <-- View -->, Replace, Export, Delete. it would actually be nice to allow 'Enlarging' the solution image -- but when I tap that option, I get a twirling gray circle of death -- the record freezes and I have to restart my iPad to get back into Filemaker Go. On the main image, since I have a button assigned to it, I don't get the Actions menu, so guess you can suppress that, maybe in various ways. Is there a resource that explains various options for managing this 'Actions' behavior? I'd like to be able to use that enlarge feature . . .but if I can't do that, I'd like to just disable the option so I don't inadvertently cause this 'freeze.' thanks!
  17. Hi All. I'm trying to understand how this works in my environment. We have Filemaker 13 Server, with FM Pro and FM Pro Adv clients. We are in a Windows Server 2012 Domain. So if I get an Ipad and connect it to the network, then download and install FM go, how does it connect to the FM server? will there be a problem with the Domain? The Ipad doesn't join the domain. Since it isn't joined, it also wouldn't be able to access the fileserver to view PDFs on the fileserver. is this correct? Extra question non-FM. What concern do you have with the Ipad being hacked? The Ipad would be on the network (even if it didn't get fileserver access). It could cause a security issue. thanks, not sure if I'm correct on these things. so let me know if I'm wrong. Scott
  18. I have used Barcode basics for a really long time now and its worked great. However it doesn't seem to work in FMgo has anyone else figured out how to get it to work. It isn't like FMGo is substituting a font as its just Helvetica and that is an iOS default font... Any help would be great.
  19. The lack of support for Drop Down lists in FM Go is creating havoc for me. I want to be able to create a Quote on site at a customer with two particular fields, one is not a problem thanks to Phil Caulkins excellent demo on Auto-Filtering portals, (ProductName), as it is part of the QuoteLines Table the other one however is not, (Dept), and is currently sitting with a few hundred options. Typing in the name, with the probability of getting it wrong, is very time consuming on a phone. part of it is right but the Dept Field is defeating me. The file is a dogs dinner but it is only meant to test the functions it is not a work file. Go to the Quotations layout Any assistance would be very much appreciated iOSDropTest.fmp12
  20. I must state upfront that this is not a technical question and has certainly been asked within other contexts but which is one which I feel represents an ever larger elephant in the room. Although it may be early days, Progressive Web Applications, as opposed to native mobile Apps, seem to be looming on the not too distant horizon (see the post on Medium entitled "Native Apps are Doomed" by Eric Elliott). Is this not reason enough for Filemaker to become less stringent with respect to promoting the sale of FM solutions other than via their Business Alliance? I have been an FM developer since the Claris days and, although I don't do this for a living, I have established both clinical and research solutions in my field, including for FMGo, and I am not shy to say that I believe my skills are more than pretty good. Apart from this though, I have developed some really good solutions outside of this field which I know to be novel, packed with features that rely on Camera, GPS, Barcode Scanner and App Extensions to produce single 'App' solutions which are highly polished. Part of their value is my experience in the actual areas of use, which I feel is essential for producing excellent solutions. Such FM solutions would be difficult to replicate as native Apps and yet could attract a significant number of users worldwide. However, as I am not in the business, joining the FMBA is not possible and leaves only the option of setting up my own site (which is not impossible for me). However, in the greater picture, this is a messy solution if each freelance developer would do likewise. Surely an Apple/FM controlled site, where solutions are vetted to provide sufficient control over quality, would promote the IOS/FM platform especially now, before PWAs give Android a push that may prove highly competitive to the IOS based marketplace? I realise the question has been asked before, but the times, they are a changin'.
  21. Hello. Here I come with yet another question. I am making a solution that I am gonna use on my Ipad. I have a script that adds a new record in the portal, by grabbing the ID from the table the portal is on and then going to the related table and adding the data to a new row there. That works fine, except for one issue. The Ipad screen flickers, even if I use the "Freeze Window" script step. It does not flicker on my PC. I have taken a screenshot showing the whole script, note that soame of the table names are in Swedish. Is there another way to add rows to a portal or is there a way to stop the flickering on the Ipad? As always, thankful for any help JohanA
  22. Hi, I will like to open a hosted file from FMGO using: FMP7Script:// How I can add a username and password to the FMP7Script ? Thanks...
  23. I have an instillation running FMS v12. There are existing iPhone clients but I now want to add some new iPhone users. The App Store only offers v14 and v15 of FMGo. How can I install an older version of FMGo so that they can access FMS12?
  24. Anyone know if other features may be included in the Insert from Device script step in future releases of FMP and supported by FMGo so that other sensors could be interrogated, for example the barometer on iPhone 6/7/6+/7+? For now though, is there perhaps an ingenious workaround to access this data?
  25. Hi everyone, This is my first question in this forum, so I hope that I do everything right. I've just created a container in an FM-solution and used it as a signature field. It works perfectly. When I make a print-out I would like the signature to be in blue. Can anyone help me on this? Blue Skies, /MartinS

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