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Found 22 results

  1. I have a database that uses the Webdings font in a text field, the letter "g" in Webdings is a square that fills the field and gives the impression of the time elapsed on a job. Now I want to view this on my iPad and the font is not available so I get a field that looks like this: ggggggggggggggg Has anyone found a solution or different approach to accomplish this? Thanks for any help. Sandy
  2. I have a file with phone numbers in filemaker pro and I ported it to Iphone in FM GO. I have a button that I used to dial the number in the field phone but it doesn't do anything when I use the button in the file in filemaker go ... What am I doing wrong. I just want it to dial my iphone when I use the script. Please help me . I thought this would be easy Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I've built a iPad registration kiosk for a client at his business place. Everything seems to be working just fine, but on the last step to complete the registration I need the iPad to print the registration out for the back office. That also works fine, but the Print Dialog box on ipad is un-avoidable according to FileMaker Go Documentation. This dialog throws off most customers and hinders the registration process. I need to find some type of work around for this so customers are not prompted with the print dialog. Also, my client doesn't want to have to have to print manually print each registration from the desktop interface in the back office. This should be automatic. I thought of some server-side scheduled script, but the server is remote, so it won't be able to get to the printer without some type of constant VPN connection to my customer's site. Too much overhead. This seems like too much overhead to maintain. Is there any client-side scheduled scripts? Any other ideas would be great. Thanks!
  4. The Location and LocationValues functions both report an accuracy for the returned location in meters, but I can't find any documentation reporting what measure of accuracy is being returned. Is it CEP? CEP95? 2DRMS? None of FileMaker's documentation says, and neither does Apple's documentation on the CLLocation class.
  5. My products database is very straightforward, nothing complicated. Each product has several photos; the photos are in a separate file as per recommendations here some time ago. Now I am building a version of my products DB for iOS, and naturally the photos (some are 2000 x 3000±) are way too big for the iPhone to handle. So the question is this: I know how to create smaller versions of each picture (there are many ways, I will use Preview or Graphicconverter). What I don't know is how to have records on the iOS refer to the small version of the photo while records on the Mac use the normal, large version. Do I create a new table? How do I populate the new table and how do I tell the iOS records to use the small version of the photos? This isn't an unusual situation I would guess but I don't see how to do it? And of course to complicate matters I need TWO smaller sizes of each photo on the iOS: one for a thumbnail, and another that is large enough to email to clients but not as large and unwieldily as the 'main' picture that resides on the Mac? I am using FM 12 Advanced on the MAc, and FM Go12 on the iOS. Once I learn how to do it for the small iPhone, I can do the same thing so it can run on the iPad with a different set of sizes.
  6. Hello everyone, I’ve developed iPad application on my pc, I’ve used FileMaker Pro Dev. 12.0v3. My application includes 37 tables, 85 forms, 83 scripts and about 255 global variables that I define by start-up script. Why 255 global variables? Because I use them as labels form to manage localize language version. Yesterday I’ve uploaded application on my iPad: model 3 with iOS 7.1, 16 Gb and 5,3 Gb memory free. I have tried to run it with FMPro 12 before then with FMPro 13. I have got a lot of problems: • Buttons that did not executed their script command associated • uncompleted rendering: forms with white area • Labels changed • and so on… Before to think… to my suicide could you give me some suggestion?
  7. Fields resize automatically when getting focus on an iPad. Is there a way to prevent this?
  8. Hello Is there a way to check if a given IP Address can be reached? I'd need it to be before I switch layout... Thank you for your advice
  9. Hi all; I made a 1 Mb filemaker abc.fmp12 file which I want to sell. User may download filemaker GO 12 from AppStore. I send the file to user by email. But it should work on only 1 IPAD (in windows it was possible with HDD serial number look plugin). Any ideas ? how to make my software copy protected ? Do FileMaker can look iPads Serial Number? Best Regards
  10. I thought I'd post this here since I'm primarily attempting to get this working on an iPhone & FMGO12. I'm trying to run a script during "OnLayoutSizeChange" using the "Get (WindowOrientation)". Basically, if the orientation on the iPhone changes, it should change to the appropriate layout. What am I missing here? If [Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3] Set Zoom Level [100%] Refresh Window [] If [Get (WindowOrientation) < 0] Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Landscape"] Else Go to Layout ["iPhone 4 Portrait"] End If Else Go to Layout ["Data Entry - MBP"] End If
  11. Is it possible to install FM Go in Dropbox and then open a runtime app in DropBox from the iPad and also have the same app available through DropBox on the MAC or other computers?? Or, does anybody have a really good option that will do a "true" sync or "push" for an FM runtime app on multiple computers & IOS devices?? While FMP Go is a valuable asset for running an app in IOS, it is not convenient to keep files in sync. I have a few clients that need access from multiple computers & IOS devices, in different locations. Has anyone used iCloud or other "cloud" options that work?? I apologize if this is an old topic; I could not find any results in search!
  12. Is it possible with the GO app to upload photos to flickr or photobucket so files could have remote storage and access there? This would be so helpfu... Might there be a workaround with the camera app?
  13. Go News! !!! Filemaker Go 12 Published Today! Its FREE!!! It can be download from Appstore now!!! Filemaker Go 12 For iPad: http://itunes.apple....d508235916?mt=8 Filemaker Go 12 For iPhone: http://itunes.apple....d508238074?mt=8
  14. Hello, Using Save Records as PDF command and I have a layout used for printing purposes thats 8.5" x 11" When I save this file via script from a desktop, I get a single page PDF as expected. When I perform the script from FMgo, I get a two-page output. The second page is blank. Any ideas on how to force it to one page from FMgo? My script looks very similar to this: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/2975ce3848 Thanks
  15. Hi I updated my FileMaker 11 database to FileMaker 12 and I am using it with FileMaker Go 12 with FM 12 Advanced. The database is for quality control records in the seafood industry I have 7 different inspection types and I am using the same script to create new related records. You can see the script in "Icelandic" in the attached document. The scripts are for two types of inspections and one "Karfi" is working correctly and I get to the field "Þyngd". The script works well in 4 of the seven inspection types but not in three of them. But the other one "Sjófryst flök" does not work as the other one. It goes only in the first portal row. I have reinstalled the FileMaker Go 12 app with no luck. Any ideas to fix this problem. Regards, Reynir.
  16. Has anyone seen this behavior in Go 12? Simple portal of items on a layout.... Each has portal element has a category assigned (ex, animal, plant, mineral, etc). There is a global for filtering the portal set as a pop-up of said categories. Script trigger assigned to the global field to refresh window and commit when field is saved. Desired effect is to keep Go from hopping to the next field when the global category selector is set. Instead of the expected effect (click filter global, portal contents adjust, display stays put), Go refreshes correctly but then hops to the top of the layout to the first field and goes into data entry mode with the onscreen keyboard coming to life. If I omit the commit step in the trigger script, the portal refreshes but the focus flows to the first field in the portal (as expected since the portal is below the global) and the keyboard pops up. Things behave beautifully in the full fat client with the commit step in place. Why is Go being a pain in the ass on this simple task? Anyone seen this? Thanks
  17. I am using a Web Viewer in FMP 12 to do some Google Map routing displays. On my iMac it shows the route graphically, which is what I want. On my iPad it defaults to the mobile display showing text descriptions of turns, etc. by default. I am trying to 'coerce' the Web Viewer to show me the 'standard' non-mobile display in the iPad, while keeping the mobile option for another layout that I'll use on the iPhone. As an example, a current calculated URL for Google Maps reads as follows, and I haven't been able to find anything telling me how to coerce it to not use mobile on an iPad: https://www.google.com/local?hl=en&f=d&saddr=6536 Raven Road, Nanaimo, BC+V9V 1R1+Canada&daddr=805 - 1450 West 12th Avenue+Vancouver++V6H 1M9+Canada Thanks, David
  18. We have a time card solution running on an ipad (connecting via wifi to our server which runs FM12 Advanced) for use by our employees who enter their start and finish times for the day. It is a fairly basic set up - with buttons set with 'insert current date' script attached, so that today's date will automatically enter. the script reads: Go to Field [employee_TiMECARDS::DateManual] Insert Current Date [select] Commit Records/Requests [] For some reason though, the ipad or FM GO does not seem to be recognising the correct date. The employees who are using the solution tell me that sometimes it enters yesterdays date, or it just stays blank. Could this have something to do with FM GO going to sleep whilst not in use? Is there a script i could attach to a button - which the boys could run when they open the solution up (or wake it up) before trying to enter their time - to make the ipad or or the GO software realise the correct date and time? Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  19. hi all,   is it just me or does the attaching of a fmp12-file (compacted copy or previously exported data) does not work on FM Go? i export data to the temp directory and use the same $$ within the "Send Mail" step but no attachement is seen in the email. attaching a csv-file does work.   anyone?   egbert
  20. Any disadvantages of using portals vs list view to show related records in iOS ?
  21. Hey all, I've got to capture UDP streaming text from an IP address into a field or fields. I know I can do this in Filemaker using a unix command and Scriptmaster. Just don't know how to do this on an iPad with FM Go. Has anyone had to do this? Thanks!
  22. Looking for a solution on a "DropDown" field that is Huge (5,000 records +) it seems that the "Type ahead" is not working in FMGO, but works fine in FM 12..... Is there a work around for this? or did I miss something? Please Help
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