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Found 25 results

  1. Hi I'm trying to develop an interface between my filemaker database and a SOAP service. No where in the wsdl is there any authorisation so I believe I need to send my username and password before the SOAP envelope. I'm trying to do that with Scriptmaster but there are only three input parameters none of which appear useful for generating or inputting the HTTP authorisation Basic that needs to be in place. I can't see the fedex modules which may have had the parameters I needed. Can anybody help/advise or suggest another plugin I should use. Many thanks for reading this.
  2. Hi, I am struggling : I have a script using 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin functions. It used to run smoothly with FMP12 and 13. I had to update FMP and now the 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin would not load. I have tried with both FMP14 and FMP15. The 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin is not listed in the pref pane of FMP14/15, while — on the same machine (and the same java 8.121 version) — it is loaded. I have tried to have the file in these directories: /Application/ FMP FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced/Extensions or the ~/Library/Application Support/Filemaker/Filemaker Pro Advanced/14.0 (or 15.0
  3. We have a script using the 360 Works plugin and it worked for a long time and know we get the message "No login methods supported!". The script is connecting to an exchange server with Imap. In the script we already use "forceTrust=True". Is there somebody who has the same problem ?
  4. When launching FMPA 14 with Scribe 2.15 installed (also occurred with 2.091) I get the error: However it is installed. Java 8 had been been previously installed as well but has been removed from the system. The error persists. FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.04 (32-bit) Scribe 2.15 Mac OS X 10.11.2 java version "1.6.0_65" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_65-b14-468-11M4833) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.65-b04-468, mixed mode) We also tried two clean installs of FileMaker on new machines and are unable to replicate the error
  5. Hello, I am newbie to filemaker pro but love it Said so, I am struggling a solution that I am building for management of holiday apartments, based on FMSP. I have created a table for bookings, and apartments, and now I am working with another table call Daytariffs that would give the price for each day of the year for each apartment. So far I have being able to show the available apartments for a range of dates, but what I am struggling now is to show the prices for those days. Basically, what I have done on the DayTariffs table is to load 365 days (records) then I have created a field
  6. Hello all, I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone that takes time to answer questions on this forum... I've learned a great deal from Forum questions and problems posted by others and have been answered by the great folks in this FM Forums community! Cheers! My Question - Current Script is an If statement that changes my Maintenance_Task::status from "SCHEDULED" to "SERVICE DUE" when conditions are met in the Hours Field. Also an optional Checkbox to be used when task is completed. See script below: If (TASK COMPLETED = "TASK COMPLETED"; "COMPLETED"; If (
  7. I am using a custom function to format a number into currency format ( two decimals ). RoundDecimals(11.0) = 11.00 The problems occurs when I use a variable: $amount = 11.0 RoundDecimals($amount) = 11.11 Similarly, I get the same error using a string: RoundDecimals("11.0") = 11.11 Is there any tricks to get around this issue ? This is the custom function that I used (I replaced the comma for a dot and defaulted second parameter to 2): https://www.briandunning.com/cf/974
  8. I have a uniqueness criteria for a particular number field, but the uniqueness is based on a combination of the number field with a state field (e.g. the number must be unique within all records for that state). I built a custom function to return a boolean if the number+state combination already exists in the database, and that CF uses a simple SQL query, Issue is that the CF seems to work flawlessly when tested via Data Viewer, but when inserted as the field validation calculation, returns a validation failure for any value entered. Can anyone enlighten me as a to a limitation he
  9. Hi, I need a small help. I developed a solution which is running on Filemaker Pro 14 on Mac plateform with dropbox configured. Lets call it "A". It exports one table data to Dropbox as filemaker file, lets call it B. (It is working fine) I do have another file in same drop box account which is accessible on Filemaker Go which we can call it C. File "B" is already in Dropbox because we already exported from "A". So I created import script on a layout of file C which should Import all data of B. Is it really possible? OR any other simpler way is also there. Thanks in Advan
  10. Good day, I have a database hosted in FMPA14. On the PC in FMP14 the value list updates as expected, but the values in Go do not change. Has anyone heard of a bug like this? Thanks in advance, Trev
  11. Hi There, I am currently using the StartingPoint Template for my business. My current problem that needs solving is I created a few new fields and portals on the estimates module in which I must manually put a customer Reference Number, portal created for showing the Cubic meterage, and a calculation field which calculates the total cartons needed as a result of the Quantity input and the Master carton qty. The problem enters when I "move to invoice" it does not relay all the information from Estimates to the invoice module. I am struggling for the answer, having tried creatin
  12. I'm seeing some very strange behavior with FileMaker 14. I'm using `LayoutObjectNames` for some required functionality. On the development system it's working fine. It returns the list of named objects on the layout. I close the file, zip it up and send it to the client, and that required functionality isn't working. He sends the file back and I open it and get a data viewer up. The function returns nothing. I go into layout mode and confirm that there are named objects on the layout. The first time this happened and I tried recovering the file. In the recovered file it worked, so I assumed
  13. I have a global email template field on dashboard like: "Please find purchase order #<<PO Number>> attached. Please note we require these goods on or before <<ETA>>, if you can not meet this time please contact <<Production Manager>> as soon as possible." Now I am in Purchase order table (Layout) and I brought this above field from dashboard. How will I change PO Number from current record and ETA, production manager from current record of purchase order table. Should I use substitute? Can I use substitute and change more than one fields text? Slig
  14. I am in the process of modifying a FileMaker CWP site where a user was allowed to view a video hosted outside of FileMaker. The company upgraded to FileMaker 14 from FileMaker 11 allowing the usage of the getContainerURL method and uses embedded video file in a FileMaker container. My issue is simple, when I use the method I am prompted to authenticate. The authentication prompt is not a total surprise because I “suspect” that the method call is a new session call to FileMaker. So is there a way to use HTML5 and play the video from FileMaker without the prompt? Note: The prompt is present
  15. Hello, I have a user running Filemaker 14 on Windows 10 that when they are using our database in Table View and scrolling, clicking on different records records begin to overlap each other. Which will get worse as it progresses until scrolling completely out of the current screen and then scrolling back. I have attached a video that shows it better than what I can put into words. It was also working the same way on Filemaker 13 on Windows 7, I also changed computers, exchanged monitors and mice, none of which fixed the issue. I assume it has to be something the user is doing? Any help wou
  16. I am starting to create a new solution to catalog all of our companies Safety Data Sheets and would like to make the PDFs accessible through FMP14. At the moment I have created a container field that is Interactive and has temporary storage. If I choose "Insert PDF" FMP thinks about it for a moment then opens the pdf I have selected, if I close the pdf I can see that something is in the container but there is no content show. If I move to a record where this has been done the PDF automatically opens, albeit slowly, but I am unable to view the PDF contents without exporting it. If I insert the
  17. Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere. I couldn't find anything related closely enough. And, it may be something simple that is just not occurring to me. I have a FMP 14 server-based database that keeps records for a number of individuals that share a single vehicle. Every time one of them uses the vehicle, they create a new record in which they enter the details of that trip. One field shows the difference in how much fuel was added by the individual that created that record compared to the previous record. If the previous record showed a full tank of say 10 gallons and t
  18. Can FMS13 host FMP14 databases (created with FMP14)? I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to this. thanks, John
  19. Hello everybody, I'm just returning to FileMaker development after years away. The last time I developed in FileMaker was... version 6!!! Wow, has a lot changed, and thank goodness it has. I'm trying to understand FileMaker database schema design. I have a decent knowledge of normalized database forms, but the concepts of having multiple Table Occurrences, and Table Occurrence Groups, are quite foreign to me. I understand what they are on the Relationship Graph, but I don't yet understand how to plan and use them while constructing my solutions. Can you direct me to some good tutor
  20. Only 3 more days until registration for the FileMaker Master Class closes! With limited sports open for the class you will want to get registered now! IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO FURTHER YOUR SKILLS IN FILEMAKER THEN THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!
  21. I ran into an odd problem. I was triggering a script to run on the server via the XML interface (yes, the old one). I was passing credentialls for a [Full Access] account. The script was pretty simple, just going to a layout, create a record, set a field. However, it was giving me an error: ...XML 200 1071 Web Scripting Error: 200, File: "AFile", Script: "Handler", Script Step: "New Record/Request"... I was able to fix this error by turning on the 'run with full access' on the script itself. But I was already logged in as full access, so why did I have to do this extra step? (Side note
  22. I just upgraded Server & Clients to FMP14, but when I try to activate the FTPeek plugin on my client I receive the following error: I'm using Mac if that matters. Any idea what this means?
  23. Hi all, Please bear with me; I'm a graphic designer learning to develop for my company when I have time. My boss bought me a copy of FMPA14 because I had heard our FMS12 could still host it, but I'm getting an SSL error when I try to connect to the server from FMP14. We have FMS12v04 on an old G5 running OS X Lion and it can't be upgraded any further. I've been researching this a bit and I found links to update FMS12 to v09 (I think?) which I haven't done yet. We all connect to the server with our workstations via LAN. We don't use FMGo or XML or anything like that (at this point). Is there a
  24. Hoping someone can help I may be missing something or not quite understanding correctly. I have a container field that stores a signature. I have set it to store External Open it works great if you look at a layut that is based on the table it is from. (in this instance employees layout based on employees table) however, when I use it on a layout which employees is related to it does not show. (that is a sales contract which has a relationship from sales to employees) Is their something i am missing? to make this work? eg should I be referencing the stored data etc. The filemaker documentation
  25. Anyone seen this? My lovely styled fields for iPhone that certain perfectly served from FileMaker Pro 13 and accessed by FM Go 13, look great. But when I run them from my test FM Server 14 or from FMP 14 and access via FMP Go 14 on any size iPhones, the padding is wrong and hard to correct too. Anyone? We are writing up a fancy post at the filemaker.com forum and may have further information from that source which we will post here if not resolved by then.
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