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Found 33 results

  1. In my FM 12 ADv app I have a button that opens a window that has the Web Viewer in it. In WV there is a simple https: URL. I do my development on my Mac. When I run the script that opens the Window and URL on the Mac everything is fast and as it should be. When I copy the same app to my Windows 7 PC it takes f o r e v e r ......................45+ seconds .................... to load. I turn on the progress bar and can see it slooooooooooooowly creep across the bottom. In both apps I am using FireFox... If I change the URL to http://www.filemaker.com it runs as expected. Is it the httpS that is the problem? If so, how do I work around this 'feature'?
  2. Finally getting a chance to play with fmp12. in Inspector, position, I used to have the choice of inches, centimeters or pixels. In fmp12 the default choices are inches, centimeters and what I assume are points. Are pixels gone? I am guessing they probably are because of retina displays doubling up on the resolution, but I would like to know for sure.
  3. I am using FM 12 Adv 03  I have a custom menu for my application. The first menu choice is FILE. It is specified below:   When I am working in FM using the menu the OPEN and OPEN RECENT.. choices are available.  When I am working in the runtime version, OPEN and OPEN RECENT are not available.  Is this by design or am I missing something? (I know the latter is more likely)  Ron
  4. Here is a demo of conditional value lists using FMP12 and ExecuteSQL. In the demo there is one sample of using straight text and another using IDs instead of the text. There are no relationships between the user interface and the tables of values. ConditionalVL_SQL.zip
  5. Here is hoping that the forum has fixed their attachment problem:   In the Members Layout I have a field called (field--- yes, I know but I can't change it now. It will screw up my imports). Members::field collects information from a popup. It works and the Members::field information shows on the Members layout. ------------------------------------ On a second layout, based on Meetings I have 2 portals:    Portal 1 l is based on VisitorMeetingJoin. It works. I can pull information from Visitors as expected.    Portal 2 is l based on MemberMeetingJoin. It works EXCEPT that I can not get the MembersTOC::Field to show data???  Why can't I get information from MembersTOC (A table occurance of Members)  Thanks  Ron
  6. I have a stacked bar chart based on two records in a found set, one for each year, tracks productive vs non-productive wages. Linear scale with minimum and maximum values set. when I use auto ticks I get 15 values from 0 to 50,000,000 when I select any other value for the number of ticks I get all the labels overlaid on each other at the 0 line. Any suggestions about what I am doing wrong?
  7. Hello All, Recently, my company installed FM server 15 after much begging. The database that my group uses (built in FM12)is hosted on a laptop (running FM12) and I'd like to upload it to the server using FM . I cannot figure out how do do it; there is no "Upload to Server" option, and I'd rather not do it manually. If anyone has some guidance, I'd really appreciate it...
  8. I have a stock module with two fields one Stock Re-order level and one Item Movement. Based on the item sold i want the item movement to be changed automatically for example: ‘Item Movement’ (e.g. Best-seller, Fast, slow etc.) should be based on conditional formula per product item and linked to 'Stock re-order level’. For example, if product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in less than one month, it is categorised as ‘Best Seller'’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in 2 months, it is categorised as ‘Fast’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ after more than 2 months, it is deemed ‘slow’. Is there any possibility to automate the process?
  9. Hi, I just posted a new entry on 1-more-thing blog, presenting a 'revolutionary' technique allowed by FileMaker 12. It completely changes my life as a developer, and makes it possible to create very efficient online solutions using FileMaker Pro/Go. It's all explained in this video.
  10. Hello, I'm using ScriptMaster to combine two PDFs. I can combine the two PDFs just fine if they do not contain any form fields. As soon as I use a PDF that contains form fields, I receive an error that the two PDFs were unable to be combined. I've encountered this on FMP12v3 running on OSX 10.6.8 If you need additional information from me, please let me know and I will provide it.
  11. Hello Everyone. We just applied a SSL certificate that "originated from a certificate authority supported by FileMaker." We checked off "Use SSL for database connections" and restarted FMS 14. What we found was that the Mac clients running FMP12 can't see or connect to any hosted databases. The odd thing is that the Windows 7 machines connect without a problem. The macs are running Yosemite and we have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software w/o any luck. Re-install process was to install the base 12.0 software, followed by the 12.4 update for Mac and then the security update that was released in April. We installed the trial version of FMP 14 and it worked just fine. I am trying to avoid dropping a few thousand but no one, including FM support seems to have an answer. Anyone experience this before?? Thx
  12. I am using FMP12 on OS 10.11.1. Each time I select any object in the relational graph everything within the relational graph disappears until I release the selection button. Objects do not disappear when selecting the relationship icon. I haven't found any other discussions about this problem on fmp12 on mac. Does anyone know of any solutions to this? I am not experiencing any other issues.
  13. @jbante tweeted he discovered a previously undocumented feature in FMP12 - Get (UTCmSecs) Example: GetAsTimestamp ( Get ( UTCmSecs ) / 1000 ) Very interesting...
  14. Hi, it's probably very easy, but I don't know how to access the data inside of a container field. I have a script that inserts a small text file (insert, no reference) into a container and all I can see is a file icon with the filename. When I use «GetAsText(ContainerField)», I only get the filename. But how can I access the data inside of this container/file? I need to perform a couple of text manipulations and store the results in another field of this record. Thanks so much for any help. Gary
  15. I have 3 fields and the first field is Amount the second field is Deposit and the third field is Balance. Generally my calculation should be Balance = Amount - Deposit If i insert the Amount, example $100 and the Balance automatically changed to $100. I need the Balance remain empty unless i insert a number in the Deposit Field. In my outstanding due report, if their is no Deposit, the Balance field should remain empty. Any help.
  16. Hi all; I made a 1 Mb filemaker abc.fmp12 file which I want to sell. User may download filemaker GO 12 from AppStore. I send the file to user by email. But it should work on only 1 IPAD (in windows it was possible with HDD serial number look plugin). Any ideas ? how to make my software copy protected ? Do FileMaker can look iPads Serial Number? Best Regards
  17. Looking for feedback on early build beta release of a schedule creation database I'm working on. The basic idea is this: Many industries uses 'repeating' schedules to accomplish projects. Every time they do a similar project, the same set of steps needs to occur and they can be stored in a template. The template contains all the info needed to build the schedule except a key date. When will the schedule begin or end. From there, the template can count forward or backward and create all the right tasks on the right dates, perfect every time. My initial goal is NOT to provide an all-in-once scheduling database...but instead a tool to create schedules. I'll provide basic scheduling tools if they want to manage them within Schedule It, but I'm guessing most will want to export a generated schedule for use elsewhere. So, in this very rough demo version, I have basic functionality in place to create templates, create jobs and build schedules. Schedules can be built forward or backward, and can included or exclude weekend days. Any and all feedback is welcome. And if I've posted this is the wrong place, please point me to the correct place to post this sort of thing. thanks! Jeff Schedule It.fmp12.zip
  18. I have a field, ‘CRM Category’ (I.e. Diamond, Gold, Silver) for B2C End Customer – and another field for Total purchase over last 3 months – Calculation - If customer purchases for Rs 10,000 over last three months, a Diamond Customer, If customer purchases Rs5,000 over last three months, Gold customer. If customer purchases less than Rs5, 000, silver customer My question is for the calculation of the Gold customer as for the Diamond i will use the grater symbol and for Silver the less symbol. Case ( Total_Revenue < "$10,000" ; "Diamond") Thank for your help
  19. Hello everyone, The office that I work at currently has Filemaker 12 Pro and the the 12 Server; however, recently, we have made the decision of upgrading to both 14 Pro and 14 Server. Before we bought the actual server and the licences, we wanted to test out the trial version of both. We set up a server machine for the 14 Server, and downloaded the 14 Pro Trial on both the server machine and a client computer. We have tried hosting our current databases with the fmp12 extension on the 14 Server Trial, but we are having great problem with this. To be honest, I don't have any experience with servers, I have only worked with the Pro side of Filemaker, so I have absolutely no idea what is going on. What we tried doing was copying and pasting our databases to the server machine in a folder we dedicated for FM14 Server, and mapped the server to the folder. The databases show up on the activity tab, and have the status of "normal." We can't access these on the client machine, even though we have tried opening them remotely. Yesterday I also called the filemaker contact number, and the person there suggested that I setup the Pro Trial also on the server machine and open the database that we wanted to upload to the FM14 Server. They then told me to click on File-->Sharing-->Upload to Filemaker Server, then select the server, enter in the server admin information. I did all this, but I got an error saying "Connection failed." If someone could please help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has created a ScriptMaster module using the iText library before? I'm needing to create a PDF Splitter and Merger in filemaker, so if you have any advice too, shoot!
  21. I have a report that shows a list of products. Sometimes it's 2 products, but sometimes its as much as 15. Is there anyways i can tell a portal to show across 2 columns? or setup a 2nd portal that reveals whatever is not shown in the first portal?
  22. We operate a FileMaker-based event registration system that communicates with a SQL back end. Our customer will be using it for two demo tours they are running, 1 in France and 1 in Germany. Both tours run from April 2016 – June 2016. They have their events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are looking for help providing on-call phone support during their European hours of operation. I don’t have their exact event schedule yet, but each tour will have 8-10 stops – occupying most weekends April - June. The tour staff speaks English. Preregistration records are downloaded from the SQL back end before the team departs from their hotel for the day. On site, they connect the (PC) laptop which hosts the FM12 database to a wireless router. They connect up to 6 iPads to the wireless router and open the FM database using FM Go. If they’re going to have trouble, it’s usually at the start of the day – not a great time for a US-based company to support a European client. And it’s usually at the start of the tour, while they work on getting the routine down. If this is something that you or the company you work for could help us with, please send me an email combining my username here with the domain printcomm.com. Thanks, Jim
  23. Here is a demo of how easy portal sorting can be done in FM12. This demo uses the calculation that Tom Fitch provided a while ago with his portal sorting technique but one can use the PositionValue custom function as well. Portal_sort_fast12.zip
  24. FileMaker Pro 12.0v2 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v2 updaters are now on the FMI web site. Steven
  25. With FMP12 we can now sort portals by multiple columns. This demo expands and slightly tweaks some of the scripts from the original portal sorting demo using FMP12 posted here. Portal_sort_multiple.zip
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